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Owen Guns Bulletin Xmas 2015 Edition 113

Blog December 20, 2015

Owen Guns Gympie
Welcome to the One Hundred and Thirteenth Christmas  Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.  Forty One year old soon to be Forty Two, ‘ Owen Guns’  has a new website, it does not look much different on the  header but it has lots more capacity for viewing new products, new firearms and  accessories with prices and photos. First listed was one each of New Guns, then spare Magazine, Scope Mounts, Rifle Scopes (much more to come) and of course, as was listed before many hundreds of Used Guns with thousands more soon to be listed. Just click on these links and do a search for the goods you require.

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The Staff of Owen Guns would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous, Happy New Year. If you are traveling, keep safe and call in.

The Staff of Owen Guns would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous, Happy New Year. If you are traveling, keep safe and call in.

Thoughts for the Week.

This is the Christmas Edition and the last edition before 2016, that is probably why most shooters have gone to sleep in their complacency, so busy with Christmas and families to consider world events, and depressing impending firearm legislation. The staff at Owen Guns wishes you all a safe and Merry Christmas and we all hope for a Happy New Year, but that is not going to happen unless we shooters motivate our fellow shooters to act.

Its not hard, its not painful or expensive, its just they have to do something so that our politicians know we do care what happens to us. They cannot keep law abiding firearm owners as the whipping post, while they make excuses for allowing in invaders who have an ideological agenda to introduce Sharia Law and turn Australia into a Moslem country.

Every shooter, who takes any notice of the 6.0clock news should know by now that Islamic Terrorist attacks such as ‘Martin Place Lindt café’, the Paris ‘Bataclan Theatre’, and the San Bernardino, are being used to whip up the politicians to make another lot of ‘feel good’ but useless legislation imposing further impositions on us.

In the rest of the world, Europe and the USA this is having a reverse effect and citizens are buying handguns and every type of firearms they can get their hands on. Recently, the USA recorded 183,000 new sales in one day. Yet, in good old laid back Australia, its all beer, and sport.

Who cares that the world wars and panic buying by a 100 million Americans is going to make ammunition hard, (maybe impossible) to get? (If you can remember, two years ago I told you all that the Aussie Dollar would go down, and your guns and ammo would cost you 40% more)

Who cares that Police Minister COAG meeting is on in April and they will be making a decision to reclassify Lever Action firearms from Category A to Cat B, Cat B to Cat C and Cat D. If your firearm is reclassified to either Cat C or Cat D you will be forced to surrender it. By the legal mechanism of changing Categories instead of “banning” they are effecting the same result without paying compensation.

Who cares that since our last news letter only 110 people have signed the Queensland Parliamentary petition bringing it up to 2080?

Please sign it before February and encourage all your friends and family to do the same it states;

“Licensed shooters request representatives vote against any further impositions, or adverse changes of categories in Weapons Act 1990.”


Petition Hard Copy
Print off a (Hard Copy) parliamentary petition form to fill in at your Gun shop, or shooting range and forwards it back by post, to Ron Owen at 24 Mc Mahon Rd, Gympie, 4570 before the 14th February 2015. So they can be delivered to the Queensland Parliament by MP Tony Perrett. (Tony is sponsoring this petition) Download .pdf file here.

Impending Impositions.

The April 2016 date for the next meeting has been selected to gain the maximum publicity from the anniversary of 20 years from the Port Arthur tragedy. The enemies of freedom will be working overtime to produce endless re-runs on the Gogglebox, to fire up as much public animosity and hatred against law abiding firearm owners. Of course our enemies will use every terrorist Act, anywhere in the world to force in more gun laws. They are even using the USA anti gun movement to feed in their Australian propaganda.

Jim Jefferies. Not a Comedian just a Liar.

Jim Jefferies. Not a Comedian just a Liar.



The following is a response I wrote to his video clip which seems to be infecting young people on facebook who do not have the depth of general knowledge to realise they are being conned in a big lie.

Truth “Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools” R. Kipling.

“Fans of Jim Jefferies who all would score less then 80 on the Stanford–Binet IQ test, please do not read any further, it will be too mentally challenging for you. You would never understand an intelligent debate.”

To state the previous sentence would be arrogant, it imitates the arrogance and ignorance of the bully. It is similar to the tactics of Jim Jefferies, who assumes that anyone who pays money to hear his diatribe must be intellectually retarded so treats them to his insane illogical, rubbish, leaving a pause and commanding them to laugh.

Treating his audience, like training a choir of monkeys, who laugh when someone else laughs, laughing in the hope that eventually he might say something funny before they go home.

