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Owen Guns Bulletin October Edition No 184, 2021

Blog October 31, 2021

Owen Guns Bulletin October Edition No 184, 2021

From the moment mum pulls out my ‘work collar’, to the high speed joy ride home I am my happiest self. The only other being that seems to experience what I’m feeling is Ron. He has a bounce in his step on the way into the shop. I think it’s because we love seeing people with a common interest, we love helping, teaching and solving. Most of all we love guns. Not the most accepted passion as I’m sure you all can relate with. It seems the majority of society thinks that their food grows in the supermarket, and if another country wanted to invade we could just ‘talk it out’. Not to mention the misconception that shooting a 5 cent group at 200 meters is easy because every hero on the giant flat screen can do it while running, as if bullets are magnetically drawn to targets.

Maybe because we are so misunderstood it actually unites us, or at least it should. Fact is we need firearms for one reason or another and can be a constant battle to be heard, they want us to be quiet, to give up. I used to roll my eyes at Ron when he said we were the most discriminated group of people in our society but I have since learnt this to be true. When you drive past a cop car your list of firearms can be brought up on their radar like a criminal rap sheet. Firearm owners need to know the law better than the police to ensure they don’t get prosecuted like a common criminal. Headlines such as this “5 times as many police officers have died from COVID as from guns since pandemic began” reinforce the fallacy that guns are responsible for death instead of people. Get rid of guns equals getting rid of death and crime. Last year it was revealed that banks such as NAB, ANZ and BOQ were refusing service to firearm employees and then most recently some transport companies have refused to deliver firearms. There is a push from our government to link traffic offences with firearm licenses; this is so we can lose our guns just for travelling over the speed limit.

Last month’s newsletter I told you how a customer was told that her storage wasn’t adequate because she had someone living at her residence who wasn’t ‘fit and proper’ but they wouldn’t say who. Well since, I have had someone else write in and reiterate a similar story.

He has been storing his friend’s firearms since 2017. Reason being that his friend’s premises was deemed unworthy due to him momentarily allowing his partners son to stay with him who had a few issues with the law. The man in question has since left the premises and the friend has had to jump through all sorts of hoops to prove that he had actually moved out. Despite his efforts, Weapons Licensing has still denied him the right to store his firearms in his own home. It is clear that we are all guilty by association and are never safe from authorities. If you or someone you know is going through this, contact Shooter Union, your local Member of Parliament and tell us. We can’t afford to be complicit when it comes to our firearms.

More Discrimination…

The ABC reported on the 12th of October that Afterpay doesn’t provide services to gun shops or adult services. Gary Georgiou is the director of Safari Firearms in Sydney. While the business of 30 years does have banking services with CBA, he has struggled to access some services. “We are now trying to get an overdraft and are having a few issues. Other gun shops are having trouble getting EFTPOS facilities or merchant facilities with any bank,” he said. In applications to a smaller bank, Mr Georgiou said he was knocked back for business car loans because he operated a “high-risk business.” His business has also been refused services like  buy now, pay later from Afterpay. “We were declined because we are high risk and it’s not part of their roadmap, they said.” A spokeswoman for Afterpay confirmed the company did not provide services to adult services and firearms businesses. “Although Afterpay is becoming increasingly available in new categories of spend as people turn away from traditional forms of credit, we do not see Afterpay becoming available for adult services and firearms in the foreseeable future.”

There is a belief that the U.S is made up of gun loving, free thinking, cowboys but sadly more and more people are turning to blame the firearm and those who use them for the high murder rates. It is tearing that country in two and some companies are taking advantage of that to gain popularity amongst their main client base. Armed America News reported on the 19th of October that companies like Subway, Hard Rock, Burger King, CNN, Costco, Disney, Microsoft, MTV, Reddit, NBC Universal, Tinder, Uber and around 186 other big businesses have instituted anti-firearm corporate policy or have pressed lawmakers to enact further strict legislation. You can click on this link to see the full list of businesses https://www.ccrkba.org/?page_id=6730

In other words, they had to take action – anti-gun action – against the Second Amendment. None of the firms made the list by accident. One of the beauties of the American Free-Market system is that it allows business leaders to run their company in any manner they choose, and the marketplace will then decide whether their decisions were prudent or ill-conceived. I would rather support a business that supports my beliefs, not just my beliefs but my right to protect my livelihood. Therefore, I can use this list to screen out those firms that don’t support me. A lot of these industries are American but there is a solid lump of them that trickle into Australia and of course we have many more of our own that are anti-gun advocates.

