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Owen Guns Bulletin Edition 52 March 2011

Blog March 13, 2011

Welcome to the Fifty Second Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.


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Thoughts For the Week

They process our paperwork ‘chains’, with the speed of men immersed in treacle.

Shooters in Queensland are at the tip of a double edged sword.

On one sword edge side we see:
That on the 1st November 2010 the Queensland Police installed a new computer program that cost $6 Million. They also know that they have been slugged an extra 126 percent increase in licence fees to pay for this new computer program. By now they will know someone who has waited for months to obtain a Permit to Acquire, that’s the form we have to fill in every time we apply to get permission to have a firearm (anything even Daisy Red Ryder bb’). Some shooters, have been waiting since October or earlier, are told by a recording on the Police phone system not to phone up as it slows them down.

Weapons Regulation 1996
56 Waiting period for decision on application for permit to acquire
(3) However, if—
(a) the applicant already holds a firearm under a licence; the period is the remainder of the day on which the applicant lodges the application for the permit.

This choking of the firearm trade is sending Dealers to the wall, some who have 900 layby’s in storage waiting for PTA’s an 80 % loss of trade, staff lay offs, already some gun shops have been forced to close. No PTA’s, equals not gun sales , no guns sales equals not accessory sales. Gun shops close, less choice for shooters, less people shoot, Police in Weapons Licensing will  have 90 staff with much less to do.  
Even though, that this publicity has made more shooters aware that their rights are being infringed and the Police have been in breach of the Weapons legislation for not supplying the PTA after the remainder of the day. (As above)  They still are not protesting or even informing their local members of Parliament who are paid to represent them, and paid to take their problems for solution to parliament.  Most are just hanging off buying guns and delaying applying for a $30. PTA waiting until it improves.
Well it appears it is not going to improve, the Police publically admit to having 4400 unprocessed PTAs and private sources from inside say its more like over 6000 and they are still only processing 250 to 350 a week and more than that are coming in and the backlog is growing. Apparently, even with the 126 % increase in fees the State Government only purchased half of this program for its $6 million and needs another $6 million to get the final installation this coming October. Only then will they be able to search Form 10, (Dealer Information) numbers and save the manual acquisitions of that information, as at present. That means it will be another year before this system is improved. Untold misery for this industry and the shooting public. All to save no lives, solve no crimes, just to fill data banks with your information over and over again, creating government jobs.

Where is the Up side in this you might well ask?
On the other side of the sword edge:-
For the first time since 1996 we have members of Parliament, mostly Independents but some such as Member for Gympie Davis Gibson, asking questions, On Notice’, besides asking why the system is plainly not working, he asks why, if the Queensland Police have never been able to comply to the Legislation, and it solves no crimes and saves no lives, why have we not Scrapped Long Arm Registration, as has already occurred in Canada and New Zealand.
There is no truthful answer to this question, that can be supplied by the Police or Anti Gun politicians. Queensland has the largest number of firearms, if we can get the Long Arm Registry scrapped here, with a little effort its precedent would vibrate to the other Australian States. They are reeling backwards on one leg in Queensland, guns are imported into Queensland and due to the Registry mess the paperwork from the Dealers is not being processed so the Police Commissioner, who is responsible under the Act to keep the register is not complying. He could be charged with a breach of the Weapons Act. Of course there is a law for the common people like us, and the eye of the law will be turned away from the Police Commissioner. The precedent has been set some years ago, a Queensland Police commissioner Terry Lewis has been arrested and charged. To succeed with this edge of the sword we must all do a few things, Stage One, we must quickly make applications for ‘Permit to Acquire’ as many as we can afford, if you do not reside in Queensland encourage shooters you know in Queensland to apply. Shooters could even apply to acquire one another’s firearms and when they finally catch up and approve those, put the applications in again and swap them back again. Shooter’s who want to help but do not have a friend willing to participate could phone me at work 07 54825070 and I will give them a firearm that they can apply for a permit for. It might not be in a condition that is worth collecting but still, it will require processing. We want enough applications in the system to stop this nonsense.
Stage Two, we must all Protest, contact all State legislators our local Members of Parliament by email, we must inform them that the Police are not complying with the legislation shown above, that you or your friends have not had their PTA approved on ‘the remainder of the day on which the applicant lodges the application”, (as above legislation) and that you are asking, (demanding, requesting,) for this processed to be scrapped. As the Queensland Police, since its inception have not complied with the legislation  Weapons Regulation 1996 56 (3) (as above) and it has not saved a life or solved a crime. They should not impose a system on innocent citizens if they cannot make it work. We cannot waste a minute, it is now time to strike back. Ron Owen       
CLICK ON BUTTONS to send emails to all Queensland Politicians

Make sure you always include your name and address. That way you will be taken seriously.

