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Owen Guns Bulletin Edition 42 August 2010

Blog August 1, 2010

Welcome to the Forty Second Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.




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Thompson TC Venture, Guaranteed 1 minute of angle, Bolt Action Rifles.


Thompson/Center introduces the New T/C Venture, the most value-packed bolt action rifle available on the market today. Designed to deliver top end quality and accuracy at an entry level price, the Thompson/Center Venture offers a  5 R  rifled match grade barrel and match grade crown, adjustable precision trigger and a classic style composite stock that puts it in a class all its own. A rugged, reliable tool for the outdoorsman, the T/C Venture features T/C’s renowned innovation, craftsmanship and cutting edge barrel technology. Guaranteed to deliver Minute of angle accuracy… 1 inch groups at 100 yards.
T/C Venture features a classic sporter style stock in rugged composite material with traction grip panels, the T/C Venture has a sophisticated appearance with the durability and accuracy to back it up. Thompson/Center’s Venture… made in the USA and backed by the famous Thompson/Center Lifetime Warranty… It delivers the finest in accuracy, reliability and quality craftsmanship in an attractive, affordable package. .223 Rem, .243 Win to .270 Win. 308 Win, 300 Win Mag,

$950. plus freight.


Electronic Ear Muffs


Slimline Electronic Ear Muffs

Hear and Protect
Hear normally up to 85 db Electronically reduces & protects hearing 
Protects hearing above 85 db
Able to hear normal conversations and sounds to 85 decibels
Over 200 hours of battery life
Auto-adjust headband
Solid state circuit
Rotary on-off volume knob
These electronic ear muffs are a high standard ear muff in design, they are made to feel light and comfortable for all day use. They can be used as standard ear muff when the electronic component is not turned on and will passively reduce noise like any normal ear muff. They have a standard noise reduction rating of 29 decibel and are a Class 5.
Once turned on the microphone, located at the top of the ear muff, will pick up and amplify ambient noise. If some one standing next to you talks, their voice will be amplified through the speakers in both ear muffs. Should there be a loud noise, such as a firearm, the electronic ear muffs will automatically cut out and block the loud noise. The electronic ear muffs are designed to attenuate noise about 85 decibels, meaning that they will block out instantly, once the noise reaches a certain level. The electronic ear muffs allow you to control the volume level of ambient noise around you. On the shooting range with constant loud reports, the electronic ear muffs will block this noise. For range instructions or to communicate with another person, you can instantly hear them speak.
At the range or anywhere ear protection is constantly required, but you also need to hear instructions from others or you wish to be more aware of the ambient sound around you, these electronic ear muffs are what you need.

$75.50 plus post.


MARLIN XS7 Bolt Action Centre Fire Rifle.


This new Marlin has taken the best designs from all the best bolt action design features from Savage Accu trigger,barrel Lock system, Winchester Mod 70, Push feed extractor bolt release catch, Remington 700 profile bolt handle, and safety catch. Mauser internal magazine system. Includes a one piece weaver style mount base. Only in .243 & .308w sized actions at present.

$699. plus post.



Not I pods but Bipods by Remington


Bi-pods that telescope and fold under your rifles forearm, (made famous by Harris,’Patents ran out’) fit to QD (Quick Detachable) Swivel Stud. Ten years ago they retailed for over $150 now while stocks last half Price

$79.plus post


Accurate Firearm Design

Designs to Improve Function.

