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Owen Guns Bulletin August Edition No 171, 2020

Blog September 6, 2020

Owen Guns Gympie
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Welcome to the One Hundred and Seventy First Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin. Owen Guns, is now in its Forty Sixth year in the firearm business.
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We ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS, and Yes we do Accept Cash

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Thoughts For The Week

China s War On the World.
Our Greatest threat is the Extinction of Our Nation, Not Covid 19.

I calculated in December 2019, if no resources or quarantines had been implemented, that Covid 19 could kill a hundred thousand Australians over a two year period, nearly 1 in 20 people, due to its 14 day transmission period without symptoms phenomena. Yes, it would have affected the least lively, those over 70 the most, but they are valuable to their loved ones. Government action could have eliminated it totally by closing all borders in January 2020, before it arrived and then would need to keep them closed for a few years, but that was too much to expect. Still, we have to give them credit for keeping a lid on it, not that I agree with the tyrannical, hypocritical techniques such as closing Gun Shops but leaving Bottle shops open and closing State borders yet allowing international flights. Certainly, our governments are responsible for a large part of Australia’s economic and medical distress, but this is Bacteriological Warfare from China, part of the Covert War that is being organised against us as we have discussed in previous editions of this Bulletin.

He taking his Balls back to China we hope.

Many Might Ask, Why Would China Want Australia? With No Australians.
China 1.5 Billion, (or more) people needs more food, more oil, more gas, more iron ore, more coal than it can annually produce. It has an aging population, the aged pension is only $10 per month, but every year millions more are claiming it, and are not producing. The one child per family doctrine that ran for thirty years, failed to reduce the population and caused anomaly of 50% more males in that age group than females, as Chinese families wanted boys to grow up and earn money to keep them provided for in their old age, so aborted or killed off the girls. This has left the largest population in the world with a 2 to 1 ratio of men. So no shortage of soldiers. Australian’s would not last long working in the fields and slave camps and as there would be no shortage of people and mouths to feed we are all surplus to Chinese requirements.

China’s First Foray.

What the Mainsteam Media are Omitting To Tell You.
As China had become more wealthy and influential the one party controlled media has re-awoke the Nationalism of the old Chinese Empire. The Han Chinese believe ardently that China and the Han Chinese people are the centre of the planet and have a duty to propagate it with mandarin speaking Han Chinese people. Like all Empires, China’s lifeblood needs imports of raw materials and food and needs to manufature consumer goods, which needs free sea and airways.
It also needs secure defendable borders which due to its geography its north and eastern borders are well buffered by area’s like the Gobi desert and other inhospitable areas. To its south and east things are not so sweet.

China Feels Surrounded by Enemies. Please study the Map.
South Korea.

The Powder Keg.

To off set this perceived encirclement it has paid for allies which are almost Satellite states.
Sri lanka
East Timor.

We might add New Zealand and Victoria but they are not fully bought and paid for as yet.

China and India have been building up their military on their borders at “The Line of Actual Control” but it is not the only thing India is concerned about.

China Has Bought A“String of Pearls” With Which to ‘Choke’ India.
According to recent media reports, China is growing its military presence in the Indian Ocean . Satellite pictures in May this year suggest China’s military base at Djibouti is being modernised. The facility, set up in 2017 as a logistics support unit, is being upgraded into a full-fledged naval base with a 1,120-feet pier that can berth Chinese warships, including the Liaoning aircraft carrier. This follows China’s expansion of another artificial island in the Maldives, a development with seeming strategic overtones, leading some to claim that China is encroaching on India’s sphere of influence.

China is Lining Up its Allies on the World Chess Board.
Meanwhile, the rumour mills are abuzz that China is on a drive to militarise Gwadar port in Pakistan. Recent satellite pictures show anti-vehicle berms, security fences, sentry posts and elevated guard towers inside the port, fuelling speculation of the construction of a military facility. There are also reports that China is helping Bangladesh build a naval base at Cox Bazaar, including wharfs, barracks, ammunition depots, and a naval ship repair yard.

It is the People’s Liberation Army’s Djibouti base that most vividly demonstrates China’s Indian Ocean ambitions. With an estimated area of nearly 250,000 square feet, China’s Djibouti compound is no ordinary military base. Replete with outer perimeter walls, watchtowers and underground quarters capable of hosting an estimated 10,000 troops, the facility is a veritable military garrison. China insists the project is a “support facility” meant mainly for anti-piracy missions in the Horn of Africa, but analysts claim the base is capable of supporting other key missions such as intelligence collection, non-combat evacuation operations, peacekeeping operations support and counter-terrorism.
China has also offered to construct nuclear power plants in Bangladesh to help meet the country’s growing energy needs, while also seeking to aid the development of Bangladesh’s natural gas resources. China’s mainly imports raw materials from Bangladesh like leather, cotton textiles, fish, etc. China’s major exports to Bangladesh include textiles, machinery and electronic products, cement, fertiliser, rubber products, raw silk, maize, etc.

