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Government Steals Land From Shooters. The ‘Conquered Serfs’ have had Enough Insults.

Gun Law Reform May 13, 2018

Government Steals Land From Shooters. The ‘Conquered Serfs’ have had Enough Insults. 

To All Concerned

The Gympie Regions 18,000 or more licenced firearm owners, plus the 1000’s waiting to take up shooting, (due to abhorrent, illogical, totally pointless legislation and the bureaucratic tyranny of policy from the Weapons Licencing Department) know all about discrimination. The 2.2 million licenced shooters in Australia are so regularly and unfairly lambasted by the mainstream media, and unjustly tyrannised by those who are ordered to treat us as ‘conquered serfs’, that we don’t recognise that discrimination, has gone past dogmatism and that words like racism are not strong enough to describe the media ‘hate campaign’. No words correctly describe the sectarian persecution that has been imposed on these our first rate citizens over the last 26 years.

The positive of this continual harassment has been that it has united the fellow law abiding sufferers as …

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We Have The Numbers, No Longer Are We The Forgotten Minority.

Gun Law Reform February 27, 2017

We Have The Numbers, No Longer Are We The Forgotten Minority.
2017. An election in Queensland which offers to change our nation and will vibrate and inspire the world. That is of course, “IF” the apathetic Firearm Owners of Queensland turn the telly off and aid the people who support them, to replace those corrupt puppets of the internationalist. A very big “IF” of course, but the key has turned.  The 2016 Federal election where 22 % of the voters excluded the major parties, Brexit, Trump, Le Pen, Geert Wilders are showing that the mainstream media is losing its grip on the minds of the people. They call it populist, but it’s the internet that exposes the fake news that has been rammed down our throats on the 6 o’clock news.

Do YOU Want A Free Country Again.

The 2 million licensed shooters in Australia can make this happen. At …

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Minister’s Response to Letter Concerning Lever Actions.

Gun Law Reform January 3, 2017

To Police Minister and local State and Federal MPs

Dear Sir.

I am one of the two million (Crimtrac Annual Report 2015/16) Licensed firearm owners, who have conscientiously jumped through all the hoops and impositions, paid application fees, Permit to Acquire fees, and 20 or so renewal fees(which are more like un just fines) all created to punish us, for enjoying our sport and hobby. All of us are worn ragged with corrupt politicians incessantly crucifying the innocent pillars of the community, to appease the internationally financed socialist Gun Control, lusus naturae’s who could have their annual meeting in telephone box.

When Australia’s main party politicians, knowingly, plan to introduce further restrictions on firearm owners. Some licensed firearm owners might own one of the lever action shotguns, (technology that has been used in shotguns since 1887) and some will not, but all can immediately realise that if politicians are prepared …

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Report Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee

Gun Law Reform April 10, 2015


Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee

Ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community

Senate Report

Recommendation 5

1.225 The majority of Senators attending the inquiry recommend State and territory governments investigate avenues to deregulate the firearm industry to ease the economic burden on governments, industry and legal firearm users.


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I think that everybody should have a fair chance to defend themselves.

Gun Law Reform September 13, 2012

I read your FAQ and saw that you were a gun advocate, and coincidentally, was
talking about the gun issue with a few people online. I thought to send you what
I wrote (because I want to know what you think) and also to suggest that you
perhaps get in touch with the local media class in university, and see if any of
the media students wanted to make a youtube video talking about the situation,
since youtube is a great tool for educating people, especially interested
youngsters that are the loudest voices in our community. Anyhow, have a read,
and feel free to contact me via email to let me know what you think (I’m curious
as to where the debate is in Australia presently).



