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Owen Guns Bulletin Edition 32 December 2009

Blog December 20, 2009

Welcome to the Thirty Second Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.


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rangeofficersmal phototiny1

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Marlin XS7


This new Marlin has taken the best designs from all the best bolt action design features from Savage Accu trigger,barrel Lock system, Winchester Mod 70, Push feed extractor bolt release catch, Remington 700 profile bolt handle, and safety catch. Mauser internal magazine system. Includes a one piece weaver style mount base in Camo Synthetic stock. Only in .308w sized actions at present.

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This Benchrest Stand can be used for sighitng in your rifle, or it can be used for cleaning or for when you need to fit mounts and Scope to your rifle.

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Light Force RM170 Stiker 100 watt Spotlight $160.

Light Force RM170 Striker 100 watt Spotlight.


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Sabatti S.P.A.

One of Italy’s oldest manufactures , used to be partners with Tangfoglio, made in the Gardone Valley Brescia, they have Beretta and Franchi for neighbours. This part of the world has been famous for firearm manufacture for five hundred years.


The Sabattis come with open sights, and sling swivels (not shown), they are drilled and tapped to suit Weaver bases and rings (not included). They have a solid action with front double locking lugs and have a drop down floor plate magazine similar to Remington BDl and Parker-Hale Delux. For the quality of the wood and finish on the steel work they are a steal at.

$995 plus freight.

Barska 3–12x 50 Rifle Scopes


Barska 3–12x 50 Rifle Scopes $275. plus postage

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Accurate Firearm Design


The above diagrams of  bolt and breech faces will give an idea of a few of the methods by which the fired case is withdrawn from the chamber, or “extracted,” after which it is kicked out of the action, generally by means of another designed device called the “ejector.”
A—Shows double extractors as seen on some .22 rim fire rifles. B—top extractor, as seen in lever action Winchester rifle. C—extractor on right side of breech block, as in bolt action military rifle. D—extractor on right side, as in semi automatic shotgun where ejection is through port on right side of frame. E—extractor at 45 degrees up and to the right, as on semi automatic pistol. (D and E are standard Continental pistol practice.) F—bolt body of a 20 mm automatic gun, with extractor on bottom of bolt so ejection will be made through a port in bottom of receiver. G—is not a genuine separate extractor but is the simplest of all and also the most certain; this is the T-slot as found in the Browning and Vickers machine gun through which the base of the case slides; the cartridge can’t slip out until forced down to the bottom of the slot.
Note the size and width of the extraction claw in C. Bolt action rifles have exceedingly powerful cam extraction, and a large claw like this will extract cases that stick very tightly in the chamber without danger of the claw cutting through the extraction rim of the case. Next to G this is the most powerful and positive of all extractors. However, the extractor claw shown in B is probably heavy and wide enough to be quite positive in action with the lighter extraction pull that is applied with lever and slide action rifles, which rifles also are more freely chambered to assure easier extraction.

Vickers Pick up (26)

Top of a .303 Vickers showing the mechanism that powers the feeding and extraction.

Considering  the matter of the extraction and ejection of the fired cases and loaded cartridges is an important part of firearm design as even when case ammunition is introduced we will still need to unload a cartridge from the chamber. An extraction system is required even for a revolver.  There are two phases of this extraction movement.
First the primary extraction in which considerable force may be required to free the fired case from its grip on the walls of the chamber. By reason of a dirty or an oversized cartridge, a cartridge case of soft anneal, or a roughly reamed chamber, primary extraction may be difficult, necessitating considerable pull on the head of the case to start it out of the chamber. This difficulty of primary extraction becomes very great when a rifle is fired so rapidly and continuously as to considerably overheating the chamber. It may then require three to ten times as heavy a pull as normal to extract. As will presently be described, all existing lever, pump, and many automatic actions lack power to extract as compared with some bolt actions, and this is why we see most chambers for such actions cut with larger dimensions than is the practice with bolt actions, so that the cases will not stick so tenaciously when the rifle is fired rapidly. Of course the additional specification to the chamber dimensions create accuracy problems and decrease the useful life of the brass case.
A number of times the author has engaged personally in testing problems which have involved the firing of seventy-five to one hundred service cartridges from sporting rifles with the derived functions of the 98  Mauser actions in the space of a few minutes. These actions have very strong primary extraction. With the first twenty rounds there was no difficulty whatever, the bolt operating easily, but as the rifle became hot it was increasingly difficult to raise the bolt handle to start the fired case out of the chamber. Great effort was required to start the bolt open. After fifty rounds had been fired (in perhaps five to seven minutes) bolt lift became so difficult that no more than two or three shots per minute could be fired. After seventy five rounds or so it was almost impossible to get the bolt open, the operator became rather tired, and rapidity and efficiency of fire fell almost to zero. This is one of the ways in which a good semi-automatic breech action excels all other types. The soldier practically never experiences any extraction difficulties, and is not exhausted by his efforts to function his rifle semi or automatic rifle.

