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Owen Guns Bulletin Edition 51 Febraury 2011

Blog February 20, 2011

Welcome to the Fifty First Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.


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Scroll down for another Free Firearm Manual &


External Ballistics Calculator for all Components,Not Bullet or Powder Brand Specific.

To Order Goods From This Site. Phone 07 54825070 or 0754824099 in shop hours 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays and 9 to 12 on Saturdays, or fax to 07 54824718 with your credit card details. Details should include Name of card, ie Visa or Mastercard. Name on Card. Number on Card, Expiry Date of Card, 3 secret numbers on the rear of the card.Your home phone or mobile number. How you want it sent to you, ie mail or road freight. The address you want it sent to. Describe which item you want to purchase.Visit the website now. We also have shooting articles and important firearm information for the gun enthusiast. Take away free gun photos and free firearm images for your gun gallery collection. New firearm related material is being added every day. Any Inquiries on any products phone 07 54824099  or  07 54825070 or email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au

MTM CASTinyE Guard1

MTM Case Guard boxes capacity 100 cases will accept Super Short Magnum cartridge cases.

$25.45 per box plus post.

Thompson TC Venture, Guaranteed 1 minute of angle, Bolt Action Rifles.


Thompson/Center introduces the New T/C Venture, the most value-packed bolt action rifle available on the market today. Designed to deliver top end quality and accuracy at an entry level price, the Thompson/Centre Venture offers a  5 R  rifled match grade barrel and match grade crown, adjustable precision trigger and a classic style composite stock that puts it in a class all its own. A rugged, reliable tool for the outdoorsman. the T/C Venture features T/C’s renowned innovation, craftsmanship and cutting edge barrel technology. Guaranteed to deliver Minute of angle accuracy… 1 inch groups at 100 yards.
T/C Venture features a classic sporter style stock in rugged composite material with traction grip panels, the T/C Venture has a sophisticated appearance with the durability and accuracy to back it up. Thompson/Centre Venture… made in the USA and backed by the famous Thompson Centre Lifetime Warranty… It delivers the finest in accuracy, reliability and quality craftsmanship in an attractive, affordable package. .270 win up to 300 win mag,

$950. plus freight.

The Norinco JW 105. in .223 Remington.


The Norinco JW 105. in .223 Remington.
This is the (Jain Way) JW Model 105, Sometimes called Norinco. These rifles are made in the same factory that manufactures the now famous JW 15 .22 rifle (the Brno Mod One Copy) if you have had a JW15 or know of anyone who had one, you will know that they shoot sometimes better than the rifle they imitiated. These JW105 s are in .223 Remington calibre and have a five shot detachable magazine. They also come with Weaver style mount bases and Quick Detachable studs for QD sling swivels  If you look carefully at the close up photograph you will notice a shiny silver colour, at the breech face,the camera has picked up the chrome plating from inside the chamber. The Chinese are the only non-military manufactures that can afford the chrome process of plating the Barrels and Chambers. They have also chromed the forward section of the Bolt. Chrome plating gives the best protection against erosion and corrosion than anything else besides regualr cleaning. The JW 105 is a copy of the Geveram and Krico that was very popular in the 1950s and 1960s, they were very good quality but I believe that Gevarm had to stop making them as the were too expensive to produce.
These are the best value .223 Remington centre-fire, repeating rifle on the market.

Brand New $460.


700 Remington ™ SPS™ Stainless (Special Purpose Synthetic) offers everything you love about the legendary Model 700™, all at an extremely affordable price.

Built to carry on the tradition of the Model 700™ BDL™ Stainless Synthetic, the Model 700™ SPS™ Stainless is leading the way for the next generation of hard-hitting, fully featured, affordable priced rifles. From the rock-solid receiver design to the famous “three rings of steel,” the Model 700™ SPS™ Stainless offers the unrivaled out-of-the-box accuracy and high-end performance you’ve come to expect from America’s most popular bolt-action centerfire rifle.
The Model 700™ SPS™ Stainless features an improved, ergonomically designed synthetic stock for better handling and enhanced overall functionality. The bead blasted 416 stainless steel barreled action comes clean without sights and is drilled and tapped for scope mounts. For added corrosion resistance the internal fire control components are plated. Standard amenities include a hinged floor plate magazine, and swivel studs.

