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Owen Guns Bulletin Edition 83 August 2013

Blog August 24, 2013

Owen Guns Gympie

Welcome to the Eighty Third Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.

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To make improvements for firearm owners we have to consider what motivates governments, I would like to say the Constitutional/democratic system of representation but if I said that, it would be a lie. Some would say the will of the majority of voters and that would not be true either. Basically, the answer is, the “Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil”. That is why minorities like the Greens have so much power, they can Ban Plastic Bags, Guns, and Fishing, and just about have Blind Freddie’s White Walking Stick removed because its made of wood. They are completely illogical to the extent they are “cockamamie” and “wacky”, but they get what they want and we a majority in comparison in numbers of voters get nothing.

We firearm owners have to be as militant the Greens, we have to be the “Squeaky Wheel”, the serial complainers, we have to work harder to make up for our mates, who do nothing.

To begin, we have to win small achievable ‘Victories’, by constantly exposing the truth to the local members of parliament that ultimately vote in parliament. The public servants oppose us in two ways :-

1) Silence they refuse to answer, and

2) when pushed they Lie.

Tiny Jack Demmpsey Lying

So we have to be Persistent and repeat, again and again, like a resounding drum, the Truth. The drum we can all use is Electronic Media, if your reading this, you have some  use of it at your fingertips. 

I am NOT a fan of the actions and career of Hitler’s German Propaganda Minister Paul Joseph Goebbels, I do believe he was a brilliant propagandist, that all governments since have imitated. Think, hard on this admission that he made,

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” .

The truth is the greatest enemy of the State. I think of that quote often, but this letter from Weapons Licencing brought it to the fore. Disappointing, it is that nothing changes, that governments who once learn the maxim above have not changed and like history, they keep repeating it. 

This was an answer one of the members of the Firearm Owners Association of Australia received.

Dear Mr

Thank you for your time this afternoon to discuss your concerns about the permit to acquire system and communication channels with Weapons Licensing.
As I indicated during our discussion the Weapons Act 1990 (the Act) was amended in November 1996 following the Port Arthur Massacre on 28 April 1996. These amendments were part of the National Firearms Agreement agreed upon by all Australian jurisdictions.  Incorporated in the amendments was the introduction of an integrated licensing and registration regime in Queensland.  The current Permit to Acquire (PTA) system is a requirement within the Act to ensure weapons are accurately registered on the Commissioners Firearms Register.  The PTA system is pivotal to the continued achievement of the National Firearms Agreement to which Queensland is a signatory.

The decision to implement the ‘on the spot system’ was designed to serve the short term goal of the amnesty in the most cost effective and efficient way, namely to encourage people possessing unregistered weapons to have the weapons registered.  It was not designed to impinge or otherwise impact on the requirements of the Act.  The recent amnesty resulted in the registration of almost 19,000 weapons.  It is important to note the Amnesty Declaration, , waived the requirement for a PTA and fees only for weapons registered as part of the amnesty.  It did not replace the PTA scheme for weapons that were already registered.  The declaration was made and published in the Queensland Government Gazette on 1 February 2013 as required in section 168B of the Act.

The Queensland Police Service, Weapons Licensing is responsible for the administration of the Weapons Act 1990 and is required to comply with the provisions of the Act to ensure that the principles and object of the Act are achieved.”

That is really slick, it sounds like the Police serving us, defending us from ourselves, like the new religion is ‘Trust the Government’.

    Quote ,  “THE RECENT AMNESTY RESULTED IN THE REGISTRATION OF ALMOST 19,000 WEAPONS.”  If they can so that without PTAs, why do the Police still keep imposing PTA’s on law abiding firearm owners?

LIE ONE : “The current Permit to Acquire (PTA) system is a requirement within the Act”, if it was they would have referred to the Section of the Act. Write and ask them which section of the Weapons Act 1990. 
TRUTH : No answer for three months.

LIE TWO: “National Firearms Agreement.” 
TRUTH: A past government official may have signed this, but it is not legislation, our representatives have not voted in parliament to impose this ‘Agreement’ on the people of Queensland.