MegLondonTowerCheadle 173

Once the heat expansion prevented the Martini-Henry from extracting the only advantage a British soldier had was his training and a pair of boots.

The Martini-Henry action of Zulu war fame was known for poor extraction and jamming when hot, so when the Lee- Enfield Rifle was introduced they insured this phenomena was never repeated and so designed the best bolt action battle rifle ever, that could fire continuously until it ran out of ammunition. The Military Mauser action rifle would perform better than the sporting model as the chamber dimensions were made larger that the sporting requirements.
Considerable trouble was also experienced with primary extraction in the .303 Ross straight pull rifle with which Canadian troops were first armed in World War I. To correct this, the chambers of many of these rifles were enlarged by running an oversized reamer into the chamber. This particular straight pull action simply did not have sufficient power to insert or extract in the presence of dirt, sand, or when firing rapidly for prolonged periods, and for this reason, and also because it was found desirable to have all troops of the British Commonwealth armed with the same rifle for reasons of supply and maintenance, the Ross rifle was abandoned.
Similar difficulties, when continuously rapid fired would surely occur with all modern day lever or pump actions, except perhaps pump action shotguns, as they were all  used for military purposes and are relatively rare items in Australia due to John Howard’s crazy mis informed Gun Laws.
Next  Edition More On Extraction and Ejection.

The Norinco JW 105. in .223 Remington.


The Norinco JW 105. in .223 Remington.
This is the (Jain Way) JW Model 105, Sometimes called Norinco. These rifles are made in the same factory that manufactures the now famous JW 15 .22 rifle (the Brno Mod One Copy) if you have had a JW15 or know of anyone who had one, you will know that they shoot sometimes better than the rifle they imitated. These JW105 s are in .223 Remington calibre and have a five shot detachable magazine. They also come with Weaver style mount bases and Quick Detachable studs for QD sling swivels  If you look carefully at the close up photograph you will notice a shiny silver colour, at the breech face,the camera has picked up the chrome plating from inside the chamber. The Chinese are the only non-military manufactures that can afford the chrome process of plating the Barrels and Chambers. They have also chromed the forward section of the Bolt. Chrome plating gives the best protection against erosion and corrosion than anything else besides regular cleaning. The JW 105 is a copy of the Geveram  and Krico that were very popular in the 1950s and 1960s, they were very good quality but I believe that Gevarm had to stop making them as the were too expensive to produce.
These are the best value .223 Remington centre-fire, repeating rifle on the market.

Brand New $460.

A Free External Ballistics Calculator for all Components not Brand Specific.

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The Brno 22

The CZ 452 actions are manufactured from steel billets not tubing or pipe, the barrels are hammer forged for accuracy and long life. The action has a dual opposing locking lugs and a 3/8s Dovetail for scope rings. The trigger is adjustable for weight, and the safety is located above the rear of the bolt and provides a positive firing pin block. These have 10 round magazines fitted and five round magazines are an optional extra on this line of rimfire rifles.These Rimfire rifles produced by Ceska Zbrojovka Uhersky Brod are among the most sought-after firearms in the world.


The CZ 452 features attractive wood stocks without checkering, hammer forged barrel with tangent iron sights and simple adjustable trigger.
The Famous BRNO 22.