Bangladesh Defense Cooperation
The Bangladesh Army has been equipped with Chinese tanks, its Navy has Chinese frigates and missile boats and the Bangladesh Air Force flies Chinese fighter jets. In 2002, China and Bangladesh signed a “Defence Cooperation Agreement” which covers military training and defence production. In 2006, a Chinese report to the United Nations revealed that Dhaka is emerging as a major buyer of Chinese-made weapons. China sold 65 large calibre artillery systems, 16 combat aircraft and 114 missile and related equipment to Bangladesh in 2006. Bangladesh also bought roughly 200 small arms and regular artillery pieces from China.

In 2008, Bangladesh set up an anti-ship missile launch pad near the Chittagong Port with assistance from China. The maiden missile test was performed on 12 May 2008 with active participation of Chinese experts. It successfully test-fired anti-ship missile C-802A with a strike range of 120 km from the frigate BNS Osman near Kutubdia Island in the Bay of Bengal. BNS Osman which was commissioned in 1989, is a 1500-ton Chinese built Jianghu class Frigate, and the C-802A missile is a modified version of Chinese Ying Ji-802 with weight reduced from 815 kg to 715 kg to increase the strike range from 42 km to 120 km.
Bangladesh’s regional neighbours Myanmar, Thailand, Pakistan and Sri Lanka also depend on Chinese military supplies; as do other Muslim-majority countries of similar size, including Egypt, Nigeria and Sudan.

China -Thialand Military Relations
Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha ordered 49 Chinese VT-4 main battle tanks and 3 submarines, costing more than US$1 billion. China and Thailand are planning to open a joint commercial arms factory in Khon Kaen. It will be responsible for assembly, production and maintenance of land weapon systems for the Thai army. Specific details were subject to further discussions between the ministry and Chinese Government North China Industries ‘Norinco’ which makes everything from personal battle rifles to tanks and artillery.

In May 2017, the Royal Thai Navy signed a contract with the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation for a S26T diesel-electric submarine, which is derived from the Type 039A submarine. The submarine is expected to be delivered in 2023. Chinese military commentator Zhou Chenming stated that China will likely provide technical guidance to Thailand, as well.

The Canal From China to India.

Now China has offered to finance and build a Canal through the Thai Peninsular near.
The Kra Canal is such a project which, when built, has the potential to radically transform Asia’s strategic dynamics. Though the economic viability of the projected Kra Canal continues to be fiercely debated by India and Singapore, the strategic and security rewards seem too attractive to be ignored by the Chinese strategists.
China has been wanting to build the Kra canal across Thailand’s Isthmus of Kra to shorten its access to the Indian Ocean by 1,200 kms bypassing Malacca Straits. China has been apprehensive that its commercial tankers and Navy ships can be blocked by USA or regional countries in the Malacca Straits. The Kra canal is a large part of China’s “string of pearls” policy, including control over ports and potential naval bases in Cambodia and Sri Lanka causing India to worry about being completely encircled by the Chinese Navy.
On 16 January 2020, the Thai House of Representatives agreed to set up a committee within 120 days to study the Thai Canal project. The Chinese plan called for construction over ten years employing roughly 30,000 workers at a cost of between US$20–25 billion dollars.
The idea of a Kra Isthmus Canal has been proposed in modern times since the 1930s, but has never materialized due to high costs. The current Thai canal proposal, known as the 9A route, would involve two parallel channels, each 30 meters deep, 180 meters wide, and running 75 miles at sea level from Songkhla on the Gulf of Thailand to Krabi in the Andaman Sea.
The Strait of Malacca, just under 1,000 kilometres (620 mi) long, is narrow, less than 2.5 kilometres (1.6 mi) at the narrowest, and just 25 metres (82 ft) deep at its shallowest point. It is used by many oil tankers, bulk carriers and container ships. It is estimated that some 80% of Japan’s and South Korea’s oil and natural gas supplies pass through it. The strait, the world’s busiest shipping route, saw a record 84,000 vessels sail through it in 2016. Its yearly capacity is 120,000 vessels. The Maritime Institute of Malaysia forecasts that by 2025, about 140,000 vessels and freighters will seek to transit the strait. A canal would reduce shipping times between the South China Sea and the Andaman Sea two or three days and reduce distance travelled by at least 1,200 kilometres compared with the strait. Bunker fuel savings for a 100,000 dwt (deadweight) ton oil tanker could be as much as US$350,000 per trip. One report estimated that Singapore might lose 30% of its shipping trade as a result of the canal. The reasons behind China’s fascination with the Kra Canal. Beijing’s dependence on ship-borne energy resources is a reality that the Communist Party of China (CCP) cannot overlook. Since energy transportation is critically linked to China’s energy security, with direct implications for the success of the ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) project, the safety of sea lane of communications (SLOCs) is both a non-conventional security challenge and a military one for China.
Chinese military strategists cannot imagine launching any large-scale military action without being sure of supply of enough oil. But the Chinese leaders have been particularly fearful of this lifeline being choked by ‘unfriendly’ countries in the event of a conflict or crisis. The apprehension of access denial is nightmarish for Beijing as it looks back to Japans predicament prior to World War Two.

