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Letter From America to Australia

Gun Law Reform April 17, 2010

Letter from a shooting collector/ Customer in the USA.


I appreciate your best wishes for “Obama Land”, it just so happens that I have been giving considerable thought and study to just that very subject and I am not near as optimistic and your kind wishes. I have been rereading biographies on the Founding Fathers and all the books I have time to read written by documented authors who are qualified to write on the present situation in the USA. All of what I have tried to understand brings to mind an absolute flood of thoughts and how to put them into an organized way is a problem to me. You will just have to accept them sent as best as I can do. It will be good therapy for me to put these thought in print as I truly am distressed about the future of this Country and World both of which I love and bless the day I was given the opportunity to do what humans get to do living here on Planet Earth!!!!   Please keep in mind as you read what I write that in a previous email I stated that I had learned that what motivates ambitious people was MONEY and POWER, I never heard back from you on that so assume that you agree with me on that one. ???
The present economic and political chaos in the USA has been a long time developing and parts can go back as far as the Truman Presidency but it has been accelerating at a rapid rate since Regan. Wall St, Banking and Insurance have absolutely Gang Raped Capitalism, they continue to do so and expect to continue to do so! Banks pay 0.01% interest and charge up to 29% on unpaid balance on a credit card and a $35 fee on an overdraft of as little as cent. Executive compensation  “unwarranted and unsustainable.”  Mortgage companies were selling home to anyone with a pulse. They sold a$ 700,000 home to an illegal Mexican who was mowing lawns for a living, and then sold the mortgage to a Bank. There has been a large devaluation in home value and many people owe more on their home than its present value. The only choice they have is to just pack up their things and walk away from it if they, in fact have not already lost their home in Foreclosure. Everyone knows some one who has lost their home and or are presently having economic difficulty. There is near 10% unemployment among white people and about 16% among minorities. We have large office buildings here which are reported as being near empty.  If you could go to a store and find the USA on a shelf for sale in its entirety it is reported as being worth “62 Trillion$” and our recorded national debt is 12 Trillion$ with the metre running at an alarming rate. Every state is reported in financial distress some much worse that others. Many if not most pension funds report a short fall in the near future.  Conducting two wars which are costing vast amounts of National Blood and Treasure. Both wars would have been long over if for two reasons we had a national draft been initiated so that every son and daughter in the USA had an obligation to serve in the military during a time of “National Security” and if we had taxed ourselves to pay for the wars rather than put them on a credit card!! It is no secret that we have a Government which long ago sold itself to “powerful special interests” who have in many cases which have in fact written the legislation passed in their behalf in  Congress or when written by Legislators written very much in favour of the “powerful special interests.”  Remember that the present economic crisis occurred during the Bush administration when Hank Paulson was Sec. of The Treasury. Hank and been CEO of Goldman Sacs and a number of his staff had come from the same organization. Now how was it that Goldman came through the “Bailout” which was conducted “without review”, it came out so well and many of their competitors bit the dust. Now if you can’t figure that one out I can understand that you really are having a difficult time trying to live life with a single digit IQ.
Just a month ago on my way home I spent five marvellous days in the beautiful city of Paris, it was about my eights visit and easy the most enjoyable!! I spent considerable time before the visit going over maps and tour guides again and I got out my European History Text again and read up some on the History of France and the French Revolution of 1789 which is the classic revolution for study. One of the things I did was visit the “Invalids” which is a Military Museum and when I got to the section on the French Revolution there was a sizable board which had in English a three paragraph explaining of how and what provoked that Revolution. I stood there and read it four times and wished I could have made a copy. If you could change the date to 2010 and a few names the finger print is exactly the same as the conditions which exist in the USA today, I was stunned!!! It is reported that 75% or the people in this country are extremely angry about where this country is going and headed in the wrong direction!!! I am one of those if you have not already guessed that from what I have said in this email so far. There is a large and growing but fractured movement in the USA in the next election to vote ALL current members of Congress out of office, just clean ALL of them out. Where is this going to go??? I can’t guess but even Thomas Jefferson said that a “little revolution now and then could be a good thing.” He later withdrew that idea as not being a good idea.”