Understanding Reloading Ammunition

Problems with  Primers Seated to Tight.
Another problem that does not occur often but is handy to be always aware of, is if primers are seated too tight against the bottom of the primer pocket, the anvil is then forced too deeply into the primer cup. Maybe the cup is even collapsed to some degree and the priming pellet is fractured or crushed between the anvil and the cup, the latter being supported solidly by the priming punch. This slight compression, without actually igniting the pellet creates fractures  between anvil and cup actually increases sensitivity. Not uniform sensitivity. Erratic sensitivity. If the pellet is fractured or crumbled, ignition can be erratic at best, and at worst complete misfires or hangfires will be produced.
One must make certain that the primer is not seated too hard. Generally speaking, if seating pressure is heavy enough to deform or mark the primer cup in any way, you run the risk of damaging the primer pellet. Again, if maximum accuracy and uniformity is your goal, develop the proper hand feel for this job. I suggest to use a Lee Auto Primer Tool.
Some smartie will want to ask, “How can the manufacturers do it uniformly? We know they don’t have time to seat primers by hand.” And its  good question. The factories use highspeed automatic priming machines which regulate the depth to which the primer is seated from the face of the case head. All this means is that primers are seated to a uniform distance below the case head. And, of course, I just said that you shouldn’t do that in handloading. That’ right as handloaders will not use new or uniform empty brass all the time. Sometimes they will be made by different manufactures, sometimes some will have been reloaded 21 times and others in the same batch 41 times. It happens even to the most careful. Automatic machines need and rely on consistency of material. Handloader have to rely on feel.

I always presumed that these space rockets would enlarge the primer pocket holes but after ten reloads and re-firing they were still tight enough for another reload. Batch control when pushing limits, to learn more, is very important.

I always presumed that these space rockets would enlarge the primer pocket holes but after ten reloads and re-firing they were still tight enough for another reload. Batch control when pushing limits, to learn more, is very important.

If you were always loading fresh, new, unfired cases, and were making the primers to match those cases, you could get by quite well by seating primers like that. When working with new cases, primers fit quite tight in the pocket and are squeezed in a bit at the bottom, so grip the anvil tightly. In this condition, the anvil does offer sufficient support for acceptably uniform ignition even if not against the pocket floor. However, for two reasons, each subsequent time you re prime that same case, the primer pocket is slightly larger in diameter and thus a looser fit on the primer. Look first inside a freshly decapped once fired case and note the scratches and scrapings caused by the sharp edged mouth of the primer cup. Most likely you’ll see a thin ridge of brass scraped up into a ring at the point where the primer cup mouth came to rest. This is repeated every time you re prime that same case , even through the brass cup is soft, it does have sharp edges, and they will gouge the brass of the case. Second, some increase in primer pocket size is produced by the pressures developed  within the primer cup during firing. Even full charge Magnum pistol loads develop pressures high enough to enlarge primer pockets over several firings. In some high intensity rifle cartridges, especially with hand loads that go over the advised limit, a primer pocket may be enlarged to the point of uselessness in only three or four firings.

Testing Testing.
Quite likely you can’t measure the initial amount of pocket diameter increase with the best inside micrometer at your disposal. However, you probably can measure the increase after as little as four or five full charge firings of a load in the 50,000 psi bracket.
If your tools won’t allow you to measure this increase, then try this simple test: Take a single new case and components and tools to the range; load and fire this one case with a full charge load at least eight or ten times; after each decapping, pay very particular attention to the amount of effort required to seat a fresh primer correctly. Invariably, if they are hot loads you will find that after the second or third firing, it becomes progressively easier to seat a fresh primer. Once we have proved to you that it happens remember the remedy. Due to this natural progressive growth in primer pocket diameter, with normal loads the anvil should seat on the bottom of the pocket in order to resist properly the firing pin blow in a uniform manner.
If you keep testing and reloading the case with hot loads, amount of times will depend on the internal gas pressure and quality of the surrounding brass,  you will reach the point where hardly any pressure at all will be needed to seat the primer you can even do it with your thumb.
Well before the pocket becomes that loose, a potentially dangerous condition is reached. When the primer is not quite snug in the pocket, gas will begin to leak out around the cup. A slight smudge of soot or powder fouling on the case head is the danger signal. When gas begins to leak around a primer (remember, it may be at over 50,000 psi) it acts on both the case and the cup just like a thin trickle of water starting over an earth dam. That high speed gas jet can in a mere millisecond melt or erode away a passage that becomes progressively larger and allows a substantial burst of gas to rush violently back into the bolt through the firing pin hole and on back into the face and eyes. In some of the more modern guns with completely shrouded bolts and firing pins or closed receivers, no harm will be done but where an open passage exists, that gas can come directly on back into your shooting eye. (More than a few careless handloaders and shooters have lost the sight of an eye in just that fashion. They were careless in two ways—first in permitting the gas to escape at all; and second, not wearing shock resistant, shatterproof shooting glasses.

