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Owen Guns Bulletin June Edition No 180, 2021

Blog June 18, 2021

Owen Guns Bulletin June Edition No 180, 2021

The evidence continues to roll in that Weapons Licensingare blatant liars.

Our Local Member for Gympie and Local legend Tony Perrett recently put a “Question Of Notice” in to the Police Minister which just proves the blatant liars that are the Police… “Question on Notice No. 478 Asked on 22 April 2021 MR A PERRETT ASKED MINISTER FOR POLICE AND CORRECTIVE SERVICES AND MINISTER FOR FIRE AND EMERGENCY SERVICES (HON M RYAN)- QUESTION: With reference to new guidelines by Weapons Licensing Branch for firearm license application Will the Minister release (a) the medical advice that diabetes, heart condition, sleep disorder, and cancer should be reportable and (b) the advice that skin cancer and cancer remission should a reportable condition?

ANSWER: I have been assured that the Queensland Police Service (QPS) carefully considers every weapons license application to ensure that public safety is always prioritised. I am advised by the QPS that there have been no new guidelines introduced in relation to medical reporting conditions and that cancer is no longer considered by the QPS when determining an applicant’s suitability for a license. I am advised that medical reporting conditions listed by the Member are similar to those used by Department of Transport and Main Roads when considering Queensland drivers’ license applications. The Weapons Act 1990 requires the disclosure of medical conditions to the QPS when an application for a licence is lodged. For existing license holders, the Act requires the disclosure of changes to any medical conditions within 14 days of the license holder becoming aware of the change.”

First lie is that they carefully consider every application for the safety of the public. Makes them sound like superheroes but are their motives pure and honorable? I see the people they deem not fit and proper everyday here at the shop and Weapons licencing deny people based on a checklist they don’t know circumstances and they make up this checklist as they go along. Any excuse to deny someone.
Second sentence (or second lie) no new guidelines? At the beginning of this year they sent a document to all the dealers to explain ‘Fit and Proper’ and since then we have never seen so many people being rejected for the most minor, ridiculous reasons eg. Drink driving charge from 30 years ago, or that they omitted it from their application because it was that long ago they forgot it happened and wouldn’t think it relevant.
“Cancer is no longer considered” meaning it was considered. Admitting that they have been knocking people back for having cancer, which until this year I have never heard of. Then they try to say that medical reporting conditions listed by the Member are similar to those used by Department of Transport and Main Roads when considering Queensland drivers’ license applications. So all those people driving themselves to Owen Guns to lament about being knocked back for a license are being treated the same by both departments? Nope lies.

In conclusion although there are no new guidelines and people with cancer are not being rejected, you must tell them if your medical condition changes within 14 days of it happening. If you don’t you will lose everything and If you do you will probably lose everything. So I guess your only option is to not go to the doctor, even better don’t get sick.

Tony Perret has since put in another “question of notice” so we are lucky that we have a member who won’t back down.

The tyranny continues with Weapons Licensing Two people in the same day from different farms spoke to me about handing in their Cat C semi auto’s because Weapons Licensing were not satisfied with the information they gave about being primary producers, saying they did not earn enough to warrant the licence. So they have to pay for storage and look into possible legal costs. The first fella I spoke too is handing it in to us because he hasn’t got the time or possible funds, this is disappointing because basically he is letting Weapons win but we can’t expect everyone to be able to handle the beast that is Weapons licensing. The second man has had his semi auto license for 25 years, so in his words will not go down without a fight.
The Queensland Government is reviewing the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 (the ACPA). Stakeholders and the community were invited to provide feedback as part of the review by completing a survey or uploading a written submission. Consultation closed 21 May 2021 and more than 2000 submissions were received from organizations and individuals on the review of the ACPA. Shooters Union has made a submission to Queensland animal welfare legislation reform because of the imminent threat to hunter’s rights and they know there will be anti-hunting bias to many of the submissions. Anti-hunting extremists hide behind the vail of RSPCA and other so called animal welfare groups, and you can bet they will be doing their bit to have your hunting rights abolished. Get involved or risk losing your hunting rights. This is why Shooters Union has prepared a submission on behalf of their members to ensure the ability to engage in ethical hunting and pest control are not undermined by gun-hating antis. You can read their submission on their website – https://shootersunion.com.au/queensland-hunters-under-threat-from-animal-welfare-review/

A report from the New York Times on the 16th of May 2021 a transit worker opened fire at a rail yard in San Jose, Calif, early Wednesday, killing nine people, many of them fellow employees, according to the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, which reported that the gunman was also dead. California law enforcement officials identified the gunman as Samuel James Cassidy, 57, a maintenance worker who had been with the V.T.A. for at least a decade and whose suburban home was in flames as the shooting started. The attack — which occurred as dispatchers and maintenance workers at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority were preparing for the start of the day’s service — spread turmoil through the sprawling municipal complex near downtown San Jose, the nation’s 10th-largest city and the heart of Silicon Valley. Buildings were evacuated, and light rail service was gradually shut down as bomb squad teams scoured the area for explosives. Employees who had been working the busy morning shift were led to a separate building, where family members awaited Gov. Gavin Newsom of California met with some of them. In an afternoon news conference, he praised sheriff’s deputies for their response to the shooting and lamented yet another American tragedy. “What the hell is wrong with us,” he said, “and when are we going to come to grips with this?”


