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Owen Guns Bulletin Edition 71 September 2012

Blog September 8, 2012

Owen Guns Gympie
Welcome to the Seventy First Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin. Yes thats 71.
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Firearm Legislation Review Queensland, Police Fight With Lies.
(I might not get a Christmas Card from the Queensland Police this year, but they have made these statements in public so in public they have to be answered. Come to think of it, I have not been on their Christmas Card list for 25 years or more)


Police Fight to Save Administration Jobs, With Lies.

In past Centuries tools were used by tyrants to suppress the people, swords, Guns, Bows, and the Lance, but all it takes in the 21st Century is ‘Words’. Well not all words but to be more specific ‘Lies’. Within one week we have had two lies, used to mislead the politician’s and the general public first one on August 27, 2012 by Queensland Police Union President Ian Leavers, stating,  “Statistically, since 2000, police are just as likely to be killed by licensed firearm owners,” to the Brisbane Times. Then to the Courier Mail on the 28th he slandered every lawful firearm owner in Queensland again, “Since 2000, half the police gunned down in the line of duty were killed by licensed firearms owners.” Repeated again, “However, Mr Leavers said Queenslanders were just as likely to get shot by a legal firearm user, which was the case for Norm Watt and Perry Irwin – two officers fatally shot since 2000.” PRMEDITATED He had been challenged on his information on the 27th and this later report on the 28th in the Courier Mail was his premeditated reply. While we cannot locate information on a, trial or coroners report to confirm the Licence status of the shooter of Norman J. Watt in the year 2000. We can state that in the inquest into the deaths of PERRY James IRWIN by DAMIEN LAWRENCE COATES Coroner’s Court FILE NO(s): COR 721/04(2) DELIVERED ON: 07 October 2005,by Mr Michael Barnes, the State Coroner states, Page 15 “Mr Coates was not licensed to use a firearm”.

Just in case, Mr Leavers had wanted to use it as an excuse, that he had quoted the wrong Policeman’s name, I found another corners inquest into the deaths of Constable Brett Andrew IRWIN by Craig Anthony SEMYRAHA Coroner’s Court FILE NO(s): COR 3311/07(4) and COR 3338/07(0) DELIVERED ON: 06 October 2009 by Mr Michael Barnes, It is quite clear from that report that SEMYRAHA did not have a Firearms Licence either.

So ‘Watt’ in the year 200 could be a “Maybe” and two definitely have not had licences, Constable Damian Leeding was shot June 1, 2011, at the Gold Coast but no one has been found guilty yet of that deed so no one can ascertain if they had a licence or not.

Lying Is An Unfortunate Habit.

On April 18, 2012 Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers said “the service had seen a rise in gun crime over the past two years, particularly with criminals arming themselves with handguns.” “Gun crime, in general, has been on the increase in Queensland,” he said. Before making a statement like that person who was representing other people and supposedly speaking on behalf of public safety should have consulted his own departments latest figures; Queensland Police Annual Statistical Review 2010 –11 states Weapons Act Offences

“The rate of weapons act offences decreased by 3% from 76 offences per 100,000 persons in 2009/10 to 74 offences per 100,000 persons in 2010/11.”

PROFIT, At Our Expense. So why would this powerful Police union boss, say such things? Well more money for his members, more staff working under them gets them a bigger pay scale, a seat on the new Firearm Consultative committee could lift his profile into preselection into a State Labour safe seat in parliament? It is amazing what profit can be gained from a lie at our expense. Yes, due to that lie the Police Minister rewarded him by appointing him to the committee. Was it all to cover the fact that only 3 Policemen were murdered in the 15 years, prior to the registration of firearms legislation, and 4 Policemen in 15 years after the introduction of the legislation? No, more than likely it will be because of money. Why would the Police Minister put someone on the Firearm Consultative Committee with a reputation for lying like this. Maybe, he does not know that the Police Union rep is just trying To Protect, “Salaries”

NEW Police Commissioner For the State’s Largest Criminal Organisation. (30 Years of Constant Crime Commissions Have Never Suppressed its Operations.)

Then to finish the week off we have our new incoming Police Commissioner Ian Stewart who joins a rogues gallery of Commissioners Terry Lewis, Jim O Sullivan, Bob Atkinson, to lead an organisation that has been under investigation by a specific Crime Commission for 25 years. He made these comments to the ABC News ‘Gold Coast’ 4th September.

“We see it every second day where a house is broken into and a firearm is stolen.”

This again is nonsense, another lie with a political objective, self importance, more jobs for the boys at the expense of the licensed shooters. He gives the impression that every second house is broken into and a firearm is stolen.

Queensland Police Annual Statistical Review 2010 –11, “Unlawful Entry which is house breaking 43,024 offences were reported to police in 2010/11.”

Well, if the new Police Commissioner is giving a truthful impression we should be looking for over 20,000 stolen firearms, but the last Police Commissioner Mr Atkinson stated in the Courier Mail April 20, 2012,

“500 firearms had been stolen last year.”

