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Owen Guns Bulletin Edition 40 June 2010

Blog June 20, 2010

Welcome to the Fortieth Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.


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Visit the website now. We also have shooting articles and important firearm information for the gun enthusiast. Take away free gun photos and free firearm images for your gun gallery collection. New firearm related material is being added every day. Any Inquiries on any products phone 07 54824099  or  07 54825070 or email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au

The Australian International Arms M10 Rifles.




Ten shot .308 Win/ 7.62 Nato 10 shot power house. For Military Rifle Competition or flattening Pigs.  M10-B1 (7.62×51mm NATO)560mm barrel, medium weight, sporter configuration, 10-rd, magazine. Adjustable foresight for elevation, windage, dual rear aperture for 200 & 400 metres. Picatinny steel rail to mount telescope. M10-B2 ex-M42-B2 (7.62×51mm NATO)640mm heavy barrel a la L42A1.Steel blue-black finish, teak hardwood stock with chamfered edges, hand oiled. Adjustable foresight, elevation & windage. 10-rd. box magazine like US M14. ‘L’ aperture for 200 & 400 metres. Comes with Picatinny steel rail for ’scope sight.Military butt & cheek rest like L42. Three different models presently in stock, basically the heavier the barrel, the more expensive from $1300 to $1490. phone for more details phone 07 54 825070.

Dillon Precision Reloading Scales.

Dillon ScaleTINYl s

Manufactured by Ohaus for Dillon. When you find out that all those electronic scales suffer from interference from power poles, tin roof, electronic door opening devices, and as all scales varied by the air movements, such as draughts, you may be looking for the basic and in the long run the best mechanical scales.


plus postage.

Norinco Model 213 ‘Tokargypt’ 9 shot Semi Auto

The Model 213 original basis was designed by John Moses Browning, the world famous firearm designer. In the late 1920s the Colt /Browning mechanism was redesigned by Russian, Feoder Tokerev, simplified for mass production and chambered in the powerful 7.62×25. It used the Mod 1911 swinging link, short recoil system.
To enable easy maintenance the hammer and lock mechanism can be removed as a single assemble. To improve the Browning feed system the ammunition feed lips are machined into the frame rather than relying on pressed tin. Which on a battlefield where magazines lips do not get the best attention is a great advantage in reliability and makes the magazines cheaper to produce. It was an extremely tough, reliable and powerful pistol and was later modified by Hungary for export to Egypt this was known as the Tokagypt. The pistol differs from the Tokarev in being chambered for the 9mm Parabellum, and a fitted safety catch (WHICH SHOULD NEVER BE RELIED UPON) as well as standard the half cock safety.


As can be seen by the inset photo the barrels and chambers are all chrome plated.It has a plastic wrap around grip stock, instead of the Tokerev ‘bakelite’ and a finger piece type floor plate on the magazine, which improves your chances of quickly getting it out and getting another one in after someone has rammed one in covered in mud. The M 213 Chinese version of this also has a chrome plated barrel shown in the above photograph. These are brand new unfired but have the usual scratch marks and rough corners as shown in the photographs. As standard the barrels are a millimetre short for club licences so are fitted with a slightly longer barrel. The steel is excellent and once a few surfaces, such as slides, are polished they are a slick an easy pointing pistol. Eight rounds in the magazine.

$295 each.

plus registered post and appropriate licences.



Armed Under & Over 12 gauge $775.


Armed 12 g Under & Over shotgun, single trigger, ejectors, five interchangable choke tubes the best value in a, new over and under on the market today. Truely a Turkish gun made with from Italian designs, a Turkish Delight with Italian good taste.





For Less than $300 for a 3–9×40 variable $295.

Bad weather, rough handling. Heavy, repeated recoil. It’s all part of hunting, so your Leupold Rifleman is built to take it. You also get a bright, clear sight picture for precise targeting each and every time, even in low light conditions. Mount a Rifleman on your favourite rifle and hunt with confidence.