$995 including mounts while stock lasts

Armed Under & Over 12 gauge $775.


Armed 12 g Under & Over shotgun, single trigger, ejectors, five interchangeable choke tubes the best value in a, new over and under on the market today. Truly a Turkish gun made with from Italian designs, a Turkish Delight with Italian good taste. 28 and 30 inch barrels at present.


Any Inquiries on any products phone 07 54824099  or  07 54825070 or email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au


Long recoil operation

Long recoil automatically operated breech actions, in the 21st Century are usually found in shotguns. (except for Australia as there ownership in prevented by extremely restrictive licensing conditions which is almost an outright ban,) Most long recoil semi-auto shotguns are ones based on John M. Browning’s Auto-5 action.   In a long recoil action, the barrel and bolt recoil all the way back as a unit. Once its rearward movement is absorbed by its recoil spring, the barrel is forced forward by the spring, where it unlocks from the bolt and returns to battery. The bolt, after compressing its own recoil spring, is held in the rearmost position until the barrel returns to battery. At this point, the fired shell has been extracted and ejected, and a new shell has been lifted from the magazine. The bolt is released by the return of the barrel, and is forced closed by its own recoil spring. Long recoil operated firearms have a distinct “double recoil” feel to them, the “first recoil” being the halting of the rearward motion of the bolt and barrel, and the “second recoil” being the heavy barrel returning to battery. This in fact seems to slow the recoil speed, distributing the recoil over a longer time period giving the shooter a less noticeable sharp knock. These properties for shooters with a shoulder disability give decided advantages in pain management, assisting to keep the shooter in the sport for many years after he, or she would have to retire.
The A5 design was patented in 1900 by John Moses Browning, the long recoil action is now over 110 years old, and has dominated the automatic shotgun market for nearly a than century, before it was supplanted by new gas operated designs. While Browning halted production of the Auto-5 design in 1999, Franchi still makes a long recoil operated shotgun line, the AL-48, which shares both the original Browning action design, and the “humpbacked” appearance of the original Auto-5. Other firearms based on the long recoil system invented by John Browning were the Remington Model 8 semi-automatic rifle (1906), the Frommer line of pistols (1907) and the Chauchat machine gun of World War One. Although the Long Recoil Auto action has one of the best reputations for reliability in the world due to the genius of Browning, the Chauchat light machine gun was a sometimes working gun, as the French made light machine gun had the worst reputation for reliability in the firearm world, which still may not be surpassed. With all the Long-Recoil Operated Actions the barrel and bolt recoil all the way, solidly locked together. As they do so, they compress their respective return springs. When recoil is completed, the bolt is caught by a catch. As the barrel begins to move forward, it is unlocked from the bolt, which remains held to the rear and which in turn holds the empty case. In this type of firearm, extraction takes place as the chamber is “pulled off the case,” rather than as the case is “pulled out of the chamber ” When the barrel is almost fully forward, it trips the catch, releasing the bolt. In the shotgun, the carrier mechanism serves as part of the catch.

Next Edition The Gas Operated Breech Actions



This new Marlin has taken the best designs from all the best bolt action design features from Savage Accu trigger,barrel Lock system, Winchester Mod 70, Push feed extractor bolt release catch, Remington 700 profile bolt handle, and safety catch. Mauser internal magazine system. Includes a one piece weaver style mount base. Only in .243 & .308w sized actions at present.

$699. plus post.

Norinco Model 213 ‘Tokargypt’ 9 shot Semi Auto

The Model 213 original basis was designed by John Moses Browning, the world famous firearm designer. In the late 1920s the Colt /Browning mechanism was redesigned by Russian, Feoder Tokerev, simplified for mass production and chambered in the powerful 7.62×25. It used the Mod 1911 swinging link, short recoil system.
To enable easy maintenance the hammer and lock mechanism can be removed as a single assemble. To improve the Browning feed system the ammunition feed lips are machined into the frame rather than relying on pressed tin. Which on a battlefield where magazines lips do not get the best attention is a great advantage in reliability and makes the magazines cheaper to produce. It was an extremely tough, reliable and powerful pistol and was later modified by Hungary for export to Egypt this was known as the Tokagypt. The pistol differs from the Tokarev in being chambered for the 9mm Parabellum, and a fitted safety catch (WHICH SHOULD NEVER BE RELIED UPON) as well as the half cock safety.