Asia Is Boiling and Waiting for the Lid to Fly Off, but Ignored by Mainstream Media.
Strategically, India has the most to lose, even though at present it is sending re-enforcement of men and its latest jet fighters to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, in the Bay of Bengal its ever current Northern border problems with China, now has to contend with the Chinese Navel presence being 1,200 kms nearer to their long southern coast line.
New Delhi will not overlook this new canal since it is going to add to India’s strategic vulnerability in the Indian Ocean, while giving China the greatest freedom of action and manoeuvring space in diplomatic and security terms. As India reacts to build its military presence on the Andaman Island, like a Chess board China will react by increasing its presence in the Indian Ocean.

Liaoning Class aircraft carrier. China will soon have three of these. We need something that can sink them. They are called deterrents, most nations have something, except Australia has “Greenies”.

“China has emerged not merely as an adversary, but as our top geopolitical threat to Australia and India.
When China first began deploying warships off the coast of Somalia for anti-piracy patrols a decade ago, Indian analysts believed China’s maritime security interests were primarily commercial, and that the People’s Liberation Army Navy or PLAN’s forays were driven mainly by the need to protect Beijing’s trade and energy interests. That view is fast changing. Many now see China’s rapid regional expansion as part of a broader effort to embed Beijing into the geopolitics of the Indian Ocean.
China’s growing maritime deployments – including submarines and intelligence ships, demonstrate Beijing’s growing interest in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). The presence of a Chinese research vessel in India’s exclusive economic zone in September last year foreshadows greater Chinese projection of power into the Indian Ocean, feeding fears of a strategic encirclement of India.
India has sought to expand regional presence through mission-based naval patrols, the Indian Navy hasn’t quite matched the PLAN’s operational tempo in the Indian Ocean. Critical gaps in combat capability, in particular, conventional submarines, anti-submarine helicopters, and minesweepers and constantly shrinking budgets have constrained the Navy’s ability to push back the Chinese. The Indian Navy is struggling to track China & Pakistan’s Navel activities and they have not lessoned due to the Covid 19 pandemic, but China dwarfs its resources.

The Kra Canal increases India’s most pressing maritime challenge the Pakistan- Banladesh-China nexus, which has not yet involve a physical threat to Indian assets. The Chinese navy has cleverly avoided any entanglement with Indian warships in the regional seas, while expanding its engagement with the Pakistan Navy, participating in a number of bilateral and multilateral exercises off the Makran coast. India’s problems of trying to thwart Chinese plans for developments of bases at Karachi or Gwardar, Pakistan, or impede China-aided modernisation of the navies of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Thailand will just increase ten-fold then that canal is built.

Extreme Pressure in Asia.
What the Indian Navy instead needs is a strategy of distant power projection. By employing a plan for sustained presence in the Western Pacific, a space Beijing dominates and is highly sensitive about. If India could build a Navel presence in the Western Pacific and supply it from an air base it would materially influence the maritime balance in Asia, forcing Beijing to scale down its military presence in the Indian Ocean and move it to protect its own backyard.
A counter-pressure strategy in the Pacific would be hard for India to implement, but Australia, Japan and the USA should assist. India’s official maritime strategy deems Southeast Asia a secondary theatre of interest but should now be its primary interest. Yet, as Beijing applies greater pressure on the LAC (“The Line of Actual Control”) in the north, India might have little option but to respond in a space China considers its own maritime backyard.

The Exploding Powder Keg.
More than likely, China will not want to be seen to make the “First Strike” as Japan did at Pearl Harbour, but you can be sure that its enemies will not be ready and waiting. Chinese Sun Tzu philosophy will influence the opening play, it will be expertly choreographed, well planned and seen as crazy as Hannibal taking his Elephants across the Alps, the Greeks leaving a Wooden Horse outside the Gates of Troy. It will be designed to confuse and destroy. The danger from China will emerge in un foreseen places and be unexpected. A year ago, we never have expected that China would un leash bacteriological warfare against the Western World, but they have and its worked they have weakened us for no real losses to their strengths.
China is responsible for Covid 19 and it is a threat, but to our North we have a much greater threat China’s President for life will not be satisfied with the results of Covid 19 that weakens us, but it does not eliminate us and he needs Australia’s food and natural resources to build China’s Empire so the secret war will not stop, the attacks will continue with increasing ferocity.