QLD Gov Ministers: Click here to e-mail all Gov Ministers

QLD Shadow Gov Ministers: Click here to e-mail all Shadow Gov Ministers

Find your local MP: Click here to find your local MP, Click on their Electorate in the middle of the column, then click on the e-mail address

The best value package deal since 1988, A Remington (Brand new) Model 770, with their famous front Double locking lugs, detachable magazine, synthetic stock, weaver style mounts, 3–9×40 variable scope, All for $480. .243, 308. .270 , .3006 Springfield.


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Slimline Electronic Ear Muffs

Hear and Protect Hear normally up to 85 db Electronically reduces & protects hearing  Protects hearing above 85 db Able to hear normal conversations and sounds to 85 decibels.  Over 200 hours of battery life. Auto-adjust headband. Solid state circuit. Rotary on-off volume knob.

These electronic ear muffs are a high standard ear muff in design, they are made to feel light and comfortable for all day use. They can be used as standard ear muff when the electronic component is not turned on and will passively reduce noise like any normal ear muff. They have a standard noise reduction rating of 29 decibel and are a Class 5.
Once turned on the microphone, located at the top of the ear muff, will pick up and amplify ambient noise. If some one standing next to you talks, their voice will be amplified through the speakers in both ear muffs. Should there be a loud noise, such as a firearm, the electronic ear muffs will automatically cut out and block the loud noise. The electronic ear muffs are designed to attenuate noise about 85 decibels, meaning that they will block out instantly, once the noise reaches a certain level. The electronic ear muffs allow you to control the volume level of ambient noise around you. On the shooting range with constant loud reports, the electronic ear muffs will block this noise. For range instructions or to communicate with another person, you can instantly hear them speak.
At the range or anywhere ear protection is constantly required, but you also need to hear instructions from others or you wish to be more aware of the ambient sound around you, these electronic ear muffs are what you need.


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Sabatti .223 Walnut Stock, Detachable Magazine, adjustable Trigger, large claw extractor.Sabatti have been producing firearms for hundreds of years in the Gardonne region of Italy. The company split from its pistol manufacturing operation Tanfoglio several years ago. The action is a Mauser type with dual opposed locking lugs with a claw extractor. Ideal for the traditionalist who appreciates Walnut stocks.


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Remington Genesis 1000 fps. Idea for Dad and Son, An Adult Air Rifle. Practice Target Shooting in the Garage. (Air Rifle Scopes have to be EXTRA shock resistant for High powered Air Rifles) . These single shot spring air rifle feature ultra Hi ergonomics in its soft, synthetic pistol style grip and sculptured cheek piece, 28 pounds of cocking force gets up to 1000 fps. Other features include aTwo stage Adjustable trigger, Ventilated rubber recoil pad, Precision rifled steel barrel, Crossblock trigger blocking mechanism, Ambidextrous safety, made in the USA.
$400. With 3–9×40 Variable Centrepoint Air Rifle Scope and Mounts. $300 without. plus freight.

