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Owen Guns Bulletin Edition 26 September 2009

Blog September 27, 2009

Welcome to the Twenty Sixth Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.

STOP PRESS Anniversary Edition, one year since Edition 1.
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Powa Beam Spotlights Hand Held.

PwerBeamHand TINYHeld

Powa Beam Spotlights Hand Held $139. plus post.

Victorinox Swiss Army Tool Kit


Swiss Army Tool Kit $135. plus post

The VICTORINOX “Swiss Army Knife” is over 100 Years Old. This useful pocket Multi-Tool was legally registered on June 12, 1897. Over 34,000 of these pocket tools with the distinctive Swiss cross leave the factory in central Switzerland each day.  Ninety per cent are for export to over 100 different countries and serve as ambassadors for Switzerland.
Karl Elsener, the company founder, wanted to create work in sparsely industrialized central Switzerland and counter the emigration spawned by unemployment. To go from hand-crafting to industrial production was at the time adventurous and required enormous determination. Today, this family business in Schwyz provides 950 jobs.
After the soldier’s knife, which every recruit receives upon entering the army, Karl Elsener developed a new, elegant and light weight pocket knife, with six practical tools. He called this new model the “Officers and Sports Knife”.
After an unparalleled success story around the world, the VICTORINOX “Swiss Army Knife” is even orbiting the earth as part of the standard equipment of the Space Shuttle Crew. The knife has also been successfully proven on expeditions: in the arctic ice of the North Pole; on the highest peak on earth, Mount Everest; in the tropical rain forests of the Amazon, and elsewhere. Time and again, it has been a life saver in situations of extreme danger and great need. The New York Museum of Modern Art and the State Museum for Applied Art in Munich have selected it for their collection of excellence in design, and, since Lyndon B. Johnson, US presidents present guests with VICTORINOX pocket knives.
Today, the “Officers’ Knife” is available in over 100 different models. Each knife must undergo seamless quality controls before being released for sale.

Bug Band Insect Repellent, $9.50 plus post.

Bug BondTINY

Repels Bugs and Ticks and Protects Skin $9.50 plus post.

Four Knives for One Price.

FourKnife TINYs

Four Knives for One Price $25.

Marlin XR7 bolt Action Centrefire Rifle


The New Marlin XR7 has been praised by Australian Shooting writers as it combines Marlin quality with Mauser front dual opposing locking lugs, Winchester bolt release catch, Mauser internal magazine, Savage trigger, Remington safety catch, Savage barrel locking system, Weaver mount Bases, Remington bolt handle, QD quick detachable swivels, Savage Extraction system, Mauser ignition system and a new improved safety excess gas venting system. Best value in an American made Bolt Action.


Plus freight.

John Benzen Folding Knife $10.


John Benzen Lock Blade Folding Knife with Belt Pouch $10.00 plus post.


Quinetic Bullet Pullers, remove bullets the kinetic way, and save your components.

$49. plus post.

The Norinco JW 105. in .223 Remington


The Norinco JW 105. in .223 Remington.

This is the (Jain Way) JW Model 105, Sometimes called Norinco. These rifles are made in the same factory that manufactures the now famous JW 15 .22 rifle (the Brno Mod One Copy) if you have had a JW15 or know of anyone who had one, you will know that they shoot sometimes better than the rifle they imitated. These JW105 s are in .223 Remington calibre and have a five shot detachable magazine. They also come with Weaver style mount bases and Quick Detachable studs for QD sling swivels  If you look carefully at the close up photograph you will notice a shiny silver colour, at the breech face,the camera has picked up the chrome plating from inside the chamber. The Chinese are the only non-military manufactures that can afford the chrome process of plating the Barrels and Chambers. They have also chromed the forward section of the Bolt. Chrome plating gives the best protection against erosion and corrosion than anything else besides regualr cleaning. The JW 105 is a copy of the Geveram that was very popular in the 1950s and 1960s, they were very good quality but I believe that Gevarm had to stop making them as the were too expensive to produce.
These are the best value .223 remington centre-fire, repeating rifle on the market.

Brand New $460.

