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Owen Guns Bulletin March Edition No 189, 2022

Blog April 3, 2022

Owen Guns Gympie
Welcome to the One Hundred and Eighty Ninth Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin. Owen Guns, is now in its Forty Eighth year in the firearm business.
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Thoughts for The Week.
What you do in your lifetime will echo down through eternity”,
Marcus Aurelius.

A few readers missed the points in my previous Bulletin and made comments such as, “Don’t you know its all a “Wag the Dog” scam to make the New World Order look good? (Wag the Dog is a reference to a Hollywood movie that shows Hollywood manufacturing a War in Albania to defend the ratings of a sex depraved Clinton type President).
Other’s said, Hunter Biden and the senile idiot Joe Biden was doing heaps of corrupt deals with the Ukraine government and President Zelensky would not help Trump to expose it.

Well, I know the Ukraine war is not a Hollywood scam. I personally know a retired Grenadier who married a Ukraine girl and his son was born in Ukraine, he is currently in Ukraine fighting there. I have also had reports from other retired British soldiers that are currently fighting for Ukraine on the spot.

The object of my articles are not to support any government, nor criticise Russians, I have quite a few customers and friends that are Russian born, but I must admit none of them support Putin. I like Russian literature and music. Some of their rifles are really good as well.
The major points of that article, (and this) one are.

1. Ukrainian President Zelensky did the right thing and increased his armed forces from 240,000 soldiers to millions, when he “called on all citizens who are ready to defend the country from Russian forces to come forward, saying, “they will issue weapons to everyone who wants them”. They then quickly ran out of stock.
That reinforces my belief that the 2 million licenced shooters in Australia should be organised and trained, as it was under the 1903 Defence Act up until John Howard removed those provisions which stood Australia well for almost a 100 years. Shooting clubs had supplied the armed forces with good rifle shots for two World Wars, Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam. Australia’s current armed citizens are our only real defence. Our Defence Force could not resist an invasion from Singapore. Armed citizens are un manageable for invaders. This is being proved everyday in the Ukraine.

2. We cannot rely on anyone else coming to assist us when the bully dictator decides to invade. Ukraine has shown us all, that this is the case even when the USA signed a treaty to defend Ukraine’s borders in 1991, for Ukraine’s destroying its large stock of nuclear weapons. Weapons that today would be a deterrent for Dictator Putin. Sanctions are a joke, and giving small amounts of Anti Tank and Anti Personal weapons since the invasion commenced are just a “feel good” response.
Note. they have not been given any long range strike weapons.

3. “But For God, Go We” as like Ukraine, Australia has huge natural resources and the capacity to feed the world, with a population half as many as Ukraine. We also have a neighbour building Naval and Military Bases on our borders who is looking to the example in Ukraine. Looking and realising that for all the treaties and promises, the USA has not put one life on the line for Ukraine and will not give, or sell them any Long Range weapons.

4. No Where to Run To. We also have to consider that, whereas in Ukraine, Mothers, Children and the Elderly can flee to friendly neighbouring countries, Australian non combatant civilians have no way out, no friendly borders. Even before a land invasion begins, all Air and Sea traffic would be destroyed, the only way out of Australia might be in a submarine, if we have any.

5.Fight or Die. Russia has little regard for Ukraine civilians, China would have much less regard for Australian civilians than the 10,000 civilian students it burnt to death in Tiananmen Square. China does not need people, it has billions of them. All Australians would be superfluous to requirements, we have nothing to offer them, we would be used as fertiliser in their fields. Like Taiwan, we do not know when China will come for us, but we have the same decision to make, Fight or Die. When that day arrives except for our firearms and the will to use them all our other possessions are valueless. Our only value is to expend our lives in an attempt to save our families. China would have less patience than Pol Pot did in the Cambodia killing fields, who murdered 2.5 million, and they were his own people, but like China he did not need them.

6. As Australia has no nuclear deterrent, no long range missiles, a navy with as much teeth as a Sugar Daddies yacht, Australia only chance is to convince China and the world that if we were invaded that every window would have a barrel pointing at them. One of the famous quotes of Mao Tse-tung is that “Power comes from the Barrel of a Gun” will not be ignored by China’s leadership. Irregular forces are disastrous for long term invasions, and invasions are disastrous to the country being invaded so why not train and militarise the firearm owners of Australia?

