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Owen Guns Bulletin September Edition No 148 2018

Blog September 16, 2018

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    Thoughts For the Week.
    Is White Genocide Going to Follow the Fall of Western Civilisation?

    “The western civilisation, like an aged man, has wished to dwell in peace and tranquillity and to enjoy philosophic detachment the good gifts which life has to bestow upon the more fortunate classes. But new ideas disturbed the internal conservatism, and outside the frontiers in the third world vast masses of hungry, savage men surged and schemed. The essence of the West was peace and toleration of all religions and the acceptance of a democratic system of government. Every generation after the middle of the nineteenth century saw an increasing weakening of the system and a growing invasion of Islamic migrants whose only goal was to enforce a worldwide caliphate, a one world government under Islam.” These are the original words of Winston Churchill describing the fall of the Roman Empire, modified by myself to show the similarities to our 21st Century disaster.

    The barbarous attacks on Rome partially stemmed from a mass migration caused by the Huns’ invasion of Europe in the late fourth century. When these Eurasian warriors rampaged through northern Europe, they drove many Germanic tribes to the borders of the Roman Empire. The Roman civilisation economy was based on the slave trade and slaves had been imported for centuries and had risen to positions of power within the Public service and the Army and in money lending and food production. When these new refugee’s turned up at the borders of the Empire and were allowed in, they were enslaved. Over a period of a hundred years the freed slaves and their families never assimilated with the original Roman families, this watering down of the Roman culture and a decline in morale values festivals such as Saturnalia and Bacchanalia where sacrifices, chanting obscene, lewd acts, and etc were done.

    Bestiality and other obscene acts and sex for everyone to see were exhibited at the Coliseum arena to entertain the crowd. The influx of extra slaves reduced the prices and caused massive unemployment in the ‘Pleb” working classes and to pacify them huge amounts of taxation had to be channelled into welfare, “bread, games and cakes” for the masses. When the proud Visigoth tribe crossed south of the Danube and into the safety of Roman territory, they offered to fight the pursuing Huns with the Roman Army, but instead they were treated with extreme cruelty. According to the historian Ammianus Marcellinus, Roman officials even forced the starving Goths to trade their children into slavery in exchange for dog meat. In brutalizing the Visi Goths, the Romans created a dangerous enemy within their own borders. When the oppression became too much to bear, the Goths rose up in revolt and eventually routed a Roman army and killed the Eastern Emperor Valens during the Battle of Adrianople in A.D. 378. In contrast with all that had gone before which had been the ‘Golden Age’ for Romans, but now massive dark shadows had fallen upon this imperfect yet none the less tolerable society. By steady, persistent steps the sense of security departed from the Romans. Its citizens felt by daily experience a sense that the world-wide system was in declining and falling into a scene of conflict between a dying civilisation and lusty, famishing barbarism. The shocked Romans negotiated a flimsy peace with the barbarians, but the truce unravelled in 410, when the Goth King Alaric moved west and sacked Rome. With the Western Empire weakened, Germanic tribes like the Vandals and the Saxons were able to surge across its borders and occupy Britain, Spain and North Africa. Not all the slaves were freed, mostly if they survived their standard of living was much worse for all except the new barbarians. A darkness had fallen that was to last for Centuries. Everything had changed even when dawn arrived the inhabitants were humble, poor, barbarous, degraded and divided. Once it had been Christian, now it was heathen. Its inhabitants had rejoiced in well-planned cities, with cathedrals, libraries, markets, schools. They had nourished craftsmen and merchants, professors of literature and rhetoric.

    For four hundred years there had been order and law, respect for property, and a widening culture. All had vanished. The buildings, such as they were, were now made of wood, not stone. The people had lost entirely the art of writing. Some miserable runic scribblings were the only means by which they could convey their thoughts or wishes to one another at a distance. Barbarism reigned in its rags, without even the stern military principles which had animated and preserved the Germanic tribes. The confusion and conflict of petty ruffians sometimes called kings racked the land. There was nothing worthy of the name of nationhood, or even of tribalism. We wake from an awful dream, it might well have seemed,  an endless nightmare to a real scene of utter destruction.

    Is history repeating itself? Does the above history seem familiar?
    During my life time attitudes have changed, what was once ‘commonsense’ has been changed to ‘radical’, and then the media and academia have turned the circle, reversing those perspectives to mean the opposite. They took the population from Appeasement to Survival and took them to Appeasement again. What was once universal truths, is now presumed to be a lie. Myth, revisionist history, fashionable ideas, reactions and social engineering distort history making it difficult for people to see, feel or hear reality.

