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Owen Guns Bulletin November Edition No 150 2018

Blog November 18, 2018

Owen Guns Gympie

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Welcome to the One Hundred and Fiftieth  Edition of the Owen Guns Bulletin. That’s 150 bulletins you read on this site. Owen Guns, now in its 44th year in the firearm business, for the best information just use the search boxes  within the large headings below.
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Thoughts For The Week

Nations whose Nationalism is Destroyed are subject to Ruin.

On the 11th of November, on the 100th Anniversary of the 1918 signing of the Armistice, (now Remembrance Day) French President Emmanuel Macron lectured world leaders including President Trump and President Putin on the evils of Nationalism.

It was Macron’s message to the world stage, he denounced nationalism as a ‘betrayal of patriotism’.  ‘Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism.’ he said. Macron was preaching the virtues of multilateralism and called rising nationalism, (or Popularism) calling it a “betrayal of patriotism” and warning against “old demons coming back to wreak chaos and death.”  He said, to reject the “selfishness of nations (that) only looked after their own interests, because patriotism is exactly the opposite of nationalism.” Macron defended (European Union) institution and the United Nations, declaring that the “spirit of cooperation” has “defended the common good of the world.”

President Emmanuel Macron then inspected French troops standing at attention and a choir sang the National Anthem. I find that all very hypocritical, he castigates Nationalism and then participates in the two main symbol‘s of nationalism the National Anthem and the National Military power. I have always doubted his sincerity.

Is He Right? No He is Left.
If we do not have Nationalism, a sense of allegiance to our country, our alternatives are,
World Anarchy, (no National governments at all) or,
Internationalism which is International Socialism, “Workers of the World Unite”, on the ‘One World wage of Slavery’, or
Islamic World Government, as Islam virulently opposes all nationality.

Alger Hiss one of the main architects of the UN was a Presidential Aid to President Roosevelt and a spy of the USSR.

The United Nations, was conceived, planned and orchestrated by communists and international socialists, but now seems to be dominated by the Islamic Arab States.
“Workers of all countries, unite!”, the last line of The Communist Manifesto, published in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, was the foundation of Macrons United Nations of International Socialism.

The Acceptance of Socialism as Normal.

At the Moscow International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties in June 1969, seventy-five communist parties from around the world formally defined and endorsed the theory of socialist internationalism. One of the key tenets of socialist internationalism as expressed during the conference was that the “defence of socialism is the international duty of communists“.

I understood at that time that socialism and communism were really the same, when it suits them to use the word ‘socialism’ that word is used, when it suits them to be ‘communists’ that word is dragged out of the box. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was the first state to be based on Marxist socialism, it was dissolved in 1991, but socialism is alive and well and works just as well with the Worlds International Bankers as they do not like Nation States and Nationalism either. The International Bankers do not want nations to create their own credit, and so create and control their own economies. No, they want countries with no borders, with an international currency, such as the Euro, or US dollars.

“It is a well-known fact that we always recognize our homeland at the moment we are about to lose it.
Capitalism, seems to be a word that socialists swear with, but must have ceased to exist sometime in the 19th Century, as the only country that does not have unemployment benefits is The People’s Republic of China and it proclaims itself as a Socialist Republic, but could be also identified as Capitalistic and Nationalistic.

Dr Sun Yat-sen, who is greatly revered in China led the 1912 Revolution and said,

Our position is extremely perilous; if we do not earnestly promote nationalism and weld together our four hundred millions into a strong nation, we face a tragedy – the loss of our country and the destruction of our race. To ward off this danger, we must espouse nationalism and employ the national spirit to save the country.”

Nationalism Now Turned To World Domination.
Well a hundred years later and the boot is now on the other foot as the foretelling of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte said, “China now sleeps but will one day shake the World“. Their national spirit is forming satellite countries that work for China, they bought the Port of Darwin, they are buying New Guinea and Pacific Islands, they have built and occupied Islands in a very strategic area of the South China Sea. China has been competing with the USA and Russia for World Domination. China now has aircraft carriers, Ballistic Missile nuclear armed and powered submarines, Hydrogen bombs, and only God knows what else.

Chinese’s Nuclear Powered equipped with Ballistic Nuclear Missiles.

While here in Australia we might be able to replace one of our Collin’s class Diesel submarines by 2030, if we can find a crew. Apparently, with our six current Collin’s class subs only one is operational at any given time.

Remember This Date. The World Changed.

On November 15th, 2018 China announced to the world

“Fusion breakthrough as China’s “artificial sun” reaches 100 million degrees”

“The day of clean, limitless energy from nuclear fusion has taken another step closer thanks to China’s Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST). During a four-month experiment, the “Chinese artificial sun” reached a core plasma temperature of over 100 million degrees Celsius – that’s more than six times hotter than the interior of the Sun – and a heating power of 10 MW. “Eventually, the plasma becomes so hot and so compressed that the conditions inside the reactor mimic those found inside the Sun, causing the hydrogen atoms to fuse, releasing tremendous amounts of energy. The goal will be building a reactor where the fusion reaction is self-sustaining, and the reactor generates more energy than it consumes.”

