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Owen Guns Bulletin December 2015 Edition 112

Blog November 29, 2015

Owen Guns Gympie
Welcome to the One Hundred and Twelfth  Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.  41 year old Owen Guns  has a new website, it does not look much different on the  header but it has lots more capacity for viewing new products, new firearms and  accessories with prices and photos.

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Visit Chester’s Pin Ups, read Chester latest reviews.

Chester in his Birthday suit, that at this stage is about three sizes to big.

Chester in his Birthday suit, that at this stage is about three sizes to big.

Chester is Owen Guns Latest Staff member who has a different angle on the firearm business.
Mail order , in the Firearm industry has been getting a bad reputation of late, besides the Asia off shore internet mail order houses selling Fake Branded Rifle scopes with clear plastic instead of glass lenses, reticule adjusters that don’t work, but have a red and green illuminated cross hair, all with quality Brand names on the packaging, we have on shore Australian internet sites that offer you human service we encourage our mail order customers to make prior contact, to confirm that we have, just the stock you require, and you know exactly how much the freight component will cost you. It only takes a quick call to 07 54825070 or 0754824099 in shop hours 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays and 9am to 4pm on Saturdays, or fax to 07 54824718 with your credit card details, or email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au emails and fax will be confirmed with freight component before dispatch. We want to encourage contact between our staff and customers, we want to make friends with our customers, some of who have been customers for over 40 years. If we fail, we want to know about it, so we can remedy it. Contact is the only way for lasting customer friendships to exist. TO ORDER. Details should include Name of card, ie Visa or Mastercard. Name on Card. Number on Card, Expiry Date of Card, 3 secret numbers on the rear of the card. Your home phone or mobile number. How you want it sent to you, ie mail or road freight. The address you want it sent to. Describe which item you want to purchase. On our website we also have shooting articles and important firearm information for the gun enthusiast.  New firearm related material is being added every day. Any Inquiries on any products phone 07 54824099 or 07 54825070 or email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au Owen Guns have always tried to give the best advice and the best price for the best quality to their customers.
Dealer Licence Number 50000130
Yet again, Christmas speeds upon us, the Christmas rush has begun, The Staff of Owen Guns

would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous, Happy New Year. If you are traveling, keep safe and call in.

Politically_correct_art Small

Thoughts For The Week.
GOOD NEWS.We have had a reprieve, more than likely due to our lobbying of Members of Parliament and Letter to the Editors, Facebook etc. The COAG meeting put off making a decision on changing the NFA (National Firearm Agreement) until April 2016. Queensland, NSW, Northern Territory and Tasmania would not agree to the changes proposed by the Commonwealth Minister for Justice Michael Keenan MP the Chairman of COAG. His assistant Catherine Smith has been driving these proposals and now she has been transferred elsewhere.
This does not mean we can be complacent in anyway, the April 2016 date for the next meeting has been selected to gain the maximum publicity from the anniversary of 20 years from the Port Arthur tragedy. The enemies of freedom will be working overtime to produce endless re-runs on the Gogglebox, to fire up as much public animosity and hatred against law abiding firearm owners. It’s a co-ordinated campaign to impose a politically correct agenda, our only defence is our ever growing numbers. Neither, Labour, or Liberal want to lose electoral seats, they have both suffered lost elections due to our retaliation for previous impositions on our freedoms. At the present time none of them have well padded majorities in the houses of parliament.
COMMITMENT.In advertently legislation has created a bond between the many diverse sections of our sport and hobby and it has unified us closer then ever before. Our numbers can save us, but they are meaningless if those numbers just sleep and do not activate. Activate, means visit MPs write letters to MPs, write letter to the Newspapers, phone up talk back radio and give them your best, phone up TV stations and complain when they tell lies. Activation is the secret of the NRA, not the fact that they have the size, they have the commitment.Since I have been opposing Firearm Impositions, we have had Premiers, John Cain, Wayne Goss, Russell Cooper, Rob Borbridge, Barry Unsworth, Nick Greiner, Peter Beatty, Neville Wran, and of course Prime Minister John Howard and his flunky Tim Fischer. That does not count a few lack lustre hopefuls like Bill Gunn and Keith Wright. All have gone into the mire of political obscurity, where they belong and we are still here campaigning for our future freedoms.—————-

As of today only 1970 shooters have signed the

E. PETITION to request that our Representatives in PARLIAMENT do not vote for more impositions on law abiding firearm owners please sign on-line or download a copy. .