Prince Hohenlohe in his “Letters on Artillery,” the “Bible” of artillery officers of forty years ago, stated that the first duty of the Artillery was to hit, and the second duty was to Hit, and the third duty was to HIT! The same may be said of the user of a small arm.  Shooters can only hit reliably with firearms designed to shoot in a particular method to suit a particular discipline or type of target. A Benchrest rifle is not suitable for shooting Metallic Silhouette. A small arms breech action should be so designed that it will lend itself to incorporation into a complete assembly of arm which will be suitable for the particular manners of shooting. Rifle, shotgun or handgun the firearm has to suit the physical requirements of producing consistency which is what accuracy is all about.
For example, To aim a shoulder arm accurately and steadily in all firing positions the shooter’s face must be laid down in a natural and relaxed manner so that the cheek rests firmly on the left side of the comb of the stock. When the head and cheek are so rested the right eye is then held steady with respect to the weapon, as though it was a part thereof. The dimensions and shapes of parts, stock, receiver, and sights, must then be such that the pupil of the eye comes naturally and without effort into the line of aim through the sights. If a receiver were so designed that its high rear portion extended way back over what is called the “small of the stock” the head would have to be held way back in an uncomfortable, constrained, and unsteady position to prevent the recoil driving that portion of the receiver back into the eye, and accurate shooting would be an impossibility. Many semi-automatic weapons have been designed with just such a receiver, but of course in our heavily legislated, conservative industry new designs never get to first base.
It is well known general assumption that, other things being equal, the heavier the barrel of a rifle the more accurately will it shoot. A very light barrel, that is, light with respect to the power of the cartridge it shoots, is notorious for inconsistent shooting. The breech action design must be such as will permit the use of a barrel heavy enough for good accuracy.
Sights for modern rifles are all of the Telescopic sight of a variation and must, be located within three or four inches of the eye when the rifle is in a normal firing positions. The breech action must lend itself to proper location of suitable sights of this type.
The advantages of the telescope sight are such that many, a majority of sporting and target rifles will all be equipped with them for the foreseeable future. A telescope sight of normal design must be located centrally over the top of the breech action and barrel, and it is desirable that it also be located as low down as possible, almost touching barrel and receiver. A modern breech action for a rifle should be designed with respect to its receiver for loading, direction of ejection, safety in controlling the internal gas pressures and so as to permit a suitable location of a telescope sight. Importance is not necessarily in that order.
For effective rapid fire the round bolt handle knob of a bolt action rifle should be located on the right side of the receiver, and to the rear in a plane even with the trigger. The handle should be turned down close to the side of the receiver or stock so that it is just possible to get the right fore-finger under it easily to raise it. If a fired case sticks in such an action the easiest and the quickest way to free it is to strike the bolt handle knob with the palm of the right hand. To permit striking a heavy blow without injuring the hand the knob should be round, not flat as seen on those ‘butter knife’  European rifles.
There are three types of shoulder arm stocks which in their outline, shape, and dimensions have proved to be very satisfactory for the shooter and his method of shooting. The best examples of these are the hunting rifle stocks as seen on the standard hunting rifles such as Remington and Winchester, or the prone target rifle stocks seen on the AIA M10 or old Omark M44 Target Rifles, and finally the shotgun stock as seen on most of the higher grades English double barrelled rifles and shotguns. Shoulder arm breech actions should be such that they will permit the fitting these types of stocks which alone, generally speaking, lend themselves to the steadiest holding and quick catching of aim in the various normal firing positions, on both level and sloping ground.  Even with all the money that governments spend on their military rifles, none should not be taken as an ideal, for a military, hunting or target stock. Every military stock in the world is a massive compromise of needs, such as the average size of the soldier, or its design for bayonet fighting, or how it fits in the storage racks, or will it suit the Army drill book. All will be modified from the ideal dimensions for other reasons such as to utilize many millions of sawed stock blanks already on hand before the new rifle was designed. The last reason will be the personal need for the soldier issued with it to defend his and his comrades lives with it. Dollars are worth more than lives.
The best form of hand-gun grip is perhaps that used on the Hi-Standard Model D semi-automatic pistol. Many completely trained master handgun shooters prefer grips specially made to fit their hand exactly, but it is thought that a frame similar to the above Hi-Standard pistol will generally adapt itself to the form and shape of grip that the competitive pistol shot will usually design for himself.

P 4 EDI-T Head Hunter Shooting Torch, $79.plus post.

Mount is $42.00 plus post.



Tasco 3–9 x 40 Varibale  World Class Riflescope $117.

Yes, I know this is a photograph of the 6×40 World Class but Im at home doing this and the scopes and camera are at Owen Guns, the difference is that the variables have the adustment ring as in the photograph on the box. Tasco has been a leading name in the optical industry for eons, Tasco’s World Class Scope has been an industry standard since the 1980s it is the scope that many others are judged against and found lacking. The World Class due to its World Class forever Guarantee is rarely used we have sold thousands of them and I have been dealing with Tasco since 1975. The vision is quality, the adjustments are precision and the cross hairs are the rights sized for target or hunting.  They were selling there for $190. Now Only $117.00

Special $117.00 plus postage


Winchester Wildcat.

Ten shot .22 long Rifle Bolt Action.


