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Owen Guns Bulletin Gun Law Alert ,Nov 2015 Edition 111

Blog November 8, 2015

Owen Guns Gympie

Welcome to the One Hundred and Eleventh Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.
Please READ and Sign a Petition to the Queensland Parliament , either an online E. Petition or download and print out a .pdf form and take it to your Shooting Range or Gun Shop.

PETITION for PARLIAMENT please sign on-line or download a copy. .

Licensed shooters request representatives vote against any further impositions, or adverse changes of categories in Weapons Act 1990.

E. Petition Please Sign Now. Share it to all of your friends and family.


All State and territory Police Ministers are being canvassed right now for their support to reclassify Lever Action firearms from Category A to Cat B, Cat B to Cat C and Cat D. If your firearm is reclassified to either Cat C or Cat D you will be forced to surrender it. By the legal mechanism of changing Categories instead of “banning” they are effecting the same result without paying compensation.

Print off a (Hard Copy) parliamentary petition form to fill in at your Gun shop, or shooting range and forwards it back by post, to Ron Owen at 24 Mc Mahon Rd, Gympie, 4570 before the 14th February 2015. So they can be delivered to the Queensland Parliament by MP Tony Perret. (Tony is sponsoring this petition)
Download .pdf file here.
Petition Hard Copy

Act Now
IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY WRITTEN TO YOUR LOCAL MP, THERE’S STILL TIME! State MPs won’t be voting on this proposed legislation until next year.

You can see a list with contact details of all Queensland State MP’s here:


Federal MPs are deciding on policy NOW so please send all of them your thoughts by emailing them all at once. Write One letter and send it to all of them, just click the link below for the full list you can past in.


Dear …………………..Member of Parliament.

I am totally dissatisfied with the un-democratic way in which the Labour Police Minister has failed to consult with the Firearms Owners of this state regarding adding further impositions to the ‘COAG’ National Firearm Agreements.

This blatantly dictatorial approach to government has caused great anger in the Firearms Community. A community, by the way, which represents over 15% of Queensland voters and is growing rapidly!

Our Members of Parliament, are supposed to consult and represent the will of the electorate to the House of Representatives.

We object to any further impositions on licensed firearm owners, or any reclassification of firearms categories and we pledge not to vote, ever again, for any Member of Parliament, or their political party that does!!!

……………………………. Full Name



……………………………… Address


Scapegoat’, or ‘Whipping Post’

We were the well behaved ‘Scapegoat’, or ‘Whipping Post’ in 1996 and 2003. Never Again

We law abiding firearm owners are Not going to be the sacrificial “Whipping Post”, Again!

They use ‘Gun Control’ as a tool to Make Innocents Pay the Price for the Guilty.
Why should we pay the price for their inability to police Islamic terrorists?
Why should we pay the price for their ‘anything goes’ immigration policy?
Why should we pay the price for their failed multicultural policy?
Immigration with assimilation works, a nation within our nation does not work, either they accept our Australian Constitution and its laws and take the Oath required by that Constitution, or leave.


I, ………., do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second , Her heirs and successors according to law. SO HELP ME GOD!

Being faithful and bearing true allegiance to the crown means accepting the crowns laws, the laws of Australia, it means accepting our flag and our traditions. If they will not take that oath they should leave on the next flight out, or walk the plank and take swim back to where ever they came from.

“What has this got to do with us?”

In the midst of media demands for gun bans after the Muslim attack on a NON Halal Chocolate café in Sydney, a good friend of mine asked the most fundamental question: ” what’s this got to do with us?” When you think about it, as a peaceable, law-abiding firearm owner, it is a profound question that applies to many media-intensified tragedies, as well as to the Muslim Gang criminal violence in many cities. “What has this got to do with us?” The answer to that question is all-powerful: “Not a single thing!” As members of Firearm Associations, we are nearly a million lawful Australians among the unknown millions of citizens who own firearms, who might not be so lawful.