Accurate Firearm Design

Gas Operated Actions. In this type of self-loading rifle the expanding force of the powder gas is utilized in a different manner from any of the foregoing to operate the mechanism. A small hole is drilled through the lower wall of the barrel into the bore, and as the bullet passes this hole a portion of the gas rushes into the hole and down into a gas piston below the barrel. The rod of this piston pushes back an operating rod which is connected with the breech bolt and a counter recoil spring. The operating rod first operates a cam to rotate the bolt or tip the bolt which unlock its locking lugs by which it was tightly locked to the barrel, and then pushes the bolt back to its stop, extracting and ejecting the fired case, compressing the mainspring, and cocking the firing pin. The counter recoil spring then pulls or mainly pushes the bolt, and  operating rod, and gas piston forward. As the bolt moves forward it pushes the topmost cartridge from the magazine into the chamber, and firmly locks itself to the barrel ready to fire again.
If the gas port in the barrel is to close to the chamber, the gas at that point will still be at  peak pressure, and will drive the piston violently to the rear, giving a more severe reaction and which tends to tear the extractor through the rim of the case, or tear the head off the case. With the Garand rifle this gas port is located only about an inch in rear of the muzzle, at which point the gas pressure is very much less, the piston blow and movement is not so violent, the action is smoother, and yet there is sufficient power to extract a fired case, even if it is dry it does not to be lubricated.  Of course they can be nearer to the chamber than that but either there is an adjustable mechanism as on the FN Fal, Enfield SLR or the hole is small as in the AK series of rifles. Either way the bullet has surely left the muzzle before the piston starts to the rear and before the bolt starts to unlock, the push to the rear being continued by the residual pressure. Locating the gas port and piston close to the muzzle, however, necessitates a long forearm of military type to encase the piston and the long operating rod.
The mechanism of the new Winchester short piston throw action (as in.30  M1 Carbine, Ruger Mini 14) is slightly different. The gas port is only slightly forward of the chamber, and the piston rod moves to the rear only about 1/10 inch when the gas enters the cylinder. The operating rod, held against the piston rod by the counter recoil spring, receives a quick, severe blow from the piston rod, and under the impetus of this blow moves to the rear and operates the mechanism as above. The action is like that seen in the lawn game of croquet where the two balls are placed touching each other. The foot is pressed hard on one ball (the piston rod) and that ball is struck a blow by the mallet (the gas). That ball does not move, or moves only a very slight amount, but the other ball (the operating rod) flies across the lawn. This style of mechanism is used in the Winchester (Carbine Williams) .30 M1 Carbine. With this rifle, it is not necessary to use a long forearm to house the piston and operating rod, and this lends itself to the design of a neater and lighter handier type of firearm.
In the early days of the gas operated mechanism, which were also the days of the chlorate primer, considerable trouble was experienced from the rusting and carbon (fouling) of the gas port and piston. Lately, however, with the introduction of the non-corrosive primer, and of powders giving less fouling, most of this trouble has disappeared, and due to the relaxation of the clearing regimes this caused a massive defect during the early Vietnam  M16 period as they all need cleaning.
Cleanliness is next to Godliness, Soldiers who do not clean, see God sooner rather than later.
Cleaning must still be done. Any armourer who has just cleaned the gas cylinder piston and piston plug of the rifles used in combat will assure you that the second coming has not arrived yet, and there is more black carbon in those pistons than the fires of hell.  Both gas port and piston should receive some small lubrication at the same time as when the bore of the rifle is cleaned with solvent and lubricated with an oiled patch. These two systems of gas operation appear to be much better adapted for military and sporting shoulder rifles than any of the other mechanisms described to date.
Next Edition Gas operated piped instead of pistons such as the AG 42 b Ljungman and AR 15 actions.


Give the wife a break stop cleaning your cartridge cases in the dish washer, or the washing machine, no more hassle drying them in the oven. Get the Vibratory Case Cleaner from Hornady.


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Gun Books Make Great Presents, Easy To Post and with years of use and enjoyment. We have over a 1000 Gun Books in stock.
Looking for Gun Books We now have a list of some of our many Gun and Firearm books on the website at www.owenguns.com/gympie-shop/gun-book-list
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Another good example is Gunsmithing Rifles by Patrick Sweeney

353 pages soft back. Patrick Sweeney shows rifle shooters the ins and outs of do-it-yourself repair and provides tips on improving accuracy and reducing recoil for hunters and target shooters.Plenty of photos clearly illustrate each step of every project as Sweeney’s latest book gives rifle owners everything they need to finish gunsmithing projects while avoiding the pitfalls. From wood refinishing to smoothing a rough trigger pull, Sweeney guides readers every step of the way. There is no better book for the hobbyist who enjoys working on rifles.

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The Range Officer Handbook

Another Example is our Best Seller as it is Australian written and produced with the Australian Shooting conditions in mind. If you like the small articles included with this Bulletin, Accurate Firearm Design and Understanding Cartridge Reloading and want to read an encyclopedia on shooting by the same author buy The Range Officer Handbook.
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As already purchased by members of all Shooting Organisations.Some have even bought two copies one for home and one to take to the club. See Book Reviews by Nick Harvey in Sporting Shooters and Guns Australia in our new Gun Book Category.

rangeofficersmal phototiny1

It’s a week since I received a copy of “Range Officers Hand Book” and since that time I am nearly at the half way mark. I’m amazed at the at the number of subjects you have covered making it one of the most informative books to be added to my collection. It must have taken you a considerable amount of time and experience to publish the book with information not available in other popular Gunsmith manuals. I would recommend the book to “Range Officers” and anyone interested in the sport of target shooting and hunting.
Gene M Cornford P.O.Box 288, Kaeo    0448 N.Z. Firearms Gunsmith, Dip M.G.S +Member of American Gunsmithing Assoc.