• All Leupold Golden Ring optics are covered by Leupold’s Full Lifetime Guarantee
• For more information on construction or use of your Leupold Rifleman riflescope, email
• Incredibly rugged – the Riflemans 1 inch Prime main tube aircraft-grade aluminum to withstand heavy, repeated recoil.
• 100% waterproof; filled with bone-dry nitrogen and sealed for waterproof integrity.
• The Wide Duplex reticle is designed for a variety of hunting and shooting applications.
• Ample eye relief protects your eye from heavy recoil.
• Outstanding repeatable accuracy.
• Elevation and windage adjustment dials marked in ½ MOA increments.
• Fully coated lenses transmit a bright sight picture, even in low light conditions.
Leupold Rifle Scopes 3–9×40

$295. Best Prices in Australia



The Marlin Model 925 5 shot Bolt Action Rifle.


The Marlin Model 925 Is a Magazine loading .22 Bolt action rifle which represents the classic American .22 rifle and is still at a reasonable price for great value. It features an all business hardwood stock with QD studs for swivels, 22 inch Micro Grooved Barrel and a 7 shot magazine.
All Marlin bolt action rimfire rifles feature the new T-900 Fire Control Trigger System.


plus freight.

Remington Genesis 1000 fps.

Ideal for Dad and Son, An Adult Air Rifle. Practice Target Shooting in the Garage.


(Air Rifle Scopes have to be EXTRA shock resistant for High powered Air Rifles) . These single shot spring air rifle feature ultra Hi ergonomics in its soft, synthetic pistol style grip and sculptured cheek piece, 28 pounds of cocking force gets up to 1000 fps. Other features include aTwo stage Adjustable trigger, Ventilated rubber recoil pad, Precision rifled steel barrel, Crossblock trigger blocking mechanism, Ambidextrous safety, made in the USA. 

Without Scope and Mounts $300. With Centrepoint Scope and  Mounts $400.



Sling Shots

As seen in use on the Streets of Bankok. If you cannot get a firearm seems as though these are the next best thing to take on the M16 opposition. Even though they lost the battle for the streets they won points for bravery. These have an internal magazine for quick loading, Extra effective using round lead musket balls for ammo.


Lee  Breech Lock Challenger Reloading Kit


Includes Sold Cast ‘O’ Frame Press, Scales, Powder Measure, Case Trimmers, Case Lube, Auto Primer and Powder Funnel. All you need is Dies and shell holders for your calibres.
The Breech Lock Challenger Kit, A Reloading Kit Gift at $199.

An Extra benifitit includes a Lee Auto Primer all for $199. plus freight.



Chrony Chronographs measure the velocity of your ammunition.


You have now should all have the free Ballistic Calculator if you haven’t got it already there is a link further down this page. Without a Chronograph to give you a known velocity, shooting is all just guess work. There are only two known facts available to a shooter, the hole it makes in the target and its speed. (Pressure guns are not available to us mere mortals) You cannot test, your rifle and ammunition by how much noise it makes or how hard it kick’s you. Get a chronograph, they have never been any cheaper for this quality and if you don’t do it now they will be dearer when you want one next. Then you will be kicking yourself harder than a .600 Nitro Express. They fold up really compact to take to the range, open them up shoot through the wires and the light meters will give you a print out on the little screen. They fit onto nearly every camera tripod.  One of our customers fired through the  clear screen, brought it back for warranty, as it didn’t work. Please do not do this, as they are not supposed to be bullet proof.

$198. plus post.




Continuing from Edition 39. Which describes the manufacturing process of smokeless propellant.

