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Owen Guns Bulletin Gun Law Alert ,Oct 2015 Edition 110

Bulletin November 8, 2015

Owen Guns Gympie

Welcome to the One Hundred and Tenth Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.
Please READ and SEND a Declaration to Your Local MP.

Sorry, but it is time to Act Again.

Last Friday, 16th October 2015 at 3 pm I had a person to person interview with the Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss. I had previously invited him to a meeting of delegates from the Firearm Owners Association of Australia at the Owen Guns auditorium, a few weeks ago a date was set by is office staff for the 31st of October, but it had not been confirmed. Then last week I received a call from his staff informing me that meeting had been cancelled and only I had an opportunity for a meeting with him.
Discriminate against shootersTiny

After the usual greetings, I told him that law abiding firearm owners were insulted, by his governments statements, “That we should not discriminate against Muslims for the actions of a few”. When firearm owners are discriminated, fined, penalised, oppressed, property taken, when we are totally innocent. We are tired of being the ‘Scapegoats’ we are made to feel like their “Whipping Dogs’, when politicians have problem, they make excuses for the guilty and go out and Whip licensed firearm owners again. His government is again protecting the guilty and punishing the innocent. Currently, in answer to concerns of the COAG meeting, he has written to me and many of our members stating, “Strike a balance between the interests of licensed Gun Owners and the need of the broader community to live safely and securely”. In his letters in reply, he blames, the “Heightening threat environment.” yet instead of addressing the problem, his Government has committed to import thousands more threats. So law abiding firearm owners suffer for his governments decisions.

I reminded Warren that when we had first met in 1988 when he was standing for the National Party’s Blue Ribbon seat of Kingaroy, after Premier Jo Belke Petersen retired that two branches of the Firearm Owners Association, Kingaroy and Gympie supported two independent candidates against him and he and the National Party lost. That night, the Police Ministers Bill Gunn ‘Gun laws’ Bill was removed. I reminded him that after John Howard’s Gun Laws had decimated the National Party, (at that time the largest Political Party in Australia) the Nationals MPs could travel into parliament in a Mini Bus. He admitted that the National Party had never recovered, he said that his current party room echoed what I had been saying. He gave me a complement by saying that they had not put it so directly as I had, but they had hoped the recommendations due to be handed down in December would not cause them “Blood Letting” of seats. Then said, “We had hoped that the result would only mean a change of category, (Lever Actions into Category C) but what he had been reading in reports from COAG was that the Police Minister and Commissioners wanted far more restrictions.”

I responded by telling him that would cause lots of what he called “Blood Letting” of party seats as inadvertently, by forcing us all to get licences, forcing us to join clubs, forcing us to have everything registered, law abiding shooters who now understood the ‘oppression’ we were far better organised and more numerous. We discussed the figures of licenced shooters in his electorate 18,000 ,the 600,000 licensed shooters in Queensland that had been increasing at the rate of 16% annually and increasing on the Gold Coast at 32 %. Warren then claimed that he supported licenced shooters, that it was just the opposition was in the cities and with the Police Minister and Commissioners. I invited him again to come to a meeting and state that, come and tell the licensed shooters that you will support them. He would not answer, just answered with silence to that proposal. I suppose he could not face being asked, if that was so, why did he not support us when they took the semi autos, or when they took the hand guns.

I told him that the, excuse he had used in his letters of reply to our members, “To ensure that the Agreement remains current in light of technological advancements and changes to the firearm market”, was infuriating law abiding firearm owners who know that lever actions have been on the firearm market since 1866 and lever action shotguns since 1867.

Warren, produced the common platitudes, saying that he personally does not think that firearm legislation or the reduction of firearms will produce a safer community. I asked him why he had put the line in his response, “In order to produce sensible, practical changes” as when ever that line has been used over the last 18 years, what you consider sensible practical changes we feel it as “Oppression”. Over this time we have continually peacefully petitioned for redress in the most humblest of terms and our repeated petitions have always been answered by replicated increased impositions. The meeting was not long, I knew I was not going to win an ally, and he knew their was nothing he could say that would win my vote. He blamed the State Police Ministers and Commissioners but the Federal Minster for Justice and Federal Police and Customs have a say at that meeting, what’s more the Federal Government pays for it, and will pay for all the recommendations and changes. I left the meeting with an urgency, as he had given us forewarning of the result, that gives us time to respond to that result, which will give us more chance of opposing it before those recommendations are changed into State legislation.
Jo Ann Miller with enemies Tiney