7. Irregulars can make the Difference. The majority of fighters in the Ukraine have had mostly just civilian firearms, (Semi Auto, rifles in Ukraine) and they’re holding off a superpower. So the major factor there is not what equipment they are holding, but the numbers of people who are prepared to use those firearms to defend their way of living and the survival of their nation. That shows it is possible for the Australian armed citizens, irregular forces to save the future of Australia’s people. It comes down to the will to fight. As every day that a country fights it weakens the opponent in resolve and resources.
Every day the Ukrainians sense that the Russians are faltering so rightfully will not give an inch of territory. However, that won’t stop Russia from digging in, and consolidating their grip on the territory they have already seized while turning the war into a bloody stalemate, as in the trenches of the Western Front during WW1.In the last few days we have seen Ukrainian military reports from multiple different locations suggesting that the Russians are now digging in and are consolidating their positions in preparation for a prolonged stalemate and probably trench warfare. Russia has enough men and equipment in reserve to keep this up for a long time.

8. How long can this situation last? The limiting factors here, assuming that Putin doesn’t get deposed or keel over, is how long will he hunker down before he looks for another alternative. I believe that time is very short, dictator Putin will be considering and thinking very hard right now. Russia does not have a huge economy, he has already played the resources card and threatened to cut off the gas and fuel to Europe and lost as Europe has taken a large step and looks for alternatives. The West has taken out the school ruler and slapped the sanctions on the back of Russia hands, these are designed to destroy Russia’s capacity to wage war in the long run, and lead to the collapse of the Putin’s regime. Putin and his Generals see this is a war objective, and therefore the sanctions amount to economic warfare on a massive scale. Economic Warfare is already Warfare and can easily stretch into Military Warfare. In reality, a full-scale great-power conflict is already under way, and is currently just a hairs-breadth away from breaking out into the open.
In the first days of the invasion, Putin made a threat against Europe and the World that he would unleash his nuclear weapons against anyone who tried to help Ukraine. This was an extension of his earlier strategy of using nuclear intimidation to keep Ukraine isolated and cut off from help. He succeeded in bluffing everyone to stop Ukraine joining Nato. Four days later, on the 28th of February, Putin put his nuclear forces on ‘special alert’. Over the past few days, Western analysts have noticed a steady increase in activity around Russian nuclear infrastructure, but this has been sparsely reported on in the press.
Russia is believed to have the largest nuclear arsenal in the world by some measures. They claim to have over 6,000 nuclear missiles, although this may be an exaggeration divide it by three and its enough to stuff up the whole world.
What’s more, the world’s nuclear weapons are believed to have been significantly upgraded in their delivery capabilities, with many, especially in Russia and China allegedly now mountable in hypersonic scramjets, massive-yield drone-submarine warheads, and other exotic delivery systems. What is clear, what is vividly, universally known to everyone in the world, is that nuclear war is a monstrous horror that is utterly beyond anything that is more commonly seen as a ‘global threat’. In comparison, ‘Global warming’ and Covid 19 are as relevant as your puppy having a yipping dream.

In a real, fully-fledged nuclear war, hundreds of millions of people die in the first hour of the conflict. More than a billion perish horribly in the first week. Civilisation effectively ceases to exist. The injured envy the dead. A ‘minor’ nuclear exchange merely devastates a continent and renders much of it uninhabitable for years.

9. That is the reality.
This is why anybody with an ounce of decency, civility or humanity would do just about anything to avoid or avert such a disaster. Vladimir Putin, because he has none of these qualities, has weaponised this fundamental motivation of civilised people, and is trying to use it as psychological leverage to secure his goals and intimidate others into submission.
He has taken the most fundamental concern for the future of the planet as a mark of psychological weakness, and is making a mockery of it as a tool to further his conquests.
Nothing like this ever happened during the Cold War, when the nuclear threat was more like that of two armed camps using sabre-rattling under MAD to avoid war and secure control over their respective ‘spheres of influence’. Here we have a different moral force, more like that in Europe during the late 1930s.