A great difference and Mr Atkinson figures seem a little more realistic when compared with the figures quoted in the Annual Statistical Review 2010 –11 as it records, “Unlawful possession of a Firearm as ‘125′ 2009-2019, and a decrease to ‘117′ for 2010.”

This information was only released in June 2012 so it would be difficult to imagine that we were suffering from a massive increase of stolen firearms, since then.

Sir Terry Lewis, Police Protection.
Sir Terry Lewis, Police Protection.

Do They Care, If Homes  Are Broken Into? What would be more difficult to imagine, is if the Queensland Police knew or cared that a firearm was stolen, as when a break in reported the response from the police is very hum drum, lucky if they bother to come out and look, well its even more paper work. How many convictions occur from the 43,024 offences reported 96 ??? Even at that figure it does not explain if it is 96 different people, or 8 people with 10 offences each and 1 person with 6 offences, again we are left guessing.

Would We Be Better Off Without Police ?

With figures like this we have to wonder, would we be better off without Police at all. It would be cheaper. We could get more insurance and leave it to the insurance companies to catch people and take them to court. We have to look after our own security anyway. Now politicians are even legislating to order citizens to fit bars and steel doors and alarms which are further admissions that they cannot organise a Police Force to protect our lives and property.

We all have to ask, where has the registration of 600,000 firearms, saved a life, or solved a crime? Australian Institute of Criminology 2012, reports, ” Firearms were used in 13 percent of homicides”.So why all the big fuss and expense about licenced firearms are they really going to register all the other tools? ?? So is it  POWER, CONTROL, or MONEY?    Ron Owen. PLEASE CONTACT BY LETTER, BY EMAIL AND BY PHONE YOUR LOCAL STATE POLITICAN, OR POLICE MINISTER, OR IF YOU ARE INTER STATE, PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO ANOTHER SHOOTER IN QUEENSLAND AND TELL THEM ALL ABOUT  POLICE LIES AND THE BREAK DOWN OF QUEENSLANDS LICENCE AND REGISTRATION SYSTEM . ASK, The POLICE MINISTER  JACK DEMPSEY, “where has the registration of 600,000 firearms, saved a life, or solved a crime?”  jack.dempsey@ministerial.qld.gov.au

WHAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED QUICKLY. The Alteration,  ‘Permit To Aquire’ Applications Issued by Dealer Instead of Police Administration Staff. When the Licensed shooter wishes to purchase a long arm he selects one at the licensed Firearm Dealer, provides his license (and the money) the Dealer checks the photo, checks that it is current, (as he has to do now) checks his current address from his driving licence or other ID. He writes out a Permit to Acquire which has a triplicate copy. One for the customer, to prove he was the registered owner. One for the QPS one for the Dealers records. (As he does now already) The Dealer fills in the Licensed shooter details into the register along side the details of the firearm. (As he has to do now) The Dealer, within 14 days post the copy of the PTA signed by the licenced shooter and the dealer to QPS (as he has to do now). The QPS update the electronic register (as they have to do now). Quick easy, done on the spot, The only alteration to the legislation required is that the Dealer provides the Permit to Acquire after he ascertains that 1. the licence is bonafide and 2. the firearm is in the Category that the licence states they are licensed for. (As he has to do now)

This same procedure can be completed by a dealer for a brokerage to transact a firearm between two licensed shooters. The Dealer is made responsible under the current act for carrying out these duties with repairs, and records the transaction with a form 10 to QPS and when selling to other licensed Firearm Dealers within Australia and within 14 days those form 10s are sent to QPS and the dealer register registers the transaction. So in effect all the legislation for carrying out this alteration is already in place it is just a legislative change of procedure. That retains registration and free’s up the police staff to carry out much more important procedures. Ron Owen.


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ARE YOU WAITING ?? For your Licence,  Permit To Acquire. The Queensland Police Minister Mr Jack Dempsey wants to hear about our regular delays with Weapons Licencing Branch. If you do not have one yourself and you know other that are still waiting.  Please give them this email address jack.dempsey@ministerial.qld.gov.au and suggest to them that they follow the format below to express their problem to the Minister of Police. Police Minister would like information from Firearm Owners about difficulties and delays they are having with WLB for PTAs, licence renewals and licence applications etc. A suggested format for your information to the Minister can be as simple as follows: Receipt number Where submitted Date submitted PTA, New licence, or licence renewal? Other problems Name Address Comments

Fill in the information and send the email to: jack.dempsey@ministerial.qld.gov.au

This is not limited to applications now in the pipe line which have not been received, but to all delays since the middle of 2010. The Minister will then see that this is not a minor aberration over the last couple of months, but an endemic problem with the system. So here is a chance to make a difference. Tell your friends, tell everyone who has firearms, put it on facebook, and please please put your gripes on paper or email. Use the suggested format above if you wish, or any other format you choose. Get it off to the Minister immediately. They have to know what we are experiencing. Your input is essential Ron.

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