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Owen Guns Bulletin October Edition No 149 2018

Blog October 21, 2018

Owen Guns Gympie

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Thoughts For The Week.

“What you do in your lifetime will echo down through eternity”,
Marcus Aurelius.

That will teach them to say, It’s Okay To Be White.

It appears that the general public has become so hardened to media and political lies that today they do not expect the Truth, and would be shocked if something the media said was later found to be true. Lots of people have been dummed down with so much media clap trap they would not know the truth, if it bit them on the nose, as they are being led with fore thought and planning by short emotional, human interest, man bites dog video/audio clips on the news. To some others, the truth would be plain boring or is so depressing, or to real. Many other people are so disillusioned they expect to be lied to by media in every event.
We are taught to skip the facts, and ordered to not ask questions, and compelled by law to never discriminate, or speak out, for fear of discriminating, or fear of giving the slightest offence.

Where is the Truth in this?

For instance last year  there was a manhunt on – or woman hunt, if that’s your gender preference – for “racists” in Canada who had the audacity to terrorize by posting signs and stickers that read, “It’s OK to be white.” Well that would have to be true, surely no one could object to that?

Normally this is how it should have turned out, but it didn’t.  The Dean of the University, with his immediate connection to the media has an influence so the result is:-
“The next morning, the media goes completely berserk. Normies (Normal people) tune in to see what’s going on, see the posters saying, ‘It’s okay to be white,’ and the media & leftists frothing at the mouth. Normies realised that leftists & journalists hate white people, so they turn on them. Credibility of far-left campuses and media gets nuked, massive victory for the right in the culture war.

Not so fast though, the media replies with The University’s upper management responding with statements like this one:
[T]he university is aware of several incidents of racism that have occurred on north campus in recent days. Messaging or displays that target or marginalize any individuals or groups will not be tolerated. We are working with University of Alberta Protective Services to find the parties responsible.” He emphasized that the University is a “welcoming and safe environment for all people,” where we “proudly celebrate our Indigenous heritage”

Not so for those who think that, “Its okay to be White”.
Another Poster said, “I want you to love who you are. Don’t apologise for being white.”
Then this was reported by the mainstream media as,”An outside group, well known for such tactics, posted offensive materials to provoke controversy. We stand united in opposition to their actions and denounce all forms of hatred,” the college said at the time.”

Lauren Southern touching down in Brisbane wearing her ‘It’s OK to be White’ T-shirt.

Just last week Ms Hanson moved a Notice of Motion in the Senate, that it acknowledges that it is ‘Okay To Be White’.

Ms Hanson, for her part, has angrily denied any suggestions her motion was racist.

“If I had said it’s OK to be black, every single senator in the chamber would have voted for it,” the One Nation leader said today. The motion was lost at a close 31 to 28 as some of the braver LibNats voted to support it.

Where is the Truth? Not Double Speak, but Gobbledegook Speak.

Speaking in the Senate today, Labor’s Penny Wong

“Senator Hanson oblivious to the fact that they were endorsing a racist motion designed to promote Nazis, the Klan and other white supremacist groups.”

Does Penny care that the university students who circulated the original posters more than likely are not KKK or Nazi Party members. Not a lot of that about in Alberta Canada. Would Penny object to the words, “Its okay to be Chinese”.  If she did object, that would be insanity, if she did not object then it’s double standards? Why does our mainstream media keep supporting this reverse racism. How long do they believe that the Australian public will keep sleeping?
Then We Had An Even Better Example.
Senator Fraser Anning told the Senate that he believes it’s ‘democratic’ to let the public vote on the ‘who can come to this country.’ “The bill only asks for a plebiscite to give the Australian people a say on who comes to this country,” Anning told the Parliament. “I can’t think of anything more democratic than that, but apparently, everyone else in this room can.”

