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Range Officer’s Handbook, Book Review by Arms & Militaria Collector Magazine

Gun Books October 18, 2009

Book Review by Arms & Militaria Collector Magazine  of the ‘Range Officer’s Handbook.’

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BOOKSHELF with Syd Wigzell  in the Arms & Militaria Collector No. 27

The Range Officers Handbook

This book is outside our usual domain for reviews in the ‘Collector’, however Ron Owen is a well-known firearms identity in Australia and with so many more enthusiasts shooting historical and collector rifles today, it is also more relevant here.

Chapters define the criteria which are much wider ranging than one would expect, from just judging by its title. These are: The Club, a Range officers duties and responsibilities, Acting as instructors, Bullet performance relative to understanding its flight, Shotgun patterns and Safe carriage.

Chapter four introduces Cleaning, Bore blockages, Climate affecting shooting and ammunition, Muzzle-loaders, Recoil, Accuracy, Shooting positions, Handgun and shotgun applications, Eyesight and sights, Optics, Windage and drift, Reloading, Signs of pressure, Propellants, Cartridges, Cases, ballistics, Wind, training …

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Free Ballistics Calculator

Free Stuff January 9, 2009

The Free Ballistics Calculator can be downloaded free of charge by clicking the following link:

Free Ballistics Calculator

The download file is BallisticSS-20091207.zip, a ZIP archive file containing  the actual calculator file which is BallisticSS 20091207.xls.

Clicking the link will open a download window – click the Save button to save the file to your PC.  Once downloaded, double click the file to extract the BallisticSS 20091207.xls file to your PC (you may need to download the free 7-ZIP program if you have trouble extracting the Excel file – it can be downloaded from www.7-zip.org.

Please read the information page at http://www.owenguns.com/external-ballistics-calculator/ for details on using the calculator.


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