After fifty hours of continuous boiling, the water is drained off and replaced with fresh water. This is followed by an additional ten hours of boiling, after which the water is drained off. Two fresh water rinses followed, under agitation, to remove final traces of acid.
After being dumped (still mixed with water) the slurry is pumped to another location for beating. This consists of feeding it into specially built machines which chop the individual fibers into even smaller pieces. Beating is a continuous process, the nitrocellulose passing from one machine to another to be chopped successively finer. Continuous inspection insures that the required degree of fineness is achieved.
In addition to reducing individual fibre size, the beaters perform another vital function, that of releasing minute residual quantities of acids trapped in the fibres where washing cannot release them. Once released, these acids are taken up by the water in the slurry.
Unless the nitrocellulose is entirely free from acid when delivered to the powder mill, the end product will deteriorate with time. The degree and speed of deterioration is dependent on the amount of acid left in the nitrocellulose. Beating cannot be slighted.
Once properly beaten, the slurry is pumped to de-watering pots where free water drains away. The smooth, soup like slurry flows by gravity over sloping screens. The screens will pass water, but restrain most of the nitrocellulose fibers. Even so, some of the very fine (and very dangerous, now that its water content is being lowered) pulp passes through the screens. A very sophisticated recovery system returns 100 per cent of this wayward pulp to its parent mass.
After de-watering, the thickened slurry is pumped to yet another building for “poaching.” In this process a tub filled with the pulpy mass has soda ash and water added to neutralize any remaining acidity. The mixture is boiled by means of steam as before, agitated mechanically all the while. The nitrocellulose is then rinsed to remove all traces of the alkaline soda ash and piped directly to blenders nearby.
At this point, low grade S7 and high grade S1 are mixed to produce the precise blend required. (You’ll recall the earlier explanation of the necessity for a blend of two separate grades of nitrocellulose rather than a single grade.) Blending is done by continuous pumping of the two grades into each other, and goes on for several hours until the proper mechanical mixture is obtained. Continuous sampling and testing goes on and, as often as not, additional nitrocellulose of one grade or the other is added to achieve the proper blend. When additional material is added, blending begins anew, so the process can be time consuming.
At this point, the pulpy mass must be stripped of most of its water down to about 30 per cent content. To go below this percentage at this stage would create unacceptably great danger of spontaneous ignition and flash fires. Wringers are loaded with several hundred pounds of slurry and rotated at successively higher speeds. Centrifugal force throws excess water through the drum screen, so the water goes to a recovery system which picks it up. (Like a conventional washing machine, on its spin drying cycle)
When wringing is finished, a non-sparking “plow” scrapes the caked nitrocellulose from the screen. The charge is then dumped into fibre buckets for transfer to the dehydrating press. Its moisture content must be maintained to avoid spontaneous ignition. Among powder men, it
is well known for its “mean” disposition and commands much respect. Despite the most stringent controls it can, and sometimes does, catch fire.
At this point, nitrocellulose is complete and ready to be transformed into powder. It requires only pressing into a block and complete removal of its remaining water. This operation is actually the beginning of powder manufacture. Previous steps were the production of nitrocellulose proper.
The dehydration press forms the nitrocellulose into a cylindrical block, and also removes the water, replacing it with alcohol to keep the material wet enough to prevent spontaneous combustion.
Next Edition 41, Making the Powder.

Sabatti S.P.A.

One of Italy’s oldest manufactures , used to be partners with Tangfoglio, made in the Gardone Valley Brescia, they have Beretta and Franchi for neighbours. This part of the world has been famous for firearm manufacture for five hundred years.


The Sabattis come with open sights, and sling swivels (not shown), they are drilled and tapped to suit Weaver bases and rings (not included). They have a solid action with front double locking lugs and have a drop down floor plate magazine similar to Remington BDl and Parker-Hale Delux. For the quality of the wood and finish on the steel work they are a steal at.

$995 plus freight.



Barska 3–12x 50 Rifle Scopes


Barska 3–12x 50 Rifle Scopes $275. plus postage

Any Inquiries on any products phone 07 54824099  or  07 54825070 or email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au

Gun Books Make Great Presents, Easy To Post

and with years of use and enjoyment. We have over a 1000 Gun Books in stock. Looking for Gun Books We now have a list of some of our many Gun and Firearm books on the website at www.owenguns.com/gympie-shop/gun-book-list and  http://www.owenguns.com/gun-book/

Here is a great example, 576 pages on Assemble and Dis assembly by JB Wood, Easy to follow photos of each stage, its easy when you know how. It show how to Assemble  73 different models. 206 variations.


$45. plus $10 all over Australia and even overseas to Tasmania.

Another Example is our Best Seller as it is Australian written and produced with the Australian Shooting conditions in mind. If you like the small articles included with this Bulletin, Accurate Firearm Design and Understanding Cartridge Reloading and want to read an encyclopedia on shooting by the same author buy The Range Officer Handbook.