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, With his ‘Peace in Our Time’ speech, after meeting with Hitler

Like 1938 we have a fascist dictator with a sense of historical grievance attempting to ‘re-conquer’ and secure for himself an empire that he believes he is rightfully entitled to. Senile President Joe Biden, whose brain was built on corruption and believes everything come down to a matter of dollars in the deal, cannot understand that like Hitler, Putin will threaten and bluster and every time that he the Bully wins, then that consolidates his power within his gang and gives the Bully more muscle to Bully again. The thing about fascist gangsters Bullies is that they are not suicidal. They love themselves, but they respect only force. They will back down to a superior display of force, but if they are not confronted, they will seize the opportunity to get stronger, and then eventually they have to be confronted when they are the strongest. That is the reality of dealing with fascists Bullies. The rules don’t change in dealing with them just because they are equipped with bigger and more terrible weapons.
In Putin’s case, he is deliberately projecting an impression of craziness to maximise the ‘credibility’ of his nuclear threat. He does this to scare the West. But he doesn’t actually want to die. He wants to win and to conquer. If his bluff isn’t called now, it will have to be called later, perhaps after he has secured support from China and gained strength and prestige from conquered territories, as he surely will if the West backs down again and refuses to face his threats. Then next time we confront him, he won’t be like now commanding a paper tiger of a military, but one with a real capacity to threaten all of Europe directly and to back up his nuclear threats with well-consolidated force.

10. Australia has to Wake Up and Look To Defend Itself..
In the last week it has been reported that “China is seeking logistical supply capabilities and material assets located in the Solomon Islands to support ship visits”.
The Solomon Islands were crucial to the plans of the Japanese in World War Two
they invaded the islands of Tulagi and Guadalcanal in April/May 1942, they initiated Operation Mo, in a joint plan to capture Port Moresby in New Guinea. The objective of the operation was for the Japanese to extend their southern perimeter and to establish bases to support possible future advances to seize Nauru, Ocean Island, New Caledonia, Fiji, and Samoa and thereby cut the supply lines between Australia and the United States, with the goal of reducing or eliminating Australia as a threat to Japanese positions in the South Pacific. The Japanese Navy also proposed a future invasion of Australia.

A Chinese Military Base in the Solomon’s can dominate all of Australia’s Sea ad Air lanes. The red line shows where Japan had to invade in 1942. China has not had to fire a shot to gain this Strategic advantage.

11. China has won a Naval and Air Base in Guadalcanal the largest island in the Solomon Islands with Out firing a Shot.
The terms of the draft security agreement should make Australia anxious. It goes significantly beyond the bilateral security treaty between Solomon Islands and Australia. It allows Beijing to send ships for stopovers and to replenish supplies. The draft agreement would make Honiara available to Chinese naval and intelligence ships,
Article 1 “provides that Solomon Islands may request China to “send police, police, military personnel and other law enforcement and armed forces to Solomon Islands” in circumstances ranging from maintaining social order to unspecified “other tasks agreed upon by the Parties”.
Article 1 “also provides that a relevant forces of China can be used to protect the safety of Chinese personnel and major projects in Solomon Islands.”
According to Article 5,
Without the written consent of the other party, neither party shall disclose the cooperation information to a third party”– between the Solomon Islands and China.

This means the Solomon Islands government is legally bound not to inform its own people and their democratically elected representatives about activities under the agreement without the Chinese approval. the five-year deal, subject to automatic renewals, will allow Beijing to use the islands to base its military and to do pretty much what the Chinese military wants.
If implemented to its full extent, the Framework Agreement will give China the ability to sever shipping lanes and air links connecting the U.S. with its treaty ally Australia and partner New Zealand.
There is now talk that China will ink a security agreement with Papua New Guinea, just north of Australia. Moreover, China wants to upgrade an airstrip in Kiribati. Beijing says the improvements are for civilian purposes only, yet the military uses are apparent and no one believes the Chinese assurances. China is also in talks to establish a military base in Vanuatu, and China’s attempt to lease Tulagi Island in Solomon Islands should finally wake up Australia. It might be to late already.

Russia’s brutality in Ukraine and China’s build up of militarisation in our region makes it clear that either way, Putin and Xi Jinping plans will have to be faced shortly. And that is the bottom line.

There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom.
Ron Owen

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