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Owen Guns Bulletin Edition 90 March 2014

Blog March 30, 2014

Owen Guns Gympie
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Thoughts for the Week. Expectations.
“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” WILLIAM PITT, speech, Nov. 18, 1783
“As government regulations grow, slowly we become used to the harness. Habit is a powerful force, and we no longer feel as intensely, as we once would have [the] constriction of our liberties that would have been utterly intolerable a mere half century ago.” Judge Robert Bork
These days we expect the ‘harness’, we expect to be stopped on the way to work, at 8am in the morning we expect to be made to blow into a box, we expect the people who have never had drugs or alcohol in their life to be harassed and suffer physical detainment. We expect to be charged $35 to drive on the beach even when it’s a gazetted road and we already pay road registration, road rates, fuel tax, licence fees. We expect that the state will employ henchmen to hunt us, hiding in the bushes with speed cameras just to raise revenue. We expect our young people to be discriminated against not just having to submit to a driving test but to wait 12 months from application to relieving a driving licence. All supposed to be for the greater good so we comply. We comply like Pavlov’s dogs to the sound of the meal bell to impositions that our fathers would find intolerable and who fought, bled and died for freedoms that we have given away for a few more days of peace and quiet. ‘Let someone else fight for my freedom’, is the expectation of us all. Sometimes I wonder if everyone else has forgotten what the principles of freedom mean. I speak to people and ask them, ‘Haven’t you suffered enough, Yet?’ They still will not contact their local member of parliament and register complaints. Are they all to scared? The Police have the politicians of all parties trained like caged parrots, who have forgotten, or never been aware of the principles of freedom and will vote for anything, that they view the general public will accept. Politician’s  talk amongst themselves, whilst making impositions on us, as we are cattle, and say things like, ‘well, they (cattle) accept being stopped to blow into the bag, so they (cattle) will accept search without warrant, trial without jury, conviction without trial.’ So we shooters are convicted and are fined without trial, we pay our fine for a permit to own property, for every firearm we believe we own.
Victiim Disarmement Tiny
However, with firearm registration and firearm licences our property rights are barely existent, they hang from a fine thread. That thread can be broken by a security check, or a policemen finds that you have a firearm in your safe that is not on his list, he takes all your guns and then you have to prove that weapons licencing have made the mistake by not process your last purchase in their electronic register. Recently, I have written via my local member of parliament Mr David Gibson to the Police Minister attempting to understand their double interpretations and their dual way of dealing with Permits to Acquire as some Dealers have to use them at all times and favoured dealers only sometimes and during the amnesty (without any modification to the Weapons Act 1990 in section 35 Acquisition of Firearms 20,000 firearms were registered by Dealers to licence shooters without any PTAs. My initial letter to the Minister (via my local member of parliament) went like this,
Dear David
Could you please contact the Police Minister on my behalf and confirm if this is true of false as it affects all Queenslanders who have a shooter licence or may want one in the future. Late last year it was reported verbally to me that at the Ministers Panel meeting on reviewing and reducing (per your parties promise to remove 20%) the Weapons Act of 1990, that one of the dealers on the panel was given permission to ‘form 10′ firearm sales on the basis of ‘New for Old’, in the same calibre without the need for the customer to pay the $33. Application fee and make their application. That could be done on the spot, which is a huge benefit for the licence shooters of Townsville, and that specific dealer. This was supported by a report from members in attendance at a recent Dealers meeting in Brisbane where the Queensland Police in attendance when asked by a member of a collectors association if all dealers could do this, or would they have to travel to Townsville. They were told by the Queensland Police in attendance that all Dealers could now do this. We were very pleased to hear this as you know that since the 20,000 firearms registered to Queensland shooters during last years amnesty none of them required a Permit to Acquire, so if we lived in a logical society we could quickly understand that the PTA served no useful purpose at all. We just need confirmation that we can in the same way as these other Dealers who have been informed that they can now take in a firearm that is licenced to a shooter and sell him another of the same calibre. Could you please ascertain this as soon as possible, and let us know, as it will alleviate much paper work from your constituents and create less work for Weapons Licencing.
Yours   Ron Owen   Licensed Dealer.
Hi Ron
I trust that this assist you with the questions raised.  I have been advised: The Ministerial Weapons Advisory Panel has raised the issue of licence holders being able to swap a like-for-like firearm/weapon of the same type (e.g. Same category, action, calibre/cartridge) through a licensed Queensland firearms/weapons dealership without the need for a Permit to Acquire (PTA). Weapons Licensing (WL) is working with the Advisory panel to develop an interim solution whereby licensed Queensland dealers can submit and forward a Form 10 to WL advising of the acquisition of the old firearm/weapon and the disposal of the replacement firearm/weapon by either Fax or E-mail. The object of this policy is to maintain the status quo of the licence as the licensee has already provided genuine reason for the type of firearm/weapon they are acquiring in replacement of an older firearm. This policy is still being finalised. Once this policy is signed off and finalised, it will be circulated to all dealers with a commencement date and the process will be available for all licensed dealers in Queensland. It appears that you will be hearing from them in due course.
Regards Janell Cox Electorate Officer
My response was,
Dear David
Can we glean from their answer that there are no legislative prohibitions of this practice and that is why some Dealer have had the approval to transact firearms in this fashion.
1. Could you ask which is the specific legislation that prevent this from occurring at present?
Please, and then we might get some honesty in there response. They are lying by omission and thats pretty normal to a member of there bosses the general public but now they are lying to a member of parliament. Surely they know that you could pull a copy of the minutes of the MAP meeting. Two members present have stated that David Kelly was given the go ahead. No legislative changes occurred for dealer to register  firearms to licenced shooters during the amnesty nearly 20,000 of them so with this last answer where they say they are modifying Police policy and then say they cannot answer specifically which legislation is to be change I believe the whole lot concerning the PTAs is policy and they have no legislative basis at all.
David win some points and kick over their bucket of lies on PTAs.
2. If I sell firearms to licenced shooters without a PTA what section of the legislation are they going to charge me with?
Could you ask them specifically that question please? As if they quote something I might take a civil prosecution against other dealers. If they cannot well I will certainly inform the shooters of Queensland.
Ron Owen Firearm Dealer
There was a long delay after this question, then after a reminder