The main arguments for and against gun regulation put me in mind of arguments
about marijuana legalization. In those discussions, both …

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One Man with Courage is a Majority-The Stirring’s Of Freedom

Gun Law Reform December 6, 2011

By Larry Pratt GOA member.
Dr. Ray Seidel alerted me to the stirring of freedom that is taking place in his village of Ruidoso, New Mexico. I have already reported on the first battle with Mayor Ray Alborn and how he tried to impose an unconstitutional gun ban in the village. To get the full story of what happened in Ruidoso, you can go here and listen to my first debriefing session with Seidel. I recently interviewed Dr. Seidel a second time on my Gun Owners News Hour weekly radio program and asked him about several acts of local interposition in the surrounding counties — all of which underscores the importance of the office of the sheriff and the militia.


For example, over near Deming, New Mexico is the Gila National Forest. The U.S. Forest Service wanted to make almost all of it off limits for people — until the …

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Letter to the Editor. More Gun Laws,re Amendments to Weapons Act 2011

Gun Law Reform October 16, 2011


Letter to the Editor. More Gun Laws.


15,000 licensed shooters in the Gympie Region will be waiting to see how David Gibson MP voted on the latest Amendment to the Weapons Act, that are before the Queensland house of Representatives. Will he go and sit with Independents, Mrs Cunningham, Dorothy Pratt, Chris Foley, Mr McLindon, who have stated they will vote against, or will he stay and support the passage of the Bill into an Act with his LNP party?

On the 8th Sept 2011, in his speech to the house, Hansard report Mr Gibson as saying. “The LNP has a strong record of supporting law-abiding gun owners such as farmers and sporting shooters.”


This has cast a doubts on Mr Gibson’s memory, as we all can remember is in 1997, the National Party/ Liberals imposing the John Howard Un -informed Gun Laws. They have also supported …

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A betrayal of our trust in the LNP. Again

Gun Law Reform October 11, 2011


More NEWS observers from the Shooters Union reported that the debate listed on the Parliaments Agenda was altered from 1st placing to fourth placing ensuring that it won’t get a hearing this week. This gives us more time to maintain the rage, to keep the pressure on the Local Members the more local members that speak on this Bill the better as it slows the process. There is an election coming very… soon.
What happen today effectively deferred the Weapons Amendment Bill of 2011 it now has been back sqauded on the Agenda in Parliament.
It was due to be discussed today and the Labour Party had the numbers to pass the Bill. Which would have removed many lever actions

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THE LNP should VOTE Against ALL Weapons Amendments.

Gun Law Reform September 26, 2011

Dear David.

Politics is a Dirty Business at Times.

Thanks for the visit yesterday, and the interesting conversation. This just some thoughts that came from the meeting. Sorry its long and there is no pictures.

Landbroek and any other in your party should be reminded of why they have been in opposition for 14 years. It appears that Landbroek is going to keep you in opposition.

Apparently, he has a secure seat. We have to ask ,why he listens to Dr Paul Wilson? Who writes articles in Penthouse, with perverted credibility like that something is wrong. Wilson is pro anything goes, legalise drugs, free sex trips to Bali and wrote the completely wrong false malicious article ‘Hell Town’ for Penthouse.

The only reason we have long arm registration in Queensland to-day is because of a politicians involvement with these sort of people. The history was, that via Commonwealth Att Generals …

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Letter to My Local MP David Gibson

Gun Law Reform September 18, 2011

Dear David
Your speech is a good speech, far better than the usual verbal diarrhoea that is blurted out to the empty chambers in Australian parliaments of the 21st Century.
You have raised relevant questions which noting your comments “opposing those parts of the bill that do nothing more than target law-abiding gun owners.” means that you will be voting against it as your questions are too embarrassing for them to give meaningful and honest answers.

Though to make it an excellent speech instead of just good, you would have to take more issue on the “philosophical differences” that you mention, as morals are not just rhetoric, things are either right or wrong. They are ‘Just’ right and morally fair, or not.

