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Owen Guns Bulletin April 2016 Edition 117

Blog April 17, 2016

Owen Guns Gympie
Welcome to the One Hundred and Seventeenth  Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.   Owen Guns, now in its 42 year in the firearm business has a new website, it does not look much different on the  header but it has lots more capacity for viewing new products, new firearms and  accessories with prices and photos. Just click on the headings below.
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Adler Shotguns small

5-shot tube magazine and a soft ventilated recoil pad. Quality Turkish walnut and generous checkered grip panels provide positive handling, and the hard chrome bore and chamber helps reduce maintenance. The interchangeable chokes allow you to tailor your patterns for different cartridges and game. The 28 model is the perfect field gun for ducks, foxes and rabbits. The 20 model is tailor made for pig shooting from the bike, quad or ATV.
This new technology lever action shotgun is a game changer for the Australian market, and a must-have for any keen hunter. Available in the following two models:
•20 barrel with straight grip stock        •28 barrel with pistol grip stock

Features: •12Ga 3″ Chamber                 •5 shot magazine capacity

•Short stroke lever for operation          •Hard chrome bore and chamber

•3 x internal screw in chokes                  •Barrels feature ventilated rib with brass bead

•Alloy receiver with 3/8″ dovetail for optics     •Ventilated recoil pad

•Turkish Walnut stock         •Sling swivels          •Weight: 7lbs approx

Thoughts For The Week

Who IS Gun Control Australia.

Well as prophesied, and expected the Anti Gun Nuts raised there heads to pull as much blood and intestines out of the victims of the Port Arthur Massacre. They have celebrated the 20th anniversary of their victory by resurrecting the dead, killing them over and over again, attempting to apply further wounds to the hundreds of thousands of victims that they savaged 20 years ago. Yes, we all have sympathy for the un armed, helpless victims whose bereaved  have  sadly been used as a whipping post, to generate publicity, to fuel the agenda of these power hungry predators. We too have been the victims and have suffered enormously. Not just the loss of our rights to be free citizens, not just the rights to own our property, defend our families, our crops, enjoy our chosen careers, hobbies, sport, the innocent have suffered fines, impositions and some have even chosen suicide rather than life without their firearm collections. So too are all those who, if allowed could have defended themselves, or defended and saved other lives. All are the victims of the Gun Control Plot, but who are the architects?

Are any of them normal human beings? Are they Saints or Devils?

Rober sak

Robert Borsak MP

National Coalition for Control. National! Hardly?

In a speech to the NSW Parliament by Robert Borsak MP in June 2011on the National Coalition for Gun Control. He said,

“Now seems a good time to remind everyone of the kind of people who want to end law -abiding firearm ownership. Not only do they lie, they are responsible for the wasting of money that’s needed in the critical fight against crime. Tonight I speak about the gun prohibition lobby group, which emerges from time to time to launch its predictable tirade against legal firearm owners. It criticises also anything the Shooters and Fishers Party does to make our gun laws more sensible and more workable. I refer, of course, to the so-called National Coalition for Gun Control – “national”, hardly!
The group is actually a coalition of two people and, as far as I can determine, was created to serve the ego of the self-styled next leader of the Federal Greens, our old friend Lee Rhiannon. As far as anyone knows, the coalition is made up of a Tasmanian lawyer based in Hobart and Samantha Lee, the grandly titled chair of the group.
If the coalition were properly constituted it would no doubt have a constitution, a registered address and, indeed, a membership list. We should be able to apply for membership. I do not believe the group has any of these community-based organisational attributes.
It is a straw dummy, a coward’s soap box filled with froth and no substance.”

That is very true, substance is very hard to find, twenty years ago Gun Control Australia was using a false address in Melbourne for John Crook who at the time was supposed to be its President. When doing a search on the internet, amongst the lists of articles quoting mis-leading and false statistics, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_Control_Australia

Wikipedia Reports.
The July 2012 merger announcement named President John Crook and spokesperson Rhonda Collins as being joined by NCGC spokespersons Samantha Lee and Roland Browne bringing the total membership of GCA to more than 4 people.
There are a very small number of prominent former members, who are no longer involved with NCGC or GCA. Professor Simon Chapman has published research on the effects of gun control laws using his university credentials; he mentions his past activism in NCGC in his curriculum vitae.[2] Other former high profile members were Rebecca Peters who went on to spend over ten years working for IANSA, an international gun control NGO; and former co-chair and spokesperson the Rev Tim Costello.”
The membership of Gun Control Australia is small and declining.
The spokesman Roland Browne for the organisation at the “Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee – 14/10/2014 – Ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun related violence in the community”, refused to disclose even the number of members.

