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THE LNP should VOTE Against ALL Weapons Amendments.

Gun Law Reform September 26, 2011

Dear David.

Politics is a Dirty Business at Times.

Thanks for the visit yesterday, and the interesting conversation. This just some thoughts that came from the meeting. Sorry its long and there is no pictures.

Guns Like this 1866 Rifle Banned

Guns Like this 1866 Rifle Banned

Landbroek and any other in your party should be reminded of why they have been in opposition for 14 years. It appears that Landbroek is going to keep you in opposition.

Apparently, he has a secure seat. We have to ask ,why he listens to Dr Paul Wilson? Who writes articles in Penthouse, with perverted credibility like that something is wrong. Wilson is pro anything goes, legalise drugs, free sex trips to Bali and wrote the completely wrong false malicious article ‘Hell Town’ for Penthouse.

The only reason we have long arm registration in Queensland to-day is because of a politicians involvement with these sort of people. The history was, that via Commonwealth Att Generals Department, Daryle Smeaton, who obtained it from Queensland Police Commissioner. (Jim O Sullivan who had the dirt bag on everybody)

John Howard put the photo of Russell Cooper existing Brett Boys (Gay Night Club in Spring Hill, opposite the bunker, Brisbane) on the desk in front of Cooper. He immediately aged another 20 years, that plus the affair with his driver made, Russell betray his party.

(I personally know the man who went to Canberra with him, to see John Howard.)

Port Arthur was never the real reason, that photo on the desk decimated the Nationals as a party and at the polls. Landbroek might remember the The Honourable Neil J.Turner, Speaker of the Queensland Parliament ex National Party member of Nambour, speech. http://www.owenguns.com/important-firearm-information/remarks-by-the-honourable-neil-jturner-speaker-of-the-queensland-parliament/

Up until his death, in July this year he openly admitted that the firearm owners of Queensland abhorrence of the National Party betrayal was the reason for the break down of the largest political party in Australia.

There betrayal, besides many other wrongs in the legislation, imposed the registration of long arms on Queenslanders, decimated the Nationals and ensured their 14 years in the political wilderness.

Your still there in that decimated state, and even with Labour’s enormous debacle, due to clever politics by Labour and the un principled speech and actions of Landbroek, your going to stay there. How well does he know Dr Paul Wilson? Has anyone got photographs on John -Paul?

The game Labour is playing with the Amendment Weapons Act before the House is a master stroke and the timing of it is perfect for them. The will not care, either way if its passed or not, they could bulldoze it through if they wanted, but it is the death of a thousand cuts for the LNP. It builds Katters Party by default which will split the right and leave them with a majority. Any of the votes that do not go to Katter Party will go to independents and justifiable so, as your party has the choice. Labour, well knows that the 300,000 shooting voters, when they realise that they have lost again and are handing over their lever and pump actions for destruction, they will be seething on the betrayal of LNP , it will not affect Labour, they know they would never get their votes anyway.

Your best opportunity, is to stand as an independent at the next election, (then I will be able to vote for you), and refuse to vote for any of these Amendments. You know, that they are only presented for the wrong reasons. To trap you.

You have already admitted that there is no benefit for the people of Queensland within this legislation and as yet you have not counted, what it will cost the people of Queensland. You know that the registration of firearms does not work and will continue to fall into a greater money hole. Registering knives as Catagory M, permits to acquire, for Stanley knives, and box knives, its stupidity.

The NLP only chance to regain credibility, as something different than Labour, is to oppose these Amendments and offer to scrap the Long Arm Registry, if elected into Government. That will take all the wind out of the sails of Katters Party as he is not offering anything yet and the first one in to do that, will be the only credible one that people will believe.

Katter is gathering financial and people support from Sporting Shooters Shooter’s Union and other shooting groups. Labour is assisting them, by presenting these Amendments.

With this one announcement, LNP gains unity of the right wing, shooters will be their at the booths handing out the how to vote cards as they did for 30 years, there will be a real opposition in Queensland.

Many of the LNP falsely believe that the shooters are rural voters and that this will go against them in city seats. They are so wrong, besides Landbroek own figures of a 36% increase in Shooters Licence applications at the Gold Coast, have a look at where the biggest guns shops are? Have a look at where all the biggest clubs are? They may leave town to shoot at St George but the greatest percentage of the hundreds of thousands of shooting voter are in those marginal electorates that LNP needs to capture.

Those Gun shop Dealers who have to employ full time staff to do their part of the Long Arm Registration could be hubs for LNP, the lawyers, bankers and doctors who shoot live in those electorates, not Gympie, or Kingaroy. The shooters who have to spend $30. every time they change a firearm, and wait seven months for the paper chase will immediately be your supporters.

Not to do this, means that your party is giving all those resources to Katter.

Those shooters all, worked well for the National Party, up to 1996 now there are a lot more of them and now your party is turning them away.

