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Owen Guns Bulletin Edition 87 December 2013

Blog December 15, 2013

Owen Guns Gympie
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Thoughts for the Week

Sorry this is Not a Christmas Message of Hope and Joy, but take Solace the Complaints from Shooters Concerning The Weapons Act and the QPS Mis -Management of it, Is Having the Desired Effect.

When a responsible law abiding citizen decides, for recreation or occupational reasons, needs a Queensland Shooters Licence, they do not expect that this inception into a large group of law abiding people will result in them being treated as third class citizens. Slaves almost. They are unaware that they are fair game for any dictatorial policemen that may cross their path. They are Crimtrac-ed, recorded by Interpol, as a firearm owner, their associations are recorded, there persons, self and property can be searched without warrant at any whim of a police officer and they are condemned to have imposed legislated waiting periods. Plus extra waiting periods created by police malice, inflicted on them.

A new member of the Firearm Owners Association contacted me last week and reported his problem. He needs a shooter licence to obtain a full time employment in a job that he has been preparing himself for many years. As the Licensed Instructors have an overload of people requiring Shooter licences he had to wait to get on a day long course of instruction, he passed the test and within a week had his safety certificate he made his application and paid his money (hundreds of dollars) and waited. His 28 days legislative (so called a cooling off period) had passed and his licence had still not arrived. This means employment and better money so he phoned the Weapons Licencing Branch, after the press button one and several robots he is told he just has to wait.

This is important to him so on my advice he phones his local representative Member of House Representatives, Mr David Gibson, he explains to the lady that took the call that he had waited his full time, period, paid his money and that he had phoned Weapons licensing and received no satisfactory information as to the whereabouts of his licence. The Lady informed him that they had received a letter from the Police Minister ordering them to not send any enquiries or letters on behalf of their constituents until after the 28 day period plus another three months. I later phoned and Mr Gibson’s office staff confirmed this, by forwarding to me a letter that David Gibson MP had replied to the Minister of Police, stating,

Dear Jack

“We have recently received advice regarding the policy change that indicated that you did not wish us to contact your office regarding any Permits To Acquire, for those who have not been waiting less than twelve weeks………….However, my constituents have raised with my office their on -going concerns about the time that it takes for a PTA to be obtained and the fact that the legislation indicates that it should be processed within 28 days.

On behalf of my constituents I would, therefore, ask that you review this internal policy so that we are able to contact your office to raise their concerns in relation to the time they have been waiting for their PTA’s after the twenty -eight day period.”

Well its great that one of the Members of Parliament has taken the time to write to the Minister about this latest abuse, we can forgive him for not including Licence and other applications, but we can tell that he has the Permit to Acquire problem noted loud and clear.

It would have been much better, if Mr Gibson MP or any other State Representatives had pointed out that obstructing the Constitutional rights of a Member of Parliament, limiting his freedom of speech is a breach of Queensland legislation. Imperial Acts Application Act 1984 which encompasses into Queensland Law the Bill of Rights (1688) 1 William & Mary, Sess. 2 ch 2,
British Bill of Rights 1688, for those who have been told we don't have one.

British Bill of Rights 1688, for those who have been told we don’t have one.

Article 9. States “Freedom of Speech. – That the freedom of speech and debates or proceedings in Parliament ought not to be impeached or questioned in any court or place out of Parliament”.

The Neuberger Report on Super-injunctions (para.6.6) 20th May 2011, explains:-

“….the plain meaning of Article 9 (of the Bill of Rights 1688), viewed against the historical background in which it was enacted, was to ensure that Members of Parliament were not subjected to any penalty, civil or criminal for what they said and to discuss what they chose to discuss.”

And at para. 9. “Article 9 of the Bill of Rights recognises and enshrines a longstanding privilege of Parliament: freedom of speech and debate. It is an absolute privilege and is of the highest constitutional importance”.

This right is also invoked in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Section 9 sub section 49.

Privileges, & c. of Houses.

49. The powers, privileges, and immunities of the Senate and of the House of Representatives, and of the members and the committees of each House, shall be such as are declared by the Parliament, and until declared shall be those of the Commons House of Parliament of the United Kingdom, and of its members and committees, at the establishment of the Commonwealth.

