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Owen Guns Bulletin Edition 89 February 2014

Blog February 23, 2014

Owen Guns Gympie
Welcome to the Eighty Ninth Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.
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Thoughts for the Week.
Reader of these bulletins will remember my comments concerning the revolution, or overthrow of our parliamentary system by the Queensland Police Service and their Union. Showing that the real power within our state, the power that writes the legislation imposed on us all is driven from the Police Power Base. As the Police hold the ‘skeleton cupboard’, on Ministers and MP’s playing these cards when needed, they the Police and not our elected representatives are our masters. Some may say this is a bridge to far to leap, but now we have confirming agreement from The Hon. Dr Peter PHELPS, MLC, Member of the Legislative Council, Government Whip in the Legislative Council of NSW Liberal Party, (Email   peter.phelps@parliament.nsw.gov.au )print

In a recent ‘tweet’ with Chris Howard (Shooters Union, Vice President) concerning the imposition of registering all ammunition sales the New South Wales Ammunition Control Bill which was enacted last year by the NSW Liberal Party, producing another uncontrollable bureaucratic paperwork nightmare for every dealer and licenced shooter in the state. Made into law even when every truthful MP admitted it was evident  that the stated purpose of the Act to ‘reduced criminal activity’, could not be served by this Act. They all knew that Criminals would not be inconvenienced by this act, Criminals did not bother having shooters licences anyway, so could not buy from licensed Dealer. So Chris Howard asked the MP the Whip, responsible for ensuring the government had the numbers in the house to pass the legislation. WHY.

Chris Howard:
“if it’s anything like it is in Qld, Cops write the legislation.  Then gun grabbers rubberstamp it.”

Dr Phelps;
“which is exactly what happened in NSW. The NSW Police wanted it; and the NSW Police got it.”
Tweet Smaller
Later in the conversation there was this exchange:

Chris Howard;
“People think it’s politicians driving firearms policy.  It’s the Cops!  Politicians don’t dare cross the Coppers!”

Dr Phelps replied:
“I’m not saying it is good, I am simply stating an objective fact. It is a fact too many dreamy LAFO* activists forget.”
* Law Abiding Firearm Owners.
Tweet Small 2
So We Must Rectify This.

Before taking a course of action or debate, one should always check the moral foundation for those actions. As we are concerned with the freedom of the individual versus the tyranny of the state, I propose that the
1st, premise is that we are all free to do as we wish, as long as it does not prevent anyone else from doing what they wish.
2nd, premise would have to be that everyone is innocent until convicted by a Jury of 12 of their peers.
3rd, we would add that an individual has the natural right to retain (as does the bird when it takes the nut from the tree) the property that they work for and defend it, and defend his family, necessarily to that defence he has to defend himself.
As we have chosen not to live in isolation but to live in a community that necessitates that the above premises are formalised as rules, or law, we have to add another rule,
4th that the law applies to everyone equally.  Citizen, Politician, Soldier or Police.

This is why in English Law we all have the same rights as the King. They were selected by vote to lead in warfare and defend the community. The rights listed above were called the birthright, we are born with them, we inherit them from our fathers, some say ‘God Given Rights,’ but obviously as we by our consent en power our leaders, they do not have the power to remove our rights and over ride these birthrights.

Since man began living in communities the eternal battle has been the rights of the individual versus the State, that should governs only by the individuals consent.

How many of the above rights do you have left to you? None, Some?
The excuse for the removal of the above rights is the Communist, or another name for the same mechanism Socialism supposed to be milder but has the same result. They say that the State has all the rights and it alone can (if you pay for it) grant licences, or permit anything it choses. It moralises that the workers and earners pay for those that don’t, that the State owns everything and distributes the wealth and rights as they see fit.

How do they impose this tyranny?
They buy the votes with social welfare payments, who can oppose them when they promise to stop the dole, stop medicare. All thinking people know that buying votes is wrong, but because the two main parties, with the support of the banks, (who are free to impose the creation of debt and to tax interest on what costs them nothing), we earners producers, inventors, workers, engineers and the unemployed are all slaves to their system of controlling power.

Divide and Conquer.
We shooters are often our worst enemies, not just because when further impositions of legislation are proposed, that some shooters say ‘take the semi auto rifles but leave the pistol shooters alone’ or ‘leave the shotgunners and take pistols instead’. No, our worst adversary is the non thinking, well intentioned, shooter who suggests alternative impositions as a reasonable options. Then the Police enforce both options against us.
They all forget the initial principle that an individual is innocent until convicted by a jury of 12 of his peers and propose for example that all firearm owners to be licenced should have a drug test and if they pass they have a licence for a firearm, and if they fail, they are not a law abiding citizen and should not hold a licence. I am not a fan of drugs in anyway and agree people under the influence of drugs or alcohol should not be in control of a firearm.
But and it’s a big But, you should not punish ALL the innocent by imposing a test on them, the test is a fine or imposition it denies their rights and liberties. It does NOT give them the same equality of law, it selects a part of our community and it mistreats them and imposes conditions on the innocent. Instead of focussing on policing the wrong doer. In the same way that the licence and application fees and waiting periods and PTA fees and waiting periods do presently. If it defies the moral principles above it is always wrong and it will always be abhorrent to freedom.