I have spoken previously about the decision by TNT/Fedex and Northline to cease supplying our entire industry with freight services for firearms and ammunition from August 9th. Since then everyone involved has been looking for another freight solution. Luckily I have some good news Senator the HON Bridget Mackenzie leader of the Nationals in the Senate and Senator Dr Sam McMahon hosted a meeting with Australia Post and National Firearm Industry representatives in August with the objective to find solutions.

As a result the carriage of firearms will be available through a range of existing service offerings within Australia Post and Startrack from mid-October. “Australia Post has thrown a valuable lifeline to all those involved in the industry by offering Parcel Post, Express Post, Secure Accept and Collect, Startrack Express and Startrack Special Services to ensure the safe, secure and reliable transportation of firearms” Senator McKenzie said. “Not having firearms able to be commercially freighted across the country has severe implications that affect many of our regional industries. “It is critical the transportation of legal firearms is regarded to be as important as the supply of stock to every other small business around the country.

“From economic, social and environmental perspectives the uninterrupted and guaranteed availability of firearms is crucial to many sectors, and I’m pleased Australia Post has worked with industry representatives to secure a very positive resolution. “Thankfully this outcome means legal firearm dealers across regional Australia will now be able to use specific Australia Post and Startrack product services. This also allows our farmers and professional and recreational shooters to once again have access to firearms,” Senator McKenzie said.

Country Liberals Senator for the Northern Territory, Dr. Sam McMahon said it was a positive outcome for rural and regional Australians. “Viable freight options are necessary so these goods can be safely transported from port to wholesalers and dealers, particularly in places like the NT where we have the additional tyranny of distance compared to places such as Sydney and Melbourne”, Senator McMahon said. “This resolution means farmers and graziers who need a firearm for pest management or veterinarians who use firearms for humane animal welfare will continue to have access to those products because dealers can now have their stock delivered. “It also means sporting and social groups who rely on the safe and secure transportation of firearms will continue to enjoy their chosen activity. “I am glad that the meetings between Australia Post and industry representatives to work through the issues in the firearms transportation space resulted in a number of available options being identified,” Senator McMahon said.

Senator McKenzie and Senator McMahon have welcomed the commitment by Australia Post and industry to continue to work together to find solutions for the carriage of class 1.4S ammunition through their networks, and work together on any challenges in Western Australia.

This is a weight off our shoulders and a 680000 pound boulder off those even more rural than us. We have had enough problems with supply due to the U.S buying every packet of Ammo that isn’t nailed down and China not wanting to supply Australia. It’s a wonder sometimes that we are still able to stock the shelves. We also realize that we are not alone, there are shortages everywhere but being in the controversial gun trade can clearly ad to the troubles.

For November only!

For November Only!
We are throwing in the barrel worth $300
So when you buy a Huglu Renova 12g Straight pull we will give you the short and the long barrel which is worth $300
Walnut Stock – $770
Kryptec Stock – $660


New to the shelf……..

Webley and Scott 12g under and over shotguns have hit the shelves. They come with chokes and a set of weights to help balance the gun perfectly for you. The timber is also beautiful Turkish walnut.
Winchester XPR .223 Package Deal $1180
What you get…
-Winchester XPR .223
-Hawke 3-9×40 Duplex
-Hawke Rings
-Winchester Bases
-Owen Guns sling
Emerald Lever Action 12g you pick the barrel length (within reason) and it will cost you the same. $480
The last of the Browning A-bolts we have are in 243 and 6.5creed and they are still only $660
But get in quick because there won’t be anymore.
Just a friendly reminder we have some of the last 45-70 Marlins around and they are only $1670
Spika Safes freshly unwrapped and ready to be bolted in to a “permanent structure” near you!
S2 8 gun safe – 495
S3 12 gun safe – 590
S4 15 gun safe -$850
Nikko Stirling’s are back in the cabinet and are still the most affordable quality scope on the market!
Mount Master 4×32 – $60
Panamax 3-9×40 -$139
Mount Master 4-12×50 – $106.30
Panamax 4-12×50 – $170
Diamond LR 4-16×50 – $370
Octa 3-24×56 – $577
It’s the time of year where I find these guns start becoming very popular. If you are after a basic single shot .410 we have two varieties
Hatsan Optima wood stock – $250
Boito reuna synthetic – $264
Howa .223 Mini actions in synthetic tactical stocks…….
Standard 22 inch barrel – $790
Heavy 20 inch barrel – $830

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