Of course I phoned the Police Ministers Office, and asked for confirmation, the Minister assistant immediately blamed the previous Labour government and said the new shooter would just have to wait his turn. I asked the Minister’s assistant which legislation were they relying on to do this. He said they did not need any legislation the police could take as long as they liked.

I clarified my question, by saying what legislation were they relying on to overpower our Constitutional rights? The person waiting for his licence had a right to be represented by his elected Representative, under our Constitutional system, which is the law of our land, that would include the Member of Parliament asking questions in the house on his behalf. He has a Constitutional right not to be silenced. His Ministers instruction obstructs this important process. If the Government, his Minister has no regard for the law, why should the law abiding citizens have any regard for the law?

The Minister’s assistant was arrogant, stating that shooter should have to wait for as long as it takes. I pointed out that they were imposing a system by legislation and if they could not make it work those impositions on free people should be removed. To ignore the peoples rights and be in breach of Queensland Legislation, yet choosing to enforce laws they like makes our government into a Third Reich scenario. He then began to shout, Are you calling me a Nazi, are you calling me a Nazi? I said, your just putting a name to the dictatorial system you have created, I have not said that. There was a silence, and I had to say, Have you hung up on me? Before he spoke, which was only another ‘like it, or lump’ it response.

I was only satisfied now, I knew that they did not have the legislation or power to silence the Members of the House of Representatives, that was the purpose for my call.

If Only We Lived In A Free Country??

If Only We Lived In A Free Country??
The State of Queensland is not a happy one, it is in a Revolutionary State.

Public servants, namely the Police, are over throwing our Constitution. Our House of Representatives is becoming less and less relevant every day. At the command of the enforcement branch of our government system the House has complied and given the Police enormous powers to stop, seize, search, fine, condemn without trial, detain and persecute shooters. The House has also at the command of the Police removed the discretion from the Courts and enforces mandatory minimum sentences. As the Queensland Police have been given the powers by the legislative house, they can treat licenced shooters with contempt, and raise huge amounts of money for licence fees and Permits to Acquire which equate to a fine without a crime. The only crime is that the Police hold out their hands for it. Revenue raising to justify their useless time wasting existence. If they catch a real criminal they would fall over backwards to assist them back into the community. While firearm collectors, or members of an associations face mandatory custodial sentences.

The Governors role in our Constitutional contract has for a long time been overthrown, they could refuse to give assent to these laws that impinge on innocent sections of the community. The Governor as the representative of the Crown, who has no more power than the Crown, and as the Bill Of Rights and our other Constitutional documents restrain the Crown the governor is also constrained.

The Separation of Powers. The Tripartite Powers.

Our system of government is a tripartite one, with each branch having certain defined functions delegated to it by the Constitution. The Executive (Governor Police Army) is charged with executing the laws; the House of Representatives writes the laws, and the Judiciary interprets them.

Our Constitutional documents prevent mass punishment without trial of groups of people, the concept of Justice is that the individual is judged by a jury for the alleged individual crime.

Our government is built on the concept of the separation of powers under the Crown we have the:-

The Legislative.

This is to ensure that the law writers the House of Representatives represent, ( from the Greek a word meaning to ‘Re’ ‘present’ the case) the will of the governed and if an individual has a problem with the government to re-present their argument for a resolution by the House of Representatives.

The Executive,

The Crown, once Royal ascent has been given to the legislation has a duty to enforce the legislation, that is why the Police and Army give their allegiance to the Crown and get their authority from the Crown, that’s why you may notice the Crown on their uniforms.

The Judiciary.

The Law Courts also operate under the Crown and have the duty of interpreting the law, and we would hope that they would also dispense the three forgotten ideals Justice, Mercy and Charity.

The Queensland Police have been altering and changing our Constitutional laws which have been enacted over hundreds of years, they have overstepped their own legal authority and are now the law breakers.