The Police Do Not Want To Police Anymore, They Pronounce Us All Criminals And Control Us ALL, With Paperwork And Money.
The Association laws which were imposed on Licenced Shooters and Dealers in the Weapons Act of 1990 have now been generalised into the current Associations Laws that are currently being imposed on Motorcyclists and anyone else the Police proclaim. All this Legislation is abhorrent to the above principles. So to are the laws imposed on us, enforcing how much gap when we close the car windows, or how tight the chinstrap is on a safety helmet, these laws do not affect anyone else, so are also abhorrent to our principles of our rights (Laws) and responsibilities.

As if you chose the above historic path of individual freedom, with it comes individual responsibilities. Everyone is free to jump over a cliff, but you have the responsibility to try to persuade them not to. The State cannot steal your property to feed someone that has none, its your individual responsibility to assist your neighbours. Charity, Churches, Insurance is the domain of the private sector, not government paying for votes with your tax. You chose freedom or socialism (slavery) then work to make Freedom happen. You cannot have a cradle to the grave welfare state and freedom, they are opposing philosophies.
If you have a Welfare state it may say we don’t want alcohol, or drugs, or cigarettes and prohibit them, knowing full well like prostitution it will increase the criminal participation, increase crime and give them an even greater excuse to prohibit firearms. This in itself causes more crime which enables them to introduce greater prohibitions, greater control over the people, even though there is no equality as the government henchmen have plenty of guns and the right to use them, whereas we the individuals have had our rights removed and the availability of firearms to be able to use equal force from those who wish to take our lives, families and property.
When in the USA they removed the prohibition on alcohol, it removed the criminal involvement in that industry, it gave the people back their responsibility the freedom to drink themselves to death, or not. It gave the government less control over the individual. It seems the same formula exists in the other endeavours. So we have to chose. I have made my mind up on the side of freedom and do everything in my small power to those ends.

Action Now For the Next Election In Queensland.
In Queensland at the present time the political parties are gathering policies for the next election. If we chose to support individual freedom we have to write email or snail mail to our elected representatives at this time, or make an appointment to go and see them. Phone them up they have to know your out there and that you believe that you’re an individual with good character, who should not have these massive impositions in fees, waiting periods, prohibitions and loss of the right of defence as you are innocent of any wrong doing and you believe the government has only a right to persecute the guilty not the innocent. Do not swear at them or they will disbelieve your good character. So chose your local members email address from the link here http://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/members/current/list       (click on contact box to the right of the name)  and write something like this. Send it to all of them if you feel strongly enough about this.

Dear Sir or Madam

Prior to the last state election the Nat/Libs government promised that they would remove 20% of the bureaucratic (red tape) impositions on the people of Queensland. I am a firearm owner, (or want to be a firearm owner) I sometimes have to wait for 13 months to get a licence I pay hundreds of dollars for it and pay $33. for every firearm I register and the paperwork again extends to many months before the firearm is registered to my name. Endless phone calls, with responses such as to just keep waiting.

I am not a criminal why treat the innocent firearm owner as criminals, I should not be treated as the guilty party, I have not been convicted by a jury of my peers, so these impositions on my freedom are abhorrent. They remove my rights to defend the lives of my family and myself. Remove my right to own property and to defend my property, and remove my freedom to engage in a lawful pursuit of hunting, or competition shooting.

I will not vote for any party or candidate who does not swear to remove these impositions. Of course the record of both main parties or keeping their promises to this regard have been a long list of fraudulence. When I vote for a new party or an independent you effectively lose two votes as it removes one from your vote and adds it too one of your opponents so you have to gain two other votes from another group to make up for the loss of me. I also have a wife and family and friends that agree with my stance so these votes are also magnified by two. So if your parties is in power it must act before the election to remove these impositions, or begin to vocally oppose all impositions on firearm owners of good character. The media informs me that there are over 300,000 licensed firearm owners with a 30% annual increase, please do not believe that these people are happy with the imposed restriction, they and there families and friends are not a minority to be ignored.

Firearm owners are the largest interest group in Australia, you have made them a group by licencing them and by imposing many fines, fees and inhibitions on them. Ignore us, and face the political wilderness that followed the Nationals after Borbridge and Cooper imposed the 1997 legislation.  We will vote per your actions leading up to this election, If you disagree with your parties policy on this issue, you could make this known and stand as an independent. This would insure the shooters votes.

Yours ……………………………….

Include your contact details or you won’t get an answer. Don’t expect an answer, as they have no answers but keep phoning and ask for one get your friend to send similar letters.

Ron Owen.

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When the women have to get protesting like this, civil authority has obviously little community standing, hopefully it never happens here in Australia.
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