“Licensed shooters request representatives vote against any further impositions, or adverse changes of categories in Weapons Act 1990.”

E. Petition Please Sign Now. Share it to all of your friends and family.


All State and territory Police Ministers are being canvassed right now for their support to reclassify Lever Action firearms from Category A to Cat B, Cat B to Cat C and Cat D. If your firearm is reclassified to either Cat C or Cat D you will be forced to surrender it. By the legal mechanism of changing Categories instead of “banning” they are effecting the same result without paying compensation.

Print off a (Hard Copy) parliamentary petition form to fill in at your Gun shop, or shooting range and forwards it back by post, to Ron Owen at 24 Mc Mahon Rd, Gympie, 4570 before the 14th February 2015. So they can be delivered to the Queensland Parliament by MP Tony Perrett. (Tony is sponsoring this petition) Download .pdf file here. http://www.foaa.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Petition-Hard-Copy.pdf

Petition Hard Copy

Complacency Small


“The politically correct crowd is tolerant of all viewpoints, except those they disagree with.” Jindal

My daughter mentioned that many of her friends were violently anti gun and are serious in the belief that all guns should be banned ‘totally’ and then the world would be safe to live in harmony.

We all know that is impossible, that the people who break the laws with impunity, who have murder in their minds are not going to bother breaking laws on gun ownership. You cannot expect people preceding in a murder, to obey a ‘no parking’ sign, or to refrain from ‘Walking on the Grass”. We know that murder can be easily and more regularly committed with rocks beer bottles and motor vehicles. That gangsters and police always have firearms and law abiding civilians should not be left defenceless and helpless like those people lying in the Paris streets waiting there turn to be shot. Draconian firearm legislation in France and Europe does nothing to protect the unarmed civilians of Paris. They like all of us could die waiting for the Police. The terrorists of 911 used nothing except cardboard box cutters to take over the four planes that killed over 3000 people. Would they propose to Ban card board box cutters as well. Why do many, so called, educated intelligent people have so much hate for the harmless, the best behaved section of our community, our licenced firearm owners? Meanwhile, back on the streets, criminals, jihadists and their cohorts operate a flourishing black market in pistols, semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles, while the police crack down even more on the landowners and farmers, in a futile effort to convince the “punters” that everything is under control!


There is a biblical quote John 15:25 “They hated me without a cause.” which refers to the punishment of the innocent and we firearm owners, are innocents, we find it hard to understand why we are so ill used by the media and politicians, why we are used as the political whipping dog.

We might be able to understand why the Nazis hated the Jews, the Jews were successful, thriving, shopkeepers and business men through-out the Great Depression. Jews were seen as a minority, outsiders who had been set above Germans, by the Weimar Republic. This changed immediate when Hitler came to power. The Germans were wrong to hate the Jews, they believed that they had good cause for that, but the cause was not real. The cause had been manufactured by government and media to serve a particular political agenda.

Hatred for minorities, can be caused or imagined, it can be real or manufactured, it can be caused by all the usual human vices, greed, envy, pride, lust, wrath and sloth but mostly the hatred is fuelled by fear. Many times that fear is justified, but most imagined fears are contrived by government or media.

Individuals can chose to hate people who wear their jeans hanging below their backsides, or people who wear their caps round the wrong way. Some people hate people with beards.

However, a minority is only thought as a minority when it constitutes some kind of threat to the majority. A real threat or a contrived imagined one, and in that created imagination lies the fear of firearm owners. When that minority cannot be easily identified within the community, the majority has an increased fear rating, as is in the instance of firearm owners we are perceived as an invisible minority we do not all wear beards or all have red necks.

Fear is why all minorities are persecuted, some voluntary minorities who threaten and act against the majority deserve to be punished, but most of them, like ourselves do not deserve it at all. The real cause is always fear, our politically correct media and politicians either manufacture fear, or ignore fear to suit their long term agenda.

Most minorities are just people, people like us, people like the Irish, or the Jews, or the Catholics, or the Protestants, all good chaff to be used for political purposes when needed by those that pull the strings.

