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Owen Guns Bulletin March 2016 Edition 116

Blog March 20, 2016

Owen Guns Gympie
Welcome to the One Hundred and Sixteenth  Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin.   Owen Guns, now in its 42 year in the firearm business has a new website, it does not look much different on the  header but it has lots more capacity for viewing new products, new firearms and  accessories with prices and photos. Just click on the headings below.

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Thoughts For The Week.

Good News

A correction.

Last month I wrote ‘that shooters licence applications were reportedly increasing ‘at 16% per year, that doubles the numbers every five years. So by 2020 we will have getting on for 6 million. All we have to do is wait, when the numbers of firearm owners becomes a inescapable majority, we will have politicians swooning at our feet, wanting to bask in the sunlight of supporting shooters.’

Well I was wrong and in a letter from Inspector Craig Rolls Manager Weapons licencing, QPS. He states

“This figure represents a significant concern for Weapons Licensing as we are receiving approximately 350 applications a week, a 50% increase in the last 3 years and cannot continue to effectively process applications with this percentage or a similar high percentage

Why does he say that this is a “significant concern” well that equated to 18,200 applications per year and when it increases at 50% per year for five years that is 138,206 applications per year. He is making the warning as shortly we shooters will not be the minority, we will not the be political football that they can kick, whenever they want to serve out more in -justice on us, to make it look like they are doing some ‘feel good’ legislation.
fhoward web. jpg

Why is Inspector Rolls  so concerned? Maybe it is because senior police in Queensland do not like the private ownership of firearms. If it were up to them, nobody except the police would have guns. The reason for this is that they view everybody as being guilty of a crime but they just haven’t been caught yet. There is no Justice in that philosophy, but we should all be aware by now that we are the ‘prey’, that we were once free, but are now the slaves, that parasitical public servants feed on.

Our petition that “Licensed shooters request representatives vote against any further impositions, or adverse changes of categories in Weapons Act 1990.“was presented to parliament last week and the new minister has to report back to Parliament on the 14th April 2016.

After our appeal to the 9000 shooters who receive this email we received a total of 3226 signatures and another 350 people signed the hard copy petition.

The Petition Seems to Have Arrived At An Opportune Time.

Queensland Police Service are conducting in secret, a full review of Queensland’s firearm laws, with absolutely zero input from the firearms community. No consultation, no external review and no real oversight from any parliamentary committee. Our politicians give the keys to the cookie jar to sugar addicts, the police write out the legislation that they want and our representatives vote, supporting further restrictions on our freedoms.
The way that the Police will get their review converted into law is to say the words “terrorism & terrorist”. They already have a boogeyman to use as an example. The Lindt Cafe siege in Sydney is still fresh in the collective minds of the Australian public and it is being used as the catalyst for further restrictions. The politicians will want to be seen as being tough on terrorism & crime so tightening the gun laws for them will be a given.

The news media will print and air any and every anti-gun story that they can come up with because this year is the 20th anniversary of the tragic and horrific Port Arthur massacre. This will stir up the sentiment within the sheepish public that normally don’t care about gun laws here, because there isn’t a gun problem in Australia. There never really has been, all firearm legislation is really people control. The mainstream media are guilty of marketing hype and playing on the fears of the public that generally don’t know the truth about firearms and their uses.
“In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty (Government) but organized robbery?” St. Augustine.
When it is explained to them rational human beings can understand that Gun Control is People Control, but only if your audience has the capacity for reasonable thought. When speaking to a Socialist, using logical, facts, and reason to support your position, will not have any effect. Socialism is a mental disease, most of the people who suffer from it, never realise that they suffer from it and very often are the greatest proponent of it.
“There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.” Robert A. Heinlein
Sometimes, it pays to make a simple test before wasting a lot of time. Just ask them this.

Do you agree with the premise, ‘that a government that operated without Justice is no government at all’?

1. Does a government operate with Justice when it says pay tax or we will send armed men against you, to take all your property, sell it up and kill you, if you resist?

2. When government tax you twice for the same thing, is that Justice?

3. When governments demand tax from the workers and give it to the shirkers, to buy votes to ensure their re election. Is that Justice or in-justice?

4. When governments demand forced labour, you have to keep the chains that bind you in good order, you are forced to work and collect tax, such as GST from other free people and document it. Is that Slavery or Justice?


Frédéric Bastiat

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”


If they pass the test or even seem interested you might want to add.