If the un funny comedian wants to look for grounds to sue in this article here they are, Jim Jefferies is a fraud, a liar, and a foul mouthed creep. With his highly exaggerated artificial “Australian oker-isms’ he insults all Australians. What’s more he is a bully, he bullies his audience to laugh and make fun of the bereaved. Sneering, at those who have lost their property, degrading anyone who might have a different opinion than himself. A ‘knave’ by name and actions.

As Jim discusses Massacres, we all have to know what a massacre is.

“Oxford Dictionary”. Defines a Massacre as, “An indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of many people”: Example ‘reports of massacres by government troops’

The Nanking Massacre, 300,000 butchered by Japanese Government troops.

The Nanking Massacre, 300,000 butchered by Japanese Government troops.

Government troops are mentioned as in most cases civilians are mainly massacred by their own governments, but a slaughter of many people is a massacre.

The figure of a 100 million is regularly ascribed to the deaths due to governments slaughter of its own population during the 20th Century. This is not deaths in warfare, but governments eliminating large amounts of its own population as in Mao ‘s Cultural Revolution, 50 million Chinese, Hitler 10 million Jews, Gypsies, Poles Russians, and Stalin’s 20 million Russian, Ukraine and Poles, Pol Pot million Cambodians, Turkeys Armenians, and 13 million massacred by the Japanese.
All of these people were real like you and me, they valued their life, Jim Jefferies has written them off, they do not count, he says the ‘biggest massacre ever on earth’ was Port Arthur where 35 people were killed. In these first words Jims credibility sinks to zero.
For Example; In 1570 Cyprus. Ottoman Muslims captured Cyprus and massacred 30,000–50,000 mostly Greek and Armenian Christian inhabitants. See a short list in Notes below.

In Jim Jefferies  youtube ‘An Australians View on Gun Laws’ he states,

” Things that are just Facts, ‘Right’,”

“In 1996 Australia had the Biggest Massacre on earth,” (Pause for laughter)

“Still hasn’t been beaten. ‘Laugh’. Then they banned the guns. ‘Right’”

“Since 1996 there has not been a single massacre since. ’Laugh’

Of course to anyone who knows the truth, those are not the Facts, they are lies.

Neither Port Arthur, nor any other Australian Massacre was the Biggest Massacre, No where near, his whole statement was a direct lie.

So to was his main premise, the lie that there has not been another massacre since.

For Example;

Childers Palace Backpackers fire 23rd June 2000 Childers, Queensland 15 Dead , Arson attack by Robert Paul Long, which killed 15 international backpackers.
See below for a longer list, but not fully complete list.

Jim Jefferies uses his skill and bullying power to manipulate people to laugh at the expense of the dead and their bereaving relatives. Not even the evilest of communicators ‘Hitler’ did that.

Nuernberg Rally 1937 A million people came to hear Hitler’s oratory, he appealed to their hopes and dreams, but cleverly twisted historic facts into a fiction that seemed like reality. Jim Jefferies repeats a fiction and calls it fact. Same operation with a more arrogant approach.

Nuernberg Rally 1937. A million people came to hear Hitler’s oratory, he appealed to their hopes and dreams, but cleverly twisted historic facts into a fiction that seemed like reality. Jim Jefferies repeats a fiction and calls it fact. Same operation with a more arrogant approach.

Jim Jefferies laughs at the expense of the 450,000 law abiding shooters who had their property stolen, by Jims Australian gun laws on the false basis that it was for the good of the community. When all thinking people knew that it was a feel good response that would not inhibit the bad people supply of illegal firearms one iota.

Rudyard Kipling wrote of the truth, “Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools” but we have to realise the trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool, and without truth evil rules.

No better example of this phenomena exists as when the artful knave, so called comedian Jim Jefferies creates a fiction and calls it ‘Facts’.

Jim Jefferies is his professional name but he was born as Geoff James Nugent on the 14th February 1977 in Perth Australia. He spent 8 years in Manchester and London UK and after doing the British night clubs he moved to Los Angeles, where he now practices his overly ‘ocker’ Australian accent to promote the disarmament of the law abiding.

We laugh at Comedians, we laugh at jokes because they expose the truth. Truth which is often hidden behind layers of egos and subconscious curtains in our minds. So we naturally trust Comedians to reveal the truth, but in this particular instance Jim Jefferies reveals fabrications. Usually, with clever propaganda the presenter uses many half truths to redirect the minds of the general public who are never shown the full truth. However, in this particular instance Jim Jefferies makes his moves and uses his ‘timing’ to carefully choreographed the cheering assent, this follows the skills and principles of Adolf Hitler who also used this technique of timed pauses in his oratory. Hitler also agreed with Jim Jefferies in his use of blatant prevarication where he says in (My Struggle) Mein Kampf ‘The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.’and about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” It was said of Hitler and Dr Goebbels that their primary propaganda rules were: “never allow the public to cool off……… concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.” These are tools of trade for Knaves who make traps for fools.