    Seventy three years of comparative peace has influenced people’s thinking permanently, causing a ‘lasting damage’ to the culture of western society. It may have its roots in a subconscious envy springing from a reluctance to recognise that our relative safety and comfort were bought 75 years ago by means that today’s intelligentsia and academia and propagandist would be protesting about it. Reality, would only cross their minds when the evil finally impacted on their lives and families. For example they would protest loudly about the dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, saying that Japan was beaten already and ready to surrender, when in reality they had 7 million men under arms and a population that had been trained to fight to the death. This type of people would only understand if it, if it was their loved one that was being starved to death in a Japanese Prison camp, or was facing a howling Japanese soldier trying to disembowel him with a bayonet on the other side of his slit trench, but the peaceful years have made them forget. Seventy three years ago and for twenty years after, people all over the world celebrated VJ. Day (Victory over Japan Day) then it was made more politically correct and called VP.Day (Victory in the Pacific Day) as governments did not want to upset the Japanese. Now, it barely gets a mention on the six o clock news. All those lives, all that sacrifice to prevent invasion and the loss of a way of life has been forgotten.

    Our political leaders are giving away our nation and our way of life for a pittance.
    The media ‘Bimbo’s and Bimbett’s’, the talking air heads on the six o clock news described us as the “Disconnects” those who are dissatisfied with the major parties, they are admitting that we make up 30% of the nations voters. Another nicer word is the “Popularists”. What they do not say is that we only need 34% to take the government off them. Though when we get close to that they will quickly unite so then we need 51%. That will become easier to achieve as people will become tuned to the fact that the majors parties are all the same and we the ‘Popularists’ are the only real opposition that can carry out positive action. Even the ABC Bimbo’s and Bimbett’s can identify this phenomena, as well as calling us the ‘Disconnects’, they call us the “Outers” and themselves, the ‘city type’ ‘academic intelligencers’ as the ‘Inners’.

    THE INNER’s.

    If we “popularists” do not form a voting block against the major parties, using ‘preferences’ or ” referenda” to alter the course of our country then the future of our children is at best slavery or death. We must not fall into the trap laid by the major parties of greater hand outs, we have to have a short question list for candidates and support those who get the most ticks on your list.

    1. A. The end of long arm registration,

    B. Who states that the individual has the right of all law abiding citizens to own firearms (semi autos, pumps, handguns) as of right and suitable for their needs,

    C. For the individual right of all law abiding citizens to use firearms to defend their lives, family and property.

    2. A. An end to the importation of cheap labour and labour party votes.

    B. No Refugees, Foreign students, or migrants except those who do have a job to come to. C. ‘family reunion’ must be restricted to the husband or wife and/or dependent children within a family,

    D. No more Australian-job-stealing 457 visas.

    E. All foreign born convicted of a Crime after sentence served must be deported.

    3. A. Restore the Freedom of Speech.

    B. Restore all rights as per the Bill of Rights 1689, and Magna Carta re enshrining the rights to the ownership of private property, land use, Trial by Jury and Habeas Corpus.

    that people should be free to live their own lives and say what they thought without fear of state sanction.

    4. A. Re instate the Commonwealth Bank as per the original Banking Act of 1912 Removing the creation of credit from the monopoly powerful private banks.

    5. A. Remove Income Tax or GST, or both. Put a tax duty on all imports and pay the monies raised as a bounty on all exports of farm and Australian manufactured goods.

    B. Cut Welfare by 50 %, migrants not eligible for welfare unless they have been employed for 5 years.

    C. Only one wife with her children can be claimed for.

    D. Cut all government subsidies and grants from the ABC and SBS.

    6. A Old Age Pensions at 65 year old guaranteed 75% of the average wage.

    B. Veterans Pensions guaranteed 80% of the average wage.

    7. A Un employed, National Service 20 % of the average wage until they are 25 unless they have a job, loose the job, unemployed for one month and return to National Service. At 25 either have a job or sign on for 12 years in Military Service.

    8. A. Only citizens of Australia can own land, companies, trusts, or banks, non citizens can invest gain profit but not own installations, such as power companies, ports, docks, airports.

    B. All Oaths per the Constitution, for Judges, Politicians, Public Servants, Defence Force, and Naturalisation of Citizens must be taken on the Holy Bible to the Queen and Australia, not on the Koran to Mohammed, no matter which religion they claim to be.

