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Owen Guns Bulletin June Edition No 192, 2022

Blog July 3, 2022

Owen Guns Gympie

Welcome to the One Hundred and Ninety Second Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin. Owen Guns, is now in its Forty Eighth year in the firearm business.
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Thoughts for The Week.
What you do in your lifetime will echo down through eternity”,
Marcus Aurelius.

Oh Ukraine “But for God, go I”.
That quote has been misinterpreted many times, the wrong emphasis being on sins within us all, (proposing that we cannot judge others for their flaws for we are all equally flawed) but to me, and many others the meaning is plain, there is no flaw. “Ukraine today could be Australia tomorrow”.

God, Luck, or Fate dictates which innocent people to condemn. When China is done with Taiwan, Australia will be in an infinitely worse situation than Ukraine is facing today.
The phrase is purportedly spoken by the English evangelical preacher and Protestant martyr, John Bradford (circa 1510–1555). When seeing other protestant martyrs being led to their deaths on the scaffold. Two years later, he was burned at the stake by Catholics.
The mainstream media has lost the zest for reporting the details of the Russia invasion of an innocent none threatening sovereign country. Its not like Covid19 which was used as a tool to beat us into submissive acceptance of government control over all aspects of our lives.

The deaths, destruction and agony of a peaceful nation are given the same significance as the indiscretions of a politicians at the staff Christmas party, or what some pea brained film star is wearing to his fifth wedding.
I am not angry with Russian people but the Russian government. If I was on the right side of 40, and not 74 I would be doing all I could in Ukraine. I am also angry with all of the Western governments and bitterly disappointed in their half hearted response, not one of them has really gone to assist the Ukrainian people. They have all been brow beaten, subdued into appeasement by the bluster of Putin’s Russia.

Appeasement, Peace in our Time, its a false promise in 1939 and false in 2022.

They have had Sanctions on Russia since 2014 and it makes no difference. Russia is the largest country on earth, it has 11% of all the land area, it is teaming with natural resources and has 146 million people that live in industrialised cities. It’s a joke stopping Russian from having Coca Cola or MacDonalds when they can make anything they need and import anything they like from China, India, Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. Tajikistan,Pakistan Syria, Belarus, Eritrea, North Korea, Myanmar, Cuba, South Africa and Venezuela.
I am ashamed of the response from western countries and Nato, happily supplying the ammo so that the Ukrainian’s can fight to their last drop of blood. It’s a piecemeal ‘Claytons” reaction, to the resources that are Russia is using on them. To Russia “Artillery is God” they have 110 battalion tactical groups (BTGs) in Ukraine, according to the United States.

Each group could have six to eight artillery pieces such as howitzers or rocket launchers, Mark Cancian, a retired U.S. Marine colonel and a senior adviser at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, said an estimate that would put the total as high as 900, with the majority concentrated in the Donbas. So when the USA send 108 155mm Howitzers to Ukraine the Russians have 900 and the ability to manufacture more and bring them up into action.

When the USA finally, sends 5 M142 HIMARS which is a high-tech lightweight rocket launcher that can strike targets at a range of 80km (50 miles), the Russians can respond with hundreds of a similar weapons. The Russians are using this advantage to smash the cities of Ukraine, they have the longest spears and many times, more of them. It seems the west nations are just sending small amounts of weapons for testing and to keep the Russians from having a total victory. If they were serious in defending Ukraine they would supply long range weapons(USA will not even send any Abrams Tanks) so Ukraine could respond and shell Russia cities, as the Russians are doing to them, but the West’s strongest nations will only supply anti Tank and short range weapons. Ukraine could well use the US 85 Billions in weapons that the USA left for the Taliban, no shortage of long range weapons for the Afghans, they were left with an air force.

Now the USA is saying we will supply rockets that are limited to 48 miles range, only if Ukraine promises not to fire them at Russia, but these 5 M142 HIMARS could be supplied with rockets that have a 200 mile range, but the USA would not dare as they are too frightened of Russia’s response. Even though the USA and Russia had signed a treaty in 1994 to come to the aid and defend Ukraine’s borders. At that time Ukraine held the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world, including an estimated 1,900 strategic warheads, 176 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), and 44 strategic bombers. What could Ukraine do today if it had not disarmed?
When Ukrainian-Russian negotiations on removing these weapons from Ukraine appeared to break down in September 1993, the U.S. government engaged in a trilateral process with Ukraine and Russia. The result was the Trilateral Statement, signed in January 1994, under which Ukraine agreed to transfer the nuclear warheads to Russia for elimination. In return, Ukraine received security assurances from the United States, Russia and Britain;
To solidify security commitments to Ukraine, the United States, Russia, and the United Kingdom signed the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances on December 5, 1994. A political agreement in accordance with the principles of the Helsinki Accords, the memorandum included security assurances against the threat or use of force against Ukraine’s territory or political independence. The United States, Russia and Britain promised to respect the sovereignty and existing borders of Ukraine.