The East Magnetic Reactor, which may soon run continually and produce 10 time the energy that it uses.

This is a nuclear fusion power reactor, “self sustaining” means that China will have an immense unlimited free electrical power source. Giving China a huge technical, military and industrial advantage over the rest of the world. While we will be still arguing about building obsolete windmills to darken our landscapes.

If the internationalist believe that the Chinese will share this technology, they will be hanging out their Christmas stocking and looking out for Father Christmas. China has been working hard to gain a technological advantage over the United States and now they have it.

We here in Australia, immersed in our multilateralistic treacle, can only expect colonisation by a nationalistic world dominant nation, the only very slight meaningless gain to the slave state of Australia is that China will not accept Sharia Law and sends millions of Muslims off to concentration camps. Chinese government calls the ‘transformation through education’ drive in an ‘all-out effort’ to fight separatism and extremism. I say a slight meaningless gain as it shows that they might try to indoctrinate us to socialistic thinking, rather than, genocide.

“My nationalism, fierce though it is, is not exclusive, is not devised to harm any nation or individual.” Mahatma Gandhi

Yes, I know this bulletin is not filled with Christmas hope, but please remember to always defend our nation, the nation-state has always been the laboratory of liberty, and world government has always been the tyrants Roman, British, German, or French.

This is still Not Good News, but these statistics puts the mainstream media’s ‘Fake News’ into a true perspective.

More Americans Died From Drug Overdoses In 2017 Than Guns, Car Crashes, & Suicide Together.

by Anna Giaritelli via The Washington Examiner

“More than 72,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2017, according to the NIH — about 200 per day. That number is more than four times the number who died in 1999 from drug abuse: 16,849. The figures are up about 15 percent from 63,632 drug-related deaths in 2016.

Since 2011, more people have died from drug overdoses than by gun violence, car accidents, suicide, or homicide, the DEA report stated.

In 2017, 40,100 people died in vehicle incidents; 15,549 were fatally shot, not including suicide; 17,284were homicide victims, though an unspecified portion of this number includes gunshot victims; and nearly 45,000 committed suicide.”

Huge numbers for a huge population, but our mainstream media never mention this, nor do they release information on deaths due to miss chemist prescriptions, Mal-treatment in Hospitals and Doctors negligence.

If you want to know how may licenced Shooters and How many firearms are registered in Australia please look at. https://acic.govcms.gov.au/sites/g/files/net3726/f/acic_2017-18_ar_digital.pdf?v=1539748074

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

ACIC 2017–18 Annual Report

Page 123.

During 2017–18:

.. there was a total of 6.29 million firearm records

.. there was a total of 2.08 million licence records.
There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom.
Ron Owen

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rangeofficersmal phototiny1
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AaA Shs Bolt Action 12 g

SHS Bolt Action 12 Gauge Shotgun, straight pull, spring return, Not Semi Auto, Category A.
Synthetic Stock and Walnut, 10 left. Selling faster than lever action. Chrome 20 inch Barrel. With three interchangeable choke tubes.
$790.  plus post.

Phone 07 54 825070.

Norinco Firearms22
J15 Puma, or AKA JW 15 Norinco, or AKA Chinese Brno. .22 five shot mag, dovetailed receiver for scope, open sites, black synthetic sporting stock. Twin opposing locking lugs, same as on the famous Model 2 Brno. Special Price until new stock arrives. $195.  Wood stock models are $225.
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Shot shell Primerssm
Winchester Primers Large, Small Rifle, Shotshell,  $49.95 per 1000 box, that works out at $4.99 pkt of 100, but you have to buy 1000 box to get that magic price. Until stocks last.

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Mail order , in the Firearm industry has been getting a bad reputation of late, besides the Asia off shore internet mail order houses selling Fake Branded Rifle scopes with clear plastic instead of glass lenses, reticule adjusters that don’t work, but have a red and green illuminated cross hair, all with quality Brand names on the packaging.
We have an on shore Australian internet site that offer you human service, we encourage our mail order customers to make prior contact, to confirm that we have, just the stock you require, and you know exactly how much the freight component will cost you. It only takes a quick call to 07 54825070 or 0754824099 in shop hours 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays and 9am to 4pm on Saturdays, or fax to 07 54824718 with your credit card details, or email owenguns@spiderweb.com.au emails and fax will be confirmed with freight component before dispatch. We want to encourage contact between our staff and customers, we want to make friends with our customers, some of who have been customers for over 40 years. If we fail, we want to know about it, so we can remedy it. Contact is the only way for lasting customer friendships to exist.

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