As can be seen by the inset photo the barrels and chambers are all chrome plated.
It has a plastic wrap around grip stock, instead of the Tokerev ‘bakelite’ and a finger piece type floor plate on the magazine, which improves your chances of quickly getting it out and getting another one in after someone has rammed one in covered in mud. The M 213 Chinese version of this also has a chrome plated barrel shown in the above photograph. These are brand new unfired but have the usual scratch marks and rough corners as shown in the photographs. As standard the barrels are a millimetre short for club licences so are fitted with a slightly longer barrel. The steel is excellent and once a few surfaces, such as slides, are polished they are a slick an easy pointing pistol. Eight rounds in the magazine.

$369. each $700 for two.

plus registered post and appropriate licences.

Thoughts for the Week

In 2008, Canada had a total of 611 killings. 200 shooting homicides, almost all gang related with black market guns. 14000 hits (of checks) on the nationwide gun registry (according to Canadian Police) and not 1 data base hit (check) saved a life.
200 stabbing homicides, almost all gang related with knives.
Zero hits on a non-existent knife nationwide registry.
200 beatings, strangulations, burnings, almost all gang related.
Zero hits on a non-existent beatings, strangulations, burnings nationwide registry.
14000 hits on the gun registry nationwide (according to Canadian Police) and not 1 data base hit saved a life at a cost of 2.4 BILLION DOLLARS.

With those kind of statistics it’s no wonder legitimate sportsman no longer support the Canadian Association of Police Chiefs and the Canadian Police Association. Consider that prior to draconian gun control laws and registration of long guns, support from sportsman for the police was extremely high. Since the Canadian Police supported the NDP, the Liberals and Wendy Koo-Koo’s Coalition for Gun control, it’s plainly obvious the Police associations are not concerned about the police support from 7 million legitimate sportsman in Canada.
Why would hunters and target shooters support the police who have made legitimate sportsman the scapegoat for crimes committed by street gangs involved in the lucrative trade of illegal drugs. This all could be said about Australia where the Police and legislators refer to firearm owners and dealers in the same terminology as drug users and dealers.
Support for the police?…not bloody likely!
If it saves even one life, it’s worth it, right? We have all heard that old furphy, and we have all heard the old lie,
The long gun registry makes sense because we register cars, don’t we?
It peculiar these sort of lies all end with a question. I believe it because the liars that use them know they are a lie.
If anyone uses that lie, they should receive a hard finger pointing in the chest and should be told, If your cars were registered in the same way as firearms, you would have:
All classic sports cars, subcompact cars or cars capable of operating in excess of 120 km/h would be totally prohibited. Cars that look like they are capable of exceeding 120 km/h but are not would also be prohibited by adding them to the list of prohibited vehicles. Persons owning such cars prior to the enactment of the every changing  “Traffic Act” would have to hand them in for the latest destruction program.
Buy back money would be promised but due to the treachery and corruption of the staff running the program you will miss out.
Some special people could keep theirs for assisting in a disability or special need. They  would require a “special authority to drive” to take them to a provincially certified track to drive. The government, by virtue of a legislative screw-up, would never be permitted to grant the special authority, due to another unrelated Act.
Replica’s of those cars capable of 120Km/h even though they have no engine or wheels that turn are also placed in the same category and have to be handed in or held on a very restricted special licence, which includes extra security provisions. 
All two-door sports cars, by virtue of being two doors, would be banned from driving on roads and would be restricted to use of provincially regulated tracks. To take your two-door car to the track would require an authorization to transport to the track. You would have to take a designated route to the track. If you deviate from the route, you could face serious criminal charges. This would also include all the replicas or anything that looks like a sports car.  
If you own a car, any car, you would have to store it in a locked garage. If you do not own a locked garage, you would have to drain the fuel tank after arriving home, and lock the doors. You would have to store the petrol separately from the car, and in a safe manner. You would also have to follow this regimen if you parked at the mall or at work. Failure to adhere to this could result in serious criminal charges. The same would apply to Golf buggies and Ride on mowers with an engine greater than a horsepower.   
Failing to get a registration sticker every year on time would result in serious criminal charges (instead of a fine or a suspended ticket).  
Any infraction of the Highway Traffic Act would be a serious criminal offence.  
To get your license you would, in addition to passing a safe-driving course and exams, provide three references who would vouch for your ability to drive. You would have to get approval from all your sexual partners who have stayed in your home, as well as any former employers.  
Upon receiving your license, you will be allowed to purchase a car, but not on a Saturday afternoons or Sundays, and sales between individuals could never occur.  
If you do not receive your license renewal on time, police will show up at your door to demand that you turn over your car for destruction. You could also face serious criminal charges. You would be surprised with on the spot inspections of your cars security, at anytime of the day and night. Of course any lack of security precautions and your car will be destroyed and you will be charged and prosecuted. 
If you argue with your wife, or are going through a divorce, and your wife or partner makes any claim of criminal action, police will seize your car and destroy it.  
If you are convicted of any criminal offence, swearing on the phone, or an illegal gambling night to raise money for your favourite e charity your car would be seized and destroyed.
If you violate any regulations under the Traffic Act or commit any criminal offence, you would have all your cars seized and destroyed, and you would be prohibited from owning a car for 5 years.  
Every time there is a serious accident or a hit and run, grandstanding and shamelessly uninformed politicians would demonize car owners as dangerous, wife-abusing rednecks who cannot be trusted, and call for a total ban on all cars.
If it saves even one life, it’s worth it, right?
Hope no one thinks this is funny, as we smile, in South Australia the Police Minister who are steadfastly working to give everyone the benefit of National Gun Laws are introducing a set of changes which will alter the category your firearms are in, as soon as its legislated in South Australia in past experience we can expect it imposed on the shooter of all States. If you do not want to lose your guns or fight to stop the categories being changed on your licence find contact the Shooters Union, www.shootersunion.com.au and complain to the Police Ministers who are going to legislate it, raise yourselves up on your back legs and scream the house down. Another good site is this one.