The Range Officer Handbook

The Range Officers Handbook pay by Pay Pal see Bulletin Special Announcement Page

As already purchased by members of all Shooting Organisations.Some have even bought two copies one for home and one to take to the club. See Book Reviews by Nick Harvey in Sporting Shooters and Guns Australia in our new Gun Book Category.

rangeofficersmal phototiny1

The Range Officers Handbook is an encyclopedia or omnibus of firearms and ammunition and the use of them, it has:-
•  90   pages of Information for Range Officers,
•  239 pages on Coaching to Win,
•  110 pages on Air Rifle History &Training,
•  33   pages on hitting Clay Targets,
•  34   pages on Reloading Ammunition,
•    6   page of Contents,
•  18   pages of Index,
•  38   pages of Old into New, ( Chronological History of Firearms)
•  23   pages of Glossary of Terminology on Firearms and Optics
•  Over 1000 drawings and photographs.
•  Over 530 pages in a A4 stitched colour hardback.,

Some, hopefully will read it cover to cover, others will pick a heading out of the Contents pages and read a chapter or two, but no matter how much you know about shooting, reference material is always needed, as even people who rate as genius cannot retain everything. The real ability is being able to find out quickly and easily. You can check that you have the correct terminology, in the Glossary, check the Index and go straight to the right page. This book can be used as an information tool for a lifetime of shooting.

$75 for a Certified Numbered Book

Signed by the author (state who you would like it dedicated to) plus $10 postage Australia wide.
The Range Officers Handbook pay by Pay Pal see Bulletin Special Announcement Page


Accurate Firearm Design

Speed and use of safety catches.

That does not mean that I believe that a safety catch are safe. It is not. It is only called that for a name, in fact it would be better named the ‘Danger Catch’. It does have some uses, and any firearm that has a ‘half cock’ on the hammer that prevents or blocks the hammer from falling or disconnects the trigger is effectively the same device with a different name. It works in the same way and it has the same dangers. Of course the main danger is the human mind as that malfunctions more often than any mechanical device. Imagine swinging on a the end of a rope on the 30th floor of a high rise building, and only being held in life by a mechanical catch, a notch. In most cases that is the same danger of being in the vicinity of a firearm when it is loaded and cocked, your life and limb is dangling with the death on the pavement just as surely. However safety catches are a part of firearms and in some instances they do have a use. In the matter of designing actions for rapid fire we must also consider how quickly a first shot can be delivered, starting with the firearm loaded and locked. (Safety catch on or half cock engaged) If we assume that all types have equally excellent stocks, sights, and trigger pulls, this resolves itself into how easily and rapidly the safety lock can be removed and a shot fired. It is debatable whether the shotgun safety on top of the upper tang,(such as on a Browning under and over) or a hammer as seen on Winchester Models 1892 and 1894 lever action rifles is the fastest. With familiarity with either, the safety can be pushed forward or the hammer brought to full cock sub-consciously while the weapon is being thrown to the shoulder and no time consumed.Then in the order of rapidity would probably come the safety in front of the trigger guard on the Ruger Mini-14 rifle, which we used to have , pushing it forward with the front of the index finger, the trigger guard safety on hammerless pump action arms, the pull-back and push forward safety of the finger lever of the Savage Model 1899 rifle, the safeties on the upper right of the receivers of some bolt action arms, such as Parker- Hale, the safety on top of the bolt sleeve of the Winchester Model 70 rifles, and lastly and slowest of all, the completely turn-over safety on the rear of the bolt of the Mauser war rifles. (Which are the most positive) In handguns a revolver can be cocked and fired, (even without using the double action,) faster than can the safety be functioned on an automatic pistol.
Quite as important is that the safety shall be easily adaptable to operation without making any noise whatever, so that the weapon can be made ready instantly without disturbing either game or an enemy, and without making them aware of one’s presence. A shooter learns to do this with all hammer guns by holding back on the trigger first with the forefinger while he brings the hammer to full cock then carefully releases the pressure on the trigger. Then carefully releases the pressure on the hammer and you can feel the hammer being blocked by the notch on the sear plate. This allows the trigger to engage the hammer without a loud “CLICK”. With some safeties it is impossible to move them on and off without an audible “click.” Such a clicking safety absolutely disqualifies any firearm for either hunting, security work or conflict.

The Free External Ballistics Calculator NEW VERSION for all Components not Brand Specific.

Click This Link to read the Instruction Sheet.

Email :   owenguns@spiderweb.com.au and the External Ballistics Calculator program will be sent to you in EXCELL Format free of charge.


Scope Guards Butler Creek.


One size fits all standard scopes, even to 50 mm objective lens. Waterproof and air proof, protects your scope lenses, quick detachable. Butler Creek Scope covers are one of the most important acceessories.

$18.50 plus post.



Thoughts For the Week.

