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Owen Guns Bulletin February Edition No 188, 2022

Blog, Bulletin February 28, 2022

Owen Guns Gympie
Welcome to the One Hundred and Eighty Eighth Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin. Owen Guns, is now in its Forty Eighth year in the firearm business.
We have been informed by many of our customers that Owen Guns is the best kept secret in the Australian Firearm Industry. The best service with the lowest prices. We save money by not having to take huge magazine advertisements, so we have the lowest prices for the best quality firearms in Australia. If you wish to shop, please give us a call, phone for a price. Phone 07 54 825070, or 07 54 824099. 0427 943 677,   Or call in.
We always have the prices until we run out of present stock.  By then we will have more great prices on more stock of other products.
We sell TIKKA, Walther, Beeman, SAKO , Armed, STEYR MANNLICHER, Mossberg, Gamo, Stoeger, Thompson-Centre, S &

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Owen Guns Bulletin December Edition No 186, 2021

Blog, Bulletin December 30, 2021

Owen Guns Bulletin December Edition No 186, 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It’s my favourite time of year; December always brings more people to the shop so I get more pats. There’s also an abundance of tremendous food around, I get turkey, stuffing, gravy, roast potatoes even a bit of royal icing falls my way from time to time.

So far it has not let me down I am one happy staffy until I turn on the news, which I believe you can all relate too. Since the infamous bat soup of 2019 we hear nothing but the “C” word. Before that it was a different “C” word “Climate Change” which is sprinkled in every now and then to appease the greens and the people who get their good feels from buying electric cars and hating on coal companies that help manufacture their electric cars and giant wind

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Owen Guns Bulletin November Edition No 185, 2021

Blog, Bulletin November 26, 2021

Owen Guns Bulletin November Edition No 185, 2021

Being of the four legged variety means I don’t get subjected to Covid Jabs and as far as I know I am still free to go to my favourite coffee shops and still go to work at Owen Guns. Our Australia is ‘rewarding’ people for getting their double vax by giving them back some of their freedoms. For the unvaxed you will now be policed everywhere you go and only allowed in businesses where it is essential, only allowed in hospitals for end of life visits and at this stage still allowed Medicare but there is talk of stripping that from you too. When I have discussed this situation with my ‘old boy’ Ron, he said it has the familiarity of when the gun laws came in and if no one objects the government will keep taking more and more control.

The …

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Owen Guns Bulletin October Edition No 184, 2021

Blog, Bulletin October 31, 2021

Owen Guns Bulletin October Edition No 184, 2021

From the moment mum pulls out my ‘work collar’, to the high speed joy ride home I am my happiest self. The only other being that seems to experience what I’m feeling is Ron. He has a bounce in his step on the way into the shop. I think it’s because we love seeing people with a common interest, we love helping, teaching and solving. Most of all we love guns. Not the most accepted passion as I’m sure you all can relate with. It seems the majority of society thinks that their food grows in the supermarket, and if another country wanted to invade we could just ‘talk it out’. Not to mention the misconception that shooting a 5 cent group at 200 meters is easy because every hero on the giant flat screen can do it while running, as if …

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Owen Guns Bulletin September Edition No 183, 2021

Blog, Bulletin September 27, 2021

Owen Guns Bulletin September Edition No 183, 2021

Its been another eventful month with COVID still making the world turn in the opposite direction and Biden gifting/leaving behind an aresnal that would envy the Kalashnikov factory to the taliban. Melbourne and New South Wales have been suffering extensive lockdowns and poor Melbourne even copped an earthquake. At Owen Guns we have been busy I have had lots of pats from customers, some even ask if they can take me home, which my mum swiftly replies with a stern ‘no’. Some days we get asked 3 times a day if we have pistol powder, ADI is still not providing us with any product or any answers as to why, when and how. The problems suppliers are having with transport companies has kicked into action and we have had a quiet week for deliveries. Hopefully some of the small freight companies will …

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Owen Guns Bulletin March Edition No 177, 2021

Blog, Bulletin March 12, 2021

Owen Guns Bulletin March Edition No 177, 2021

Since my last newsletter things have been on the up and up personally. The vet removed the cone of shame my missus is being civil to me, which is a massive improvement from last month’s mauling. We even celebrated Valentine’s Day, we shared a bone and watched the sunset over Gympie. Speaking of good tucker I had the opportunity to eat a beef skewer that fell on the ground at our local Small Bore Club, those club members are certainly looked after out there, the meat was lean and juicy. The shop has been doing well lots of people buying guns, more getting into reloading which is good the Powder Magazine was looking very light on, I could hear my bark echo when I was in there. Luckily some powder arrived today and we have something to sell again. My fear is …

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Historic Ground Moving Speech in Commonwealth Parliament.

Blog August 19, 2018

On the 14th August Senator Fraser Anning
said in his Maiden speech Parliament –

“I believe that the unfettered ownership of private property and the right to own and use firearms, including for self-defence, are the God-given rights of free people everywhere.   …..that government is usually the problem not the solution.,
and that, in order for people to be Free, the power of government needs to be constrained.”

FRASER Anning’s full speech:
(with some editing as to quote marks as the SBS version did not match the spoke words, (strange) in the correct intent and context.)

Thank you, Mr President. I am pleased to advise that this is finally my first speech. On 6th February 1890, Sir Henry Parkes, the man who was to become the ‘Father of our Federation’, spoke to assembled delegates at the Federation Conference in Melbourne.

He said: Quote

“And, in this country of Australia

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A Prophetic Letter, From WW2 Hero Nancy Wake written in 1988, in Owen Guns Museum.

Blog March 18, 2018

A Prophetic Letter, From WW2 Hero Nancy Wake written in 1988,  in Owen Guns Museum
This letter from Nancy Wake ” The White Mouse” who became famous as a resistance fighter in WWII France. Nancy was born August 30, 1912 in Wellington, New Zealand, the youngest of six children and the family moved to Sydney Australia when she was 20 months old.
Nancy spent her childhood in Sydney and after her studies she travelled to Europe where she worked as a journalist. Interviewing Adolph Hitler in 1936.

In 1939 Nancy married French industrialist Henri Fiocca. After the fall of France in 1940, Henri worked for many months with Nancy organising a an escape route for Commonwealth forces and the French Resistance. Nancy became a French Resistance courier and later a saboteur and spy.

Both Henri and Nancy were eventually captured, Henri was tortured to death by the German Gestapo. Nancy, …

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Howa Special

Blog May 18, 2017

Just sold out of the Howa M1500 .308 with Hogue Stocks at $459. Saturday 17th June.
All other still in stock but we started off with more than 50 and we would be on the last ten. ron

Howa Special Deal
Model 1500 Hogue Stocks Pillar Bedded, 5 shot magazine Black Stock, Blued metal .308 win. $459 Sold out.
Mini Howa .222 rem Varmint 10 shot magazine Heavy 20 inch Barrel, Black Stock, Blued metal.$478.
Mini Howa 7.62×39 Varmint 10 shot magazine Heavy 20 inch Barrel, Black Stock, Blued metal. $649.
Mini Howa .223 rem Varmint 10 shot magazine Heavy 20 inch Barrel, Black Stock, Blued metal. $589.
Mini Howa .2223rem Varmint 10 shot magazine Light Weight 20 inch Barrel, Black Stock, Blued metal.$610.
Plus post. While current stock last.…

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