Hi Ron
I have been advised that the proposal is still being worked through and any necessary changes will be made at the time the proposal is finalised. Regards Janell Cox Electorate Officer Then after two more phone calls and threatening to sell a firearm without a PTA this arrived. Hi Ron Sorry for the delay in responding back to you. I have now been advised: The legislative basis for all firearms laws in Queensland comes from the Weapons Act, Weapons Regulations and Police Powers and Responsibilities Act. All licensed dealers should act in accordance with the law. Purchase of a weapon without a permit to acquire is an offence in Queensland, as stated in the Queensland Weapons Act 1990:
35.  Acquisition of Weapons (2)
If the weapon is acquired from a licensed dealer or the acquisition happens through a licensed dealer or police officer-
(a)   The acquirer must give the dealer or police officer a copy of the permit to acquire; and
(b)   The dealer must give to an authorised officer the copy of the permit to acquire and the information prescribed under a regulation within the time and in the way prescribed under the regulation. Maximum penalty – 20 penalty units or 6 months imprisonment.
I am also advised that assisting someone in the acquisition of a weapon without a PTA is an offence in Queensland and could put a dealer’s licence in jeopardy. I hope that this information answers your questions.
Regards Janell Cox  Electorate Officer
Of course this retaliation was expected. So now my response is,
Dear David Could you please ask the Police Minister,
1.  When we can expect charges to be laid against his friend from his footballing days Dave Kelly, at Halls Firearms and every Firearm Dealer in the State who registered firearms (Acquisition) during last years Firearm Amnesty as no modifications were taken to Section 35 of the Weapons Act to allow for this Acquisition of firearms without PTAs?
2. In addition as these Acquisitions were actively assisted by the Queensland Police Service and if its true that “assisting someone in the acquisition of a weapon without a PTA is an offence in Queensland” when can we expect to see charges laid against the Police Minister and the Police Commissioners and the Inspector in Charge of the Amnesty and their employee’s?
3. Recalling, that Omission in answering a direct question is the same as lying, and not just lying to me but lying to a Member of Parliament and the general public should have some severe ramifications for the proponent of the statement and as the answer above has supposedly come from the Police Minister Office he is ultimately responsible for the above omission and lie.
We can conclude that there will be no charges against  any of the above as 35 Acquisition of weapons
(1) A person may acquire a weapon only if—
(a) the person is a licensed dealer; or
(b) the person is the holder of a permit to acquire the weapon and acquires the weapon—
(i) from or through a licensed dealer; or
(ii) through a police officer in circumstances prescribed under a regulation; or
(c) the person acquires the weapon under other lawful authority, justification or excuse. Page 62 Current as at 8 April 2013 (the bold section is the sub section that they omitted)
As the person has a lawful authority, (even though in a free country a person should not need it) a current shooters licence in the correct category and the police officer, or the Licenced Dealer gives the Acquirer a copy of the Police Register the Form 10 document which the first copy is forwarded to Weapons licencing so they can make the changes to the Police electronic register. The Acquirer has the justification and having paid and waited months for a licence the excuse. So we still have the inequitable result of having some of the State Firearm Dealers allowed to transact firearms to their customers with no PTAs and be assisted and encouraged by the Minister of Police and the Queensland Police Service and other Dealers and what’s more thousands of customers who have to go through the long inconvenience of waiting and are fined the $33 for each application. Where is the equality, the Justice in that? Though we are now thoroughly trained to accept all impositions on our rights and freedoms it does not make this crime right. Power does not make a wrong to be right, only right is might. There is something powerful in someone turning a wrong into something good and morally right.
Ron Owen. Licenced Dealer.
Addendum. That is a question for all of us, as we all have to do our bit and work. If you decide to do nothing, you have not suffered enough yet. Remember all the licences and registration forms, money, (fines on the innocent) and information is all to control you and your friends, it has nothing to do with public safety or preventing or solving crime. Nor all the enforced security, as before registration of long arms, thieves and burglars never bothered stealing them they had no value on the black market, which was the same situation prior to the registration of pistols. As then they could be bought for shilling on the street market. Police have created this whole legislation ‘fining the innocent industry’. Are you going to wait until they are knocking on your door without a warrant? For your friends and those who follow you, please act now.
Ron Owen.

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