Time discovers truth.’Arthur Schopenhauer

Jim, deceptively compares Australia’s restrictive tyrannical Gun laws to a false premise that there is no Gun Laws in the USA.

The USA Federal Government has the 1968 Gun Control Act and many other legislatives controls on firearms and firearm owners, so to do the 50 States, five major territories and so to do the 3,143 counties. Some authorities claim 48,000 articles of legislation other claim 20,000 acts and ordnances, all control firearms or their owners. Over a 100 million firearm owners out of a population of over 300 million people. Of course like all gun laws they do not work, what is inverse and hard for some people to understand is that in the cities where the Gun laws are most severe, with the highest penalties and the most impositions on firearm ownership they have the highest deaths due to firearms. It was safer in Bagdad at the height of the Irak war than in Detroit.

See. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pELwCqz2JfE

Jim Jefferies makes fun of people who do not want to die a victim in seconds when the police turn up 20 minutes later. He has no sympathy for those who have been disarmed, refused permits to own a tool to defend themselves then murdered. Jim laughs at those who were forced to queue as they waited to be gassed. Jim laughs at those ladies in Paris who were all in a Gun Free Zone lying on the pavement prostrate waiting for the Muslim terrorist to walk along and give them each some bullets.

Politicians have 24 hr Armed guards, yet they prevent the citizen from defending themselves. Who has the most right and the most reason to protect their life, the people who have to wait to be executed on the pavements of Paris or the politicians?

Politicians have 24 hr Armed guards, yet they prevent the citizen from defending themselves. Who has the most right and the most reason to protect their life, the people who have to wait to be executed on the pavements of Paris, or the politicians?

Yes, the Terrorist rifle might be called by the media an ‘Assault Rifle’ which is a word that is not a name it is an action. Firearm owners do not ask for an Assault Rifle that is a word used by the anti gunners to box in a typr of rifle that they cannot understand. Jim has never considered that Sam Colt called the most famous hand gun in the world the “Peacemaker” the equaliser, as it could defend the weak elderly lady against the strong. Jim laughs in disbelief using the words no one wants a ‘Defender rifle’ when in fact that is another lie as that is precisely what they do want. Any reasoning person knows that the bad guys will not hand in their guns, they will not register their guns, they know the Police will not hand in their guns, nor will the army. They the thinking civilians who want nothing more than peace and quiet want the same means of defence as those other elements of our society. Maybe, the truth is more important than the ‘facts’, but we might need another comedian to explain those truth to us?

Ron Owen
the right and wrong tiny

Notes.   For firearm owners who might wish to respond to similar Anti Firearm lies.

Compare this Australian Massacre

29 April 1996 was a killing spree in which 35 people were killed


With these large Massacres.

1209 France Massacre at Béziers 15,000+ First major military action of the Albigensian Crusade

May 1182 Constantinople, Byzantine Empire Massacre of the Latins 60,000–80,000 Wholesale massacre of all Latin (Western European) inhabitants of Constantinople by a mob


1570 Cyprus massacre 30,000–50,000[39][40][41][42] Ottoman forces capturing Cyprus killed mostly Greek and Armenian Christian inhabitants.

August 23, 1572 Paris, France St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre 5,000 – 70,000 A wave of Catholic mob violence against the Huguenots.[

December 1937 – January 1938 Nanjing, China Nanking Massacre

as many as if not more than 300,000 The Imperial Japanese Army pillaged and burned Nanking while, at the same time, murdering, enslaving, and torturing millions of prisoners of war and civilians .

August 8, 1944 Warsaw, Poland Wola massacre 40,000–100,000 Special groups of SS and German soldiers of the Wehrmacht went from house to house in Warsaw district Wola, rounding-up and shooting all inhabitants.

At the time of the The Massacre of Magdeburg 20 May 1631 by Catholic forces under General Tilly.
“For then the soldiers began to beat, frighten, and threaten to shoot, skewer, hang, etc., the people.” [7] It took only one day for all of this destruction and death to transpire. Of the 30,000 citizens, only 5,000 survived. For fourteen days, charred bodies were carried to the Elbe River to be dumped to prevent disease.”
By 1648, the city’s population had further dropped so that only 450 people were still living in the city.