Many people say we need an organisation like the NRA, they suppose that it will appear overnight with billions of dollars and fight the evil dragon. People suggest that all the clubs unite in one NRA type organisation that will be big enough to take on the evil Political parties that we have lined up against us. Besides, if that ever occurred that is leaders would be bribed off with full paying jobs, range grants, training grants, so that it could not lobby and could not be a political voice in Australia, the NRA s power is not in its size or in its budget of money, its main power source is its ‘active members’. Not, just the volunteer workers that help at the rifle ranges, the different factor is that American individuals are much more politically active, they fully understand that there annual financial contribution is not going to be the factor that keeps their firearm freedoms. They know it is the individual member who writes, emails, phones, visits, and physically attends campaign meetings and asks questions in public, as to the stand those candidates will make, to defend firearm freedoms. The Americans are militant, and we Australians are mice.
How do we turn our mice into militant campaigners? Well if I knew that one I might be able to retire from all of this, I have been campaigning on these issues since 1978. With electronic emails, facebook and the internet, it is a lot easier then publishing ‘Lock Stock and Barrel’ and letterboxing streets on foot.

Due to present circumstances it is time to lobby our State members to block any COAG fuelled legislation from increasing our burdens. The Queensland Parliament are a minority government a swing of one or two seats changes power. We need a simple message with our name on it that politely spells out the situation to the Police Minister and your local Member of Parliament.


I ………. ……… (full name, don’t bother about your address, they can look you up on the electoral role) a constituent on the Electoral Role of Queensland (or your State) hereby inform you that I will not vote for you, or any other candidates that receive pre selection from the political party that controls your vote in parliament, due to the oppression and impositions that they have placed on Law Abiding Licenced Firearm Owners, like myself and my family.

Signed ………………

Print your name

Ron Owen and DATE.

You can safely send that to every State Member in Queensland as even our Katter Party and independents are supporting the Labour Government. Please send a copy to your local member and a copy to our Police Minister Jo Ann Miller, as she is one of the worst offenders.

Email: Bundamba@parliament.qld.gov.au or Email: police@ministerial.qld.gov.au

Ministerial Office Postal Address

PO Box 15195


Phone: (07) 3035 8300 or let her know on facebook https://www.facebook.com/JoAnnMillerMP

All your other local members contact details can be found here.


If you want to give any reasons to remind them why you won’t vote for them,

A. Petition to Parliament Number 2339-14 against the impositions of Permits To Acquire, signed by 2272 voters was ignored.

B. The Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee, on Ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community. They met over an 18 month study and investigated over 400 submission, including submission from every State police force. In April 2015 it gave its findings in Commonwealth of Australia document ISBN 978-1-76010-187-9.

The findings by the majority of Senators was best finalised by their

Recommendation 5

“1.225 The majority of Senators attending the inquiry recommend State and territory governments investigate avenues to deregulate the firearm industry to ease the economic burden on governments, industry and legal firearm users.”

C. And in the

The Martin Place Siege Review concurs with the above sentiments as in its Recommendations Page IX it states.

6. The Commonwealth, States and Territories should simplify the regulation of the legal firearms market through an update of the technical elements of the National Firearms Agreement.

And also follow up on the heart of the original problem that we are being whipped for.

“Recommendations on Immigration

1. Immigration should review its internal connectivity and information sharing processes to improve the Department’s ability to verify the initial supporting information provided by visa applicants wishing to travel to Australia.

2. Immigration should better assess the possible risks posed by individuals at the pre-visa, post-visa and pre-citizenship stages.

3. Immigration should propose policy and legislative changes necessary to support decisions to grant or revoke an initial visa, subsequent visas and, citizenship.

All of the above have been ignored, what’s more if we do not change their minds we will cop another lot of horrendous legislation. Neither of the main parties are our friends but we must dominate and motivate the middle ground as at the moment they are so fast asleep, we don’t know that they breath.


There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom.
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