The Police’s encroachment into Judicial sphere of power is not a transgression that should be taken lightly. As English historian Edward Gibbon famously observed regarding the fall of the Roman Empire, “the principles of a free constitution are irrevocably lost, when the legislative power is dominated by the executive.” Although the Police’s actions may not yet amount to the executive’s powers overtaking the legislative power, they are certainly undermining the rule of law that is at the centre of our constitutional design.

Most people blame Campbell Newman for taking a dictatorial stance and wanting more power, but in all cases he has worked on the command of the Queensland Police which has resulted in giving the Police massive powers and reducing the powers of his House of Representatives and the Judiciary.

The Police power grabs are far-reaching claims of executive power, if left unchecked, they will vest themselves with broad domestic policy authority that the Constitution does not grant them.

Campbell Newman has blatantly disregarded our Constitution but the benefactors are not the people of Queensland, not even Campbell’s political party benefits, but the power hungry Police department gain power. This raw assertion of authority goes well beyond the “executive power” granted to them and specifically violates the our Constitutional Law.

The Queensland Police with compliance of the main political parties have ignored the Constitution’s carefully balanced separation of powers and unilaterally granted itself the extra-constitutional authority to amend the laws and to waive or suspend their enforcement.

From the proscriptions of Associations, to the mass punishment of law abiding shooters, to the reduction of judicial discretion in distributing justice, to the people of Queensland, the Police are choosing which laws to enforce. The Constitution does not confer upon the Police the “executive authority” to disregard the separation of powers by unilaterally waiving, suspending, or revising the laws. They are cracking the bedrock principle of constitutional law. The Police, or Police Minister cannot refuse to enforce a law simply because they dislikes it, and enforce their own law, just because they like it, and it suits them, that’s tyranny.

We cannot allow the separation of powers enshrined in our Constitution to be abandoned in favour of an undue concentration of power by the executive branch. As James Madison warned centuries ago in Federalist 47, “the accumulation of all powers legislative, executive and judiciary, in the same hands . . . may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”

The law is a reciprocal pact between the government and the governed. Public order requires government to remain faithful to the law as much as it requires the citizenry to do so. If the actions of government officials lead citizens to conclude that those officials are no longer meaningfully bound by the law, then citizens will rightly conclude that neither are they.

Today, the law of the land is whatever the Queensland police says it is – or whatever our weak House of Representatives let the Police get away with. If they can select large groups in the community to be collectively punished. It can suddenly confer benefits on favoured groups, or tax with licence fees disfavoured groups who have not got the massive representation that the police can muster. It may undermine the careful and costly planning done by millions of individuals and businesses. It may change from day to day. This method of lawmaking has more in common with totalitarian regime than a free society, or a Constitutional Monarchy. (Which is the legal system of Government in Australia)
Both Parties Abuse Our Constitution.
The fact that both main political parties violate our Constitution is not cause for solace. It is cause for even greater alarm, because it guarantees both parties will replicate and even surpass the abuses of their predecessors as once precedent is created the public servants will use that to bully the next incoming government. The result is that individual freedom will suffer no matter who occupies the seats of government.

I believe the Queensland government is morphing into something that Parkes and Mc Millian, the Fathers of our Constitution would not recognize. We have a new fourth branch of government rising in power that is comprised of public servant agencies that are writing their own regulations, and who do not have to stand for election. That is Tyranny in anyone’s definition.

The public has a growing awareness, of the growing assertion of power by the Queensland Police, they are changing the process of enacting laws. Whereas we Queenslanders the people, shooters must all contact their State Members of the House of Representatives, and inform them that as the QPS cannot make the PTA system work, cannot run a register of firearms efficiently, that parliament should act to dismantle it as they have done in New Zealand and Canada. The order from the Police Minister shows that our complaints are having an effect, the Police Minister has even resorted to giving his friend Dave Kelly from Halls Firearm special permission to sell firearms, on the spot without a PTA, if the Licensed shooter hands one over in the same calibre. Why this favouritism why cannot every Dealer in Queensland work under the same set of laws? Why special treatment for friends? The Firearm Owners Association will continue to raise public awareness about these issues.
Ron Owen.

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When the women have to get protesting like this, civil authority has obviously little community standing, hopefully it never happens here in Australia.
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