We Know that  When China’ Attacks It Will be Different to Anything We Have Seen Before.
Its next foray might be Chemical Warfare, China would deny it as they have with Covid 19 but the death rate would be enormous.

China will have large stocks of Chemical Weapons, their productions would be deniable as they would be developed illegally and in secret in the same way that Russian chemists called the program “Foliants” (like defoliants such as Agent Orange used by the USA) designed to skirt the guidelines of the international Chemical Weapons Conventions, and to elude detection by weapons inspectors.
Chemical weapons are inexpensive and are relatively easy to produce, some are even a two part mix, so individual chemicals are benign (not Weapons of Mass Destruction) until mixed almost on the spot with another chemical and the results are extinction of human life in that area. Even small terrorist groups, have been able to create mass casualties with small quantities of home made sarin gas and ricin.
Please don’t imagine that China needs a Battlefield like the Gas attacks in World War One, modern Chemical Weapons could be introduced into hundred of household goods, or water supplies, or face masks, perfume, bandaids, aspirins, flyspray, or sprayed over food crops.

Just a tiny perfume bottle and people die. It took 18 million pounds to decontaminate Salisbury, UK.

Novichok (which means the Newcomer in Russian) compounds, can be manufactured as liquids and dispersed as aerosols or vapors, these compounds, as ionized alkylamines, are thought to form a very fine powder. These are the nerve agent of choice to inflict mass casualties because of its high volatility and rapid uptake in the body. Novichok, is a group of fourth generation nerve agents that were developed by Russia which is reported to be five to eight times more toxic than the nerve agent VX, which was used to assassinate the brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Novichok is usually stored as two less toxic chemical ingredients, making it easier to transport. When they’re mixed together, the chemicals react to produce a military-grade nerve agent. Novichok agents were designed to be undetectable by NATO chemical warfare detection methods, and to circumvent any NATO protective gear. This would allow them to be used with impunity by Russia, against NATO troops. Professor Gary Stephens, quoted in the BBC News, concurred that the Novichok agents would be extremely difficult to detect. It would be equally difficult to clean up, because exactly which of the Novichok chemicals was used cannot be definitively determined.

Binary Novichok agents possess several military advantages. First, an individual agent, depending on its chemical subgroups, may not violate the Chemical Weapons Treaty and, hence, is “legal.” These subgroups can be innocuous compounds whose sinister intent may be difficult to detect. Second, the components of binary agents are extremely stable and have limited degradation over time, they could kill for years. That is why when a tiny perfume spray filled with Novichok was sprayed on a front door handle it took a military operation and 18 million pounds of removing contaminated houses, cars, soil, before the two main areas could be considered safe after six months of work.

Though Novichok agents have never yet been used on a battlefield, their sole purpose is for chemical warfare. Nerve Agents can be inhaled, injected or absorbed through the skin and their sole objective is to kill rapidly, silently and undetectably.
For further reading on Chemical Weapons go to

How Will this Effect Us Here in Australia?
We in Australia do not need 50 Billion dollar diesel /electric (100 year old technology) French U-boats, delivered to defend us in the 2030s. We need to be able to isolate all borders, coastline, air ports and build our own anti missile/ aircraft missiles & underwater drones equipped with torpedoes. Now. We need to quickly mobilise, and train Australia’s Rifle clubs. The only deterrent we have is two million licensed Shooters and six million privately owned firearms.
Nothing makes sense anymore, no values, no morals, no civility and people are dying of a Chinese flu, but it’s racist to refer to it as Chinese even though it began in a Chinese Laboratory. We are clearly living in an upside down world where right is wrong and wrong is right, where moral is immoral and immoral is moral, where good is evil and evil is good, where killing murderers is wrong, but killing innocent babies is right, where darkness is light and light is now darkness.

If China moves in we will have even less Lifeboats, maybe none at all.

Normally, 74 % of the Australian working population, (that’s people between the ages of 18 and 65) are either claiming unemployment, or work for Australian Government Departments State and Federal. So 26% of our Australian population are being taxed, (theft) to pay for the 76% of the population that produces nothing, Zero. Times now are not normal, and due to our Chinese Flu that 26% percentage of workers and producers have been reduced to an unknown level. Even without the ready to explode powder keg to our north, Australia is on a road to nowhere that looks like a Ski slope.

We have to wake up Australia, the great unsinkable ship Titanic Australia has hit an iceberg, is taking on water and sinking fast. What to do? The choice is yours to make. What will it be? Time is short, make your choice wisely!

Ron Owen

There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom.
Ron Owen

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