Let us try to understand about fear. Fear after all is our real enemy. Fear is being used as a tool to take over our world. Fear is being used as tool of manipulation in our society. It is how our politicians peddle policies. Fear, is how advertising agencies sells us things we don’t really want and definitely do not need. Fear is used by the social engineers and the spin doctors to put Party Tweedle Dee or Party Tweedle Dummer into power.

Remember, we have a natural fear of being attacked. This fear is used and manipulated to remove our rights on the pretext of replacing our natural right of self defence on the false promise that our government will defend us all. Disarming individuals to give sole power to the government. When well thought out, Disarming the well behaved public in its end conclusion has to be done with the threat of disarmament at gun point and if the well behaved individual does not concede and voluntary give up his arms, then the government follows through with its threat to take them at gun point. Surely, that is the crime. Not withstanding, that they need guns to take guns.

We have real fears that millions of people from middle eastern countries and Asia who do not believe in our way of life, our system of law, our thousand year old ideas of mercy and tolerance, wish to move our country, to utilise and control its natural wealth. That is a real fear. However our government want to ignore that minority and move that fear to further fuel its control and restrictions of law abiding firearm owners, gaining more power for the government. This agenda poses a real threat to all of us, not just firearm owners but is a threat to our whole community .

Governments and Media manufacture fears to suit their agenda’s but most people have some fears even fears that they never talk about some fear that motor bike gangs may take over the state. Some others fear micro waves from mobile phones, we are told to fear taking salt in our food then next day we are told to fear taking sugar, or artificial sweeteners.

Many young people fear that their body odours might ruin friendships. Many middle aged fear growing old, growing sick and dying all alone.

The majority of people at some time fear that they are useless and no one on earth cares about them. Firearm Owners have real fears that the Government and Media do not want to hear what we have to say.

At least if we can understand why the uninformed, city folk who have had no need of saving stock from marauding Dingo’s Wild Dogs, Foxes, Wild Cats and worse Wild Pigs, or who have never seen farmers livelihoods homes and farms lost and destroyed due to the onslaught of wild duck, rabbits, crows and again Wild Pigs. When we know those who have been programmed to hate us by Walt Disney, and government mis information, we know what we are up against. We know now that maybe we have to use another biblical quote, something about ‘loving our enemies’ well maybe the miss informed but it would take a while before I could get started on loving the Islamic Brotherhood.


PAris 2015 PopConcert Tiny

A few weeks ago PC (politically correct dogma) killed 130 innocent people. How many more people have to die before the real lesson is learnt. If some of those victims had been allowed concealed firearms that knowledge in the minds of the terrorists could have stopped the plan right there before it was perpetrated, they have to look for easier targets if the victims can shoot back. One civilian with a handgun could have saved his or her life and the lives of many others. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2430201/British-hero-mall-massacre-Ex-Royal-Marine-handgun-saved-100-lives-terrorists-ran-amok.html


We all accept that what happened in Paris on that Friday night was an absolute horror, but it was not ‘un precedented’, as we have had many warning hundreds of similar events occurring regularly around the world. The warning have been constant, always picking on the defenceless the un armed.

Most of us would be aware that the flag waving and commitments of support for France are meaningless drivel from fair weather friends as in these matters actions are all that matters and so far except for Russia intervention the Western Countries have just been pussyfooting around and will not make any impression on the Islamic movement, as they do not want to upset the Muslim voters they have at home. The French President committed the country to eternal vengeance but no one really believes him. Within weeks, as the media moves on to other topics, such as elections, the French government will become all moly coddly and mother in another 50,000 Islamic voters. Then after many other Islamic attacks in the western world it will be again the turn of France to be butchered, this will continue un abated until either Western Civilisation falls, or the people speak out and ensure that their political leaders give them the means to defend themselves and begin to oppose Islam on every battlefield, economically, morally, and with every weapon at their disposal. ‘Pussy footing’ will only provoke more attacks. Bullies only attack Soft targets.


If, ‘Politically Correct, Pussy Footing’ continues we can look to history as a mirror and watch the West crumble slowly as did The Roman Empire that had given Rome over 600 years of security and four hundred years of complacency in its British colony.

The Fall and Decline of our Western Civilisation like the Fall and Decline of Roman Briton was not an over night spectacle but a slow immigration of barbarians who caused, fear, chaos, and total despair. Winston S. Churchill’s description of the events in his History of the English Speaking Peoples. Vol 1 Ch 4&5 is very reminiscent of our modern day events and predicts with clarity our future demise in the face of a warlike immigration that has no respect for the lives of current inhabitants.

