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Help Stop 642 pages of GUN LAWS

Gun Law Reform August 8, 2010

Don’t Lose your Prized Possessions Act NOW.

We, the Victims of Firearm Legislation are to be chained down with more Restrictions. Protest NOW.

Yesterday the Queensland State Government tabled 2 documents , the Weapons Regulation 2010 – Consultation Draft and the Weapons Bill 2010 – Consultation Draft. Below is the link to the relevant website. Please be aware that although the public consultation period ends on 14 September, submissions must be received by 28 August 2010. This is another fresh 642 pages of imposed legislation that affects the law abiding citizen of Queensland.

Draft of the Weapons Bill 2010 (Draft of the Weapons Bill 2010|900431|application/pdf 879 KB) and the Draft Weapons Regulation 2010 (Draft Weapons Regulation 2010|911965|application/pdf 891 KB)

It does not affect the Police and it does not affect the Crims, only You the Firearm Owner will be the VICTIMS.

Now is the time to act and mobilise your friends and families to defend all our rights. As we have been the victims for to long.

Please write and email, use the power of the computer to send your personal letter to the politicians, use the links below to send to as many Queensland politicians as possible.

Make sure you always include your name and address. That way you will be taken seriously.

QLD Gov Ministers: Click here to e-mail all Gov Ministers

QLD Shadow Gov Ministers: Click here to e-mail all Shadow Gov Ministers

Find your local MP: Click here to find your local MP, Click on their Electorate in the middle of the column, then click on the e-mail address

Below is a copy of my letter, to be used as idea’s. Copy the heading only,

‘Submission on, Draft of the Weapons Bill 2010 and the Draft Weapons Regulation 2010′.

I have already sent this so please don’t just copy all of it and send it again, change it a bit, at least. Even that though is better than not sending anything at all. Remember submissions must be received by 28 August 2010.

Civilisation began because People chose to live in a society that protected them from ‘Bullies’.

Dear Sir/Madame

RE- Submission on Draft of the Weapons Bill 2010 and the Draft Weapons Regulation 2010.

As an ex service man of seven years and a person who received his first shooting license, fifty years ago, when I was twelve, I ask that the government not impose even more dictates on shooters.

The Police Minister says in his press release, http://www.police.qld.gov.au/programs/weaponsLicensing/weapons_bill/

“has been developed with a clear and overarching objective in mind – increasing community safety. These recommended changes will also help to make the legislation easier to read and interpret by consolidating existing and new provisions to clarify the rights and responsibilities of weapons owners. Ministerial Weapons Act Review Committee was formed and the Act and its Regulations were re-written. That same committee – comprising of representatives from the weapons industry, civil rights, Government and the Queensland Police Service.”

Your drafters of this 642 pages of legislation have only re-written the draft to the instructions of the Queensland Police Service. None of the recommendations of the Firearm organisations was given half a line. Even the RSL has to totally wreck its exhibits to place them on display, in secure premises. These two documents are purely the product of the Police.

Legislation is supposed to be a pact between the people and the parliament not the product of those you chose to set over us. The Police are a self interested body who continually increases itself on a perpetual growth system know as ‘Parkinson’s Law’, or ‘Jobs for the Boys’. The more power it has the more staff it has the better pay increments it leader have. The increase kills all efficiencies but then again they have totally lost the point of defending the people and saving life, they State revenue raisers and State bully boys that you set over us.

I would like to remind the Minister, we firearm owners are the ‘Community’. Before he imposes 642 pages of legislation throttling that community, he should first demonstrate a need for any of it. When twenty years ago in 1990, we had 29 pages of the Queensland Firearms Act of 1976, the communities greatest problems then was that the Australian society was broken into three sections, the Criminal Elements, who take no notice of Firearm law and the Queensland Police, who are exempt from it anyway and the Law Abiding Society including Law Abiding firearm owners, who are the Victims. Twenty years later, and hundreds of pages of firearm legislation later we have Home Invasion a crime that was unheard of until this legislation dis armed the community, ‘the Victims’. This legislation left us with huge increased crime rates, inflicted on the Community, the un armed or un prepared Victims. Propelled by that increase we have had a huge taxation and administration burdens due to increases in Police. Supposedly to control this crime increase but these increases are more than likely dissipated in supervising the best behaved elements of our community the law abiding firearm owner.

The new legislation imposes a 124 % increase in charges, to prevent pensioners from retaining their property. If they do not disarm us by legislation they fine, without trial, prosecute by taking our money and when we cannot afford it take our property by default.

This new legislation gives un precedented powers to the authorised police officers who can then make un written, un seen by parliament the law of the land. For example, if a persons property, a firearm looks nasty in the eyes of the authorised officer it can be re-categorised from A to D the result being you cannot own it anymore.

Giving the Police these discretionary powers to make their own law, was one of the Fitzgerald Inquiries biggest gripes about the past system.

This legislation takes away all principles of civil rights, the powers of search, the powers to indict, without providing evidence to a jury, the power to judge and limit people by association, the power to take peoples livelihoods, there tools of trade, without trial. Giving these immense powers to an organisation with a known criminal record. (The CJC, the CMC, the Australian Crime Commissions have endless convictions on this organisation)

This draft Act also creates huge impositions on the community that has to police, in and un paid capacity, the jobs that the Queensland Police Service do not want to do themselves, such as Pistol Clubs having to inspect members shoot records for each member, for each category of firearms. These are volunteers, trying to run a non-profit association and your legislation gives a penalty if they do not perform to expectations demanded by the Queensland Police Force.