“The ALP, and more particularly, the LNP, are bringing 630,000 people from overseas, from countries with no democracy, no rule of law, no egalitarian traditions, no Judaeo-Christian traditions. 630,000 a year and they don’t go home.“We do not want people coming in from the Middle East or North Africa unless they’re the persecuted minorities. Why aren’t you bringing in the Sikhs? Why aren’t you bringing in the Christians? Why aren’t you bringing in the Jews.”
The government, Labor, Greens and some of the crossbench refused the deferral and had Fraser Annings’s bill put to a vote immediately just to strike it down. The government struck it down because they knew that the vast majority of Australians will support his referenda. They silence Fraser Anning because they know he is right, they know it should have been put to the people in the first instance, because they have their own plans and they do not include the will of the people who vote for them. It is all lies and corruption in Canberra and Fraser Anning is a knight in shining armour fighting our cause and he needs our support.
And here is a comparison of how many people think Australians should have a say in how many people get let into this country versus those who don’t:
Should Australia hold a plebiscite on immigration?
Yes (96%, 8,402 Votes)

No (4%, 312 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,714
See xyz.net.au/poll-result- massive-majority-aussies-back-fraser-anning-immigration-vote/

If ever there was an example of how badly out of touch our entire political and media establishment are with ordinary Australians, this is it. To emphasise the point, going by the comments on this poll, many of those who voted “No” did so because they believe such a vote would be rigged, and they would prefer that the Australian parliament just did its job and legislated to reduce immigration. That’s optimistic confidence for you. If the Electoral Commission can be rigged how could you expect an honest vote in Parliament on any question.
One of the few whimpers of opposition was how could you test the immigrants, invaders/or forever refugees? Simple. Just ask Them Four Questions.

1. Do they agree to receive NO welfare or pensions until they have had ten years of paying tax?

2. Do they agree to return to their country, with their families if any are convicted of a crime?

3. Do they eat bacon?

4. Will they take the Oath as per the schedule to the Commonwealth Constitution on the Holy Bible?
I, John Doe, do swear that I will be   faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Her heirs and successors according to law. SO HELP ME GOD
A,  “No” answer to any question should disqualify them from entry to our country.  We have gone past the horrors of George Orwell 1984 and double speak.  In our current age, if you were given the evidence that the leaders of our country were paid by foreign powers, you would not bother going to the police, or phoning ASIO as you would know that ultimately at the top of the tree another traitor will be on the same payroll. At best nothing would happen and at worst you would get the six o clock visit, searches and harassment, or re-located under the Mental Health Act to an institution.Some of us have been complaining about this foreign intervention in both Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dummer politics for many years. Please don’t be confused by the ‘Red Herring’ duel citizenship farce, no I mean the real stuff. The ones that have election campaigns funded by George Soros and any of the many, institutions such as Get Back, or Get up, or Open Society. George Soros and his backers are not Australian, nor are our banks and multi nationals, nor is the Chinese and Russian Government, nor is the CIA and the US Government but they are all instantly available with the money bags and with that money comes strings well attached.

If only our modern day moaners could work one day in this lads shoes. Then they would know what real discrimination was and real offence.

We Need The ‘Forlorn Hope’.
Surely, there is no-one alive that believes that the ordinary people want and vote for the Fall and Decline of the Western Empire. Yet we all know that, that is the general plan, the intention of all major political parties. It is a situation that is being imposed on us. Once you realise and really understand that small fact, then you realise that the western world, the most advanced society that the world has yet seen is being torn asunder by its own, bought and paid for ‘Fifth Column’ at the very top of our political trees. Then a lot of people lose hope, but please don’t, the enemy has lost a couple of large battles lately Brexit and Trump and Trump is still kicking them hard. Brexit for all its struggles will inspire other countries and other people to rise up.

This Shows That Spirit Of Australia Still Lives in the Peoples Hearts.
I placed the following poem and photos on Owen Guns facebook page, it reached 711,822 people, it had 41,777, engagements and received 246,943 clicks. It had over a 1000 complementary comments and 8572 people have shared it. I don’t fully understand how much impact that has on the whole scale of Facebook, but the message within the poem and the Truth of the Images of the Prisoners of War who it seems had just been liberated by the Atom Bomb, or allied forces, but it shows that the second generations do really “Remember”.

A POW Duncan Butler a Prisoner of War

2/12th Field Ambulance.

“I’ve travelled down some lonely roads

Both crooked tracks and straight

An’ I’ve learned life’s noblest creed

Summed up in one word “Mate”

I’m thinking back across the years,

(A thing I do of late)

An’ this word sticks between my ears

You’ve got to have a mate

Someone who’ll take you as you are.

