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Letters to Editor, Re Those (Shooting Industry) about to Die

Blog May 15, 2009

Letters to Editor, Re Those (Shooting Industry) about to Die

Dear Mr . Owen,
I have just read your article re Those about to Die etc. and congratulate you on your article, like yourself I must admit to being politically incorrect re. shooting sports, and am proud of it. I left the UK 49 years ago because I was thoroughly pee’d off with the Metropolitan Constabulary refusing to issue me  with a firearm cert. for a single shot .22 that I needed for vermin control on a private property when I had been carting a .303 rifle to represent my RAF Squadron at various rifle comps. for a two year period without running amok, I was told that the police did not want ” idiots running round the streets with rifles “. First thing I did when I got to Mt Gambier was to buy three firearms with no problems, I thought I had died and went to heaven, alas though it appears that the English disease re gun control is now well entrenched in Oz and is getting worse.
As a gunsmith/gundealer I fully agree with your comments re the attitude of certain large importing wholesalers who profess to be all for the shooting sportists but who would be delighted if we all disappeared up our own basic external orifices and left the gun scene to them and their favoured clients in the military and police.
Keep up the good editorials,
 With best regards,

hi Ron,
you don’t need to reply to my quick email, but I wanted to share my feelings with you, I get a sickening angry feeling when I think about Fuller Firearms, Nioa Trading and others, who fall over themselves to sell to  the Police  and other killer “elite” , who openly advertise with pride they don’t sell to the average joe, they turn my stomach, my hope is that they die as businees too when they “kill” the average persons  ability to have a rifle.may they be the first to be turned in to the NWO camps………….maybe we will be in luck !I don’t tell anyone anymore that I know how to shoot, how to hunt, how to teach a man how to hunt, how to stalk, how to skin game, how to kill with one shot, how to treat animals with a one shot one kill ethic.

I don’t tell anyone that if a robber or house breaker comes through my door, and wants to hurt my lovely  wife, my pets, my children, they WILL go out feet first, no questions asked, ruthlessly I will defend my home and family….and if it came to a ( THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT SITUATION ) well………you can make a guess…what I will do, I am sure you would to.
God bless
as a Christian I don’t take human life willingly, I don’t ever look for a fight, I just won’t let tyranny stand.

 Subject: Re: Owen Guns Bulletin No 16 May 2009

   You write a very informative news letter! It is true that gun sales have been very brisk and even old guns such as the Garand and the M1 Carbine the prices for those have gone through the roof $1500 to 2000 for a real good one which you will never find, a junker will cost $800. The largest Dealer located some 50 miles north of here sold 200 black stock rifles the first day after Obama was elected. Sale of black rifles and ammo at gun shows has been frantic.  but sales of old guns, like I am interested in are way down and so are prices off by 30% I am not into reloading but thought a good idea to have a supply of primers if I happen to think about doing so thought I would take in a small supply of “Small Pistol Primers” Was able to buy a brick of the larger size. Same Dealer as above sold everything they had by the case, good luck to me to find even a brick of them. Market seems to be stabilizing a little now. There is probably two guns behind every blade of grass here, and why???  What are we afraid of  ????   Might I suggest “Government” is that the reason???  Scary huh???   bob

 hi ron,
please send 98 manual
great article on the industry stuff, it is getting impossible to get stuff from shops in vic because they have to order by the pallet, hardly good for consumers/business


Thanks for the offer of the Mod 98 Mauser PDF file I would like to accept. I would also like to say I thoughrly agree with your sentiments in your current news letter re the demise of the country gunsmiths and local gun shops. I live in Ballarat in Victoria’s west and have seen over the last 20 years the demise of  5 local gun shops and all of the gunsmiths, the 2 remaining shops have no smithing service and are now focusing on fishing items slowly reducing there firearms involvement. I now travel some 2 hours down to Colac for advise and sales. thanks for the news letter I will be passing it around the traps.

 regards Rob

Peter Pa
Email trir
Telephone 0404
Website http://
Subject To ask a question
Message G’day
I am looking for a Mannlicher Schoenauer and/or FN Mauser to complete my collection of pre ww2 rifles. They must be of Greek issue with define markings.
Please keep me in mind if anything like that comes your way, and contact me with details.
Regards Peter
ps: thank you for your contribution throughout the hard years for the rights of australian shooters

The following letter has other areas of concern but refers to this subject at nearly the last line. Ed.