The devastation was so great that Magdeburgisieren (or “magdeburgization”) became an oft-used term signifying total destruction, rape, and pillaging for decades. The terms “Magdeburg justice”, “Magdeburg mercy” and “Magdeburg quarter” also arose as a result of the sack, used originally by Protestants when executing Catholics who begged for quarter.

Beslan massacre Sep. 1 2004 Beslan, North Ossetia-Alania Russia Russia

385 dead 783 wounded

The Beslan school siege (also referred to as the Beslan school hostage crisis or Beslan massacre) started on 1 September 2004, lasted three days, involved the capture of over 1,100 people as hostages (including 777 children),[5] and ended with the death of at least 385 people. The crisis began when a group of armed Islamic terrorists, mostly Ingush and Chechen, occupied School Number One (SNO) in the town of Beslan, North Ossetia (an autonomous republic in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation) on 1 September 2004. The hostage-takers were the Riyadus-Salikhin Battalion, sent by the Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev, who demanded recognition of the independence of Chechnya in UN and Russian withdrawal from Chechnya. On the third day of the standoff, Russian security forces stormed the building with the use of tanks, incendiary rockets and other heavy weapons. At least 385 hostages were killed, including 186 children, with a significant number of people injured and reported missing

The Bath School massacre was a series of violent attacks perpetrated by Andrew Kehoe on May 18, 1927, in Bath Township, Michigan, that killed 38 elementary schoolchildren and six adults and injured at least 58 other people. Kehoe killed his wife and firebombed his farm, then detonated a major explosion in the Bath Consolidated School, before committing suicide by detonating a final explosion in his truck. It is the deadliest mass murder to take place at a school in United States history.

Here is a List of some Australian Massacres since 1996.

Snowtown massacre May 1999 Snowtown, South Australia 12 dead attack by John Bunting, Robert Wagner, and James Vlassakis, a total of 12 bodies were found in acid filled barrels and rainwater tanks.

Childers Palace Backpackers fire 23 June 2000 Childers, Queensland 15, Arson attack by Robert Paul Long, which killed 15 international backpackers.

Monash University massacre Oct. 21 2002 Melbourne, Victoria Australia Australia 2 Dead 5 wounded, Sent to psychiatric hospital Monash University Shooting 21 October 2002 Melbourne, Victoria 2 5 A shooting spree by Huan Yun Xiang, a student at Monash University

Churchill Fire  7 February 2009 Churchill, Victoria 10 unknown Arson attack by Brendan Sokaluk that killed 10 people.

Victoria Fire 9 February 2009 Victoria, Australia 135 Mass arson. that the fires were in indeed due to arson (and potentially “arsonists”) and thus the deaths are a mass murder and fit the definition of massacre.

Lin family massacre  18 July 2009 North Epping, New South Wales 5 Blunt instrument attack which killed 5 members of the Lin family

2011 Hectorville massacre 29 April 2011 Hectorville, South Australia 3 3 A shooting that took place on 29 April 2011, in Hectorville, South Australia. It began after a 39-year-old male, Donato Anthony Corbo, shot four people on a neighbouring property (three of whom died), and also wounded two police officers, before being arrested by Special Operations police after an eight-hour siege.

Quakers Hill Nursing Home massacre  18 November 2011 Sydney, NSW 11 Arson attack by Roger Kingsley Dean, a nurse, which killed 11 people

Hunt family massacre 9 September 2014 Lockhart, New South Wales 5 0 Murder-suicide shooting spree by Geoff Hunt who killed his wife and three children before turning the gun on himself .

Wedderburn massacre  22 October 2014 Wedderburn, Victoria 30. A shooting murder of a neighbour family (Greg Holmes, 48, his mother Mary Lockhart, 75, and her husband Peter Lockhart, 78) by Ian Francis Jamieson, 63.

Cairns Children Massacre 19 December 2014 Cairns, Queensland 8 . 1-self inflicted (perpetrator) Stabbing attack. 8 children aged 18 months to 15 years killed. Thirty-seven-year-old woman also found injured. The woman, Raina Mersane Ina Thaiday, was later charged with the murder of the children, 7 of whom were hers, plus her niece.

2014 Lindt Cafe Sydney hostage crisis – Two hostages and hostage-taker Man Haron Monis were killed, during a 16-hour siege inside a Lindt cafe in Martin Place, Sydney, with six other people injured. (It appears that the hostages were killed by the police)


Melbourne gangland killings – 36 underworld figures murdered so far in gang related violence between 1998 and 2010. See

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_massacres_in_Australia http://reviews.ticketmaster.com/7171/1166621/jim-jefferies-reviews/reviews.htm?sort=rating&dir=asc

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