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Owen Guns Bulletin September Edition 136, 2017

Blog September 24, 2017

Owen Guns Gympie
Welcome to the One Hundred and Thirty Sixth Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin. Owen Guns, now in its 43rd year in the firearm business, for the best information just use the search boxes  within the Large headings below.
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Thoughts For The Week.


Ecclesiastes 1:18     “For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.”

While the World faces cataclysmic Thermo Nuclear War in Australia’s vicinity, the relentless destruction of our freedom of speech, our cultural traditions, the glue that unites our nation continues.

It reminds me of the explicit comparison of the Great Fire of Rome, AD 64. Rome at the time was the leading Empire in the known world. History has blamed Nero for the six day inferno, implying that he started the fire so that he could bypass the Senate and the people rebuilding his palaces on the best real estate. Tacitus, claimed that Nero watched Rome burn while merrily playing the lyre. He employed gangs of thugs who prevented citizens from fighting the fire with threats of torture.  Tacitus wrote,  ‘that Emperor Nero leveled the city on purpose to build the ‘Domus Aurea’, his majestic series of villas and pavilions set upon a landscaped park and a man-made lake, which he built in the wake of the fire.

Today’s, Nero.

George Sorus Paymaster of the New World Order Multi Headed Dragon.

I see the simile of Emperor George Sorus and his gangs of Get Back, Antifa, who confusingly enough, use all the same rhetoric and tactics of the Fascists they are supposed to oppose. Both Fabianism, Facism, Socialism and Nazism (National Socialist Workers Association) are all branches of the tree of Communism.

These gangs of well paid thugs pore petrol on the fires of building blocks of our Western Civilisation from within, while the Barbarian Legions, now equipped with devastating firepower are ready to lay waste to our poor undefended country.

The enemies within who scream equality are not equal as they have the billion dollars backers to the same associations that fund Gun Control Australia, if you could read the article in http://www.owenguns.com/owen-guns-bulletin-dec-special-christmas-edition-127-2016/

it shows the links and connections with all of the Sorus Foundations.

They use the same bullying tactics, they share membership to “Save the ABC”, or ‘Save the SBS” as the Sorus foundations buys more shares in the Commercial TV channels. The same dollars we are forced into putting into our petrol tanks funds our enemies in the Billionaire Foundations that pays for “Get Back” and Gun Control Australia. Even our tax dollars are used against us to destroy our cultural heritage. They need to destroy the glue that binds us together, they need to raise issues to divide and conquer us.

I have had the first hand experience. I opposed the introduction of the Anti Discrimination Act in the 1990s and then from replies to criticisms by fellow local councillors in 2005, I suffered 10 years of State litigation against me under that Act. The State pays the complainants and rewards them if they gain a victory.

Within my lifetimes memories, marriage was taken very seriously, in the poorest areas of Britain such as Salford and Stretford where I was born, it was expected that the suitor would wait after church and ask the fathers permission to walk with his daughter through the park on the following Sunday. More often than not other family members were only a few paces behind. Almost all courting took place in the girl’s home, under the eye of watchful parents. If the courting progressed, the couple might advance to the front step. Couples rarely saw each other without the presence of a chaperone, and marriage proposals were frequently in writing.

Traditionally, banns were read from the pulpit and were usually published in the parish weekly bulletin. Before 1983, canon law required banns to be announced, or “asked”, in the home parishes of both parties on three Sundays or Holy Days of Obligation before the marriage was allowed. The purpose to this procedure was to make sure there were no impediments to marriage, the words once spoken by the priest were: “I publish the banns of marriage between (Name of party) of the Parish of…….. and (Name of other party) of this Parish. If any of you know cause or just impediment why these persons should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony, ye are to declare it. This is for the (first, second, third) time of asking.” Of course the impediments were being married to someone else, or a two close relationship in the blood line, such as cousins.

This was far from a perfect system and to negate the banns and parent permission, over the years couples would run away, elope to Gretna Green or the Isle of Man where these restrictions were less strict. There were obvious problems, such as girls were ‘Cast out’ of Chapel, not allowed to attend, losing the support of the community for being promiscuous, rarely did that occur to the boys, un-wed young ladies were sent to live with aunties and returned with a young baby that quickly became a sister or a brother and the family looked after the family.

In a lifetime we have come from a civilization that was founded on family values, back to pack tribalism, mob rule.

Instead of young people being able to find normal behaviour, in what was acceptable to his grandmother, or his Aunty or his Uncle, it is, ‘what is acceptable to the ‘morons on the Project’, or other bought and paid for propaganda, but that is the secret it has appear to be revolutionary, carrying the flag.

The World Famous Lie.

Screaming out the false doctrine that, ‘Equality’ “people should have the right to do things behind closed doors”, it okay if it does not affect me attitude.