P14 Bolt FaceTINYest

If you inspect a centrefire rifles bolt face which has had a fair few shots through it you will notice deep pitting around the firing pin hole at a circumference which closely follows the size of the primer this deep pitting in the quality steel bolt face is caused by the hot gases leaking from around the primer pocket and the primer. Burning the steel as does an oxy-acetylene gas cutting tool. Remember that is what you have eight inches or less from your eye to the firing pin hole.
For over twenty years now, I have not fired a single shot without first donning proper protective glasses. I still can remember my last trip to the eye doctor fear, is a great teacher. Several times during these years, the shooting glasses have been marked up by jets of gas and molten brass which would certainly have seriously impaired, if not destroyed  my shooting eye at least sent me back to the torture chamber. Where the doctor straps you head into a machine and says this won’t hurt me as much it will hurt you, and starts prodding around in your eye ball with two needles, he tells you that they are only small but by the time they get within a quarter of an inch from your eyeball they are like the size of a Zulu’s Assagai (spear).  Don’t ever fall for that old cliche, “It won’t happen to me.” If you shoot long enough, eventually it will happen to you for one reason or another. Never, repeat, never shoot without protective glasses.
Next Edition More on Primers.

Lee  Breech Lock Challenger Reloading Kit


Includes Sold Cast ‘O’ Frame Press, Scales, Powder Measure, Case Trimmers, Case Lube, Auto Primer and Powder Funnel.
The Breech Lock Challenger Kit, A Reloading Kit Gift at $199.
An Extra benefit includes a Lee Auto Primer all for

$199. plus freight.

Thoughts for the week

Well besides the hoo ha about the policeman who shot himself in the thigh whist holstering his pistol last week. Which I suppose did expose a few myths built by media at government instigation that the police were the paradigm of firearm safety and so correctly chosen to supervise civilian shooting ranges when the truth is in the reverse of that myth. Of course, over the last half a century as George Orwell of 1984 fame predicted the media power over public thought process has turned into a world industry. Mis information is the chains that they bind the slaves with, in the 21st Century. All we an do is light a small candle to expose the small cracks in the suit of armour of the international media. It is appropriate to discuss this as shooters all over the world have been one of the most subjected to this ‘Newspeak’ lies. It has been refined and now affects everyone of this planet. In fact, it could be the most powerful method of change in today’s world, unfortunately it is built on lies and at best half truths. “What is Truth” asked Pontius Pilate, a good question, relative to the difference in everyone’s perception of the truth, but these days the media turn black into white and night into day and parliaments believe they have the power to change truth itself.

The CentaSMALLTiniestr

Another Government Betrayal

The second lie for the week is Captain Anna Bligh’s (Queenslands Premier) seeking the glory for the hunt for the Australian Hospital Ship Centaur supposedly to give closure to the relatives of the crew. A lie because either way, if they find it or they don’t, the Australian Governments will never allow the seventy year lie that caused the sinking and created the grief to be exposed. As last time they thought it was found, which we are told was a con trick they banned anyone form looking at it, called it a war grave and made it untouchable. All the relatives will be told is that this is location, a few seconds televison clips on the six o clock news with reefs and flowers over the side. ‘Truth’ will remain buried in the Australian archives and if the Centaur is not in deep water the Government will tow it out into the deepest chasm they can find. The question of why the Australian High Command sent a ship carrying Guns Ammunition and Soldiers, without a convoy, without an escort of an armed ship, without air cover, only on the flimsy protection of a Hospital ship markings, into waters infested with Japanese Submarines will never be answered. The relatives will never know why the ship was placed in harms way, why those nurses, sailors and soldiers were sent to their deaths. In the research for my next book, ‘The Owen Gun Betrayal’ I have discovered a great deal of information that raises more questions concerning the cargo of Owen Guns aboard the ‘Centaur’ which is related in a series of articles that I placed on the web page some months ago on www owenguns.com
They say that the first casualty of war is the truth but that should not mean that the ordinary citizen has to swim with weights on their feet up to the armpits in a sea of lies.
I was out to dinner last night, a rare occasion, and good intelligent people that I cared about, all had differing opinions on Global warming, Pollution, Climate and all agreed that ultimately we would be the ones paying for what they were going to do to us. All smelled the great dead rat under the table of Copenhagen.