Treaties are made to be Broken.
But For God goes Australia’.
Since, the 1990s China has used its economic power to build a massive military power to compete with the USA. Last week China launched its third Fleet Aircraft Carrier the ‘Fujian’ it has another three planned and they will be nuclear powered.

They don’t yet have as many or as large aircraft carriers as the USA, but they have already the largest Navy in the world and the largest Army. They have 17 shipyards continually adding ships, destroyers, nuclear armed submarines, and aircraft Carriers. China all round strength makes Russia look like a ‘paper tiger’.

We Are On Our Own.
Like Ukraine why would the USA come to the defence of Australia and risk having its cities wiped out in a nuclear exchange just to save Australia on the other side of the world? China has watched this same scenario with Ukraine and will make full use of this, standoff, showdown. Putin has shown that bullying small countries can work, and China will make an art form of it.

Australia is Again Threatened By China.

In a veiled threat from China, Senior Colonel Tan said Australia would “bear all the serious consequences” if it did not “immediately stop such dangerous and provocative acts and strictly restrict the operations of its naval and air forces.”Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of National Defence, issued a stern warning to Australia, telling a press conference in Beijing “whenever they come, [the People’s Liberation Army] will counteract”. “Those who come uninvited shall bear the consequences,” he said.
“What is the duty of a soldier? That is to defend the homeland,” Colonel Tan said on Thursday evening. “No matter what the name or excuse is, it is completely unreasonable to send military planes to the door of others to provoke and jeopardise the national security of other countries. The armed forces of any country will not sit idly by, and the Chinese military is no exception.” The national security he is talking about is the South China Sea, which in every other countries opinion is an international waterway.

Meanwhile, Here in Australia.
We look forward to Saturday night sport on the television, a Sunday barbeque and a months holiday every year. We have a society that is devoted to self worth, self satisfaction and self advancement, it is like a philosophy which has so strongly held the people that hold it, believe it is their right and any impingement of this perceived right is someone else’s fault. If at any time a mirror is put before them and they are shown that they are responsible for their own disasters, then self worth is in damage control and then they need the pills of the mental health profession to prop them up and take away the reality. We have had 60 years of the cotton wool society with no iron in our people’s hearts. We have to grow some backbone.

Endless Waste
Our taxes pay for a $48.6 billion Defence Department which continually has endless talks, endless meetings, endless considerations, endless reviews and working groups, massive expenditure on studies, papers (infinite papers) written, analysed and returned for reconsideration – and never any actual action taken. Never forget the endless specification changes that delay, confuse, cost and change operational capability for the worse. It is a fine art that has worn out many elbows in jackets and consumed oceans of tea that have created a art form finally developed to perfection over many years. Reality, still has not penetrated Australia’s Defence force, we should never cancel anything, we have almost nothing, so if something better is out there like Nuclear powered and armed submarines we need them as soon as possible, don’t cancel the ones your working on we need it all yesterday. Our government has spent Six Billion dollars in cancelling contracts. If we can make undersea un-manned drones, that could sink invading ships we need them. Don’t cancel one for the other we need it all. We need to remember that quote from the Roman General Publius Flavius Vegetius, “si vis pacem, para bellum” “if you want peace, prepare for war”, Australia should have followed that mantra over the last fifty years, instead its leaders betrayed there own people.

The ADF is beset by a threefold disease of absent strategic direction, long-term funding inadequacy, and horrendous decision-making. It is a rude reality for Australia that, in the event of South Pacific war, each country will fight only with its available weapons stockpile after the first shot rings out. Air lanes and sea ways will be closed immediately, unlike Ukraine we have no neighboring countries to receive cross border military supplies. While Ukraine’s morbid privilege as the only democracy currently at war has seen it become the grateful recipient of some of the free world’s surplus weaponry, a broader war would see sophisticated weapon systems become the rarest and most sought-after commodity in the world.