Q.D. Sling swivel studs, ten shot magazine, duel locking lugs, cocking indicator, sfaety catch leaver, dovetailed for scope mounts, very dependable rifle, made in Russia for Wincheter.

$375. plus postage.

Any Inquiries on any products phone 07 54824099  or  07 54825070 or email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au


Thought For The Week.

Shoulders to the Wheel.
If shooters, (and Fishermen and Four wheel drivers) do not act within the next three weeks to express, their horror of what is going to befall this country, then another ‘plague will be on our houses’, even worse than what the little ‘evil gnome’ (John Howard) did to us in 1998.
It is a case of act now, speak out, tell all your friends and family, as well as writing to the local papers, encourage everyone to show their revulsion of what Labour and the Greens have sworn to do to us all, or bury your head in the sand and accept everything that they do to you.
We are currently being attack presently in both the Federal and the State levels and due to a media feeding frenzy on the Federal election idea of Tweedledee or Tweedledummer the issues important to freedom and our way of life will never get a mention. Most people’s only solution is to replace Labour with Liberals. This is similar to actual beef cattle preferring Mc Donald’s to Hungry Jacks. Either way, the cattle lose.
The Liberal/Nationals, who the voting cattle may take a shine to, send the shooting voters through the same meat-grinders as Labour does. You will be queuing up, wondering if your going to get anything for your property, same as last time with the same bunch of crooks running the handing in process. The principle is no different as both parties will put your firearms, your hopes and dreams through the government meat-grinders. Both main parties put Australian freedoms, hunting , fishing, target shooting, four wheel driving at the disposal of Big Banks, George Sorus, Rebecca Peters, and the Green agenda. The Greens, Green on the Outside Red in the Middle.
Both parties, want to woo, the Greens for power in the Senate, both parties keep the same gang of thieves in control of Australia’s financial position. Both main parties are totally dependent on the campaign contributions from the Big Banks. Neither party helps the people to find employment, both want to import more cheap labour from Asia and Africa. In short, both parties are full of liars and con-artists. Voting for either of these political machines is an exercise in “stupidity” which allows us to view those who vote this way as stupid based on the foolish/stupid act that they commit when they vote for further enslavement. Of course the main parties propagate this idea that voting is important and legislate to make it compulsory as they both know that currently it does not make any difference. They get paid anyway. They must think we are all fools.
Albert Einstein once defined insanity as, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” By Einstein’s definition, it is very clear that past voting falls squarely within Einstein’s definition of insanity. Every two or four years the politicians from both parties determine what the voting cattle want to hear and they tell it to them. The voters actually believe what they’re being told each and every time and do their duty to the national scam and cast their vote for their favourite liar. Then, after an appropriate amount of time passes, the voters realize they’ve been fooled by the politicians and get “mad as Hell” and vow to “vote the liars out of office” in the next election. A major problem with this is there are only other liars to replace the first set of liars with! However, since voting is much easier and safer than revolution, the ‘sheeple’ are happy to perform their duty. They are so sold on the scam of replacing one group of charlatans with another group of charlatans. The fact that voting for one crook over another only reinforces evil and gives more life to the scam, which the politically insane cannot grasp.

The New Weapons Act for Queensland.The exposure draft of the Weapons Bill will be available on the Queensland police website http://www.police.qld.gov.au/ on August 6. You have to act, don’t hope for the main opposition party to block it, ore even speak against it, its up to you, you have to tell all of the charlatans that you will dedicate the rest of your life to the destruction of ‘both of their houses’, and mean it.
Evan Moorhead MP, the Labour state member for Waterford.Has stated. “I support stronger weapon regulation. I also support the cost of regulation being recovered from owners of weapons. I cannot justify asking my constituents to subsidise the cost of weapons ownership through extra taxes”.
What arrogance, what a deception. He should get a thousand letters asking him, why he supports this regulation, when the regulated are innocent, their only wrong is that they complied. There taxes contribute to a Police and Justice system that’s totally failed, that allows the paedophiles, dope pushers, free government run dope ‘shooting galleries’, the general public to be the prey of both criminals and police.
Moorhead and his mates can justify the imposition on the good, while the bad can do what ever they like. Are they fools, that cannot understand that their neighbours ownership of firearms protects them. (might be all the protection they have left) Are they so secure in ignorance, that they don’t know that we are the lambs to the slaughter. Firearm owners are not a danger to the community, politicians like these are a danger to the community as they wish to leave all of the people helpless. Most people, are aware that the joke, “That the Bikers Gang are doing it tough, they had to lay off five of our local Policemen”, is only funny because its true. Click this link to email Queensland Government Ministers: Email all Government Members.
Ban TINYThe Greens