Slimline Electronic Ear Muffs


Slimline Electronic Ear Muffs

Hear and Protect

Hear normally up to 85 db Electronically reduces & protects hearing
Protects hearing above 85 db
Able to hear normal conversations and sounds to 85 decibels
Over 200 hours of battery life
Auto-adjust headband
Solid state circuit
Rotary on-off volume knob

These electronic ear muffs are a high standard ear muff in design, they are made to feel light and comfortable for all day use. They can be used as standard ear muff when the electronic component is not turned on and will passively reduce noise like any normal ear muff. They have a standard noise reduction rating of 29 decibel and are a Class 5.
Once turned on the microphone, located at the top of the ear muff, will pick up and amplify ambient noise. If some one standing next to you talks, their voice will be amplified through the speakers in both ear muffs. Should there be a loud noise, such as a firearm, the electronic ear muffs will automatically cut out and block the loud noise. The electronic ear muffs are designed to attenuate noise about 85 decibels, meaning that they will block out instantly, once the noise reaches a certain level. The electronic ear muffs allow you to control the volume level of ambient noise around you. On the shooting range with constant loud reports, the electronic ear muffs will block this noise. For range instructions or to communicate with another person, you can instantly hear them speak.
At the range or anywhere ear protection is constantly required, but you also need to hear instructions from others or you wish to be more aware of the ambient sound around you, these electronic ear muffs are what you need.

$65. plus post.

BSA Spitfire Air Rifle Special Price $355.


The Range Officer Handbook

The Range Officers Handbook pay by Pay Pal see Bulletin Special Announcement Page


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rangeofficersmal phototiny1

The Range Officers Handbook is an encyclopedia or omnibus of firearms and ammunition and the use of them, it has:-
•  90   pages of Information for Range Officers,
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•  23   pages of Glossary of Terminology on Firearms and Optics
•  Over 1000 drawings and photographs.
•  Over 530 pages in a A4 stitched colour hardback.,
Some, hopefully will read it cover to cover, others will pick a heading out of the Contents pages and read a chapter or two, but no matter how much you know about shooting, reference material is always needed, as even people who rate as genius cannot retain everything. The real ability is being able to find out quickly and easily. You can check that you have the correct terminology, in the Glossary, check the Index and go straight to the right page. This book can be used as an information tool for a lifetime of shooting.

$75 for a Certified Numbered Book Signed by the author (state who you would like it dedicated to) plus $10 postage Australia wide.

The Range Officers Handbook pay by Pay Pal see Bulletin Special Announcement Page

Stockman Rifle. 7.62 x 54 Russian

The idea for this rifle came from one of those discussions that are held round the camp fire or after the barbeque. It became known at this discussion that there was a requirement for a rifle that shot well priced military ammunition, powerful enough to shoot, Bulls, Cows Horses, Camels, Donkeys, Deer, Roo’s, Pigs, Dingo’s and knock over a Ram or two at the 500 metallic silhouette range. Of course as it was a knock about rifle for the working man to keep in the truck it had to be very rugged and have the stock designed with a high comb to use a scope to suit off hand shooting. The stock also had to absorb a lot of recoil from a powerful calibre without transferring too much of it to the shooter and also be bulky enough to protect the rifle. (many rifle which have a stock like a knife edge leave the scope and mounts very vulnerable if dropped) It had to be drilled and tapped to take Weaver style bases on top of the receiver. The Barrel had to be heavy, free floating from the stock and be still short and handy. Of course they wanted it to hit a fly on there prize bulls nose without hurting the bull.

3in onStockmane

Well there was a lot of bull around that night but all were seriously firm that it had to sell for less than $400. So Enfield Arms worked particularly hard and had the MAB barrels fitted to Mosin Nagant receivers, the bolt handles were modified to suit a scope the receivers were drilled and tapped and modified to take the mounts on top of the receiver. Wow, what would Vasily Zaytsev (Enemy at the Gate) have been able to achieve with a top scope mounted Mosin- Nagant action instead of his off set side mounts? Then Enfield Arms made a synthetic stock with a recoil pad made from absorb-athane. A soft dense polymer utherane ( Maybe got the spelling wrong) that has greater properties of absorbing recoil than rubber. They also have a five shot magazine. So except for the reconditioned reblued modified receiver they are a new rifle.

For $395.00


Bad weather, rough handling. Heavy, repeated recoil. It’s all part of hunting, so your Leupold Rifleman is built to take it. You also get a bright, clear sight picture for precise targeting each and every time, even in low light conditions. Mount a Rifleman on your favourite rifle and hunt with confidence.

Leupold ScopesTinestSeptember

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• 100% waterproof; filled with bone-dry nitrogen and sealed for waterproof integrity.

