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Owen Guns Bulletin Edition 100 January 2015

Blog January 11, 2015

Owen Guns Gympie


Please do it today, tomorrow is always too late.
FIRST.  Shooter’s Need Places To Shoot. As This NEED to BE In BEFORE the 23 January 2015.

CooloolaRange TINY Front Cover Submission

Have Your Say BEFORE 23 Jan 2015  on the Corella Range Complex.
Gympie Regional Council has recently endorsed the draft Curra State Forest Shooting Facility study for public display from 15 December 2014 to 23 January 2015. GET YOUR SUBMISSION IN BEFORE 23 JAN 2015. Please act now for our future shooting venue, which includes a 1000 m rifle range, 200 and 300 Pistol Club, 15 trap lay outs and Silhouette and Sporting Clays facility.  Our kids or grand kids will thank us if they have a place to shoot.Please help and send in and as many email submissions you can muster, even your family and friends to:-
BEFORE ITs TOO LATE. For Ideas, Cut and Paste information from the CRCA (Cooloola Range Complex Association Inc.)
Submission On Internet CRCA Ross Planning

 Please take some information from the above site and place it in the  following form.  

Attention Planning Strategy and Major Projects Branch. Gympie Regional Council,
(Type the above address into your email form it is not a link.)

RE- SUBMISSION On District Shooting Facility – Feasibility and Option Analysis.

Dear Sirs and Madams.

(Draft Submission for layout purpose only)

“When the Gympie Shooting Facility is operational I wish to compete in championship events, sight my firearms, work up my loads, fore fill my legal obligations to retain my firearms, or enjoy recreational shooting at this site. That you are aware that shooting associations have been working with the Council and State Government to acquire this land for a shooting complex for over 15 years.
Shooting competitors and their families travel the length and breadth of Australia to compete and enjoy their sport.Recreational shooting attracts large economic benefits to the region, accommodation, fuel, food, sight seeing and purchase many other good in our region.
Council should take speedy advantage of the Minister Agreement-in-Principle to assist the Cooloola Range Complex Association to develop and host the Corella (Not Curra) Forestry Southern block (Wood Rd) for the use of the Shooting Sports (including Archery) Gympie Service Rifle, Shooters Union, Queensland Indoor Air Rifle Association, and so Gympie Pistol Club can then at its own pace develop 200 metre Pistol Centre-fire at Corella as an adjunct to its current club facilities, and Small bore & Silhouette Club can develop an extra 200 metre range on the Corella site, leaving the rest of the site to accommodate any other clubs who due to future range closures needs the space to re locate ie. Cowboy Action, Sporting Clays, Colonial Black Powder clubs, etc.
FROM    name ……..John Doe
Address……..15 Dead End St
 Kabbi Kabbie,   9876

Another Map of the site showing some of the planned range templates and safety zones. It is not required to send this to Council they have had it since 2003. ron

Annex A Part ofTINYs




Anti PTA Queensland Parliamentary  E-Petition.



This Petition has to be signed before the 9th February 2015. 2038 have signed already but out of 600,000 licensed shooters in Queensland it should be 60,000 that have been inconvenienced by long waits, wrong information, posted to the wrong return address and paying $34. for the privilege that we already have on our licences.  
Now. Is the Time To Turn Back Un In-Formed Gun Laws. One Law At A Time. Smart animals, those that are the meals for predators, often run in herds knowing well that there is safety in numbers. Fish school to ensure survival of the species, even birds will flock together to avoid predation…. There is safety in numbers, there is political power in numbers but this is something firearm owners, to a large extent to their peril have ignored. Maybe they have never felt like the prey, the hunted. I know I have felt that way, I have felt that we shooter and hunters have been the food source for the political bloodsucking vampires of the Green Anti Gun movement. Even though I know their numbers are near extinction. I also know that our numbers are massive and growing every day. The politicians, are slowly waking up to the fact that we are the biggest lobby group in the country. We can vote them in and we can vote them out. They have to take notice of 600,000. shooters all who should speak to their prospective candidates now. 

Print This out and take it to your local Guns Shop and Club and ask them to sign and display it, give a copy to every customer. Some of them will be waiting and growling , so they can now do something positive.
Print This out and take it to your local Guns Shop and Club and ask them to sign and display it, give a copy to every customer. Some of them will be waiting and growling , so they can now do something positive.

THIRD. You All have Emails of you would not be reading this Bulletin.
Please Email Campbell Newman and ask him to ditch the Permits To Acquire before the Election Day  31 January 2015.
Email…    campbell@lnp.org.au    
make him think. If he loses, he will blame it on us and might fix it next time, this election is going to go right down to the wire with independents holding the balance of power. If Campbell wins and has enough of these messages, he might do it straight away. For sure, if enough of us do this one simple chore, the message will be heard loud and clear in the party room.   

Dear Campbell Newman

I was a member of the National Party but resigned in the 1990s due to your parties stance on imposing severe restrictions on Law Abiding firearm owners. Law Abiding licenced shooters  are in a vast majority the most conservative family elements of the Queensland community. I would consider donating to your campaign and joining the new party again, if you at least honoured your core promise from the last election which was to remove 20% of Red Tape public service paperwork.

Well we are at the next election and we still have the duplication of Permits To Acquire for categories of Firearms which we already have paid for a licence, suffered safety courses, suffered 28 day waiting periods and then to purchase the same category firearm that we have a lawful authority to own and use, we have to do it all over again for a Permit to Acquire. No wonder, the police are 10 months behind with their paper work in Licence applications. No wonder they never have time to do proper police work. Your Minister has the Police just collecting money and stamping paperwork. Even though there is no legislative requirement, once we have a licence your police impose the Permits to Acquire application forms and collect another $34 from us each time we change a legal firearm. No wonder good people break the law and buy them off the black market when your government imposes this horrendous duplication of paperwork and charges. Prove you are better then Labour, then you might stand a Chance. 600,000 licenced shooters and their families could make the difference for your re-election chances.
Ron Owen

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