    C. Any Politicians who have taken the Oath of Allegiance who then accept honorariums or monies from foreign/overseas governments or institutions should be tried for Treason under the Crimes Act of 1912.

    9. A. Remove Australia from the Paris Climate Agreement and encourage the production of Electricity and petroleum, and gas from our own natural resources.

    10. A. As the world is a troubled place all defence manufacturing and defence spending must be retained in Australia. If the international companies cannot set up a manufacturing plant in Australia, we will deal with another company.

    11. A. Carry out the Bradfield Plan. In 1938, JJC Bradfield, the same civil engineer who designed both the Sydney Harbour and Story bridges, proposed a massive irrigation plan to turn the far northern rivers inland to irrigate vast areas of central Australia, west of the dividing range. The scheme involved diverting water from the upper reaches of the Johnson, Tully, Herbert and Burdekin rivers, which, fed by the annual monsoon, currently flow out into the ocean. Envisaged was the construction of a series of massive dams in north and western Queensland, then piping water into the Darling, Cooper Creek, Finke River, Georgina River and Diamantina River systems.

    Change the Weather in Australia by filling lake Eyre every year. The Bradfield Plan.

    Secondly, when you have chosen your candidate to assist, put some signs out for them, offer to hand out how to vote cards for them. Write letters to the editor of local papers, they should be swamped with letters, share all pro gun articles on social media and most importantly ‘verbalise’, speak out, to all your friends and family about the importance of voting the right way. Explain to all, the importance of filling out every square on the voting paper, as this is full preferential voting, this gives the minor parties and independents the best opportunity of gaining seats.

    First Past the Post system of voting gives the major parties an advantage as in a five candidate election a party with 22% of the vote can have a majority and 78% of the electorate can hate his guts. When second and third preferences are counted if the candidate does not get over 50% of the first preferences that does not happen and a candidate that is more suited to most of the peoples ideas wins.

    Please educate all of the people you know on the importance of changing the direction of Australia, whether they are shooters or not, at the present time we still have a chance of turning the tide, a thin chance, but if we do not stop the current fall and decline we will follow South Africa and like the Roman Empire enter the Abyss.

    Forty years ago the white tribe of Africa considered it’s self safe, within the protection of the western civilisation culture and its own defences. It had been settled in the cape of South Africa for four hundred years. It had its own nuclear deterrent, nuclear science, missile delivery system, they produced their own rockets and jet fighters. They had a strong defence force and produced their own firearms and ammunition to equip it with.

    White farmers in Rhodesia (re-named Zimbabwe) falsely felt safe, presuming that their South African cousins would assist if the ex terrorist/government decided to wipe them out. As both Rhodesia and South Africa had suffered together, sustained the losses of family together, fought long and hard with the Western Allies in two World Wars, they would naturally consider that ensuing generations would remember their contribution and inturn assist them in their time of need. Of course none of that assistance has ever eventuated, so too our own future fate will be sealed under the same rules.

    The White South Africans have been in situ for four hundred years, their settlements pre date the immigration of millions of fast breeding Zulu, Xhosa, Basotho, Swazi, people who travelled south for a better standard of living and due to their birthrate and better health care (organised and supplied by the white tribe) have taken over the nation. The government denies genocidal intentions although the South African Communist Party remains more open about the intent to drive whites out of the country. According to their report, whites are unwelcome settler colonialists with no role in the future. Former president F.W. De Klerk’s foundation accused the government of deliberately annihilating the white population in the country. Americans against White Genocide in South Africa, with the intention of seeking world attention on the white minority has lodged a claim with the International Criminal Courts in The Hague against genocide of whites, but no one expects any intervention to prevent it. Their claim of genocide includes the murders of farmers, men women, and children who have been tortured, raped, and then killed. It is estimated that since 1994 over 70,000 whites have been murdered in cruel and often horrifying ways.

    Statistics reveal that many people are slaughtered without motives. When theft is a motive, the victim will be raped, tortured, and then murdered by the attacker. Attackers use brutal means to torture their victims and will burn them with an iron, pour boiling water or oil on their bodies, and cut their bodies with pangas and other dangerous weapons.

    The stunning white genocide in South Africa is violent, and according to Genocide Watch, run by Professor Gregory Stanton, this has placed the white people at stages six and eight of genocide. Stage six is referred to as the preparation stage while stage seven is the extermination stage. Genocide Watch is the only international human rights group willing to declare an “Alert” on the high murder rate of farmers.