We are not criminals. Our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness and our exercise of our British Bill of Rights of 1689 has nothing whatsoever to do with crime. Yet the gun-banners often seem to equate our pursuit and the armed protection of our homes, families and communities with the actions of violent criminals. Many firearm owners have come to believe that so-called “gun control” is nothing more than an attempt to make the innocent pay the price for the guilty. Almost immediately after any violence even with knives our politicians are trumpeting demands for more gun control, specifically banning selected firearms from our firearm storage safes, which they made us acquire. The Muslim who perpetrated the Sydney Chocolate Siege had no licence, an illegal un registered firearm, and a criminal record so long, he should have been deported ten years back.

Monsters In Waiting.
Some other recent murderers have had no previous criminal or mental health record and, therefore, could have cleared all the Crim Trac and Interpol investigations and then joined the police force. Then they would have been issued with firearms, yet instead like many Islamic terrorist they could use knives, meat cleavers, or as in one recent case an illegal handgun given, or sold to them by a policeman. The latest addition as well as being glorified in live TV on-the-scene broadcast, the Islamic killers make videos of their crimes and post it on Facebook. One sent his manifesto to the ABC News saying, as a Muslim, he was trying to start a “Religious race war.” They are ‘monsters’ in waiting until the fateful day they are activated by their controllers. No, Crimtac or background check system can measure evil intent. Proponents of such measures the media and gun-ban politicians prove seemingly unable to differentiate between good and evil. They apparently cannot face the fact that there are bad people in this world. You cannot “prevent” evil. You can’t keep anything “out of the wrong hands” any more than you can keep evil thoughts out of anyone’s mind. Due to our governments Anti Discrimination laws we are not even allowed to speak out about the real problem, so most people who do not want to face the possibility of defending themselves with force, against an ideology that has as its first premise the death of all who do not follow its way, cannot be informed of their own impending doom. So Australia will be doomed to inaction by its own anti free speech appeasement. Government has made it illegal for Australians to oppose their own dispossession.

Every time, in the wake of tragedy, you and I are called on to be ‘blamed’. For the criminal acts of sociopaths, we are supposed to accept “responsibility.” “Responsibility.” That word has crept into the gun-ban lexicon to join the focus-group-tested, feel-good terms like “common sense” and “reasonable.” When the gun-ban crowd and their media co conspirators use that word, it doesn’t mean what it means to most of us now. When criminals commit violence, they are responsible individually under the law. Are they NOT?

Collective “Responsibility”?
Not in the media gun-ban playbook. When gun-banners, such as billionaires like Clive Palmer, George Sorus or Michael Bloomberg, or their minions ‘Gun Control Australia’ use the words, they are talking about collective “responsibility”, blame and guilt for all who peaceably exercise freedom, but apparently none for individual criminals for their acts of violence. This has been a gigantic shift to a what was called the best legal system in the world, instead of hundreds of years of individual responsibility for crime, now every law abiding firearm owner in Australia is responsible for all and every misdeed by any criminal who commits murder. Yet, our politicians reiterate regularly “that we cannot discriminate against Muslims for the actions of a few”. Why are they not collectively responsible like us? Why are they not being discriminated against? Why are they not suffering the loss of rights, the loss of property, the loss of their hobbies, the loss of their livelihood, the loss of the ability to defend themselves?

We Are Left Defenceless.
In Israel, when they are being attacked by this same group, the citizens are encouraged to carry loaded firearms. This has recently saved many lives in Jerusalem. However, in Australia our government legislates to ensure we wear seatbelts, it legislates to ensure we wear crash helmets while we ride a bicycle, but legislates to ensure we cannot even defend ourselves in our own homes.

Surely this prompts huge questions, please ask your local members of parliament, both State and federal why are our taxes being used to discriminate and penalize the best behaved law abiding firearm owners within our community?

Ron Owen.
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