The Range Officers Handbook is an encyclopedia or omnibus of firearms and ammunition and the use of them, it has:-
•  90   pages of Information for Range Officers,
•  239 pages on Coaching to Win,
•  110 pages on Air Rifle History &Training,
•  33   pages on hitting Clay Targets,
•  34   pages on Reloading Ammunition,
•    6   page of Contents,
•  18   pages of Index,
•  38   pages of Old into New, ( Chronological History of Firearms)
•  23   pages of Glossary of Terminology on Firearms and Optics
•  Over 1000 drawings and photographs.
•  Over 530 pages in a A4 stitched colour hardback.,
Some, hopefully will read it cover to cover, others will pick a heading out of the Contents pages and read a chapter or two, but no matter how much you know about shooting, reference material is always needed, as even people who rate as genius cannot retain everything. The real ability is being able to find out quickly and easily. You can check that you have the correct terminology, in the Glossary, check the Index and go straight to the right page. This book can be used as an information tool for a lifetime of shooting.


Signed by the author (state who you would like it dedicated to) plus $10 postage Australia wide.
The Range Officers Handbook pay by Pay Pal see Bulletin Special Announcement Page

The Free External Ballistics Calculator NEW VERSION for all Components not Brand Specific.

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Norinco Model 213 ‘Tokargypt’ 9 shot Semi Auto

The Model 213 original basis was designed by John Moses Browning, the world famous firearm designer. In the late 1920s the Colt /Browning mechanism was redesigned by Russian, Feoder Tokerev, simplified for mass production and chambered in the powerful 7.62×25. It used the Mod 1911 swinging link, short recoil system.
To enable easy maintenance the hammer and lock mechanism can be removed as a single assemble. To improve the Browning feed system the ammunition feed lips are machined into the frame rather than relying on pressed tin. Which on a battlefield where magazines lips do not get the best attention is a great advantage in reliability and makes the magazines cheaper to produce. It was an extremely tough, reliable and powerful pistol and was later modified by Hungary for export to Egypt this was known as the Tokagypt. The pistol differs from the Tokarev in being chambered for the 9mm Parabellum, and a fitted safety catch (WHICH SHOULD NEVER BE RELIED UPON) as well as the half cock safety.

As can be seen by the inset photo the barrels and chambers are all chrome plated. It has a plastic wrap around grip stock, instead of the Tokerev ‘bakelite’ and a finger piece type floor plate on the magazine, which improves your chances of quickly getting it out and getting another one in after someone has rammed one in covered in mud. The M 213 Chinese version of this also has a chrome plated barrel shown in the above photograph. These are brand new unfired but have the usual scratch marks and rough corners as shown in the photographs. As standard the barrels are a millimetre short for club licences so are fitted with a slightly longer barrel. The steel is excellent and once a few surfaces, such as slides, are polished they are a slick an easy pointing pistol. Eight rounds in the magazine.

$369. each $700 for two.

plus registered post and appropriate licences.

Dillon Precision Reloading Scales.

Manufactured by Ohaus for Dillon. When you find out that all those electronic scales suffer from interference from power poles, tin roof, electronic door opening devices, and as all scales varied by the air movements, such as draughts, you may be looking for the basic and in the long run the best mechanical scales.