The Founding Fathers of this Country wrote a Constitution which in my mind and that of others the most unique political document in the history of man. Remember when it was written there was nothing else like it on planet earth. All of the European countries and others in the rest of the world were governed direct of indirectly by some kind of Monarchy Government. “By and For the People,” was one of a kind and they honestly had no idea if it would work or last it was NEW and very untested which is not true anymore. It is also true that more times that you can guess that we came very close to losing our Constitutional Democracy and it is continually being challenged and tested. The Founding Fathers Knew that governments can and do go wacko, it seems that every time the light of day exposes the internal workings of some agency or administration in this government it shows that it is not working. There are three branches of government which are supposed to work as a check and balance one against the other but there is a fourth check which most all Founding Fathers expressed as being essential to this government that is the right to bare arms. It is in the Constitution as the last an final check on bad government out of control. Interesting that as the people in the USA become more angry that gun ownership becomes more important. Anti-gun legislators are well aware that one peep out of them about gun control and there political future is toast!!! I don’t think or believe that anyone in the current mess we are in is going to take up arms against the government, but I do believe that if the citizens of this country were not well armed that there would be some “Special Interest Groups” which would make every effort to tear up our Constitution to satisfy there own greedy and power seeking ends.
His holyness Allan Greenspan is one of them and in my opinion should be in prison for he things he has done to the USA and the World. Remember that work POWER??? he was “the most Powerful man in the world” but if you go back and read and study his testimony to Congress, his policies and what he actually did in fact say, in the exact order, in which he did say both differing statements, there are probably few more dishonest men in American history, that is my opinion!!  How has he and other politicians gotten away with what they have done and are doing. That is an easy question to answer. Political rhetoric and action has a very short shelf life of four to five months, six at the max. This means that a political can publicly say one thing one day and in a few months and actually do something completely opposite a few months later and NO one will remember what he said a few months before. Even less will the media remember what was said and have the gaul to ask for an explanation from a POWERFUL legislator
You ask how Obama is doing, all of this I have written has landed on his desk a year ago and we are all asking “well why don’t you have it all straightened out yet?” He did not make the mess and he is not going to straighten it out SORRY!!! It is too soon to tell just what impact he is going to have on history in the USA but I am suspect of anything with the help he has recruited, I think of Girthner Sec. of the Treasury and Sommers “Economic Advisor” Both of these men were close associates to Greenspan and both were right in the middle of making the mess. What is the future?? I can’t guess and what does come to mind is that one of my Professors when doing research for his PhD. ran across the minutes of the 1885 convention of the American Wagon Makers and they were projecting how many horse drawn wagons would be needed in the next hundred years.
On the other hand my Brother tells me that the Ancient Egyptian and the Mayan calender both run out in 2012. Now what did they know and when did they know it?? (to coil a phrase) Another couple things which come to mind is that it seems to me that we have lost touch with the possibility that there really just might be a landlord to this sphere upon which we tread. and the opposite of that, I lived in Germany for awhile and my landlady who lived in Germany during the war said ” the only way I can understand and explain the War is that there is a satanic power!”
Hope this answers your question ‘how is Obama Land’? This probably gives you much more that you wanted to know but I feel much better Dr. Owen being able to get this off my mind!!
I asked Rob Blomfield to keep and eye open for a couple High Walls for me any restorable condition so long as Mother nature and man had not been working on them with their most destructive tools. These are kind of difficult to find but if you run across such a thing would you please let him know.
Keep up your good work!! bob