This will only be a short message this week as we had the Gympie Gun Show this weekend and lots of visiting shooters called into see us, while they were in town. Of course I had to go over and have rummage around the tables, look at old books and buy a few magazines and parts. I really enjoy the comradery of being in a room with hundreds of like minded people, but with it comes a sense of loss. As a group we are hopeless, as we are all individualist, we all strive naturally to benefit ourselves, even as competition shooters we compete against our best friends, so working as a group is foreign to our nature. Why should we have to work or act as a group, to me the individual rights should be unassailable. No, the sense of loss occurs to me, because when we are all under threat we are unable to mobilise as a group, (some don’t even read their Club newsletters) our apathy dooms us to extinction. We are like dinosaurs on borrowed time. Unlike our opponents which act in unison like a pack of hyena’s waiting to chew on the bones of our wounded.
The Queensland budget was imposed on us on June 8th increasing fees and charges for shooters of 126 percent, yes that’s over double for your Licence Fee, Application Fee, Permit to Acquire Fee. Ninety-Nine percent of shooters will not be aware of it until they are forced to pay it, hundreds will take their firearms down the local gunshop to sell or hand over their treasured possessions, some handed down for generations. Many will be disappointed as many gunshops will have closed down due to two reasons.
One, smaller dealers will not have enough sales to generate profit for the licence fee, and,
Two the reduction in new shooters and Permits to Acquire will remove many of the larger Dealers that are existing on overdrafts and paying large rent.
Of course, when those thousands of shooters go to a gun show they may tell them when the next gun show is, “book your tables now”, sort of thing, but would never contemplate to inform the shooters, that a further massive imposition is being made on their way of life. Even when they find out, many will believe the propaganda that the state is broke and needs the money, when the reality is that the police gave the politicians an ultimatum either scrap registration for long arms, as the huge staff and resources could not cope with the ever expanding register, or reduce the amount of shooters and firearms to place on that register. The politicians not wanting to lose control over a civilian power chose the latter.
Instead of the hundreds of thousands of shooters clamouring at their politicians front door, demanding that they speak up against this crime, they are oblivious, they will suffer in silence, they won’t be at shows or a shoots with hundreds of others sharing the same problem they will have to make the hard choices when a renewal comes around on their own. Which do they give up? The public servants know that if they posted out everyone renewal at the same time, that a huge cross section of the community would get enraged and mobilize against them but when they send them out on every individuals birthday the impact is minimised. Each shooter will suffer in silence and the public servants win again. ‘Control’ to them is an art form.

Every other sport is encouraged as a diversion, stops the plebs thinking, stops them from getting involved in politics. Our sport, just about the safest sport, is coerced with threats and menace, our sport where we are forced by legislation to be members of clubs have to suffer further licence requirements from government which no other sporting body would suffer but again it is ‘divide and conquer’. Each little club comes under government attack, either from the local council, state police, or one of the thousand and one government departments formed to control our daily life, alone.
Most of the large clubs are part of the problem not the solution. They are dependent on government grants that pay for the full time employment of its directors, they are dependent on the government for its range lease, they are dependent on the government for its seat on the consultive committee which is the excuse the government uses on the introduction of its terror legislation that they consulted with the prime bodies. Yes, the bodies are primed for silence. Speak out about impending legislation and the police will drop them from the list of consultative bodies.
Was the USSR worse? Was the Gestapo worse? If they were, it would only be an argument of degrees not moral standards. Who is to blame? It is ourselves, our apathy allows it to happen, the Enemy is Within.



6×40 World Class Tasco

Tasco is a leading name in the optical industry for eons, Tasco’s World Class Scope has been an industry standard since the 1980s it is the scope that many others are judged against and found lacking. The World Class due to its World Class forever Guarantee is rarely used we have sold thousands of them and I have been dealing with Tasco since 1975. The vision is quality, the adjustments are precision and the cross hairs are the rights sized for target or hunting.  They were selling for $188. Now Only a very special


plus postage



Operators Manual for the Barrett M468 rifle in 6.8 x 43 mm, Assemble Dis-Assemble Maintenance Exploded Diagrams General Data,
Email : owenguns@spiderweb.com.au and it will be sent to you in .pdf format free of charge. We have over 2500 Firearm Manuals which if you need a particular one we can source and email to you please phone 07 54825070 or enquire via the above email but we will require $16.50 per electronic version or $25. per hard copy plus postage.


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