Put Green,Labour Liberal LAST

The Greens, without your solid intervention, are most likely to be the new controlling power in the Australian Senate. One of the new Senators will be Lee Rhiannon who is one of the five members of the Coalition for Gun Control with John Crook, Rebecca Peters.
Her parties policy is;-
“To reduce the number of firearms in circulation particularly high-powered firearms. (Their definition could include a high power air rifle)
Tough legislation to reduce firearm ownership,
Ban all semi-automatic handguns,
Strengthen nationally uniform gun laws,
Publicly expose the aims and tactics of the gun lobby,
The abolition of existing minors’ permits,
All applicants for shooters licence to have a character reference from an authorised member of the community and the right of veto by household (immediate relatives or partners) members,
Undergo tests for licences conducted by the police, or an independent government body, rather than by members of the Shooters’ Associations,
That personal protection should never be regarded as a genuine reason for owning, possessing or using a firearm,
A register of all ammunition bought and sold to be kept by all outlets,
Guns in urban areas are to be stored at gun clubs under lock and key, with firing mechanisms kept at designated police stations;
Regular unannounced checks by police or another enforcement body to ensure that individuals and clubs are abiding with firearm storage regulations,
Enforcement of regulations requiring guns in homes in rural communities to be kept in a metal box with a combination lock securely bolted to wall or floor, with firing mechanisms and ammunition locked in a similar box in a separate room,
A ban on the so-called sport of ‘combat shooting’ where participants use semi-automatic handguns to shoot human-shaped targets in simulated scenarios,
Rural owners of licensed firearms to limit their use of firearms to legitimate farm purposes, and to use their firearms in ways that minimise disturbance of people on neighbouring properties, and reduce lead pollution in the local environment.

They have obviously forgotten the firearm safety record of the Police in all states is almost a compulsory matter of waiting to be shot by the accidental discharge of their work mates firearm or their own. They have missed the point completely that as well as a National body investigation Police Crime there has been for the last twenty years in every State a full time commission investigation into Police involvement in Crime. Do the Greens want to give all the guns to a body that has been under investigation for twenty years? Is it only because like the Gestapo they are the employee’s of the State and carry out the politicians dirty work, or because they trade in guns, and drugs?
You will also note that they the ‘Pistol shooters’ are due to get it in the neck again. Not long ago I can recall there main Association stating that they agreed with licensing and registration, they had complied with it years ago so why were the rifle shooters complaining. They refused to help. Well, now again its their turn. I hope we all learnt from that, and put our shoulders to the wheel together this time.
There has been many letters to the editor on this subject of our greatest threat, Disunity and I am slowly getting them up on the website at this link… Click Here

Put Green,Labour Liberal LAST

Remember consistency in the commonality of corruption found deep in all the major parties it is a primary reason Australia is consistently sinking. This consistent Tweedledee or Tweedledummer only accelerates the decline in happiness and the quality of life as well as the continued erosion of our rights and liberties. Look for alternatives such as the Shooters and Fishers Party they are putting up two Senate candidates for Queensland Andrew PETER and Chris HUGGETT I know nothing about these people check their website for yourself http://www.shootersandfishers.org.au we must find alternatives as a vote for our enemies kill us and our friends.

Gun Books Make Great Presents,  with years of use and enjoyment.

Easy To Post. We have over a 1000 Gun Books in stock.
Looking for Gun Books We now have a list of some of our many Gun and Firearm books on the website at www.owenguns.com/gympie-shop/gun-book-list
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Here is a great example, Nick Harvey’s Practical Reloading Manual, one of the very few books to have the latest Australian Powders and Australian cartriges for Australian conditions. Its on its ninth edition, full to the brim this specific information make it almost a must for the Australian reloading shooter.

$49. plus $10 all over Australia and even overseas to Tasmania.


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Another Example is our Best Seller as it is Australian written and produced with the Australian Shooting conditions in mind. If you like the small articles included with this Bulletin, Accurate Firearm Design and Understanding Cartridge Reloading and want to read an encyclopedia on shooting by the same author buy The Range Officer Handbook.