Center-Point Air Rifle Scope and Mount Package, 3-9×40 with objective focus.


plus post.

Gun Books Make Great Presents,

Easy To Post and with years of use and enjoyment. We have over a 1000 Gun Books in stock.
Looking for Gun Books We now have a list of some of our many Gun and Firearm books on the website at


Just One Example is The ABC of Reloading

by Bill Chevalier, hundreds of how to do it photographs

$35 . plus $10 post anywhere in Australia.

If you need any more details about the other titles we have in our list just phone 07 54825070 or 07 54 824099 or Fax 07 54824718 or email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au

Another Example is our Best Seller as it is Australian written and produced with the Australian Shooting conditions in mind. If you like the small articles included with this Bulletin, Accurate Firearm Design and Understanding Cartridge Reloading and want to read an encyclopedia on shooting by the same author buy The Range Officer Handbook.

The Range Officer Handbook

The Range Officers Handbook pay by Pay Pal see Bulletin Special Announcement Page CLICK HERE
As already purchased by members of all Shooting Organisations.Some have even bought two copies one for home and one to take to the club. See Book Reviews by Nick Harvey in Sporting Shooters and Guns Australia in our new Gun Book Category.

rangeofficersmal phototiny1

It’s a week since I received a copy of “Range Officers Hand Book” and since that time I am nearly at the half way mark. I’m amazed at the at the number of subjects you have covered making it one of the most informative books to be added to my collection. It must have taken you a considerable amount of time and experience to publish the book with information not available in other popular Gunsmith manuals. I would recommend the book to “Range Officers” and anyone interested in the sport of target shooting and hunting.
Gene M Cornford P.O.Box 288, Kaeo    0448 N.Z. Firearms Gunsmith, Dip M.G.S +Member of American Gunsmithing Assoc.

The Range Officers Handbook is an encyclopedia or omnibus of firearms and ammunition and the use of them, it has:-
•  90   pages of Information for Range Officers,
•  239 pages on Coaching to Win,
•  110 pages on Air Rifle History &Training,
•  33   pages on hitting Clay Targets,
•  34   pages on Reloading Ammunition,
•    6   page of Contents,
•  18   pages of Index,
•  38   pages of Old into New, ( Chronological History of Firearms)
•  23   pages of Glossary of Terminology on Firearms and Optics
•  Over 1000 drawings and photographs.
•  Over 530 pages in a A4 stitched colour hardback.,
Some, hopefully will read it cover to cover, others will pick a heading out of the Contents pages and read a chapter or two, but no matter how much you know about shooting, reference material is always needed, as even people who rate as genius cannot retain everything. The real ability is being able to find out quickly and easily. You can check that you have the correct terminology, in the Glossary, check the Index and go straight to the right page. This book can be used as an information tool for a lifetime of shooting.