Appeasement doctrine suggested the old lie, that as long as it does not affect us, other people can do what they like behind closed doors. The closed door in late 1930s was the expanding German Empire. Hitler knew and used all of his propaganda machines to support that doctrine, his genius of propaganda Dr Joseph Gobbals who admitted openly,
“The truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise. This is the secret of propaganda: Those who are to be persuaded by it should be completely immersed in the ideas of the propaganda, without ever noticing that they are being immersed in it.”

Adolph Hitler purposely banned all literature that expounded freedom and the philosophy that pointed out that an evil done, affected everyone eventually. Whilst the Appeasers pleaded for isolationism, Hitlers henchmen organised mass book burning ceremonies, one of these was a little poem by Jonne Donne written in 1624, nearly 400 years ago. Its words were so powerful that even in a foreign language it had to be suppressed. Please read it, see if its meaning is still relevant to the 21st Century’s electronic propaganda which is so much more powerful than Hitlers newspapers and loudspeakers.

As allowing Hitler to invade the Rhineland unchallenged allowed them to allow his invasion of Sudentenland and so on, and so will it be with this giant wrong, the breakdown of the family nucleus. It began in Australia with Labor’s appointment of Brendan Murphy to the High Court and the establishment of the Federal Family Court the ‘floors of tears’. Marriage became easy come and easy go, but not so easy to go for the children.

The grieving parents of children converted at any age, to this perverted doomsday philosophy of non reproduction, an ideology that cannot increase except by beguiling and gaining control of other families children. To parents, the grief is no worse than death of their child, but their hopes and aspirations for the extended family are certainly as cruel, no matter if their child is ten or twenty years old. All because our governments always wants more power, more intervention in our lives.  This was a stroke of genius to obtain further government controls over the family.

We have been denied a glimpse of the proposed SSM legislation but if it is similar to what has occurred in the UK and Canada the fundamental right of a marriage, the rights of the family will be redefined.

At present in Australia, If one says or writes anything considered “homophobic”, we can be prosecuted in any Australia state, even if it was said on another State, but Canada has gone further for anything questioning same sex marriage, one could face discipline, termination of employment, and/or prosecution by the State.

Their legislation tacitly states that children have no right to their biological roots:

Canada’s ‘gay’ marriage law, Bill C-38, included a provision to erase the term “natural parent” and replace it across the board with gender-neutral “legal parent” in federal law.

Now all children only have “legal parents”, as defined by the state. In effect, same-sex marriage not only deprives children of their own rights to natural parentage, it gives the state the power to override the autonomy of biological parents, which means parental rights are usurped by the government.

Similar to Australia but not yet as pronounced, Canadian companies and organisations which refuse to side with the LGBTI lobby continue to being taken to court for ‘discrimination’.

For example, if a shop (wedding cake shop) would not make a same-sex wedding cake they would be fined.

In late October of 2016, Canadian Senate passed Bill C-16, which stands as the beginning of an end to free speech for the country. As NBC News summarised:

“The Canadian Senate passed Bill C-16 by a 67-11 vote. The bill adds prohibitions against discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression to the Canadian Human Rights Act, amends the criminal code to extend protections against hate speech and allows judges to take into consideration when sentencing whether a crime was motivated by hatred of the victim’s gender identity or expression.”

The eleven members of Senate who opposed the bill predict that the only thing that will come from it is the loss of freedom for the common man:

During the Senate hearings, opponents of the bill gave testimony against it, arguing it undermines free speech, “criminalizes” incorrect pronoun use and threatens “women only” spaces such as rape crisis centres, but to no effect.

The World Famous Lie.

Equality’ “people should have the right to do things behind closed doors”, is okay if it does not affect me attitude.

In the United Kingdom, it has become abundantly clear that this redefinition has already affected many people, but if continued will affect millions.

Gender: Current Conservative Prime Minister, Theresa May, has revealed proposals to abolish the need for any medical consultation before gender reassignment. Simply filling out an official form will be sufficient. A ‘Ministry of Equality’ press release, explicitly announced, that the proposals were designed to build on the progress of same-sex marriage. Guardian journalist Roz Kaveney boasted that changing your gender is now, “Almost as simple as changing your name by statutory declaration.

Manifestations of the British gender revolution are not difficult to find. Transport for London, have prohibited the use of the heteronormative words, such as ladies and gentlemen. Meanwhile, universities across the nation are threatening to mark down students, who continue to use the words ‘she’ or ‘he’. Instead, gender neutral pronouns such as ‘xe’ or ‘ze’ must be uniformly applied.


Such gender-theory radicalism has delighted Stonewall, the UK largest LGBT lobby. Their Orwellian tagline is : ‘Acceptance without exception’ it can be seen plastered on posters and adverts. Politicians, attempt to out radicalise one another, in the race to be an original champion, in the next emancipator front of for Trans-rights.