The Range Officer Handbook

The Range Officers Handbook pay by Pay Pal see Bulletin Special Announcement Page CLICK HERE
As already purchased by members of all Shooting Organisations.Some have even bought two copies one for home and one to take to the club. See Book Reviews by Nick Harvey in Sporting Shooters and Guns Australia in our new Gun Book Category.

rangeofficersmal phototiny1

It’s a week since I received a copy of “Range Officers Hand Book” and since that time I am nearly at the half way mark. I’m amazed at the at the number of subjects you have covered making it one of the most informative books to be added to my collection. It must have taken you a considerable amount of time and experience to publish the book with information not available in other popular Gunsmith manuals. I would recommend the book to “Range Officers” and anyone interested in the sport of target shooting and hunting.
Gene M Cornford P.O.Box 288, Kaeo    0448 N.Z. Firearms Gunsmith, Dip M.G.S +Member of American Gunsmithing Assoc.

The Range Officers Handbook is an encyclopedia or omnibus of firearms and ammunition and the use of them, it has:-
•  90   pages of Information for Range Officers,
•  239 pages on Coaching to Win,
•  110 pages on Air Rifle History &Training,
•  33   pages on hitting Clay Targets,
•  34   pages on Reloading Ammunition,
•    6   page of Contents,
•  18   pages of Index,
•  38   pages of Old into New, ( Chronological History of Firearms)
•  23   pages of Glossary of Terminology on Firearms and Optics
•  Over 1000 drawings and photographs.
•  Over 530 pages in a A4 stitched colour hardback.,
Some, hopefully will read it cover to cover, others will pick a heading out of the Contents pages and read a chapter or two, but no matter how much you know about shooting, reference material is always needed, as even people who rate as genius cannot retain everything. The real ability is being able to find out quickly and easily. You can check that you have the correct terminology, in the Glossary, check the Index and go straight to the right page. This book can be used as an information tool for a lifetime of shooting.

$75 for a Certified Numbered Book Signed by the author (state who you would like it dedicated to) plus $10 postage Australia wide.

The Range Officers Handbook pay by Pay Pal see Bulletin Special Announcement Page

The Free External Ballistics Calculator NEW VERSION for all Components not Brand Specific.

Click This Link to read the Instruction Sheet.

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Bad weather, rough handling. Heavy, repeated recoil. It’s all part of hunting, so your Leupold Rifleman is built to take it. You also get a bright, clear sight picture for precise targeting each and every time, even in low light conditions. Mount a Rifleman on your favourite rifle and hunt with confidence.

• All Leupold Golden Ring optics are covered by our Full Lifetime Guarantee

• For more information on construction or use of your Leupold Rifleman riflescope, email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au

• Incredibly rugged – the Riflemans 1&Prime maintube aircraft-grade aluminum to withstand heavy, repeated recoil.

• 100% waterproof; filled with bone-dry nitrogen and sealed for waterproof integrity.

• The Wide Duplex reticle is designed for a variety of hunting and shooting applications.

• Ample eye relief protects your eye from heavy recoil.

• Outstanding repeatable accuracy.

• Elevation and windage adjustment dials marked in ½ MOA increments.

• Fully coated lenses transmit a bright sight picture, even in low light conditions.

Leupold Rifle Scopes 3–9×40  $295. Best Prices in Australia

Remington Genesis 1000 fps.

Idea for Dad and Son, An Adult Air Rifle. Practice Target Shooting in the Garage.

(Air Rifle Scopes have to be EXTRA shock resistant for High powered Air Rifles) . These single shot spring air rifle feature ultra Hi ergonomics in its soft, synthetic pistol style grip and sculptured cheek piece, 28 pounds of cocking force gets up to 1000 fps. Other features include aTwo stage Adjustable trigger, Ventilated rubber recoil pad, Precision rifled steel barrel, Crossblock trigger blocking mechanism, Ambidextrous safety, made in the USA.