Returning home after dinner I watched with amusement the pale black faces of the I PCC, pale because they were scurrying in and out of the buildings in Copenhagan during the worst blizzard in Europe in 80 years, they don’t normally have 8 inches of snow before Christmas. Global Cooling is catching up with them. Science is not a belief system but the media have turned the key in the door and if you utter a word of criticism pertaining to the ‘Holy Word’ of Al Gore you are marked down to be ostracised and considered an ostrich because you thought for yourself.
I can remember, as a child at school in Manchester UK breathing in deeply with Mums clean white handkerchief at my lips, to see how it made a yellow stain on the handkerchief. In the 1950s we thought that was funny. Of course it does not happen there any more. Contrary to media belief the pollution in Western world is not as bad as it was 60 years ago. Yet if we listen to talking puppets on the telly  the last 60 years have created the problem. On that basis we should maybe produce more carbon dioxide and it will reverse Global warming, its all nonsense. One volcano could poor more out in a month than the worlds population in a life time.

Delegates at the Global Warming Conferance in Copanhagan, make a snowman each whilst spending your tax dollars.

Delegates at the Global Warming Conferance in Copanhagan, make a snowman each whilst spending your tax dollars.

If the Ice melts the sea levels would go down as the volume be low sea level would be smaller.If we compare pollution in Australia with, pollution in China and India we in Australia do not rate. Asia is worse than the UK was in the 1950s it has pollution so bad no one can see a blue sky at any time. Of course the corruption of there governments would never admit how bad it is in the same way they never really tell the truth concerning population figures. They never like to admit that they may kill many of there own citizens without trial, ship tens of thousands into labour camps whereabouts unknown to the relatives, but that they cannot stop their citizens from spitting on the pavement or having babies and certainly could not stop them from cooking and heating with coal. They may have tighter restrictions than the USA but would have no intention of policing them, except for a show trial when the media were watching. They have plenty of people if millions die from pollution they do not care, its just politics and corruption. When they receive your Carbon Credits it will only disappear into corrupt economies enabling them to compete easier and wipe out all remaining industry in the Western World. Has anyone yet given an example of money extorted from the taxpayers ever being put to good use by any government in any context. International, National, State, and Local Government all consists of forming the word ‘Crime’ as they Punish us all with every move they make, George Washington used words like, “Government is not benevolence is it is raw power and must be bound down by the chains of the Constitution”. These days, anyone who can control the media controls the Government and the minds of the people, they are bound by nothing except the size of their own boundless greed. They can tear up the Constitutions, a countries sovereignty means nothing, the media can make you ashamed of being born Australian, of being from a specific race, a specific religion, you have to apologies for having the good fortune of being able to feed your family. Now they want to enslave us to create world socialism and make us feel like ‘oddballs’ if we don’t believe there bull. I would like to wish all our customers and subscribers a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, but on looking at the world today I do not wish for Peace and Joy for All Mankind and if Santa Claus wants to miss out on a few Continents, Religious Zealots, Climate Changers, Political Thieves, Media Liars and a Partridge in a pair tree, he can, and I will still believe that he a great concept. Giving is great, as long as it is deserved and not stolen first, from the poor taxpayer.

Lord Monckton reports  on Pachauri’s ‘eye opening’ Copenhagen presentation is worth looking at on:- http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/12/17/lord-monckton-reports-on-pachauris-eye-opening-copenhagen-presentation/


Remington Pump Action Police Model 7515 in .233 rem with detachable magazine.


Any Inquiries on any products phone 07 54824099  or  07 54825070 or email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au

152 Full Colour pages, photographs, specifications and details of all types of Infantry Firearms and Ammunition.
This is your Christmas present don’t miss out.
Email : OwenGuns@spiderweb.com.au and it will be sent to you in .pdf format free of charge.


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