“Senator McKENZIE: On what grounds are you objecting to answering the question?

Mr Roland Browne : That it is beyond the terms of the inquiry.

CHAIR: Generally, on the terms of the inquiry, we in the Senate tend to take a broad approach to the terms of reference. ‘And any other matters’ is a standard reference in a committee reference by the Senate. In a sense, I do not think you can be required to answer the question, but it is a question that is appropriate to be asked and can be asked.

Mr Roland Browne : Well, I am not going to answer the question. [3]”

Not Saints, Not Devils, But Ghosts, or some more like Ghouls and Grave Robbers.

I believe that the above statement is conclusive evidence from an informed witness that membership either does not exist, or is so small that the release of that information would bring a huge amount of embarrassment to those who pretend to speak for thousands.

In the Herald Sun Andrew Rule said,http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/shot-down-by-dodgy-logic/story-fnbkrbz6-1226243052195

“SAM Lee should know better. As chairwoman of the National Coalition for Gun Control she owes it to… all sensible Australians not to say silly things in public.

People who actually know what they’re talking about – police entrusted with registering guns and licensing shooters, for instance – must have rolled their eyes when they read Ms Lee’s comments on gun ownership this week.

“Owning one firearm is meant to be a privilege,” she wittered, “but owning two is meant to be limited to only those who can prove they have a legitimate special need to have more than one firearm. Victorian firearms laws have made it way too easy to gain a second or subsequent firearm.”

She is conceding that legitimate shooters can have one gun – but implies that if the same law-abiding citizens own two or more it’s somehow going to turn them into Lee Harvey Oswald.”

As we all know we have to jump through numerous hurdles, pay good money in PTA fees, which is really a fine for doing no wrong, just an imposition set on us just to slow down the number of applications that they deal with for each and every firearm we possess. Samantha Lee does not want to understand that we need different firearms for different purposes. Pig hunting with an air rifle would certainly not be humane for the pig and very dangerous for the hunter.

Where is her logic?
Surely, she would prefer a million firearms to be in the hands of a thousand shooters, rather than a million firearm owners, but I doubt that any of them are intelligent enough to know what there real agenda is, or even who is paying for there agenda and why that agenda is being pushed by media and politicians. These four or (maximum) five people are only the puppets, the mouthpieces set to trumpet and allow politicians and big government to have a tighter leash over the once free people of Australia.
The Puppets On a String.
These false figure heads of the National Gun Coalition are all being used in the same manner as Walter Mikac the Australian pharmacist whose family were killed at Port Arthur. He was expertly used by John Howard and is still a major puppet.

Walter Mikac sitting next to his mentor the evil garden gnome, who brags that he is the most hated person in Australia.

Walter Mikac sitting next to his mentor the evil garden gnome, who brags that he is the most hated person in Australia.

Yes, we all have sympathy for his loss, but he has no sympathy, or thought for our loss and is now being programmed for calling to an end of junior licences and junior shooting competitions. He wants complete disarmament at any price, he could never consider that by removing firearms from the hands of civilians, leaving them defenceless in the same manner as his family was at Port Arthur is costing other people their lives. That is a mental gap that he seems unable to bridge. One would think as a pharmacist he would be relatively intelligent and could see that it is not the guns that cause deaths, it is the people that use guns and drugs to save or take lives.
Charlton heston quote
Most chemists would think hard about handing out the Prozac or any drugs but should rationalise that on the factors of how often the human use of drugs can save lives, in the same manner that the human use of firearms can save, or take life. Surely, he can rationalise that without firearms we would not even have a country Australia would be over run and belong to other people who might not be so humane. I mentioned Prozac as that was one of the drugs that media reporters claimed was prescribed to Martin Bryant prior to the Port Arthur event, not that any of that information was put before a Jury, so none of it can be relied on. Last year in Victoria media reported  that prescribed chemist drugs killed more people than the road toll, that does not include mis- prescribed drugs in hospitals or doctors mistakes. Your local pharmacist is at the foundation of huge ‘life or death’ industry with little or no controls.

