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Textbook of Small Arms 1929

Gun Books October 4, 2009

The British Army Textbook of Small Arms 1929

This book originally printed by the War Office, was intended for use by officers under instruction at the British School of Musketry at Hythe.They were also expected to take it back with them to their postings, in the regiments to teach small arms skills to the weapons instructors. It is a complete examination of everything needed to be known about smallarms, ammunition and ballistics. It looks at rifles, swords, lances and bayonets, as well as revolvers, grenades and machine guns. There is a section dealing with small arms ammunition (including pre-.303inch ammunition) which is very comprehensive. The book also looks at the ballistics of this ammunition. The book is amply illustrated with photographs, line drawings and tables, and forms a complete record of the weapons and ammunition that were in service between the two World Wars. It was the Text Book Bible

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