In a statement, President Biden urged Congress to take action on gun violence and said..
“There are at least eight families who will never be whole again. There are children, parents, and spouses who are waiting to hear whether someone they love is ever going to come home. There are union brothers and sisters — good, honest, hardworking people — who are mourning their own.”
Sgt. Russell Davis, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, said that police officers did not exchange gunfire with the gunman, and that they believed he had killed himself. He also said they had no indication about a possible motive. In an interview, Connie Wang, 58, a former girlfriend of the suspect, said she had not seen or spoken to him in 12 years, but described him as someone who was “not mentally stable.” Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose said those who had known the suspect as a co-worker for years also “expressed generalized concerns about his mental health.”

California has a reputation for being tough on guns. That reputation is well-earned. Researchers at Boston University have counted 111 California laws that in some way restrict “the manner and space in which firearms can be used.” They include regulations on dealers and buyers, background check requirements, and possession bans directed at certain “high risk” individuals. By their count, no other state out-regulates California when it comes to sheer quantity of rules. And they’ve held that top spot since at least 1991, the year the researchers started counting. So why didn’t these stringent gun laws save California from losing 9 lives in one foul swoop? From what the article describes the police arrived after everyone had been shot, including the shooter himself. So you can’t help but think… what if someone at the rail yard had a firearm? Would have some of them been saved? Are these tight gun laws preventing the innocent law abiding citizen from defending themselves?

Despite claims by many gun control advocates that firearms are rarely used in self-defense, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted in a 2013 report that almost all major studies on defensive gun uses have concluded that Americans use their firearms in self-defense between 500,000 and 3 million times every year. There are stories, too many to account for but these are some of my personal favorites..
Oct. 30 2019 in Tampa, Florida: Two men armed with handguns broke into a young family’s home, severely beating the father before threatening his 11-year-old daughter with their guns. The man’s wife—who was eight months pregnant—heard the commotion and tried to check on her family, but one of the intruders fired his gun at her, forcing her to retreat to another part of the house. The wife then retrieved her husband’s AR-15 and immediately re-engaged the intruders, fatally shooting one of them and sending the other one running. The man later praised his wife and defended his ownership of an AR-15, telling reporters that “[those] guys came in with two normal pistols, and my AR stopped it. [My wife] evened the playing field and kept them from killing me.”
Jan. 27 2020 Brown County, Texas: A 13-year-old boy used the family rifle to protect his grandmother during a domestic violence incident, shooting and wounding a man because he was “fearful that his grandmother was going to be killed,” police said. Investigators said the man was “actively assaulting” the boy’s grandmother and threatened other family members, including a juvenile.

Amy Swearer from The Daily Signal wrote in 2019….”The reality is that the right to keep and bear arms is fundamentally not about advocating violence, nor are its supporters motivated by a callous disregard for life. Quite the opposite, the right stands as a meaningful safeguard for everyone facing violent threats to their rights and liberties. It’s for young, pregnant women whose families are threatened by home invaders. It’s for storeowners terrorized by criminal thugs. It’s for severely handicapped apartment tenants with no one to protect them, homeowners with loved ones asleep upstairs, and 6-foot-4-inch professional athletes praying the police arrive in time. When we defend the Second Amendment, it is not because we are apathetic to the suffering of innocent people. It is because we would prefer the innocent to have a meaningful defense against anyone who would cause their suffering in the first place. Far from being a dangerous relic of the past, the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms remains an invaluable part of the ability of innocent people to defend their lives, rights, and liberties.”
California’s gun control laws under scrutiny BY EMILY HOEVENMARCH 24, 2021No state has enacted more gun regulations than California, and although its gun violence rate is much lower than the national average, it’s difficult to parse how much of that is due to stricter laws.
Last week, then-Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s office signed a settlement in federal court admitting its gun-registration website was so riddled with flaws that potentially thousands of Californians weren’t able to register their assault weapons, putting them at risk of being wrongly charged with a misdemeanor or felony. The same federal judge also said last year that California’s ammunition background check website was so glitchy that it prevented tens of thousands of legal gun owners from buying ammunition in a violation of their Second Amendment rights. (SOUND FAMILIAR?)

And even as the attorney general’s office is embroiled in multiple lawsuits over California’s gun control measures, it was found earlier this month to be withholding gun violence data from a research center created by the state Legislature — data that could, ironically, help make the case for the very laws it’s defending.
All I’ll say in conclusion is that if you or someone you know is waiting for a Permit or a License for longer than you should get in contact with your local member and you will have a result. If you or someone you know is unfairly declined a licence or Permit or told to hand in their guns seek help from Shooters Union and your local member or call us here at the shop. We can’t let them win and disarm people.

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