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Owen Guns Bulletin Edition 79 April 2013

Blog April 28, 2013


Owen Guns Gympie

Welcome to the Seventy Nineth Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.
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From 1997, ‘Permits to Acquire’ (PTA) were needed to register a firearm on a Queensland Shooters Licence costing $30 to $32, with a wait from one month to eleven months. Many examples of missing at the police station, missing in Weapons licencing, missing in the post, returned to the wrong address and expired before corrected meant that it had to be paid for again.
Result =Hundreds of thousands of Unhappy Queenslanders.
All thinking people know that registration, or licencing of firearms does not save a life or solve a crime. In fact firearm controls have proved all over the world to be counter productive. Example  


After nearly sixteen years, since the 1st February and up to the 30th April 2013, due to the Firearm Amnesty, Dealers have been registering firearms without ‘Permits to Acquire’(PTA), On the Spot. Between five and six thousand unregistered firearms have been registered by Queensland firearm dealers in the last three months, but on the 30th April 2013 it will cease.
Dealers Do the Job Anyway.
The firearm dealers do all the work even with the ‘PTA’ system, they identify the shooters licence with the person, the identify the firearm with the ‘PTA’, and the person, they enter it in or out of the police register that they have to keep by law. They forward all the information to the Queensland police so that they can enter it on to the Police computer.  The $32.00 is just an imposition to prevent shooters from buying it too often. During the recent Amnesty the Dealers have written the persons Shooter Licence details on a form, identified the firearm on the counter in front of them, entered the details on the same form, included their licence details, photocopied the sheet, faxed it to Queensland Police, given a copy to the shooter. Job done. Shooter leaves the premises with his firearm. It has not cost the Queensland Police a brass razoo up to that point and they have all the details that they require.
Result to Date , Many thousands of Happy Queenslanders.
(The Dealer still has to enter firearms in and out and relay that information to the QPS in an archaic triplicate system.)
The Queensland Police will feel good about the Amnesty 95 % of the firearm I have seen registered or handed in have been ancient heirlooms, keepsakes of grandad, most with some missing parts, some with missing bolts, missing magazines, loose, unsafe and barely one in a hundred have not been rusty either inside or outside, or both.
On The Spot
The Amnesty  has succeeded in one single point, it has proved that it is possible for Firearm Dealers to register the firearms to shooters licences, On the Spot” and the Queensland Police have coped with it in an easier fashion than the PTA system. 
It raises a big question, “it has worked so why stop it, why not scrap the Permit To Acquire  system?
Well this question has to be raised, as any resistance to it, from the Queensland Police shows that it is a control imposition, a harassment and nothing more, as everyone now knows that it can all happen without it.
They may say that there has to be a 28 day cooling off period, well that period is well and truly taken up during the lengthy application for the Shooters Licence, these sometimes take months. The requirement is for a 28 day period, not a 28 day with the application for a licence and another 28 days with and application for a “Permit To Acquire” making it a 56 day period, or most times much longer. Queensland has been the only Australian state that has imposed these double periods it should cease immediately.
It will not change if You do not help make it happen.
You must do Three separate things.
1. You must write by mail or email to the Police Minister requesting;
“that Queensland Firearm Dealers continue to register firearms to Queensland Shooters Licences in the same fashion as they have been achieving between February to April 30th 2013, ‘On the Spot’, replacing the Permit to Acquire system.”
 As simple as that. “that Queensland Firearm Dealers continue to register firearms to Queensland Shooters Licences in the same fashion as they have been achieving between February to April 30th 2013, ‘On the Spot’, replacing the Permit to Acquire system.”
Elaborate if you feel the need but please get that message by the 1000s to the Police Minister. Before they forget that this amnesty has occurred and that it was possible. 

2. You must contact your shooting organisation, your club, or if more than one, all of them and ask to see there submission on this question, asking that the, “that Queensland Firearm Dealers continue to register firearms to Queensland Shooters Licences in the same fashion as they have been achieving between February to April 30th 2013, ‘On the Spot’, replacing the Permit to Acquire system.”  If they have not put one in, or do not intend to put one in, similar to this, you need to leave that organisation and find another that will.

3. The last but most important is to spread this message by email, word of mouth, by facebook, twitter or any other means of communication. Put a poster up at your club, and gunshop surely all the fellow sufferers will send in a submission. We have to let them know we count for something. If only the over 7000 subscribers to this little Bulletin sent this short note, it would happen tomorrow.

The Submission from the Firearm Owners Association of Australia is below. That has been sent to the Minister.
Firearm Owners Association of Australia.
24 Mc Mahon Rd, Gympie, 4570
b3969976@spiderweb.com.au www.foaa.com.au/
07 54825070
Hon Jack Dempsey MP  Member for Bundaberg Minister for Police and Community Safety
GPO Box 15195, City East QLD 4002 Brisbane QLD 4000 tel: 323 90199  fax: 3221 9987

Dear Sir,
Could you please direct your Department so that Queensland Firearm Dealers continue to register firearms to Queensland Shooters Licences in the same fashion as they have been achieving between February to April 30th 2013, ‘On the Spot’, replacing the Permit to Acquire system.”

Yours Ron Owen. President.

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