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A betrayal of our trust in the LNP. Again

Gun Law Reform October 11, 2011


100 shots ARE They Taking DAISY next? It's just as Stupid.

100 shots ARE They Taking DAISY next? It's just as Stupid.

More NEWS observers from the Shooters Union reported that the debate listed on the Parliaments Agenda was altered from 1st placing to fourth placing ensuring that it won’t get a hearing this week. This gives us more time to maintain the rage, to keep the pressure on the Local Members the more local members that speak on this Bill the better as it slows the process. There is an election coming very… soon.
What happen today effectively deferred the Weapons Amendment Bill of 2011 it now has been back sqauded on the Agenda in Parliament.
It was due to be discussed today and the Labour Party had the numbers to pass the Bill. Which would have removed many lever actions from the hands of law abiding licenced shooters. I and many others believe that this little Victory is due to the efforts of the ‘few’ Valiant shooters who have performed the miracle of turning back the tide, like stopping a train load of political evil that is ranged against us. ‘Few’ being a ‘few’ thousand of the 200 thousand shooters in this state who will eventually share the benefits, as even if they do not have a lever action. This idea of government, that they can punish the innocent and ignore the guilty has to stop, or it will eventually take us all.
Winston Churchill said, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” We all should cheer the ‘Few’ shooters who went to the trouble of communicating our thoughts to the politicians. Now is the time, for more to follow and do the same, and ask your friends to join in as well. We have the formula, now we have to keep the pressure on. We now know that the internet is a tool for these victories and we have the numbers, we just have to speak out. A Huge Thank You, to all who participated. Ron Owen

Correspondence on the Weapon Amendment Bill of 2011. TELL YOUR LOCAL MP TO STOP IT NOW.

On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 7:34 PM, M W  MW@altcs.com.au> wrote:
To the Hon. Ray Hopper
Member for Condamine
I wish to express my disgust at the LNP’s decision to support the Queensland Labor Government Weapons Amendment Bill.
As a family who were previously long time National Party supporters (who withdrew this support after the Howard firearm fiasco) and who were contemplating a return to supporting the LNP in order to out the present socialist Queensland and Australian governments, we feel this is once again a betrayal of our trust in the LNP, for Queensland and in the longer term, Australia.
In my immediate family there are 5 active members of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia who share the same opinion.
Obviously the LNP have enjoyed their time in oposition and wish to spend the next 20years in the wilderness.
from a betrayed Queenslander



Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 8:24 PM
Subject: Re: Weapons Amendment Bill 2011
Great letter mate. It will fall on deaf ears. The LNP are a lost cause just like their socialist mates in Labor. My member for Beaudesert is Aiden McLindon and he will be voting against the amendments. Jeannie and I went to a meeting in Boonah last night at the invitation of Katters Australia Party. Both Aiden and Bob Katter spoke for nearly two hours. There are things that you would not believe that are going on in this state.
Qld. is broke. Labor has ruined this once prosperous state. We are paying $55 million per week in interest alone on borrowings that Labor has inflicted upon us. The selling of the state assets is a joke. A large port facility was sold to Indian interests for just over 1 billion dollars. It earns about $900 million per year. The new owners have a lease on it for 99 years. Nice little earner if you can get it … and that’s just one of the many facilities sold off.
CSG is a joke. The gas is piped to the foreign owned ports, loaded onto foreign owned ships and shipped to China. The Chinese write a cheque to the CSG companies here and the payment is then returned to China where the owners of the CSG company live. There are no Australian mining companies left in this country.
We are officially net importers of food in this country. A country that once supplied food to the rest of the world, now has to rely on imports. The Liberal and Labor Parties have XXXXX us over a number of years.
There is only one option left for us and that is the elimination of the Labor and LNP from the political scene. Spread the message to everyone you know. Tell them to vote for Katters Party, we have no other option left.

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