• The Wide Duplex reticle is designed for a variety of hunting and shooting applications.

• Ample eye relief protects your eye from heavy recoil.

• Outstanding repeatable accuracy.

• Elevation and windage adjustment dials marked in ½ MOA increments.

• Fully coated lenses transmit a bright sight picture, even in low light conditions.

Leupold Rifle Scopes from $335. Best Prices in Australia


Bushnell Sportsman 3–9 x 40

These Japanese manufactured rifle scopes made for the big companies in the USA are improving there quality, constantly closing the gaps between them and their European competitors. The only thing that separates most top end scopes these days is the price.

Bushnell Sportsman Scopes 3–9 x 40

$90. plus postage. Any inquiries phone o7 54825070 or 0754824099 or email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au



The following diagrams shows a number of types of breech closures or locking systems.

Mauser TINYs

Diagram 12

The first, Diagram 12 , the Mauser type of bolt, has two locking lugs, diametrically opposite, at the head of the bolt, and fitting accurately with equal bearing, into recesses milled in the receiver ring. These are most suitable for high pressure cartridges which can go up to 52,000 foot/pounds pressure.


Diagram 13

Diagram 13, shows similar lugs on the Ross Rifle and on Remington 788 and Nikko Golden Eagle and the Browning, Miroku lever rotary leaver action bolts, but the lugs are cut similar to large threads instead of being solid, as is frequently seen in cannons. If these threads and their seats were cut with extreme precision the closure would be slightly stronger, but this would greatly increase cost of production, and generally speaking the advantage of these threads has never paid for their cost. Most I have observed only bear on a small area of each lug and I do not believe they are as strong and safe as the Mauser design.

Falling BlockTINY desighns

Diagram 14

Diagram 14, shows the breech closure of the falling block, high sidewall Winchester Single Shot, Sharps. and Remington actions. The solid breech block slides vertically in grooves in the receiver, being lowered to load, and raised to close the action. The rear surface of the grooves in the receiver uniformly support the block about three-quarters inch behind the head of the case. These are the types of closures that should be used for best results with high intensity cartridges giving pressures of 42,000 pounds and upwards.

Krag Savage TINY340tDesighns

Diagram 15

Diagram 15,  shows the Krag-Jorgensen and Remington Pump Model 14 and 14 and a half, methods of locking with only one lug close to the head of the bolt. The bolt is thus not uniformly locked on both sides, and the one lug has to take all the back thrust. This system has proved quite successful where the back thrust on the bolt head is not particularly heavy, but with average size cartridges has shown an increased percentage of failures when the breech pressure exceeds about 42,000 pounds, which is regarded as the maximum pressure for the Krag Jorgensen action. The lugs are liable to crack off at higher pressures. Such cracking might, however, be obviated by improvement in the steel and its heat treatment, both of which are rather antiquated in the Krag or old Remington pump action.

.22 SSboltactioTINY Designs

Diagram 16

Diagram 16, shows the type of locking seen in many .22 calibre rim fire bolt actions, with a simple locking surface at the rear end of the bolt, often provided by the rear surface of the bolt handle fitting into a groove in the receiver. Where the bolt fits closely throughout its well in the receiver this has proved entirely adequate for safety and accuracy with rim fire cartridges as long as thing do not go wrong, two lugs give a better margin for error.

Leaver TINYAction Designs

Diagram 17 a

Model94TINY Winchesterdesigns

Diagram 17 b

In Diagram 17a & b, the Winchester Models 1886 1892 and 1894 repeating actions are locked by means of locking bolts which rise into slots cut in the rear end of both receiver and breech block. The locking is thus several inches from the head of the case, and we have several inches of receiver steel, and several inches of breech block steel between the origin of the pressure at the head of the case and the locking surfaces. The combined elasticity or “give” of all this steel is relatively considerable. With pressures of 38,000 pounds and over there is enough give or stretch on firing so that the fired case can stretch enough in length so that it cannot again be inserted into the chamber without prohibitive force, and cartridge cases fired in these actions have to be resized in full length and carefully measured for head-space excess before they are reloaded. As a result of continued firing of such actions with over loads the elastic stretch can gradually results in a permanent set and increase the headspace. Such increase in headspace seldom or rarely results in a dangerous increase during firing which would wear out one barrel, therefore the action has a useful life equal to its barrel life. No trouble from this cause will be experienced by those who confine their firing to factory cartridges, and it is only experienced by those who reload their ammunition and exceed the factory results.