That our government legislates to give the power to create 97% of all our money to four major banks who are so entwined that we only have one real bank. They operate the Australian clearing house, that clears the cheques and electronic transfers from one bank to another, and ultimately from one person to another. Under the Commonwealth Constitution powers are given to the Federal government to issue and control our nations money. Due to the banks sponsorship of electoral campaigns, Quid Pro Quid the governments of both parties give the banks the right to electronically create, at no cost to itself all loans that we are required to pay interest on. You are required to work, sell real resources to pay back the loans that cost them nothing. When you cannot pay, the banks take your farms, business, and homes that have cost them nothing. Who ultimately pays for this colossal grant that elevates the four major banks into the pinnacles of power. Well we the citizens do. Since the early 1930s when the government stopped printing on the paper money One pound note that it could be redeemed for one solid gold sovereign, we have suffered and inflation of over 2930 % in our currency. So when you do get to hold government paper currency it is losing its value almost by the minute, keep it thirty years and it would have hardly any value at all. So again your government has robbed all of us, is that Justice? No. Then we have no real government at all.
“By this means government may secretly and unobserved, confiscate the wealth of the people, and not one man in a million will detect the theft.” — British Lord John Maynard Keynes from his book “THE ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF THE PEACE” (1920). (the father of ‘Keynesian Economics’ which our nation now suffers)
If they believe that governments uses their efforts for the public good, well you have a ‘Socialist’ and any attempt to argue logic and facts with a Socialist is akin to teaching a pig to ride a bike. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.

If you find someone who is not a socialist, demolishing the Gun Control philosophy is very easy, all it needs is the courage to try. Here is a simple three step procedure to expose the false reasoning for civilian disarmament.

1.The Opening.

All so-called “Gun Control” legislation exempts the government, or more aptly, all employees of the state.

Criminals are exempt Gun control laws as those with criminal intent, who have no fear or respect for the laws preventing murder, robbery, arson, rape have not a seconds regard for minor misdemeanours breaching firearm legislation .

If the stated purpose of the gun control law is to “save lives” we can clearly see that criminal behaviour will not be affected as they have already made a conscious decision to violate the law. To state that a beast, who is willing to violate the laws of murder, robbery, rape, etc., will be dissuaded from using a firearm during the aforementioned acts by Gun Control legislation is at the height of childish naiveté and blind, emotionally driven foolishness.

So considering the above facts, supposed gun control laws have only one true legitimate target; the civilians. Only law-abiding citizens are genuinely effected by further restrictions. Consequently, gun control is tantamount to civilian disarmament, it cannot and does not affect anyone else.
“Governments should not possess instruments of coercion and violence denied to their citizens”. ~Edgar A. Suter

So Why Disarm Civilians When Criminals and Government Are Exempt?

2. Civilian Self-Defence.

Police and Government Soldiers can defend themselves why not Civilians?

Do human being have a legitimate right to self-defence. Does a person posses the legal right to defend themselves against unlawful attack? If the person you have asked the question to hesitates and says anything but “yes”. As should the person say “yes, BUT…” then they do not believe it. They must believe that it okay to be a slave and for them to sacrifice theirs and their families lives to the state. So find another person to talk to, they are beyond repair.
“A man who cannot be persuaded to take up arms, even in the defence of that which he holds most dear, even for the protection of his own life, is the most selfish and vile of all creatures. That creature is no man at all and deserves neither respect nor serious consideration.” PGM 1/4/2013

If the person Says ‘Yes” and believes it, ask them if it is the responsibility of the state, the police, to protect you (the civilians) from criminal attacks. Do they believe that the police are required to protect you by law? Unless they have previously thought about this point, they may say ‘naively’ that yes, the police must protect you, it is the law. When in fact there is no legislation in Australia that requires the Police to defend you, or your family. Police “owe no specific duty” to protect individuals from criminal harm. Even if they did, when your family is being attacked at 4 am in the morning even if you got a call off to the police, the real question that the Police should ask is, ‘have you the means to defend yourself?’ If you say ‘Yes’, they will attend to charge you, if you say ‘No” they will order the morgue truck.

Police have publically admitted that they cannot protect us, its not their job. We all know that they turn up after a crime has been committed, they are a total reactionary force.


When our person accepts the above points, that self-defence is a human right and that the police do not have a legal duty to protect you from felonious harm. We only have to discuss which tools are to be allowed for you to defend yourself with.
The question always gets to a point where if someone is trying to kill you, or a loved one, is it legal to use a beer bottle as a tool to stop them? …is it legal to use a machete to stop them? or a firearm to stop them? …or a pot of boiling water?
If the answer to those question is ‘Yes’, you can continue with a final two part question. Does the tool used for self-defence have any bearing on whether or not the defence was justified? Or, are the Criminals actions what justifies self-defence, not the object used?

Having found that the answers show that every human being has a natural right to self-defence and that government/police have no duty to protect you as an individual (and in reality can never do it). Then defining, that it is not the object, or tool that you defend yourself with that determines what is and is not justifiable self-defence, but the actions of the Criminal.

Everyone should be able to conclude that the purpose of all gun control laws, is to be a prohibition so the law abiding citizen cannot defend themselves and is reliant on the State and as a worthless ‘sop’ an imaginary “feel good” solution to show to the media that they the politicians are caring and doing something, even if it is proven to be worthless and in all circumstances by leaving the citizens defenceless decreases the general safety in every community where it is imposed.
Ron Owen.
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