Regardless of your state

An’ stand as firm as Ayers Rock

Because “e” is your mate

Me mind goes back to 43,

To slavery an’ ate,

When man’s one chance to stay alive

Depended on ‘is mate.

With bamboo for a billie-can

An’ bamboo for a plate,

A bamboo paradise for bugs,

Was bed for me and me mate.

You’d slip and slither through the mud

An’ curse your rotten fate:

But then you’d hear a quiet word:

“Don’t drop your bundle mate.

An’ though it’s all so long ago

This truth I ave to state:

A man don’t know what lonely means,

Til ‘e as lost is mate

If there’s a life that follers this,

If there’s a “Golden Gate”

The welcome that I want to hear

Is just: “Good on y mate”

An so to all who ask us why

We keep these special Dates

Like Anzac day, I answer: “Why”

We’re thinking of our mates”

An when I’ve left the drivers seat

An handed in my plates,

I’ll tell old Peter at the door:

“Ive come to join me MATES”


They Won The War, But Lost the Peace.

I found it inspiring that these mainly Australian people were motivated by the truth in the original photos to make comments. Nearly all comments expressed the sympathy for the Australian soldiers sacrifice and grieved for the loss of the “Australia”, that they fought so hard to retain.
These men fought on a simple basis, if they had lost the Japs would have taken all of Australia and exterminated its 6 million people. From December 1941 to August 1945 they had already exterminated 13 million people from their occupied territory and were busily working the rest of the populations to death.
Yet these men, the survivors who returned to Australia had to watch in their old age, the land that they fought for, the land fit for Hero’s, (if that land existed anywhere in the imagination of those politicians who promised) decline into a cess pit of crime and poverty.
Freedom Was Once Free.
When they left to fight for their country, they left a land where it was all possible, it was probably a land where the pre war values co-existed with decent wages. It was a reasonable perfectly possible dream that, with the right politicians could have existed and with an honest government could still exist. In the 1940s it was within their grasp, but it was stolen in the name of world socialism and enlightenment, which meant the destruction of all that they had fought for and held dear. At the end of World War Two Australia had manufacturing industries, which provided jobs and a fair standard of living, but successive governments. Traitors, signed the Lima Agreement and the World Trade Agreement where they promised to drop trade protection, so that everyone could work for the same world poverty or slave wages. What’s more they agreed to open borders so that they could import cheap labour. These Hero’s were betrayed, and lost the familiar rights and privileges that they had once loved. The right to discriminate between Darkie Toothpaste, Golliwog marmalade, Nigger Brown Kiwi Boot polish would then be rightly judged the same as Dough Boy White Flour, or Goanna Oil, just names that would be presumed trivial, even laughable to those real men.
They did not fight for an Australia which would be dishonestly railroaded into the United Nations against the peoples will, that demanded that we disarm our civilians. These veterans were never asked when the government gave our sovereignty to a foreign power, who demands that we take in the dregs of the world that no other country would take themselves. They did not fight for an Australia where successive governments, by their corruption and folly, would support and protect an ideology (Islam) that committed crime and violence on an unprecedented scale. They did not fight for an Australia where the government imported thugs and psychopaths who could groom, murder, maim and torture yet never have a finger laid on them from the people who were born here. They did not fight for an Australia where the home owners were left defenceless and disarmed. They did not go away to the jungles of Asia and sacrifice their time and their lives for an Australia whose leaders would be too cowardly to declare war on terrorism.

They did not fight for Australia whose Parliament would time and time again betray its trust by legislating against the wishes of the voting people, on issues that would be so repugnant that real soldiers would never ever contemplate fighting for. They did not fight for an Australia where children could be snatched at night from their homes and parents, on nothing more than the good old inquisition principle of secret information. They did not fight for an Australia whose schools taught children sex changes and homosexuality. They did not fight for an Australia where free choice and free speech could be proscribed as “Discrimination”. They did not fight for an Australia where to hold truths and values which have been thought good and worthy for two thousand years would run the risk of being called a “Fascist Pig”, that really is the greatest and most pitiful irony of it all.
There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom. Ron Owen
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