“Much has been written about the enervating character of Roman rule in Britain, and how the people were rendered lax and ineffectual ……gross incompetence and fatuity in the society and administration which followed the decay of Roman power. ….. but for a 150 years (Britons) they fought them alone. The conflict ebbed and flowed. British victories were gained, which once for a whole generation brought the conquest to a halt; and in the end the mountains which even the Romans had been unable to subdue proved and invincible citadel of the British race.

A red sunset; a long night, a pale, misty dawn! But as the light grows it becomes apparent to remote posterity that everything had changed. Night had fallen on Britannia. Dawn rose on England, humble. Poor. Barbarous, degraded and divided, but alive. Britannia had been an active part of a world state; England was once again a barbarian island. It had been Christian, it was now heathen. Its inhabitants had rejoiced in well planned cities, with temples, markets, academics, they had nourished craftsmen and merchants, professors of literature and rhetoric. For four hundred years there had been order and law, respect for property and a widening culture. All had vanished. The buildings, such as what they were, were of wood, not stone. The people had lost entirely the art of writing… Barbarism reigned in rags… The confusion and conflict of petty ruffians sometimes called kings racked the land. There was nothing worthy of the name of nationhood, or even of tribalism… We wake from and awful and ..endless nightmare to a scene of utter prostration.”

Edward Gibbons description in the Fall and Decline of the Roman Empire, uses words that remind us of the regular spasmodic terror attacks from New York to Bali, to Paris.

” … In the hour of savage licence, when every passion was inflamed, and every restraint was removed … a cruel slaughter was made of the Romans; and … the streets of the city were filled with dead bodies … Whenever the Barbarians were provoked by opposition, they extended the promiscuous massacre to the feeble, the innocent, and the helpless …”


The Roman Empire succumbed to barbarian invasions in large partly due to the facts that the majority had become ‘effeminate’ and unwilling to serve, or allow their sons to serve in a military lifestyle that is essential to protect a nations assets and lifestyle. Similarly today, pacifism is pumped out by social engineers in our schools, media and government.

What hope do we have of defence, with a society that produces wrecked units like this?

What hope do we have of defence, with a society that produces wrecked units like this?

While our western civilisation crumbles from our traitorous leaders from within. Like the Romans as our wealth has grown, our military advantages have crumbled. We have become engrossed, not with the Roman games, of gladiators, but with football, cricket, horse racing and golf. We have allowed our politicians to import voter and cheap labour which want to take our wealth and replace us. There is no room for soft westerners within their dream for a Sharia state. What started as a trickle leak in a Dam wall, has turned into a deluge of flooding millions.

It is Politically Correct and established to say that the majority of Muslims immigrants are not violent, and the benign would be a majority. Though, it is also true that the majority of Muslims hold views that are not consistent with with the principles of our modern tolerant constitutional establishments, including our desire to value women and children and our tolerance to religious diversity. Our disarmed, defenceless communities makes it remarkably easy for a violent minority to hide within the Muslim majority recruiting and acquiring support to prepare their assaults on our civilization. We have seen no evidence from the majority of Muslims that they will reject the efforts of the violent minority, no evidence that they will surrender these people to our supposed protectors. Neither, have we seen any suggestion that our supposed protectors are encouraging our Muslim emigrants to give up these enemies within, so we can put them on trial for treason. Our government just gives the Muslim communities more money, like paying the ‘Danegeld’. (paying the barbarian Danes to stay away for another year)
fall and declie

The western world of the 21stcentury, is in a steep decline and only has itself to blame for the general despair that it slowly awakened to. We have allowed our children’s to be taught that nationalism is an evil thing, that nation-states are worse, and empires, like our Commonwealth of nations, the worst things of all. They have been taught pacifism and complacency, in books computers, songs, and by the greatest educator of all times the television. We have repeated the complacency that has ended past civilisations, it is reversible or do we prepare for impending doom. I am not a prepper, I have never been any sort of survivalist, just want to survive in business and have enough food and shelter for my family and friends. I don’t even have a spare packet of cornflakes in the pantry, but is it time to look to our own defences as our community, our nation has abandoned us.

Ron Owen
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