$75 .

Signed by the author (state who you would like it dedicated to) plus $10 postage Australia wide.
The Range Officers Handbook pay by Pay Pal see Bulletin Special Announcement Page

The Free External Ballistics Calculator NEW VERSION for all Components not Brand Specific.

Click This Link to read the Instruction Sheet.

Email : OwenGuns@spiderweb.com.au and the External Ballistics Calculator program will be sent to you in EXCEL Format free of charge.

Electronic Ear Muffs

Slimline Electoronic Ear Muffs, Hear and Protect
Hear normally up to 85 db Electronically reduces & protects hearing, Protects hearing above 85 db
Able to hear normal conversations and sounds to 85 decibels, Over 200 hours of battery life, Auto-adjust headband
Solid state circuit. Rotary on-off volume knob
These electronic ear muffs are a high standard ear muff in design, they are made to feel light and comfortable for all day use. They can be used as standard ear muff when the electronic component is not turned on and will passively reduce noise like any normal ear muff. They have a standard noise reduction rating of 29 decibel and are a Class 5.
Once turned on the microphone, located at the top of the ear muff, will pick up and amplify ambient noise. If some one standing next to you talks, their voice will be amplified through the speakers in both ear muffs. Should there be a loud noise, such as a firearm, the electronic ear muffs will automatically cut out and block the loud noise. The electronic ear muffs are designed to attenuate noise about 85 decibels, meaning that they will block out instantly, once the noise reaches a certain level. The electronic ear muffs allow you to control the volume level of ambient noise around you. On the shooting range with constant loud reports, the electronic ear muffs will block this noise. For range instructions or to communicate with another person, you can instantly hear them speak.
At the range or anywhere ear protection is constantly required, but you also need to hear instructions from others or you wish to be more aware of the ambient sound around you, these electronic ear muffs are what you need.

$75.50 plus post.