Your proposed legislation turns firearm dealers , and armourers into unpaid policemen, checking thousands of documents for the police, on a penalty if they make a mistake. Forced to carry out the work of the Queensland Police in harassing there customers. The Queensland Police must have taken lessons from the Gestapo.

To set a document of this size over the law abiding people of this state, when you intend to prosecute these people for not knowing these proposed laws. When with forethought and planning you understand that memorising 642 pages is beyond the mental capacity of the parliamentarians to even read it, before voting on it, never mind remembering it all, is a crime of tyranny against the people you are supposed to represent.

Our parliamentarians have set two dogs to rip the Victims apart, one is the Criminal elements that are given free reign to raid, rape and plunder at will and the other is the known criminal group the Queensland Police Service. (taxpayer millions go to the CMC which only faintly attempts to control there excesses) Why does parliament give them both more licence to get fat from the Victims?

The drafters of this legislative nightmare make the Police the sole judge of firearm safety, they appoint the safety testers, they check the shooting ranges, they assess the categories of firearms, they legislate the magazine capacities, and yet it is an accepted fact that the Queensland Police Service are the most dangerous and have the worst safety record in the state. There could be possible another State or Federal body that has a worse safety record but it would be doubtful. What intelligent group would do that?

We have all done what you have ordered, we have had ourselves photographed, we have joined clubs, you force us to attend, we have gone out and bought steel safes, we pay for half a dozen different licenses, as collectors, hand guns, armourer, long arms, as you legislated for nearly a dozen different types. For all of them, we send multi, photographs of ourselves, much money, multi page renewal forms, multi page applications for ‘Permits to Acquire’ after we have already sent the same information with the licence applications. We buy home security systems, extra security for our cars, we put up with the police knocking on our home doors to check what we have in our steel safes. We have done all this and now you want more?

You want more money, $5 million. You want to tax us, or more like fine us, the best behaved section of our community.

If you really wanted to save money and spend more in hospitals, you should do away with the whole system altogether as it achieves nothing. It would save ten million or more. To you politicians its peanuts, to us it’s the very thin end, of a thin wedge.

Recently, the police dragged a pensioner before the courts for having a pkt of .22 ammo in a cupboard. He had handed his rifles in at the police station, (could not afford the renewal fee’s) and asked the policeman what he should do with the ammo. The policeman answered honestly that he had no interest in it. so the pensioner took it home. He was responsible, he didn’t throw it in the bin, or chuck it out of the car window in disgust at losing his property, his rifles. Now he is facing charges for having ammunition without a license. It cannot hurt anyone without the rifle, even if you burn it, only the brass cases pop off, 30 inches it won’t penetrate a sheet of brown paper.

We citizens have become the hunted, you are now our jailors. The government once gave me a rifle and ammunition, lots of it, to do its work. Maybe we were on the wrong side. ‘Betrayal’ leaves a bad taste, and the mates who died for freedom have been betrayed far more than I. We used to have rights but you have taken them all away, the right to freely own property, the right to defend oneself and our families, freedom of speech. (Anti-discrimination laws have stolen that) We now do not have a right to chose, who we employ.

I suppose you think that those two hundred thousand shooters, (the police always minimize except when they want more money) will not vote Labour anyway and so you don’t care, but Labour always forgets a few things. Most shooters dislike your opposition, Liberal and National more than you. National, Russell Cooper and the ‘evil gnome’ John Howard introduced the last lot of legislation, and the shooters will never vote for them again. It has put the National Party out of power for twelve years.

You the Labour Party have been the beneficiaries of that for twelve years. We victims, all have families, wives kids and some with parents and uncles. Who do you think they vote for? If you want to put the other side in, go for it.

Ron Owen , JP. (Qual)

Civilisation began because People chose to live in a society that protected them from ‘Bullies’.

One Response to “Help Stop 642 pages of GUN LAWS”

  1. Wasn’t one of the old Communist Party’s steps in gaining total control over the people was by totally disarming them? Anyone who believes that the restrictions being touted will achieve anything good is a fool who doesn’t want to be confused by facts. For a start, how do we as shooters harm the Australian wildlife when tyhe vast majority of animals hunted are pests, intruduced species that damage and ruin our environment? How do the tree huggers intend to control them? How many crimes of involving firearms are committed by licenced shooters with registered firearms? If someone has a legally registered firearm already what is the point of having a cooling off period if they wish to purchase another one? I cannot see 1 legitimate or valid reason for most of these gun laws. It just makes me wonder what the real agenda is. There is not enough space to pour my heart out here but it shames me to see that I have sat idly by while the freedom and lifestyle that my grandfather faught thru 2 world wars for is taken from all Australians forever for no valid reason. I did my stint in the Army and volunteered to go to Vietnam because I thought I was doing my bit for freedom. He often warned me and bemoaned the way this once free country was heading and I didn’t listen, didn’t do a thing about it. Sorry Pop, you were right.

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