Savage99 Pump ActionTINYShotgunss

Diagram 18

Diagram 18 shows the locking system of the Savage Model 1899 and old Winchester self loading actions (the latter a provisional design). The breech block rises in rear to lock, and abuts against a broad surface at the rear of the receiver opening. The Martini Actions are similar to this, except they rise and fall at the front of the action, but as most were made prior to the introduction of smokeless powder and the end of the nineteenth century the metallurgical composition of the steel and not the design could create problems with high pressure cartridges. Owing to the size of parts and the absence of separate locking bolts, this system appears to be stronger than that used in the Winchester 1886, 1892 and 1894 actions, and is satisfactory with heavier pressure loads, approaching the Mauser and falling block actions in its strength.

As a further comparison between these various types of closure it may be said that roughly speaking the design strength shown in Diagrams 12 and 13 will have such strength and lack of stretch that the actions will wear out three or four barrels. (I have been informed that Swedish Mauser Rifle Actions were often re barrelled 12 times before any setback in the locking lugs was measured, this was not just an oversight as the Swedish gunsmiths were at the pinnacle of the firearm trade.) before they stretch enough from repeated firing to become unserviceable, while those shown in most other designs will often become unserviceable from the wearing out of a single barrel, the steel and its heat treatment being the same in each case. We refer to the barrel wear due to erosion wear, and not to corrosion due to lack of maintenance.
More on Manual Breech Loading Actions in Next Edition


Chamber Pressure.

The Primer

Often, it has been stated that the condition of the fired primer can be “read” to determine pressure. This is true only when an exact comparison can be made from the same make, model, and lot of primers. The simple comparison of a fired factory-load primer with one of your handloads is useless and may even be completely misleading. I have had the personal experience of the pressure being so high that the pressure had pierced the primers every time with every brand of factory ammunition that I could buy at that time. It was a new rifle and it took some investigative detective work to find out that the excessive pressure was caused by a fault when the firearm was manufactured at the factory and as I was closing the bolt, the chamber that was too short was crimping the case into the projectiles. Easily fixed once I had a chambering reamer with the correct dimensions.

BlownOut PrimerTiny

Brass has flown back into the extractor recess in the bolt face. Damage would have occured.

The only practical way in which a primer comparison would indicate pressure levels is when two loads are fired with identical components except for powder charge in the same gun at the same time. At that time the question arises as to how you know positively that at least one of those loads produces safe pressures. Myself, I like, (but sometimes the opportunity does not arise,) to do this by taking a box of factory loaded ammunition of the caliber desired, then pulling the bullets and dumping the powder from ten of them and reloading with my own bullets and powder charge combination. The two ten round samples, thus produced are then fired and the primers are examined under low illuminated magnification.

AR15 Bolt head-TINYCracked

The Excess pressure and high temperature gas and brass flow has caused this damage. The bolt needs to be replaced and headspace adjusted.

The greater the pressure developed, the more will the fired primer be impressed with the tool marks and surface irregularities of the bolt face; the more the outer edge of the primer cup will be flattened to a relatively sharp corner; and the more the centre of the primer cup will extrude into the firing-pin hole in the bolt face, even to the extent of driving the firing-pin back and blowing out and allowing gas to escape back into the interior of the bolt. In extreme instances, the edges of the primer cup will flow outward, filling the radius around the mouth of the primer pocket.So, if my handload fired primers show more of the above pressure evidence than the factory loads, I know pressure is greater. I don’t know how much; just that it’s greater.


The primer on right is showing a negative of the machine tool marks from the bolt face.

In addition, there is the symptom of primer leakage to be considered. When any degree of gas leakage exists around or through the primer, excessive pressures are being generated by that load. There are only two exceptions to this,

a) when the firing pin hole is two large and not supporting the rear of the primer or when the firing pin has been manufactured to long, which is a very rare occurrence. 95% of primer piercing is due to excess pressure.

b) is a damaged or defective primer or primer pocket which of itself allows gas to escape.

These problems or others would also affect the factory loaded ammunition so you would have learnt something from the test that it was not your reloads that had caused these problems. Therefore, at least five and normally ten rounds should be fired for any given test.