Understanding Cartridge Reloading

Bullets  (carried on from Edition 50)
Prior to World War Two in European countries, (definitely not the part of Europe some people confuse with Great Britain), gilding metal (a copper alloy, comprising 95% copper and 5% zinc. Technically, it is a brass) came into common use, but as in wartime and under any British blockade copper and zinc was hard to obtain) steel was explored in much more detail. Steel bullet jackets were brought to a high degree of development, and during WW II, most German small arms ammunition utilized steel jackets. Generally, such jackets were drawn from a very soft steel and then simply plated or given some other protective coating to prevent corrosion.
At the same time, methods for applying a thin coating of copper or gilding metal were developed. While electro-plating was successful to a degree, best results were obtained when a billet of steel was sandwiched, or laminated between sheets of the coating metal and then rolled to the thickness required for jacket-drawing. The tremendous pressure and heat involved bonded the coating metal securely to the steel, where it remained in place throughout all further manufacturing operations. Thus, protection from corrosion was achieved as well as a reduction in bore/bullet friction. Today, many European bullets use this “sandwich” jacket material and achieve performance characteristics fully equal to those of gilding metal. Also during WW II, the U.S.A. encountered copper shortage problems and developed similar methods of coating steel for military bullet jackets. Both copper-plating and laminated-type construction were used. In the 1980s and 1990s millions of rounds of 7.62 x 39 ammunition were imported into Australia from China, they were a full metal jacket, and the more modern ones had laminated steel cases and laminated steel bullets, the were a chocolate colour and were referred to many times as “Chocolate Drops”.  They were reliable, uniform and accurate and killed well when placed in a vital area. They did not of course, expand as quickly as sporting ammunition but as they had a light alloy insert in the point of the bullet and a harder section below, very often the point would fold over when it hit the target, destabilising the bullet in its terminal stage, the bullet would then form a wedge and penetrate on a much broader front causing a much greater sized wound channel.
This style of bullet was developed in the early part of the 20th Century as at that time Germany had complained and won a decision in the Conventions of War at the Hague to prevent Britain from using its Dum Dum bullets. (Named after the Indian arsenal that developed them, they were not just bullets that had been tampered with)
As the Conventions prevented civilised nations from using bullets designed to rapidly expand, with reduced jacket material at their points the Germans quickly designed their bullets to upset, destabilise, fold, topple and plough through flesh and bone. That was quite lawful and civilised. Within ten years, most or civilised nations of the world had followed suit and copied the design and effect. The only countries in the world where this design was not taken on board was the British Commonwealth countries who after being brought to task were keen not to be accused of war crimes a second time. It is hard to moralise on these subjects as during the two world wars Britain and its Commonwealth forces were criticised for using bullets that wounded, more than they killed, so causing more suffering to the wounded, where the German designed toppling bullet made more severe wounds that killed more reliable. The finger was pointed at the British for wanting to cause more wounded as it caused more logistic nightmares for the opposing army to evacuate the wounded. Yet the wounded have at least a chance of survival, if even it’s painful chance.
Keeping in mind that copper always becomes in short supply during wartime, most nations have highly developed methods for producing steel-jacketed bullets, well-tested and ready to put to use. Many military ammunition specifications contain alternate provisions for the use of steel for this reason. It is interesting to note that virtually all small arms ammunition produced in the Soviet Union for the past many years utilizes steel-jacketed bullets.
It is only reasonable to assume that we may expect ever-increasing use of steel in bullet jackets in the future. As manufacturing methods become more refined, the much higher price of copper will make steel more attractive to manufacturers.
The first expanding jacketed bullets were simple soft-points with a great deal of lead exposed at the nose. Of rather blunt form and driven at relatively low velocities, they expanded well and penetrated deeply, even on the largest game. However, as sharp-pointed designs became necessary for velocity retention, and as velocities climbed, this type became less effective. A blunt soft-point bullet that performed well at 2000-2200 fps will break up badly when driven at 2800-3000 fps. Lead exposure was reduced and cores were hardened to achieve better high-velocity performance, but serious problems developed in that a bullet designed to withstand impact at high velocities at short range would not expand well at, say, 300 yards where velocity had reduced substantially. As velocities and flatness of trajectory increased hunters took longer shots and the problem grew much worse.
Next Edition Balancing Bullets.

Any Inquiries on any products phone 07 54824099  or  07 54825070 or email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au

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Chrony Chronographs measure the velocity of your ammunition.

You have now should all have the free Ballistic Calculator if you haven’t got it already there is a link further down this page. Without a Chornograph to give you a known velocity, shooting is all just guess work. There are only two known facts available to a shooter, the hole it makes in the target and its speed. (Pressure guns are not available to us mere mortals) You cannot test, your rifle and ammunition by how much noise it makes or how hard it kick’s you. Get a chronograph, they have never been any cheaper for this quality and if you don’t do it now they will be dearer when you want one next. Then you will be kicking yourself harder than a .600 Nitro Express. They fold up really compact to take to the range, open them up shoot throught the wires and the light meters will give you a print out on the little screen. They fit onto nearly every camera tripod.  One of our customers fired through the  clear screen, brought it back for warrentry, as it didn’t work. Please do not do this, as they are not supposed to be bullet proof.

$198. plus post.


Sling Shots as seen in use on the Streets of Bankock. If you cannot get a firearm seems as though these are the next best thing to take on the M16 opposition. Even though they lost the battle for the streets they won points for bravery. These have an internal magazine for quick loading, Extra effective using round lead musket balls for ammo.

Any Inquiries on any products phone 07 54824099  or  07 54825070 or email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au
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Free For Electronic Download Firearm Manual for Remington Models 700, Seven & 710 Bolt Action Centrefire Rifles

Assemble Dis-Assemble Maintenance, Exploded Diagrams, General Data, Parts ,Safety Warnings
Email : OwenGuns@spiderweb.com.au and it will be sent to you in .pdf format free of charge.
We have over 2500 firearm Manuals which if you need a particular one we can source and email to you please phone 07 54825070 or enquire via the above email but we will require $16.50 per electronic version or $25. per hard copy plus postage.

Any Inquiries on any firearm products phone 07 54824099  or  07 54825070 or email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au If you want to order by mail have your card detail handy.
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