    The 70,000 murders figure could actual be much more as accurate statistics are unknown because the South African police fail to report murders with white victims. It is estimated that 50 murders are committed daily in the country. On average 100 percent more whites are killed than blacks Since 1994 it is estimated that around 350,000 murders have been recorded, although this figure can include other races.

    The theme of the genocide action is hate speech. People do not go about killing others because they are disadvantaged; they need to be called to act. The world ignores the hate speech spoken repeatedly by the African National Congress (ANC) party. Former ANC youth league leader Julius Malema defied a court ruling banning the singing of the “Kill the Boer” song. Ronald Lamola, current president of the ANC youth league, continues to outshine his predecessor by stepping up hate speech against Afrikaners. Lamola claimed the land reform policy needed a forceful act of war and told his followers that it was an illusion to believe whites would hand over the land peacefully. It was a few hours after Lamola called for war that a 77-year-old farmer was murdered in Limpopo province. The Economic Freedom Front (EFF), a new political party in South Africa and a contender in the May elections, launched a banner in October 2013 with the words “A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate.” Another picture by the EFF that showed a banner displaying “Honeymoon over for whites in South Africa” also caused a flurry of attention.

    In 1978 white South Africans felt as secure as do most white Australians in 2018, but history shows that a lot can happen in forty years. Fifty one years ago I visited South Africa and I advised a friend, a member of the South African Defence Force, that unless they built a large defensible wall between themselves and the Blacks even sacrificing 75 % of their country that they would loose it all in the long term.

    Today, I can also say, that if we do not stop the current immigration invasion we will be in the same situation as the whites in South Africa in forty year time. Numbers now available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show 539,000 immigrants moved to Australia in the 2016-17 financial year, an all-time high. We still do not have the figures for 2017-18, but as the policy has not changed the figure would be very similar, or greater. Back in 30th June 2017 DSS reported that there were 299,400 working age migrants and refugees on working age payments, 35 per cent male and 65 per cent female. The latest Priority Investment Approach valuation shows the expected average future lifetime cost for migrants and refugees receiving working age payments is $340,000 per person. The estimated total future lifetime costs for this group of 299,400 is $101.9 billion. This group is expected to receive income support for all of 30 years over the rest of their working lives and this figure will continue into their old age pension. In 2016-17 we had another 539,000 to add to these figures and this year, we could expect another 600,000 and without Peter Dutton this figure will continue to grow. They say we now have 25 million people, due to the Western white declining birth rate and the massive increasing immigration and their increasing birthrate by 2038 western working whites will be a minority. The Police have already lost control of the streets in large cities, in 20 years time it will be 20 times worse. Even before 2038 due to the increases in Muslim birthrates they will control our nations parliaments as they have the discipline to vote together in block with a common goal. A bankrupt society as in South Africa will have huge divides between the people ‘Who Have, and the People who Have Not,’ education and opportunities will favour the whites, and government and numbers will favour the Muslims.

    Lets get this sorted once and for All Time. “Islam is a totalitarian ideology dressed up as a religion” Islam is not a Race of People, it is an ideology. As we had totalitarian Communism we have totalitarian Islam, it has a political agenda, same as Communism, and National Socialism. In all of these ideologies there are many different races and many different denominations of religion, many socialists are Catholics, many are Protestants, The four main branches of Islam are Shia, Sunni, Wahhabi and Sufi. There are, however, over 150 different smaller sects of Islam in total, along with the semi-hybrid religion Bahaiism.

    Muslims will brand all opposition as Racist even though anyone with half a brain knows that Muslims, or Islam is not a race, it is not even a religion it is an ideology, Eventually, the Muslims will want it all and have no place for those who do not obey. According to the Sharia laws:

    – There is no freedom of religion or freedom of speech.

    – There is no equality between people (the non-Muslim is not equal to the Muslim).

    – There are no equal rights for men and women.

    – There is no democracy or a separation between religion and state politics.

    Child marriage, forced marriage, Child brides, polygamy, FGM, Acid attacks, honour killings, beheading and stoning.

    Do we want our children and Grandchildren to be reduced to a world like this? Ron Owen

    Now, on the brink of irreversible change, it is time for us to decide whether we as a people will rise up against this, hold fast to the crimson threads of kinship that define and unite us and strive once more for the light on the hill or concede the field to enemies of Western civilization and see all that we were and all that we might yet have become fall away to ruin. Senator Fraser Anning.
    There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom.
    Ron Owen

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