Freedom of religion: Much was made in the UK, about supposed exemptions, designed to ensure that believers would always be allowed to stay true to their convictions. Four years later, the very same people who made heartfelt promises, now work tirelessly to undermine them.

Equalities Minister Justine Greening, has insisted that churches must be made to, “Keep up with modern attitudes”. Likewise, the Speaker of the House of Commons, a position supposedly defined by its political neutrality, had this to say: I feel we’ll only have proper equal marriage when you can bloody well get married in a church if you want to do so, without having to fight the church for the equality that should be your right.

It became clear, during this years general election, just how militant the LGBT lobby have become, following marriage redefinition. The primary target was Tim Farron, leader of England’s third largest political party, the Liberal Democrats. High-profile journalists had heard that Farron was a practising Christian. In every single interview thereafter, they demanded to know. Did he personally believe homosexual sex to be a sin? He practically begged the commentator, to allow him to keep his personal faith and legislative convictions separate.

Shortly after the election campaign, Farron resigned. He stated that it was now impossible, for a believing Christian to hold a prominent position in British politics.

In a heartbreaking development and in spite of Britain’s foster crisis, aspiring foster parents who identify as religious, face interrogation. Those who are deemed unlikely to celebrate homosexuality, have had their dreams of parenthood scuppered. This month, Britain’s High Court, ruled that a Pentecostal couple were ineligible parents. While the court recognised their successful and loving record of adoption, they decreed that above all else, “The equality provisions concerning sexual orientation should take precedence.”

The World Famous Lie.

The same-sex marriage lobby has come out in droves across the world to hammer into people that “the only people redefining marriage affects are same-sex couples”. But the facts prove otherwise, as the majority of Britons, Australians and Canadians are refused their fundamental rights. Unable to access their biological roots, practice free market in a supposedly free market society, or speak out on any gender related issues without being ‘discriminatory’, they have been forced to their knees at the bequest of a tiny minority.

Can you recognise these general tactics?  They are the same tools that these same organisations have used against us for the last 30 years! As firearm owners we are used to being on the losing side, as many years ago we lost the right of free speech as the media would only ever promote our opponent side. Same this time with the No Vote.
Without Free Speech We Cannot Defend Our Firearm Ownership.

Is it Government Double Speak, or Word Theft?

Anti Discrimination Laws are a Lie, a threat to force us to Lie.

We have a natural Right to Discriminate on who we invite into our homes, who we invite to our table, who we invite into our vehicles, who we invite to join our families and who we marry in our churches. Discrimination is our choice, we discriminate who we vote for and we discriminate as to which publications we read. We discriminate as to which firearms we buy and to which ammunition we fit into it. The State wants to total control over our lives.

They want to make Laws to make us Lie.

They want us to Say “Gay” when its Not,

They want us to Say “Marriage” when its Not,

They want us to Say ” Equality” when its Not,

They want us to Say “Family” when its Not,

When the Meaning of Words are Changed by Decree,

Words have No Meaning, this is the ultimate control over your mind and language.

As with Gun laws this outcome will be dictated by the media, they will call the tune and the politicians will dance and sing. George Sorus with Get Back and  his media ownership will push against the the family nuclei, push emigration, firearm ownership, push climate control and the death of Free Speech. Even though the odds are stacked against us, this gives us no excuse, to not vote, do not go quietly into the darkness, make sure you and all your friends vote “No”.
I believe that many good hearted, intelligent people will make the mistake of believing the government lie, it’s easy not to think too hard, its easy to think, well, they are not hurting anyone else, who cares. We have to make up for their lack of thought.

If they win we lose.

Especially, as we lose more of the last remains of Free Speech. Besides the loss of the Family unit, the building block of all civilisations, the glue that holds the human race together.There is no doubt that if the silent Majority of Australians do not stand against the redefinition of marriage, we will inevitably be forced to relinquish all our dearest rights to a totalitarian Minority.

Is This Lot Going To Defend Us With a Bayonet Charge?

If we allow our government to continue down this path, where are we going to find the young men and women who are willing to sacrifice their youth and possible their lives for a country that they can be proud of. Previous generations, our nations heroes fought to preserve a country worth fighting for, they loved their country and fought for its future.

This latest recruit for the Officer Cadets could frighten Kim Jong Un for a few minutes, but Defend Australia what a joke.

Patriotism was not then a dirty word, young men and women from every free country of the world fought and died for freedom. Today, if we do not invest ourselves, our hearts, our minds, in our national interest, if we do not build strong families, safe communities, and healthy societies, we will lose it all, everything that was won by those who sacrificed will be lost forever.

Bill Speakman, the only living Victoria Cross holder from the last Korean War was 90 years old the other day and still has the glint of the Warrior of old. Is this where we will find the spirit to build a better place for our children?
There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom.
Ron Owen.

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