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Betrayal or Ignorance.

Gun Law Reform September 11, 2011

Betrayal or Ignorance.
When will our representatives, begin to govern instead of spending our money and their time solely in manufacturing legislation, making chains for our backs? Governance is leadership, example, inspiration, ideas, not just control.

In Queensland parliament, on 8 September 2011 Mr Chris FOLEY (Independent Member for Maryborough) (our neighbouring town) at 4.10 pm said.
 “I rise to participate and make a short contribution to the debate on the Weapons Amendment Bill. Obviously, it makes good sense to restrict the use of lasers………… The statistics show that violent crimes involving knives are nine times that of guns. They are not only carrying them but when someone pulls out a knife they all pull out a knife and then what in the past would have been a good old-fashioned brawl becomes a knife fight. Young people are losing their lives in incredibly horrific numbers……. They are not only

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