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Early endeavours in the realm  of balancing core hardness with jacket thickness and strength in bullets created a new ballistic science. They wanted the nose of the bullet to yield, to produce reasonably good expansion at reduced velocities; yet, wanted the body of the bullet strong enough to resist break-up under high-velocity short range impact. With additional hype and a few refinements, this basic design is with us still today, probably more bullets adhere to these factors than any other. The refinements consist generally of tapered bullet jackets (thin at the point, thick over the body); longitudinal serrations or grooves (inside or outside) and notches or scallops around the jacket mouth; thin, soft metal protective caps over the otherwise-exposed lead at the nose, like Winchester Silver tips. All major manufacturers produce superb bullets embodying one or more  features that will hold together reasonably well for those under-100-yard shots and still produce adequate expansion out to 300 yards in all but the lightest game animals.
Bullet expansion is promoted two ways, and encouraged by several others. Most common is the simple soft point with the jacket cut away at the point to expose a portion of soft core. Second consists of punching a hole into the point of the bullet along its center line, allowing the jacket to come right up to the mouth of the cavity, the hollow point. Generally, the lower the bullet’s velocity, the greater core exposure or cavity size required to insure expansion. At very high velocities even the tiniest exposure or hole can produce violent expansion.
In an attempt to secure uniform and concentric expansion, jacket mouths are sometimes scalloped, cut part way through, cut through, or weakened in various ways as shown in the manufacturers brochure. All are supposed to be unique, like Solomon said, There is nothing new under the Sun.
Various forms of protection have been applied to the bullet point, both to streamline it for better velocity retention, and to prevent handling, feeding, recoil, and firing damage to exposed lead. Probably the best known design is the Winchester-Western “Silvertip.” This consists of a thin, soft-alloy cap inserted in the mouth of the jacket to cover the core. Another is the Remington “Bronze Point” which consists of a separate, sharp conical point seated in the core. Upon impact, it acts as a wedge to promote expansion.
Both the above methods have been employed in a modified form by various foreign manufacturers with apparently equal success.
However, in the period between the two world wars, European makers attempted to achieve better control over bullet expansion by various means. One was the DWM “Strong-Jacket” which utilized a very thick and heavy section near the jacket base. In its rear third, the jacket was so thick as to reduce core diameter by over one-half. The intention, and reasonably successful, was to insure that the jacket could not roll back completely to the base and that roughly the rear half of the bullet would always remain intact to insure penetration, even though the forward portion of the bullet might be torn off entirely. RWS took an entirely different approach with its “H-Mantel” which utilized a two-part core and a folded jacket. The rear portion of the core was of quite hard lead, the front portion soft. At a point just below the top of the hard core, the jacket was turned in upon itself and folded under pressure to form in effect a partial partition. It was intended that the rear portion of the bullet from the partition rearward would always retain essentially its original shape and insure penetration regardless of what happened to the other part. This, too, was reasonably successful. In the U.S.A., numerous designs to achieve the same ends were proposed, most popular of which was probably the Remington “inner-belted” whose jacket contained a thickened portion near the middle. This thick “belt” was accomplished by first drawing the jacket in the usual fashion, then swaging an additional ring of jacket material on the outside, so that when the bullet was brought to proper exterior dimensions, a thick ring was formed. To a degree, this accomplished the same end as the RWS H-Mantel. Many other designs were attempted, but none achieved any truly great acceptance other than the Winchester “Silvertip” which utilized a very soft and thin protective cap over the lead point projecting from the jacket. Charles Newton designed a “wire-point” bullet which used a thin but strong piece of steel wire inserted in the center of the point to reinforce it against close-range expansion.
However, it was not until the 1950’s that a truly multiple-range bullet design was developed to the point of commercial success and acceptance. The brainchild of John Nosler, it is called the “Nosier Partition Bullet” and in original form contained a completely solid partition located midway in the bullet jacket. This was accomplished by actually machining the jacket from solid copper rod, a most uneconomical method of manufacture. The forward portion of the jacket was relatively thin and filled with a soft lead core; the rear quite thick and with a hard core. In this form, the front portion would expand at any reasonable velocity, while the rear portion then assumed the characteristics of a full-jacketed wadcutter and remained intact under even the most severe impacts to insure deep penetration. Nosier Partition Bullets are currently made from lengths of copper tubing which are impact extruded to form the partition. As a practical manufacturing matter, the partition cannot be made completely solid without significantly increasing production costs. It provides all-range performance at a level of consistency and reliability that cannot be obtained with conventional design. Granted, in spite of advanced production techniques and shortcuts, the partition bullet still costs nearly twice as much to make as the conventional type.  In the last ten years a lot of hunters who feel they need better have chosen Barnes or Nosler type bullets which are a superb bullet but due to the high expense they are never likely to ever displace what are called the “open-cup” designs. Shooters who feel that their type of hunting and game justifies the increased cost of Barnes or Nosier bullets are quite willingly pay it.
Next Edition. ‘More on Bullets.’

Bushnell Yardage Pro Range Finder


plus post


Sling Shots as seen in use on the Streets of Bankok. If you cannot get a firearm seems as though these are the next best thing to take on the M16 opposition. Even though they lost the battle for the streets they won points for bravery. These have an internal magazine for quick loading, Extra effective using round lead musket balls for ammo.

$ 40

Plus  $10. to all Australian States, If you have a friend that wants one we can get two into the same post bag.

Any Inquiries on any products phone 07 54824099  or  07 54825070 or email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au

If you want to order by mail have your card detail handy.

Free For Electronic Download Firearm Manual for AK-47 ASSAULT RIFLE 40 pages with diagrams and photographs. FREE

(You don’t have to have one. Interesting reading about the most famous Assault Rifle from the point of view of the opposition.) Owner/Operators Manual, Instructions, Assemble Dis-Assemble Maintenance, Exploded Diagrams, General Data, Parts ,Safety Warnings
Email : OwenGuns@spiderweb.com.au and it will be sent to you in .pdf format free of charge.

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