On Mercola an article states. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/10/03/antidepressant-side-effects.aspx

“A study by the Institute of Safe Medication Practices published in 2010 identified no less than 31 commonly-prescribed drugs that are disproportionately associated with cases of violent acts. Topping the list is the quit-smoking drug Chantix, followed by Prozac and Paxil, and drugs used to treat ADHD.
Drugs pie2

The data was collected from the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and it’s well worth noting here that only an estimated one to 10 percent of all side effects are ever reported to VAERS, so the fact that more than 1,500 violent acts were actually reported as being linked to any given drug is pretty amazing. (So the un reported figures would be 10 times this amount)

In all, five of the top 10 most violence-inducing drugs were found to be antidepressants:http://www.goforwardtogether.com/category/industry/big-pharma/big-pharma-fraud/page/2/
The website SSRI Stories (http://ssristories.com/) tracks violence related to psychiatric drugs. The site has links to more than 60 school shooting incidents as well as other violent acts over the past 20 years. This website is a collection of 4,800+ news stories with the full media article available, mainly criminal in nature, that have appeared in the media (newspapers, TV, scientific journals) or that were part of FDA testimony in either 1991, 2004 or 2006, in which antidepressants are mentioned.

This web site focuses on the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), of which Prozac (fluoxetine) was the first. Other SSRIs are Zoloft (sertraline), Paxil (paroxetine) (known in the UK as Seroxat), Celexa (citalopam), Lexapro (escitalopram), and Luvox (fluvoxamine). Other newer antidepressants included in this list are Remeron (mirtazapine), Anafranil (clomipramine) and the SNRIs Effexor (venlafaxine), Cymbalta (duloxetine) and Pristiq (desvenlafaxine) as well as the dopamine reuptake inhibitor antidepressant Wellbutrin (bupropion) (also marketed as Zyban).
SSRIs-and-Mass-KIllings 2

According to Professor Healy, a study by the Drug Safety Research Unit in Southampton showed that one in every 250 subjects taking Paxil or Prozac were involved in a violent episode. In a study group of 25,000 people, this included 31 assaults and one homicide. In 2011, a whopping 14 million prescriptions for Paxil and more than 25.5 million prescriptions for Prozac were written. This could potentially equate to some 158,000 drug-induced incidents of violence annually from these two drugs alone.

“Another study involving more than 9,000 subjects taking the antidepressant paroxetine (Paxil) for depression and other disorders showed that subjects experienced more than twice as many ‘hostility events’ as subjects taking a placebo.” …Healy suspects that the main causal factor behind suicide and violence toward others is increased mental and/or physical agitation..
Besides an increased risk of violent episodes, ADHD drugs such as Ritalin, Vyvanse, Strattera, and Adderall (and their generic equivalents) are also responsible for nearly 23,000 emergency room visits annually, as of 2011 statistics. Over a mere six-year span, there’s been a 400 percent increase in ER visits due to side effects of these drugs.”

“For example the misuse of and trafficking in prescription drugs has now exceeded that of illicit drugs in some countries and these drugs have become a drug of first choice in many cases and are not being used as a substitute for illicit drugs
(International Narcotics Control Board, 2010). In addition between 1999 and 2007 in the United States, poisoning deaths involving opioid analgesics more than tripled, from 4,041 to 14,459 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010).
Drug 2

Likewise emergency department visits in that country involving the misuse or abuse of pharmaceuticals increased from 627,291 visits in 2004 to 1,244,679 visits in 2009, an increase of 98.4%”
from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration,
Centre for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, 2010.

So before Walter Mikac throws stones at firearm owners again, he should consider the moral dilemma of his own “Glass House”.
Should his customers have to walk into a concrete bunker, with no windows, observed every second by security camera’s to buy a packet of panadol, as we have to buy a packet of air rifle pellets, panadol kills many more people than air rifle pellets. Should Walters customers have to show a licence that has cost them hundreds of dollars, waited six months for it to be processed, done a day course and have to keep it with them and the drugs at all times. Should they be made legally responsible to keep them from other people who are not licenced at all times. Should chemists have to follow the same format as the gun shop selling powder, made to produce their driving licence, there shooter licence have the item recorder in a register and have it signed for by the licenced user. As with licensed Shooters should licensed prescription drug users have to have all there details recorded on Crimtrac and Interpol? Is that enough, or should they not follow the Permit to Acquire system as we do with firearm and for every purchase apply in writing stating the good reasons, and send a $35. fee then wait for the permit to arrive before they can buy the drugs that they have been approved for. Should all chemists report all transactions inward stock and sales, back to the registry within 14 days? Should Chemists have to jump through all the security hurdles as the as gun dealers and likewise if they have any family members or associates, or employees who do not qualify with Police security lose their licences, lose their businesses, lose the livelihoods of their staff. It sounds horrendous, illogical, and more than likely be totally useless but to quote one, infamous member of the gang of four National Gun Coalition, “If it saves a life, its worth it”, but for just the same reasons how many lives does it cost?
Ron Owen.
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JW15 Puma Tiny
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