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GUN LAW ALERT Only 200 submissions entered so far Against new Weapons Act.

Gun Law Reform September 4, 2010

If you know any Gun Owners in Queensland that do not want any more restrictions placed on them ask them to put in a submission, if they cannot do it, do one for them.


There are 200,000 shooters in the state of Queensland, many hundreds of clubs, many hundreds of Firearm Dealers, there are over 3600 email address that receive the Owen Guns Bulletin, most are located in Queensland, yet to date Police sources report that only 200 submissions have been received by the Ministers office in opposition to the new Weapons Draft legislation.

The submissions can be sent electronically by email before the 14th of September 2010. These impending laws will be another huge burden on every firearm owner in this state. More guns will have to be handed in, Licences will be much harder to get, PTAs will be harder to get, fee increases of …

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Send a Submission Against the New Gun Laws.

Gun Law Reform August 28, 2010

This Legislation Removes Your Rights, It Imposes Further Restrictions, on All Shooters, Collectors, Shooting Clubs, Dealers and Armourers. No one escapes even people who do not own a firearm. Please Read this impending Firearm Legislation Now. It Affects Purchase, Licences, Costs, Participation, Security, Search without warrant, It makes Parts and Magazines registered items. This will close many Gun Shops.

Help Stop Tyranny Now.

This Legislation produces a hunting ground for the Queensland Police to prey and harass, RSL Clubs, Historical Societies (Museums) that display valuable collectors items in glass cases, that already comply with security measurer’s in place for their collectors licences. That already have to render these artifacts temporary inoperable. The new act ensures they have the relevance of a boat anchor, yet still locked in a steel safe in a security room.

The hunting ground also includes Target Shooters, of all classes, Collectors, Firearm Dealers, Armours, Re-en …

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Help Stop 642 pages of GUN LAWS

Gun Law Reform August 8, 2010

We, the Victims of Firearm Legislation are to be chained down with more Restrictions. Protest NOW.

Yesterday the Queensland State Government tabled 2 documents , the Weapons Regulation 2010 – Consultation Draft and the Weapons Bill 2010 – Consultation Draft. Below is the link to the relevant website. Please be aware that although the public consultation period ends on 14 September, submissions must be received by 28 August 2010. This is another fresh 642 pages of imposed legislation that affects the law abiding citizen of Queensland.

Draft of the Weapons Bill 2010 (Draft of the Weapons Bill 2010|900431|application/pdf 879 KB) and the Draft Weapons Regulation 2010 (Draft Weapons Regulation 2010|911965|application/pdf 891 KB)

It does not affect the Police and it does not affect the Crims, only You the Firearm Owner will be the VICTIMS.

Now is the time to act and mobilise your friends and families to defend all our rights. As we have been the victims for …

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