Your questions raise issues, asking why the increase, of the already established mechanism that purposefully targets the law abiding, ignores the larger social problem that the government is …

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Gun Law Reform September 18, 2011



If we do nothing, Queensland will make law in Mid October 2011 banning centre fire rifles which have a built in magazine capacity of over 10 shots, pump actions, lever actions anything that can take 11 shots,  will have to be handed in for NO compensation. That means Model 1866 (Henry) Winchester, Model 1873 Winchesters, Model 1892 Winchester’s 1873, likewise Browning, Marlin, Remington, Rossi, Puma, Colt Lighting, Chiappa, Uberti, Henry, Timberwolf, and  Remington Pumps, one in the chamber puts the rifles built in magazine capacity at 11and if you have done the right thing and registered that rifle you will have to hand it in for no compensation. There are many more sad, idiotic, sections of legislation in the Weapons Amendment Bill of 2011  WeaponsAmB11 which enpowers the government to misuse its power, …

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Betrayal or Ignorance.

Gun Law Reform September 11, 2011

Betrayal or Ignorance.
When will our representatives, begin to govern instead of spending our money and their time solely in manufacturing legislation, making chains for our backs? Governance is leadership, example, inspiration, ideas, not just control.

In Queensland parliament, on 8 September 2011 Mr Chris FOLEY (Independent Member for Maryborough) (our neighbouring town) at 4.10 pm said.
 “I rise to participate and make a short contribution to the debate on the Weapons Amendment Bill. Obviously, it makes good sense to restrict the use of lasers………… The statistics show that violent crimes involving knives are nine times that of guns. They are not only carrying them but when someone pulls out a knife they all pull out a knife and then what in the past would have been a good old-fashioned brawl becomes a knife fight. Young people are losing their lives in incredibly horrific numbers……. They are not only

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GUN LAW ALERT Only 200 submissions entered so far Against new Weapons Act.

Gun Law Reform September 4, 2010

If you know any Gun Owners in Queensland that do not want any more restrictions placed on them ask them to put in a submission, if they cannot do it, do one for them.


There are 200,000 shooters in the state of Queensland, many hundreds of clubs, many hundreds of Firearm Dealers, there are over 3600 email address that receive the Owen Guns Bulletin, most are located in Queensland, yet to date Police sources report that only 200 submissions have been received by the Ministers office in opposition to the new Weapons Draft legislation.

The submissions can be sent electronically by email before the 14th of September 2010. These impending laws will be another huge burden on every firearm owner in this state. More guns will have to be handed in, Licences will be much harder to get, PTAs will be harder to get, fee increases of …

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Send a Submission Against the New Gun Laws.

Gun Law Reform August 28, 2010

This Legislation Removes Your Rights, It Imposes Further Restrictions, on All Shooters, Collectors, Shooting Clubs, Dealers and Armourers. No one escapes even people who do not own a firearm. Please Read this impending Firearm Legislation Now. It Affects Purchase, Licences, Costs, Participation, Security, Search without warrant, It makes Parts and Magazines registered items. This will close many Gun Shops.

Help Stop Tyranny Now.

This Legislation produces a hunting ground for the Queensland Police to prey and harass, RSL Clubs, Historical Societies (Museums) that display valuable collectors items in glass cases, that already comply with security measurer’s in place for their collectors licences. That already have to render these artifacts temporary inoperable. The new act ensures they have the relevance of a boat anchor, yet still locked in a steel safe in a security room.

The hunting ground also includes Target Shooters, of all classes, Collectors, Firearm Dealers, Armours, Re-en …

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Help Stop 642 pages of GUN LAWS

Gun Law Reform August 8, 2010

We, the Victims of Firearm Legislation are to be chained down with more Restrictions. Protest NOW.

Yesterday the Queensland State Government tabled 2 documents , the Weapons Regulation 2010 – Consultation Draft and the Weapons Bill 2010 – Consultation Draft. Below is the link to the relevant website. Please be aware that although the public consultation period ends on 14 September, submissions must be received by 28 August 2010. This is another fresh 642 pages of imposed legislation that affects the law abiding citizen of Queensland.

Draft of the Weapons Bill 2010 (Draft of the Weapons Bill 2010|900431|application/pdf 879 KB) and the Draft Weapons Regulation 2010 (Draft Weapons Regulation 2010|911965|application/pdf 891 KB)

It does not affect the Police and it does not affect the Crims, only You the Firearm Owner will be the VICTIMS.

