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Owen Guns Bulletin Edition 66 March 2012

Blog February 26, 2012

Owen Guns Gympie
Welcome to the “Special Election” Sixty Sixth Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.
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It is election day on Saturday,  just in case there is a shooter out there in Queensland who does not yet know who to vote for here are the links to the politicians statements on firearm policy.

Greens  So Bad we won’t bother, they would ban rubber bands as they can flick bits of paper.

Labour  in a letter from Anna Bligh   http://www.foaa.com.au/candidates-responses-on-gunlaws/365/

Liberal/National in a letter enclosed from Alex Douglas MP enclosing a letter  from Campbell. It has many claims which were not backed up on the 15th November 2012  when his party voted en mass with Labour to introduce the Weapons Amendment Bill 2011   http://www.foaa.com.au/candidates-responses-on-gunlaws/dr-alex-douglas-mp-member-for-gaven/

Katter’s Australia Party, their Candidates had the best response to the Firearm Owners Association of Australia’s Questionaire  http://www.foaa.com.au/candidates-responses-on-gunlaws/the-best-response-ade-lawson-kap/

KAP and has since published a policy on firearms  http://www.ausparty.org.au/page/attachment/35/kap-firearms-policy-01feb12 

So for us there is not much choice its one of the KAP candidates or one of the pro- gun  Independent candidates such as Chris Foley, Rob Messenger and the Best Mrs Liz Cunningham.

Lets hope we can make a difference and have a voice in the Queensland Parliament form our perspective. We will Know on Saturday Night, either KAP does well,  wins  the balance of power and begins to wind back the Gun Laws of we will have another  three years in the wilderness with LNP and Labour stealing our property when every they feel like legislating.
Ron Owen.


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