If war broke out today, the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) would fight with six old submarines, maybe two could be crewed and work for few weeks. Eleven regionally-inferior major surface combatants ships, five logistics vessels, and 30 helicopters. Many assets would be rapidly lost and unable to be replaced.
There are no plans to expand this minuscule fleet before 2030 when new frigates would, in theory and with heroic optimism, begin to arrive. Indeed, plans to replace the old Anzac Class frigates with the regionally-inferior Hunter Class are only in the concept stage and show every sign of mammoth blowouts in time and cost.
Even if delivered on time, the new Hunter Class vessels will be the opposite of what the RAN needs. They will be gargantuan – about triple the displacement of the Anzac Class – and have about one-third of the missile payload of the Chinese Navy’s comparable vessel, the Type 055 Destroyer. In short, the RAN fleet will consist of a handful of impotent behemoths that contradict the principles of flexibility, mass, and force dispersion necessary to win a war of missiles and drones.
One can also rest assured that Australia will pay a king’s ransom for vessels built at a snail’s pace in Adelaide to secure votes rather than Australian sovereignty as we should be building them in every city that has a coast line to launch them. This creates competition.

This is not one of our, its one of thousands Chinese fighter jets.

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) would go to war in 2022 with 100 fighters, including 25 old Hornets and 25 F-35s not yet delivered by the US. It would support ADF operations with about 15 patrol and 30 transport aircraft, including 10 small C-27 Spartans with such limited utility that they were recently relegated to humanitarian operations only. The RAAF would also have no capacity to replace its losses.
Like the other services, the Australian Army lacks mass in possessing only 60 tanks, with plans to expand to a laughable 75 sometime after 2025. It can field about 250 exhausted light armoured vehicles that are slowly being replaced and 400 60-year-old armoured personnel carriers scheduled for replacement later this decade. It has 50 pieces of towed artillery and no self-propelled guns, but plans to obtain a grand total of 30 from 2025. The Army also has about 20 attack and 50 utility/transport helicopters, virtually all of which are defective or otherwise useless, but will only be replaced after 2026.
The above is not a section of Australia’s military capability, but a comprehensive catalogue of all its major assets. It would have a huge problem raising a fighting force of a 1000 men, a Battalion and enough tanks and artillery to defend itself to go into the field next week.
Nothing of missile platforms or armed drones has been mentioned because, apart from a few Javelins and short-range ship or aircraft-borne missiles, Australia has none. The recent federal budget cancelled Australia’s acquisition of Sky Guardian armed drones, which defence expert, Peter Jennings, has labelled ‘mind-bogglingly stupid’ as it presented one of the few realistic opportunities to meaningfully improve Australia’s strategic posture in the near-term.
The cancellation of the Sky Guardian is demonstrative of the appalling decision-making by defence bureaucrats and politicians.
The result is an ADF with little modern capability, indeed an impoverished third-world force of antiquated equipment owned by the complacent taxpayers of the world’s 13th largest economy, who demand the world’s best standard of living, but are unwilling to defend it.
Australia’s politicians and bureaucrats have sort safety in doing nothing, produced a smoke screen war on climate change, split our national spirit by pushing diversity down our throats. Imitating humours characters from G & S HMS Pinafore, the Ruler of the Queens Navy who never went to Sea,
“I always voted at my party’s call,
And I never thought of thinking for myself at all.
I thought so little, they rewarded me
By making me the Ruler of the Queen’s Navee!”

By never making a final decision or taking a career-limiting warlike action. Inversely, to do so would probably mean not being awarded a medal for ‘leadership in inaction’.

China has filled a strategic vacuum left by a retreating USA
The Chinese are following the Japanese playbook of World War two expanding Naval Bases into the Pacific, (unsinkable Aircraft Carriers) that control and intimidate thousands of square miles. The Chinese government is laying the groundwork to establish bases, runways, naval ports to Australia’s north and north-east, including Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, Tonga, Vanuatu and, farther afield, the tiny nation of Kiribati. In Addition China has three bases to our South on Australian Antarctic territory. They have Australia surrounded, just not yet squeezed the lemon.

The not so secret deal struck allowing China to base military assets in the Solomon Islands, which the US and Australia had staunchly opposed but were evidently not prepared to pay larger bribes to defeat, is a disaster. The Japanese in WW2 took the Solomon Islands, including the main island of Guadalcanal, which had an airstrip, called Henderson Field. This is now Honiara International Airport, which remains the island’s key airport.