Continued on from Edition 40

Just as it comes from the wringer, the soft, irregular chunks of nitrocellulose are placed in the cylinder of the dehydration press. The press has two opposed vertical rams operating in a single cylinder. The nitrocellulose is placed in the cylinder with both rams retracted. Hydraulic pressure is applied and the rams move toward each other until stopped by the mass of nitrocellulose. Then, alcohol (pure grain alcohol of 180 proof, not the poisonous denatured variety) is forced into the nitrocellulose through the top ram. As alcohol feeds into the cake of nitrocellulose, water surrounding the individual fibres is displaced by the alcohol. Being heavier than alcohol, the water flows downward through the screened head of the lower ram into a tank. Later, stray alcohol is pulled out of the water by an efficient recovery system. Once the water is displaced, high pressure (around 3,000 psi) is applied to compact the nitrocellulose. Excess alcohol is squeezed out in the process and returned to supply. The dehydrated cake (containing about 49 lbs. dry nitrocellulose and 13.5 lbs. alcohol) is removed from the press and broken up into chunks by means of non-sparking tools. At this point it becomes known as “powder.”
This is as good a time as any to point out that all of the foregoing operations are continuous and interdependent. Once the dry linters or wood pulp begin nitration, they must pass rapidly and smoothly from one operation to the next. No hold-overs can be allowed at any point. All operations are conducted to meet the nitrocellulose requirements of the powder mill. This is done by varying the output of the nitating plant, not by stock piling. Because of this requirement for continuous operation, nitrating plants operate around the clock or not at all. At no time can an operator or shift cease operation until replacements are on hand to insure continuous operation. Also, the completed nitrocellulose must be delivered immediately directly to the first operation of the powder mill before any significant evaporation can take place. If it should sit idle for any great time, a fire is certain. From the dehydration house, the broken cakes are transferred in fibre buckets direct to the mixers. No delay is permissible because the highly volatile alcohol evaporates rapidly. Any great amount of evaporation will produce a flash fire. This can be a real problem in hot, dry weather. In the mixing house, individual mixers are housed in heavily barricaded rooms or compartments.The broken cakes are dumped into mixers virtually identical to heavy duty bread-dough mixing machines found in large commercial bakeries. The charge is carefully weighed and any alcohol lost by evaporation in transit is replaced. The alcohol is readily drawn from a nearby tap to meet this requirement.
(While one never sees a tin cup hanging alongside the tap, most people have often wondered whether some shrinkage might not be accounted for by thirsty mixer tenders. I can recall my own younger Army days and recall the hearing about the pickled condition of the two Royal Marines who were responsible for guarding the body of Admiral Nelson. As it was preserved for the trip back to England in a huge oak cask of Brandy. Lots of jokes about how much body was in it but you can be sure that they did not pure it down the drain when they took the body out for burial.)

To the alcohol-wet nitrocellulose is added a precisely calculated amount of previously blended ether-alcohol solvent. Ether cannot be used straight for this purpose. The usual mixture is 65 to 67 per cent ether and 33 to 35 per cent alcohol.Other ingredients required to control the burning characteristics of the powder are now added to the nitrocellulose solvent mix. These will vary considerably, according to the type of powder being produced and the individual specifications for that powder.Most important of these is the stabilizer which functions to prevent decomposition of the powder from this point onward. Pretty much the standard stabilizer, since 1909 is diphenylamine (DPA). It is an oily, pale yellow, granular material. Should there be infinitesimal amounts of acids left in the nitrocellulose, DPA counteracts their effect by combining with liberated oxides to form stable compounds. This effectively prevents deterioration with as little as 1 per cent DPA.Potassium sulphate may also be added at this time to reduce muzzle flash if the powder is intended for military small arms use. Continued in Next Edition

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Operators Manual for, The M1 Garand Springfield , Assemble Dis-Assemble Maintenance Exploded Diagrams General Data, Remember, the rifles you used to be able to own.

Email : OwenGuns@spiderweb.com.au and it will be sent to you in .pdf format free of charge. We have over 2500 firearm Manuals which if you need a particular one we can source and email to you please phone 07 54825070 or enquire via the above email but we will require $16.50 per electronic version or $25. per hard copy plus postage.



Give the wife a break stop cleaning your cartridge cases in the dish washer, or the washing machine, no more hassle drying them in the oven. Get the Vibratory Case Cleaner from Hornady.

$150 plus post.


Sling Shots as seen in use on the Streets of  BangKok. If you cannot get a firearm seems as though these are the next best thing to take on the M16 opposition. Even though they lost the battle for the streets they won points for bravery. These have an internal magazine for quick loading, Extra effective using round lead musket balls for ammo.

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