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The Lee-Enfield

Gun Books October 4, 2009

The Lee-Enfield 

A Century of Lee-Metford & Lee Enfield Rifles and Carbines

 by Ian Skennerton

Ian Skennerton has spent more than four decades of world-wide research and study, evolving through two prior editions and many other related titles. The Lee Enfield has proven itself as the finest battle rifle of all time. No other firearm has served for so long at home and abroad with such a proud record. This study encompasses all aspects of the Century of Lee-Enfield development & production… Britain, America, India, Australasia, South Africa & the Far East. Rifles, carbines, bayonets, parts, tools, accessories & ammunition are arranged into specific groups & chapters. There are five new chapters
• Preview, Model Identification
• Lee-Enfield Hybrid
• Serial number Production Ranges
• Component Parts Evolution
• An Ammunition Summary.
The Pattern Room collection has been the primary source for samples and records. With the larger format, this …

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Letters To the Editor :- Early Stainless Steel ?? Barrels

Bulletin March 18, 2009

Letter to the Editor

Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 3:25 PM
1. Subject: Stainless Steel barrels.
Hi Ron.
I have been interested in stainless steels for barrels for some time, since acquiring a Model 1904 rifle with it, see photo

Photo 018 Winchester Model 1904 #707136 - Left Side-Stainless Steel Barrel a
I note your Bulletin No 11 that you advised:
“For several years prior to 1930 the Winchester Repeating Arms Company supplied a “stainless” steel to a limited extent. It was really not a steel but rather a high chrome iron, its approximate composition being chromium 13 percent, carbon 0.10 percent, and copper 1.50 percent. Certain intricate heat treatment was necessary to make it both machinable and rust proof. It could not be successfully blued and was copper plated outside and then subjected to a treatment which turned the copper black. High cost of production and the advent of non-corrosive ammunition led to its discontinuance. “
Can you please advise the …

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Owen Guns Bulletin Jan 2009 No 8

Bulletin January 2, 2009

Welcome to the Eighth Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.


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