LIE THREE:   “important to note the Amnesty Declaration, waived the requirement for a PTA and fees.”
TRUTH: Section 168B announces an amnesty, no power in this section to change any other section of the Act.

Reference  [s 168C] Weapons Act 1990 Part 7 Miscellaneous    Page 164 Current as at 8 April 2013


(1) The commissioner may, with the approval of the Minister, declare an amnesty (amnesty declaration) for firearms of particular types.

(2) An amnesty declaration must be published—

(a) in a gazette notice; and

(b) in a newspaper circulating generally throughout the State.

(3) The effect of an amnesty declaration is that a person must not  be proceeded against for an offence against section 50 or 50A for the possession of a firearm of a type mentioned in the amnesty declaration if the person takes action, in the amnesty period for the type of firearm, and in accordance with the conditions stated in the amnesty declaration—

(a) to surrender the firearm; or

(b) to obtain the necessary authority under this Act to possess the firearm.

(4) Subsection (3) does not stop the commissioner from, with the approval of the Minister, amending or revoking an amnesty declaration.

Examples of amendment of amnesty declaration—

• an amendment changing the types of firearms mentioned in the amnesty declaration

There it is for all to see, NOTHING ABOUT “waived the requirement for a PTA”, 

LIE FOUR.: “and is required to comply with the provisions of the Act to ensure that the principles and object of the Act are achieved.”
TRUTH :This is a lie as there is no requirement to impose a PTA system on each registration so they are NOT ensuring the principles and objects of the Act. They are imposing it on us by their own will.
The Act does call for a registration and licence system and that is still being complied with, the firearms are registered to the licenced shooters the Firearm Dealer informs the QPS in the required time by Form 10.

The Questions we now ask our Police Minister and our local MPs concerns those lies, as there was no waiving of the PTA system in the Amnesty legislation 168B of the Weapons Act. For Example, 
To Hon Jack Dempsey MP,

Member for Bundaberg, Minister for Police and Community Safety,

GPO Box 15195, City East QLD,  4002 Brisbane  QLD 4000.

Tel: 323 90199  fax: 3221 9987
 24th August 2013
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         From Ron Owen,

24 Mc Mahon Road,

Gympie, 4570.

Phone 54 82 5070

Dear Police Minister.

This is the forth letter I have written, I have had one reply through Mr David Gibson M.P. but the reply did not address these important questions. I have also phoned twice, all to no avail.

Quote , “THE RECENT AMNESTY RESULTED IN THE REGISTRATION OF ALMOST 19,000 WEAPONS.” If they can do that without PTAs, why do the Police still keep imposing them on law abiding firearm owners?

As there was no waiving of the PTA system in the Amnesty legislation section 168B of the Weapons Act.

1) Did the Dealers and Queensland Police breach the Weapons Act with the 19000 registered to licences without a PTA, and will they be prosecuted?

2) As the requirement for the PTA system is only imposed on us, by the will of the QPS and not imposed by a section within the Weapons Act 1990, when will its suspension, removal be announced?


Ron Owen

Please put it in your own words, Ask for the truth, correct the lie, let them know we are not Sheep. Please forward this to the Minister of Police Police@ministerial.qld.gov.au     or   bundaberg@parliament.qld.gov.au

Select your local Member of Parliament email address and forward a copy of your question above to them.
are paid to represent us and assist us with our problems with Government, ask them for answers. Members of the Queensland House of Representatives are talking about this subject themselves and have contacted me, to say they are asking the Minister. Why do we have to have the PTA system, as the Weapons Licencing Section Permits to Acquire are 90% of their total complaints and creates for them, and Weapons Licencing a lot of work.
More than likely the Police Minister has been given a brief that resembles the misinformation above and believes the Police, or is it the Maxim of Joseph Goebbels “for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
We have a coming election, hopefully you will all know well enough to put the Greens last, Labour second last and Independent or Shooters Party first. Both Lib Lab Nationals and Labour have all betrayed us before. If you want to see change and you have a sitting member in one of those major parties put them just above the Green candidate and new ones that are pro shooting and hunting on top.
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 Go on have a go its easy, become a voice for justice, a voice for freedom, lets seize the day, we have nothing to lose but our chains. Write a letter.

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