During the Battle of Guadalcanal between February 1942 and August 1942, which was the first major land offensive undertaken by the Allied forces. Australia and the US, against Japan, resulted in over 26,000 allied deaths and the loss of 57 warships and almost 1,300 aircraft. The largest ever Australian warship sunk in battle, HMAS Canberra, was torpedoed multiple times, claiming 84 souls.

The tyranny of distance, which has protected us for so long, has now becomes the tyranny of proximity. China has filled a strategic vacuum left by a retreating USA. Australia owes its position of prosperity and privilege to the benevolent hegemony of America since 1945.

The relative world peace since 1945 is an anomaly in the millennia-long story of human civilisation, which is defined by war and power struggle. The unprecedented existence of one benevolent internationalist hegemon the USA. has cultivated unmatched prosperity and human progress. Before the 20th Century no country or group of countries had ever invaded other continents, let alone much of the world, with the aim of freeing, rather than subjugating, the conquered peoples. World peace is an historical anomaly, so too is democracy, which is a relatively recent and synthetic idea that sprung out of the brutal mess of medieval England.
Other than a few flourishes of democracy in the classical world, violent autocracy is the norm over thousands of years of human attempts at civilisation. Since 1945, America has enforced peace at much expense to its own people.
When viewed in the context of human history, 121-year-old democratic Australia was only born yesterday. It is possible that its destiny for the next several hundred years will be as an autocratic Chinese vassal state and when the Gods are tallying scores at the actual end of history, its democratic origins may be a strange exception in its national story of tyranny.

Few Australians remember the violent times before 1945 and young Australians have only ever known the golden era of America’s ‘unipolar moment’ after the fall of the USSR. As such, Australians have little understanding as to the true vicious nature of human civilisation from which they have been shielded for 75 years.

Unfortunately, as America declines and China ascends, the millennia-old story of power struggle returning, yet Australia is still living as if its 1992. In an Asia-Pacific absence of America, China will fill the void. In a Chinese-dominated Asia-Pacific, little democratic Australia will be a pariah state which could be surrounded by massive Navel and Air power and strangled into submission without a shot being fired.
Given our ADF’s total impotence, China’s last 14 demands tendered to the Australian government in 2020 hint at what will be required of Australia to stave off Chinese hostility, the voluntary sacrifice of our sovereignty.

In the worst-case event of war, a comparison of scale with second world war is enough to show how harrowing would be the outcome. Whereas the combined population of the three Axis powers in 1939 was just under 200 million, China has a population of 1.4 billion.

On a human scale alone, this threat is seven times greater and it would be foolish to assume that the resultant carnage would be anything less than commensurate.
Australia is facing an existential crisis that demands immediate and radical action. The emerging of China’s rise, a declining America, and the parlous state of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) pose the gravest threat to Australia since 1942 and overshadows all other issues facing this nation. This pending emergency warrants a new model for defence planning, funding, and decision-making. The new system should consist of distinct, but complementary, components:
1.A nuclear deterrent.
2. Long range missiles capable of destroying Chinese missile silos and all of their portable launching tubes, (including their Submarines)
3. Anti Air Missile’s to destroy incoming Chinese missiles.
4.  a.   A 400 plus ship navy, (produced and re-supplied from Australia) that can easily compete with the Chinese Navy.
    b.   An Air Force of over 3400 (Australia made and supplied) combat jets that can compete against the Chinese Air Force and win.   c.   An Army of a million men, equipped with tanks, artillery, drones all made in Australia, another million in reserve, practising their skills monthly with service rifles on rifle ranges in every small town in Australia, after a 15 week basic course. Call it a National Militia in a similar fashion as Pre WW2 CMF. National Service will have to be re introduced from 16 year olds to 45 year old.
5. Stop selling Iron Ore to China, (it will only be used against us) and sell all property owned by China in Australia to help finance our Defence Growth. All goods imported from China must have a 30% duty attached to assist in our Defence Industry.
6. Sack all current defence chiefs and only employ those who swear to surpass the above necessities.

Any negativity, is treason, Australia has never been in such a perilous situation we did all of the above, on a similar scale with a much smaller population during World War Two, if this

is not implemented immediately look closely at Ukraine which has triple our military forces and say. “But For God Go I” as that is our future, or worse.
There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom.
Ron Owen

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