Now is the time to act and mobilise your friends and families to defend all our rights. As we have been the victims for …

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Letter From America to Australia

Gun Law Reform April 17, 2010

Letter from a shooting collector/ Customer in the USA.


I appreciate your best wishes for “Obama Land”, it just so happens that I have been giving considerable thought and study to just that very subject and I am not near as optimistic and your kind wishes. I have been rereading biographies on the Founding Fathers and all the books I have time to read written by documented authors who are qualified to write on the present situation in the USA. All of what I have tried to understand brings to mind an absolute flood of thoughts and how to put them into an organized way is a problem to me. You will just have to accept them sent as best as I can do. It will be good therapy for me to put these thought in print as I truly am distressed about the future of this Country and …

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The Individual Verses the State. Part 3

Gun Law Reform September 28, 2009

Gun Laws it has been a Confidence Trick.

This simple two-way analyses on people/firearm controls and it’s effects in the major countries of the English speaking world indicate that all these arbitrary firearm controls have failed to reduce violent crime. Subsequent to this, it suggests that in most area’s it could be responsible for the increase of violent crime. Disarming the people has not reduced criminal violence in any country examined here: not Great Britain, not Canada, and not Australia. In all cases, the means of community disarmament have been ineffective, expensive, and very annoying to the citizens who have lost there private property. In all instances, the method has necessitated establishing extravagant bureaucracies that propagate negative influences in public safety. Disarming the community passionately increases the distrust in the controlling bureaucracy that impose it, alienating the community and completely destroying their enthusiasm to comply with other legislation that may …

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The Individual Verses the State Part 2

Gun Law Reform September 28, 2009

Gun Laws A Confidence Trick.

No 8 2.Howard,WritingonWall

Do increased restrictions upon firearm ownership reduce murder rates? Armed robbery rates? Criminal violence in general? Suicide rates? In short, does firearm Legislation  act to create a safer society as claimed by their supporters?
If gun laws are supposed to reduce violent crime, then this must be demonstrated to be the truth, or gun control is no more than a confidence trick.
Academia’s bureaucratic criminologists are quieter now than in past years they admit (although reluctantly) that there is very little pragmatical support for the claim that laws designed to reduce general access to firearms reduce criminal violence.
The truth which is going to throw some petrol on the candle and expose the darkened room to some resplendent light, is not the question of, ‘If gun laws cause a drop in murder, suicide or violent crime’, but do they cause an increase in crime?
This …

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Speech, Sydney Forum, The Individual versus the State. Part 1

Gun Law Reform September 27, 2009

H.L. Mencken, said , “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out…without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.”

Let us learn to be dangerous.
I actually dislike speeches and meeting as I can read much quicker than someone can vocalize, to me it is much more valuable, in its written form as I can then refer to it, indefinitely and retain it longer. To make it valuable there is a lot of it, we have no time to sermonize or repeat it, So please concentrate as we have only time to say this once.

0a01No a1 Say Once

Certain Behaviour gets rewarded by life, some other behaviour gets rewarded by death, so lets learn how to make the best choices quickly.
We have  huge problems, I do …

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Remarks by The Honourable Neil J.Turner, Speaker of the Queensland Parliament

Gun Law Reform July 19, 2009

Remarks by The Honourable Neil J.Turner, Speaker of the Queensland Parliament, on the Bill that would implement Australia’s gun-control measures in the State of Queensland


Hon. N. J. Turner (Nicklin) (3.51 p.m.): In answer to the honourable member for Ashgrove, I put myself before the House and was quite happy not to speak in the debate if the House so chose. I would then have followed the precedent set by the honourable member, if need be, and spoken during the debate on the clauses.

I thank the Parliament for granting me leave to speak as the member for Nicklin on the legislation before the House. It gives me no great joy to take this action. However, my conscience dictates that I do so. I believe that what I have to say today will strike a chord in quite a few members in this Chamber and, were it possible to …

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