Even so, distorted, extruded, and flattened primers are not always a positive indication of excessive pressures. Very rarely granules of powder, especially the spherical ball type, may find their way through the flash hole into the primer pocket under the primer. Under some conditions, they can increase pressure inside the primer, but not in the chamber, sufficiently to cause primer distortion that indicates excess pressure. That will only be in one cartridge case not all ten or all twenty, it is just a remote possibility and another reason why you should never take notice or make a decision on one cartridge case observation. Moreover, a condition of excess headspace will usually produce badly flattened primers even though pressures are quite normal, or even moderate. This occurs, as describe in past articles in this continuing epistle, and will be described again a few times more before it is finished.

Ruptured CaseTINY

Excess pressure has made the brass flow into the extractor slot and into the unsupported area between the bolt face and the chamber. The locking lugs must still have held shut or this section of the case would not be attached to it.

When the firing pin strikes the primer and it ignites, that primer ignition firstly drives the cartridge case forward, allowing the primer to back out of the case head like a little piston, this is followed by the case being driven rearward as the powder charge burns, thus deforming the primer as it envelopes or swallows the used primer, hammering it back onto the bolt face. A classic example of this is when people who should know better, recommend others to fire 9mm Parabellum cartridges in a 9mm Bergmann -Bayard pistol chambered for that cartridge. ( 9 mm Bergmann-Bayard is very hard to get) The 9mm Parabellum cartridge normally produces a standard pressures of under 33,000 psi but when they are fired in a pistol chambered for the 9mm Bergmann-Bayard cartridge, creates a condition of approxiamately 1/10inch excess headspace. The long firing pin, like a needle drives the cartridge forward and ignites the primer and allows the primer to back almost completely out of the case. Then, the case is driven back against the breech face, smashing the primer flat and sometimes even producing primer leaks and serious case head distortion. In many instances where shooter take these crazy chances fragments of the brass case will sometimes leave the handgun and enter the arms and face of the shooter. The ‘expert’ who claims he can identify excessive pressures by simple visual examination of case and primer could conclude that the cases from this experiment had been fired at pressures well above 75,000 psi, where in reality roughly 32,500 psi were generated.

Plastic still hurtsTINY

Mistakes can cost a lot of money and hurt as well.

Yet, it is possible to learn from examining fired primers. Yet it can only be done when a valid basis for comparison of the same primer and case can be established as outlined above with factory loads and primed cases.

Next Edition Comparing Cases for Excessive Pressure.

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Thought For The Week.

I do not like being a ‘Cassandra’ (Trojan oracle of prophecy) but it appears that the USA is heading into an abyss, the lines are being drawn between the sides. Either Obama will be assassinated, not because he is black or because he is Muslim, or because he was not born in the United States and does not have the constitutional right to be President, but because like Neville Chamberlain, he wants to be an appeaser.


I am not just wishfuly thinking as the thought of someone making him a martry like Martin Luther King or Lincoln or Kennedy gives me the horors. He wants to be the saviour of world peace. This of course, breeds antagonism nearly as efficiently as a chain reaction of nuclear proportions. In Chamberlain’s example he gave power to the arms of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Tojo in Obama’s example his weakness will build an Axis of enemies Muslim/Communist but like Chamberlain his major personal enemies are at home, amongst the people he will consider his friends and supporters. He may not be physically assassinated, he may go like Chamberlain, or Nixon  in a bloodless coup. I hope with all my heart he is not assassinated with a firearm which is almost as traditional in American politics as the daggers in the back of Roman Caesars. That sort of media fallout would impact on every firearm owner in the world and would be used by those who wish to enslave us as a wet blanket on a camp fire. Of course it would be another “Conspiracy Theory” to suggest that could be part of there intention. Anyone who suggests in reality that big business and politicians conspire against the people are quickly labelled, ‘Crackpots’, ‘Conspiracy Theorists’, ‘Looney Tunes’ yet the media reports it every day. They just never put it all together in one story, if they in one hit reported the background to International  Oil Companies, International Banks, to International Politicians with National Public Servants, they too would be called Looney Tunes and the newspapers would close before printing it. Some one once said that the ‘Only difference between reality and fiction was that fiction had to be credible’. Yet the western world watches ‘Conspiracies’ in movies and TV shows every night or the week and if they are interested enough to watch historical documentaries on the television they will find that the conspiracies have been in every major and minor chapter since human history began. Someone somewhere has an angle and a plan that is not evident to the public at large at the time. Most make fiction commonplace. The Rise and Fall of Obama is now at the crest, the forces are moving towards Fort Sumter, Charleston Harbour, ( American Civil War) like Lincoln his time from now on will be counted in days. The puppet masters that have been pulling his strings will ensure that he too will be hoisted on his own petard.