An update on my civil action to get my Uzi back, was in court last Friday, maybe you could spread the word, I’m sure your audience is bigger than mine.
 Police produced an example of a Uzi SMG, and my amnesty registered semi auto full size Uzi (no stock, 8 inch barrel), is already court exhibit. 
This is the amnesty registered Uzi I was originally charged over.  The charge was eventually dropped by the DPP…..so much for registering an firearm under the amnesty without fear of prosecution.
Police have always stated that my Uzi was a category D Uzi self loading carbine. I cross-examined the Police ballistics “expert?” Sgt GRAHAM for the best part of 2 hours, taking him through his ballistics report, including his mistakes, to which he replied he was “only human”, and mistakes “happen” sometimes.
 When it became apparent based on technical specifications that my Uzi was NOT a Uzi self loading carbine, due to the technical specifications in a number of publications, including a copy of the 1997 buyback identification manual, California assault weapons identification manual, and an IMI Uzi carbine  owners manual, the police changed tactics – they started removing parts of the semi auto Uzi, and replaced them with parts from the full auto Uzi SMG they had bought to court with them.  Then then argued any part of the semi auto Uzi that was interchangeable with the full auto Uzi, was a full auto part, and as amajor component part of a firearm is a firearm under schedule 2 of the Weapons Act 1990, those interchangeable parts were now category R weapons, even though they were in a semi auto only weapon…..and worse, the magistrate agreed.
 Prior to cross examination of the police ballistics expert by myself, the police gave an undertaking to the court they were NOT going to break up my Uzi into parts and categorise each part individually…..which is exactly what they are now doing, according to the magistrate, they can change their position at any stage during the hearing.
 The Police ballistics expert also stated under oath on cross examination that any firearm DESIGNED (not fitted) to take a shoulder stock is a Carbine, and a Carbine is a short rifle, and therefore is a Category D weapon, regardless of its overall length.  Examples of Luger and Broomhandle Mausers were produced, which had shoulder stocks, and this police expert sated in his opinion, they were Category D weapons – these weapons are designed to accept shoulder stocks.  These weapons use interchangeable parts with the Luger and Mauser Carbine and Mauser machine pistol.Luger and Mauser Broomhandle pistol owners, ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION
 I produced several weapons where this scenario of interchangeable parts can occur – MAC 10, CZ Skorpion, Vektor H5 pump action, SPAS 12 (category C), etc
In short, any semi auto firearm designed to accept a shoulder stock, is a Category D weapon, according to the Queensland Police Service
 Any firearm that has interchangeable major component parts with a higher category weapon, those parts can be removed from the lower category weapon, and assessed as higher category parts – ie a professional shooter with a registered AR15 semi auto rifle, your barrel, bolt head and trigger mechanism can be removed, as classified as Category R M16 machine guns, by virtue of Schedule 2 of the Weapons Act.
 Unlawfully possess a category D, H or R weapon is an indictable offence.
 Matter has been adjourned till 4 August 2009.
 How ironic that the original Weapons Licensing Branch officer that started this saga in 2004/05 – the then Snr Constable Richard William SOUTH, who provided information to the officer who seized my Uzi, later deamed incorrectly by the court, now is of the employ of Nioa Trading, a position that requires the employee to have a “passion for firearms and sports shooting”
Attached is an internal report authored by SOUTH while he was a police officer, captured under FOI.  Make your own judgments what if any passion for firearms and sports shooting is in this report.
Tim P

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