Dear Bob
I agree with everything you say and have written tome’s on the Banksters and the creation of debt for years, Just take a look at those old copies of Lock, Stock and Barrel. We have everything you mention here in Australia that you mentioned we even had Martin Turnbull the leader of the opposition was a director of Goldman Sachs Australia. What a Turn bull coat capitalist he was .He has been replaced thank goodness  huge on green house gas carbon credits all the way . I might put that letter without the typos on my political web page if you don’ mind, just with the name Bob on it. My reletivies in the UK say its just the same if not worse there. I had a mate go to Germany at Christmas and he reckons civil war or civil rioting will start there soon. All for the same reasons as yours. Your Jefferson got most of the good stuff out of the British Bill of Rights of 1689 and the writers of that document got it from John Locke and the Bible.


I am flattered to think you want to use some of my stuff and it really did help to type it out and send it to you. I am honestly very concerned that our system is going to fall apart and that belief is not easy for me to live with!!!
If you do choose to use anything of mine please feel free to edit it any way you choose but there is one thing I wanted to include in it and forgot to do so. Do me a favour and read what I am going to type and plug it in any place you think appropriate.
I have a neighbour who is a retired executive of ” NOAA” (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) and he has a bumper sticker on his car which gets a chuckle out of me every time I read it and it says: ” Stop Continental Drift” Like oh sure it might it be easier to do that than stop where ever our government and economy are headed? ! ? ! ? ? ? ?

Ron! what ever you do don’t get me started on Islam!!!!!!   I appreciate your work, ever thought that you might be the point man leading a revolution in Australia??? I get a feeling you are doing something like that from what you write!! Keep it up!   bob

There was another American who wrote at the same time which tends to support everything that Bob is telling us. So I tacked his message on the bottom. Ron

Robert McCurry, Editor & Publisher  April 17, 2010

An Ignorant Citizenry

Tolerates Tyranny

If a citizenry doesn’t know the purpose, function, and limitations of the State, then the State can do whatever it wants to do because the citizenry doesn’t realize anything improper is being done. For there to be any indignation towards acts of tyranny by the State, one must know that tyranny is taking place. Unfortunately in America today, most citizens wouldn’t recognize tyranny if it came up and bit them on the end of the nose.

Tyrants bank on such ignorance and the legislative agenda of the political class thrives under such conditions.

Aldous Huxley, in his book, Brave New World, wrote of a citizenry of slaves who would love their enslavement. Huxley writes, “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.” This is precisely what our federal government has been trying to do to the American citizenry for decades now.

We saw an example of this just the other week. After the Obama administration strong-armed their health-care bill through Congress, they immediately sent out their minions to convince the American people of “how this will benefit them.”

This legislation is an attack on freedom and a power-grab by the federal government. From a biblical and Constitutional point of view, these new laws are not legitimate to the purpose and function of the State, and go outside the limitations of the State. But sadly most Americans do not care. They’ve become accustomed to having the State wipe their noses from the cradle to the grave.

Who can cure this ignorance? Surely not the members of academia or the media. They in fact are busy schooling the nation in accepting the totalitarian State.

The pulpits in our nation once instructed the people in the purpose, function, and limitations of the State through yearly election and artillery sermons. These sermons were routinely preached for over 100 years in our nation. Clergymen understood that God’s Word addressed all matters of life, including the matters of civil government.

Today however, most pulpits are silent about God’s Word when it comes to State government. In fact, most just teach unlimited obeisance to the State, as though there are no limitations of State rule. By default they teach that whatever the State rules legislatively is the will of God.

This kind of clergymen was even prevalent during the Revolutionary War era. The Rev. William Gordon of Roxbury, Massachusetts preached regarding such men in 1794 when he declared “Though the partisans of arbitrary power will freely censure that preacher who speaks boldly for the liberties of the people, they will admire as an excellent divine, the parson whose discourse is wholly in the opposite, and teaches, that magistrates have a divine right for doing wrong, and are to be implicitly obeyed; men professing Christianity, as if the religion of the blessed Jesus bound them to bow their neck to any tyrant.”

America’s present-day pulpits need to repent of their idolatrous views regarding the State. True Christianity always produces liberty. Even the Scottish philosopher, David Hume, a bitter of enemy of Christianity, had to concede this fact. Hume wrote, “The precious sparks of liberty were kindled and preserved by the Puritans in England, and that, to this sect…the English owe the whole freedom of their Constitution.”

The pulpits are the means whereby the people will be instructed, from a theological foundation, in the purpose, function, and limitations of the State. When a citizenry’s view of the State is theologically-driven, the State can no longer get away with doing whatever it wants to do because a citizenry informed in the purpose, function, and limitations of the State will not tolerate or countenance tyranny.

As Thomas Jefferson rightly wrote, “Ignorant and free has never been and will never be.”

Pastor Matt Trewhella, April 15, 2010, The Covenant News

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