At this crucial time in the history of human life on this planet I would like to refer the readers to a speech I was asked to deliver at the Sydney Forum a few years ago. It was called the, “The Individual versus the State” it is thought provocative and might prepare people when they are attempting to sift the truth from the dust storm of media hype that we  all will be shortly confronted with. As it is to long to publish here in it entirety here is the beginning paragraphs and the entire speech will be placed on the www.owenguns.com in serial form.

The Individual Versus the State

H.L. Mencken, said , The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out…without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.

Let us learn to be dangerous.
I actually dislike speeches and meeting as I can read much quicker than someone can vocalize, to me it is much more valuable, in its written form as I can then refer to it, indefinitely and retain it longer. To make it valuable there is a lot of it, we have no time to sermonize or repeat it, So please concentrate as we have only time to say this once.
Certain Behaviour gets rewarded by life, some other behaviour gets rewarded by death, so lets learn how to make the best choices quickly.
We have  huge problems, I do not need to spend much time on this as if you did not sense this, you would not be here you would be at the cricket or the cinema so lets move on to where we perceive these problems are caused.
Judge Earl Johnson Jr said,
Poor people have access to the courts in the same sense that Christians had access to the lions.’
A victim of the system, frustrated by the corruption in either the Courts, Church, Religious intolerance, Banks Local Council Police, Post office or even Schools gets enraged as under our current system the ordinary citizen has no way of obtaining justice or any recourse, so goes berserk with a firearm and kills two dozen people . The puppet Media blames the availability of firearms. The government, not in a knee jerk reaction, not just because it want to seem like it is doing something, but because it wants more power over the individual has, a gun buy back and decree’s to protect the public, the police are given another round of sweeping new powers and new stipulations are forced on licensed firearm owners.

William Pitt, said in a speech to the House of Commons, 1783.
`Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.

Politicians and hack journalists claim new firearm regulations will reduce criminal violence and create a safer society, then media rush off on a new story, and the public forgets.
How can we expect a free society, (as we used to know it), to survive when an ever-increasing proportion of the purported decision-makers – the voters – the subjects of the media polls, base their views exclusively on fifteen second  sound bites, and instant gobbledygook gleaned from morning hosts to their sleepy audiences? How can they hope to discriminate truth when their days national news is fed to them when they are in the traffic jam on the way to work. Of course we are not supposed to discriminate we are all supposed to absorb the same tripe and believe it.
A year later, there is another widely televised incident somewhere else, and the process starts over again. This has been the pattern followed by virtually every gun law that has been introduced in the past century around the world.  It moves to confiscate firearms that already are registered, and closely controls the  few remain sporting shooters and farmers who struggle constantly with the bureaucrats to keep their valuable tools. You may have seen the Bumper sticker
“Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don’t.”
Finally I realised that they had hundreds of flunky research officers with parliamentary libraries full of better information than was available to me. One of the things I said was, “If you have a drunken driver and he runs over 12 school children, kills them all, do you ban the car, do you ban alcohol, or do you stop the driver from drinking or the drinker from driving.
Commonsense dictates, all effort is wasted on the murder tool, they were doing it efficiently before  Firearms were invented. Hannibal at Cannae had 70,000 Romans hacked to death by the sword in one day, on a proportional loss to population basis its only comparison could be a nuclear bomb.
Even though most of us appreciate the above, we have to capture the moral high ground or our families, support groups, friends will isolate us, it is an uphill battle we are the mouse that has to show, it is the Cat who is stealing the cheese. On the other hand, truth has it’s own brilliance, it only needs a spark to light the candle in a totally dark room. I will just give you one little example,
Government’s worldwide, ‘want to make us safer by disarming the victim’.
The inquiring human mind has to say, ‘Why would they do that’?  That is just one of the many questions that the statists never want you to think about.
B Wilkinson said,
The greatest theme of history still is, and perhaps always will be, the unending story of men’s efforts to reconcile order and liberty, the two essential ingredients of a truly great civilisation”.
As truth outshines ignorance, it is time to ask, if these gun Laws have  actually succeeded?

Continued on www.owenguns.com Click here for link


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