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Owen Guns Bulletin Edition 85 November 2013

Blog October 27, 2013

Owen Guns Gympie
Welcome to the Eighty Fifth Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.
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Yet Again its that time of the year. Already. The Staff of Owen Guns would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our Customers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2014. It is unbelievable, writing 2014 for the first time but its on the way. Please Travel Safe and Happy Hunting.

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I feel like  Rip Van Winkle, I must have been asleep for years, recently woke up to some horrifying facts. It seems I have woken and it was not a nightmare, as the nightmare is to-day’s reality? There must has been a revolution, a usurpation, and no one told me. I used to believe we lived in a free country, under the protection of our Crown and Constitutional contracts all based on the overriding principle of freedom. A concept that our forefathers had fought and died for and carved in stone a 1000 ago in Magna Carta and 350 years ago in the Bill of Rights, the foundation documents of our own State and Commonwealth Constitutions. These documents contract the duties of the Crown and parliament and the people. The first three words of our Commonwealth Constitution says it all “WHEREAS the people“. That’s us we are the ones that vote for our representatives and they are supposed to carry out our instructions in governing ‘the people.’ Not controlling and enslaving us, or allowing others to do that.

We used to have a right to vote for our legislators, we used to have a the right to defend ourselves, the right to own property that we wanted, we used to have the right to free travel throughout the realm, we used to have the right to free assemble, we used to have the right for trial by a jury of our peers, the right to be judged individually and never have to fear being criminalized by proclamation. As in past times where tyrants proclaim groups of people such as Jews, Quakers, Chartists, Communists, Catholics and turn them without trial into outlaws, to be hunted and imprisoned.
Police 3y

When was this revolution? The first awakening for me was during the 1990 when a large section of the community who were law abiding model citizens were proclaimed guilty of a crime, those who owned and used firearms, were duly fined. Licence fees and ownership fees, they imprisoned anyone who would not comply for the simple crime of owning property, or wanting to defend themselves. Then they proclaimed species of dogs all to be dangerous deserving extermination and jail sentences, or huge fines for hiding them. The latest is the proclamations that criminalize people who ride motorcycles, or who are members of Associations. As usual only the innocent will suffer and any criminal elements will either go underground or get protection from the Police.

Who Are Our New Dictators ? The Police.

We don’t vote for them, but they write the legislation, and in Queensland they even chose their own Police Minister, an ex policeman. They present the legislation as a ‘fait accompli’ they bully there minions, our representatives (the ones we vote for) to get legislation passed, if need be in an overnight session. If the politicians are slightly unwilling they will resort to their “dirt bag” and if they do not have a sin to expose they will soon orchestrate one.

The Police are like Hydra the multi headed monster from Greek mythology, one head controls our legislators, one head has instant media power, (on the false basis of public safety) another  head uses the public purse to pursue all opposition and yet another head controls the Police Courts to impose their wrath. They employ 15,000 soldiers, police /staff to carry out their dictates. We pay for our own jailors at about $500 for each Queenslander. Criticize them and each head of power will be used to destroy you. Using the public purse, they can put you before the Courts break you financially, even when they know that they have no chance of getting an eventual conviction. This is just one method of destroying all, opposition other methods include spying, recording and manufacturing information to either cause embarrassment, or mount persecutions against any of its opponent. These methods are used to particular good effect to even discipline and control its own police officers.
We have slept while the most dangerous power in our land has taken control, now these Police decision makers pay no price for being wrong, or unfair. They are not elected they will hold that power until they die. Like all Tyrants knowing that if anything replaced them they would be denounced and at best imprisoned and at worst disposed of.
Police 1

I have always held Sir Robert Peel in high respect but his unintentional mistake of forming Police forces have set a class of people above us, who have turned into modern day tyrants.   The original Peelian principles describe the philosophy that Robert Peel developed to define an ethical police force. The principles traditionally ascribed to Peel state that:

1.Every police officer should be issued an identification number, to assure accountability for his actions.
2.Whether the police are effective is not measured on the number of arrests, but on the lack of crime.
3.Above all else, an effective authority figure knows trust and accountability are paramount.
4. Sir Robert Peel’s most often quoted principle that, “The police are the public and the public are the police.” has disappeared. We have found that the public belief, that the Police are installed to protect the law abiding individual, or group has been totally replaced by the reality that the organisation called ‘Police’ is a self serving entity, entirely concerned with its own tyrannical grip on “Power”.  It controls legislation to ensure that it does not lose power, it does not lose budget, it does not lose numbers and its ability to raise funds by hunting the law abiding is not infringed. It has removed itself from any duty in protection of the public.

The idea that the police will investigate and convict individual wrong doers for murder, robbery, the drug industry has been replaced by totalitarian force whose only concern is controlling the general public and feeding money and power from like a parasitical tape worm.

In my last newsletter I called this problem, ‘The Tail Wagging The Dog.” However, after not receiving any answers from the Police Minister concerning numberswiki.com

the fact that the QPS decides  to implement, or ignore at its whim Section 35 (1) ( c) of the Weapons Act 1990. In addition the Police Minister lying to protect the usurped power of the Police, plus the further proclamations against other associations, at the insistence of the Queensland Police, it is now apparent that our Queensland Police are not just the Tail Wagging the Dog. The Queensland Police have in reality taken over our parliament and now have it to use at there discretion.

The evidence from the horse’s mouth itself (Queensland Police) who brag about there decision to chose to register 19000 firearms to licence shooters using Section 35 (1) ( c) of the Weapons Licencing without a Permit to Acquire, and then impose PTA’s on most other firearm transactions between shooters and dealers?  With the main reason being the $34. to pay into the QPS budget just like your speeding fines. There other reason is to deter the law abiding licensed shooter from expanding the amount of registered firearms on the Police register as they know they cannot cope with keeping a meaningful register. The convoluted forms, of un needed questions and prolonged waiting periods, sometimes extending up to 11 months is a further deterrent to the licensed shooter who should be able to freely dispose of his property, to another licensed shooter.

This QPS imposition is not just an inconvenience, it very often affects licensed shooters livelihood from defending their crops from vermin and introduced species, or defending their children from wild dog attacks.

Probably, the main reason for its imposition is that it generates so much paperwork, computer time, and phone calls, it is a real Empire builder for the Queensland Police. More than likely it generated over 60 % of all work in Weapons Licencing section. If we can in truth call it work, as harassment would be a better word for it. Its only success, is in employing more staff, the Police Budget get bigger so the wages paid to supervisors, of that budget are pushed up to further pay scale heights. More staff, greater responsibility, so pay scales increase again exponentially We the patiently silent majority just keep paying more wages to our jailors.

One of their excuses is that they need the Permit to Acquire System so that the senior QPS officers can carry out more in depth probity checks needed to assess a licenced shooters need to possess a weapon. We would immediately respond by saying, well the applicant has to do that before his licence is issued to him, so why do it twice, or three times over? Especially when we have evidence that on occasions the Authorised Officer signs approving the PTAs for a Category ‘H’ handgun, on the basis that the fee has been paid, by a licence holder, then leaves the details of the handgun blank as they have mislaid the information leaving, the dealer to fill in the sections on Make, Model, Calibre, Serial Number, Magazine capacity, barrel length as the dealer  has to verify them anyway. No care, or responsibility to know if that make or model is needed, no care about the National Agreement, all they want is there money and the power to ‘mess us shooters around for months.

I will be reporting the Police Ministers indiscretions and failures to respond to the Prime Minister and the Opposition, but as we are now controlled by the Queensland Police, I cannot expect positive action. All we can do is to continue to report all problems with Weapons Licencing to your local Member of Parliament so that they become full aware who is running Queensland and hopefully some may wish to change that situation.

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rangeofficersmal phototiny1
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