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Range Glossary

Free Stuff May 21, 2008


Back Stop 
Sometimes called Butts or Butt stop, generally a raised area that prevents bullets or projectiles leaving the range.

Backing Cards 
Card behind scoring targets to either increased vision of the bullet hole or confirm amount of shots in one hole.

Bench Rest 
Heavy table equipped with a Rifle Rest and Sand Bags for Bench Rest competition or sighting in firearm to zero.

Bullet Blocks 
Wooden blocks used to stand ammunition in.

Bullet Catcher or Collector Systems
Situated at the stop butts that prevent ricocheting bullets or projectiles from leaving the range area.

Area behind a raised mound with an underground trench to allow.

Butt Markers
People who score and change the targets for shooting competitors.


Cease Fire!
Range Officers Order to Stop shooting.

Ear Protection 
Ear Muffs or plugs, both have as high safety rating,. (red box or packet) Many shooters using low velocity rimfire rifles consider that they are un-necessary but the sound of a .22 is well above the damage area and hearing loss will result over long exposure. It is a good idea to use them as it increases concentration by blocking out un required noise.

Range Officers Order to commence shooting.

Firing Line
A Line of Competitors in a Shooting Competition.

Firing Point 
Area where firearms are discharged at the targets.

Full Bore or Big Bore 
NRA clubs that originally shot the military cartridge of the day, now shooting .308 Winchester(7.62×51  and .223 Remington. (5.56 Nato). Clubs originally formed in the 1870s began shooting with what was then considered Small bore rifle the Martini Henry rifle in .450/577 as it was small in comparison to the .69 calibre rifle and larger that preceded it.

Range Officers Order to load the loaded magazine into the rifle or load a single round of ammunition into the chamber of the firearm.

A mound of earth sometimes used as a firing line or firing point, but often used to describe earth butt stop or back stop for bullets and projectiles.

Range Users Register  
Register that all visitors and Members must fill in when in attendance at Range.

Red Flag 
Red Flags 1.20 m x .90 m at gates and extremities to inform that Range is in use.

Rifle Rest 
Steel Mechanism for preventing human movement to the firearm for Bench Rest Competition or sighting in the firearm to zero.

Rifle Racks 
Rack of timber padded with felt to stand firearms in safely, muzzles pointing upwards, protecting them from slipping and falling.

Sand Bags 
Used to support rifle in fixed position on bench rest. For Bench Rest Competition or sighting in the firearm to point of zero.

Shooting Jackets 
Jacket with padding in specific areas and ability to restrict movement of the upper body.

Small Bore
Clubs that shoot firearms of .22 calibre or less, mainly rimfire.

Spotting Scope 
Optical telescope on stand used for spotting bullet holes in paper or sighting in a firearm.

Stop watch or other electronic device that gives audible warning for sequences of shots.

Training Room
Educational area.

Wind Flags 
Small flags at the sides of the range to give guidance on wind conditions.

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