Once I was a member of the national party, I do not agree with the principle of Party politics but I am already assisting Katters Party with handouts and will continue to support them until LNP sees the light and has a religious conversion back to its original principles, that the wrong doer pays, that you do not punish the law abiding, because the police are to lazy or inept to prosecute the crime.

Until that is addressed, the wrong doers will grow and persist and the banning and registration will not save a life, not solve a crime, nor prevent a crime. They are all impositions on the good people which turns government into oppressors and criminals

If the LNP cannot distinguish itself from Labour by having the courage to act on the general principle of individuals are punished for a crime, not punishing the collective innocent whose only fault is to lawfully own property, or have an occupation or interest that is seen to be politically incorrect, then it is finished, and the more you tie your life to it entrails, like Neil Turner it will be the end of your political career.

I find you, a man with a strong sense of principle, of right and wrong and believe, that you believe that your working for the good of the people of Queensland and your electorate. You are now stating that your sitting on the fence, voting against the specific clauses, hoping that Labour will remove the ones that you object to so you can support the Bill. Labour will not do that as it suits them to split the LNP . The longer you compromise yourself the harder it will be for you to walk back and stand on your personal good principles.

If Landbroek will not give way, and the Party still wants to go down the same road into political oblivion, let them go. Stand as an independent, keep your integrity you will have an increased majority in Gympie. The LNP will never get anywhere, trying to be a middle of the road Labour party. Something better will come along to fill the void. Something might, arise like a phoenix after Katter party fails, which it will, as it has no real philosophical foundation. They are just offering all the feel good, sounds good solutions. So it may be the right time to take a step back. If you change your mind, on the ‘fence sitting’ please let me know ASAP, as I will be sending out another mail out on Monday.

All the best

Ron Owen

Find below some notes that might help.


Chris Foley, Shane Knuth and yourself have asked questions after questions and the government cannot justify its registration, or even tell you how many registered hand guns they have. They obviously do not have any idea how many licensed shooters they have, as Inspector Mc Coomb OIC weapons Branch in 1998 said they had 120,000. Licensed shooters, Landbroek is talking about figures of 16 to 19 % per year increase, so 155,000 cannot be substantiated. In the old Licence for life, shooters licence Russell Cooper (the Creep) announced that there was million licences issued.

You mentioned the Canadian Registry, Some one in Canada worked out that they had spent 2 Billion dollars on it and it was not working. (like ours) (We would have spent more than that.)

So in 2006 when they had a change of government, they announced it was to be scrapped, they announced an amnesty on fees and the 8 million long arms that still had not been registered. The 2 nd reading Bill was passed in 2009, and failed by a few voted in 2010 but Harper has now a full majority the amnesty has been extended until it goes through parliament again. When you think that the commonwealth spent 500 million the first year, (I think most of it went to Nioa’s) then what each state has spent and all the Police hours, Plus the Firearms owners $30, fee they are burnt up, and then the cost of the work the Dealers have to do, 40 hours a week paperwork.

For info on Canada


Canadian Firearms Program

For more information…


16 MAY 2011

The Government of Canada has announced the fees for most firearms licence renewals or upgrades have been waived until May 16, 2012, extending the existing waiver for one more year.


The Government has announced its intention to simplify licence requirements for firearm owners and to remove the requirement to register non-restricted firearms. However, any changes to the Firearms Act must go through a legislative process and pass in Parliament.

The full story seems to be on this page.


Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is again promising to eliminate Canada’s long-gun registry.

“When it comes to the wasteful and inefficient long-gun registry, you know where the Conservative party stands. We stand with farmers and hunters and we will scrap the long-gun registry,” Harper told a group in Welland, Ont., Monday.

The Conservative Party has promised before to get rid of the registry, but hasn’t yet introduced government legislation — supported by cabinet — to do so.

Last year, a bill introduced by Conservative backbencher Candace Hoeppner came close to passing, but failed on its last vote.

Some NDP and Liberal MPs, including Welland MP Malcolm Allen, voted against Hoeppner’s bill, “even though they had promised their constituents they would scrap the registry,” Harper said.

Six NDP MPs from rural ridings joined the majority of NDP and Liberal MPs to vote to put an end to Hoeppner’s legislation last September. Allen won the riding by a narrow margin in 2008.

A Conservative government would also introduce a new hunting and wildlife advisory panel, Harper said, to bring “common sense” to crime and gun issues.

“We have to make this common sense more common in Ottawa,” he added.

People in rural Canada aren’t opposed to gun control, he said, with a hand gun registry and licensing rules drawing little opposition.?

“What people don’t accept is going out and registering millions and millions and millions of long-guns where you already have all this other information. It’s wasteful, ineffective, and it has treated rural people, farmers and hunters as if they are criminals at the same time by governments who will do absolutely nothing about gun crime,” Harper said.

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